FicAwesome Gift Exchange- TAKE 2

Title: Letters to a Soldier

Written for: Cherry Bella

Written By: TLCullen132 aka Indie TLC Cullen

Rating: Somewhere between T and M

Summary/Prompt used:

1. I'd like a Daddyward;

2. it can be something unque that I haven't heard of before;

3. they can be high school or college;

4. they can work together in the same company.

I chose a mixture of 2 and 3...

Disclaimer: Yeah Twilight doesn't belong to me but I do have Charley Bewleys autograph as well as Guri Wineburg's...

Full Summary:What would you say to a stranger? What would you say to them if they were so close but yet so far away? What if you started falling and tripping over the written word from half a world away? One name on a sheet filled with lists of names shouts out at you, what if this was your chance at a greater destiny?

A/N: Without Udo aka Mephis1, Zenone, Lori SweetCream Cullen and my dad 3, this story would not be possible. Dedicated to all of our service members PAST and PRESENT. I owe my freedom to you. God Bless each and EVERY one of you... HOO-RAH!

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Chapter 1

Bella Swan
478 Horizon Ln.
Jacksonville, NC 28546

November 20, 2010

1st Lt. Edward Anthony Masen
APO AE 09855

Dear: 1st Lt. Edward Anthony Masen;

Hi Lt. Masen! Is it alright is I just call you Lt. Masen? I should probably come out and introduce myself, my name is Isabella Swan, but I rather like going by just Bella. I received your name amongst many names that my brother, Cpt. Emmett Swan had collected of soldiers over there in Camp Leatherneck that could perhaps receive a little something more from home. I chose yours, because to be honest it just called out to me. It said, "Bella this soldier is the one who should receive your special chocolate chip cookies." So I sent all the ingredients in the jar with also very descriptive directions for you ;). I believe you should be able to bake them outside if need be on a piece of tin, but I can't guarantee the deliciousness of them after that point. I tried cooking them in my car a few times and they turned out just fine…so it's been tested and Bella Swan approved.

I have also included some manly magazines for your enjoyment. Emmett says with those titles I can't go wrong…so please use your Maxim to your maximum enjoyment. You will also find a notebook, pens and envelopes as well for your personal needs. Emmett tells me sometimes it's really hard for you guys to get a hold of that kind of stuff, so us sending it makes it that much easier. I have also included the next best thing to steak for you guys, all kinds of Jerky. There is teriyaki, peppered, hickory smoked, sweet and hot, and BBQ. I hope you enjoy them.

I must say your MOS is one that has always been something I wanted to do. I couldn't imagine being in the cockpit of a fighter jet. I bet it would take my breath away. After the first time watching Top Gun, I fell in love with the idea of being in the air. I bet that is one job that you could wake up excited about every day. I, myself am currently in my senior year at North Carolina University majoring in English with a minor in Journalism.

With a major in English, I guess it's safe for you to assume I am a voracious reader. I had too much time on my hands considering I am from a small rainy town in Washington. My bookshelves at my brother's house only contain about half of my collection. I have to admit, I wonder about what Lt. Cullen likes to read. My preferences range wildly from classic to modern, fiction to autobiographical; anything pretty much goes as far as what I read goes. I am willing try anything once. So unfortunately I wasn't sure of what to send as far as a book goes, but I did include Shel Silverstein's Where the Side Walk Ends. It was one of my favorites growing up and I still like to give it a whirl every now and then. I can only hope it brings a smile to you.

I hope these items find you and bring you some holiday cheer while you are so far away from home. Your service and bravery means so much to so many and I pray that you make it back home safely.

Bless You Lt. Masen,

Bella Swan

1st Lt. Edward Anthony Masen
APO AE 09855

December 15, 2010

Bella Swan
478 Horizon Ln.
Jacksonville, NC 28546

Dear Bella;

First I must thank you for the package as well as your letter. I suppose it would be alright to call me Lt. Masen. Normally the guys in my unit call me Masen, but just between me and you, I kind of like it when girls refer to me as Lt. Masen.

I must say I was quite surprised to even receive a package, because I wasn't even aware of my name being on that list. The thought that was put into it is what gave me the initiative to respond. Most of the time, as I am sure you know, we are quite busy and have very little down time, but I have to give recognition when it is so justly deserved.

The Maxim seems to be a huge favorite in the tent right now, actually I haven't seen it since I first took a glance through it, but I know its floating around somewhere. Maxim seems to have a variety of uses, so I am kind of scared of its condition when it's returned to me.

It's a funny thing about those cookies though. I wanted to hoard them for myself so I hid them in my locker until I had night duty. So while I had a moment on break I went back to the barracks to dig them out and sneak them over to the galley to make them. As I was getting ready to pull them from the oven, I was startled by my commanding officer, the incredible hulk himself, yelling, "Is that cookies I smell?" I about jumped out of my BDUs and almost dropped the pan as well. After I saluted my CO, I was formally introduced to the incredible hulk that seemed a bit familiar, otherwise known as your brother. He proceeded to tell me he could have smelled and recognized your cookie recipe 3 miles out. Needless to say I only got one cookie because by the time I went to grab another one they were all gone, with a big cheesy grin on your brother's face. By the way he asked me to ask you, why you haven't sent any to him, and now I think he may have teamed up with my CO to have it out for me as punishment.

Jerky is a huge guilty pleasure for me, sometimes I miss the deer jerky my father would have made for us after we would go deer hunting when I was younger. Hickory Smoked is my favorite. I never got the chance to read 'Where the Sidewalk Ends', but my mom used to read me from one of her rare copy of Don't Bump the Glump… so I look forward to when I can get a moment to check it out. I have to admit I am a voracious reader myself, but over here there is not much room for a whole lot of novels, so I try to download what I can to iTouch.

It's ironic that you bring up Top Gun. The movie that inspired and moved to the path to get where I am today, was Saving Pvt. Ryan. I remember as a teen seeing in the theatres at the midnight showing and walking out at 3 in the morning thinking, Jesus those men were heroes, true American Heroes. At fifteen years old, it literally moved me. The only reason I didn't go into the Army was because that drive to be the best. It wasn't long after seeing the movie when a Marine recruiter came to our school and seeing the man with him in his dress blues made me yearn for something more. I wanted to be a part of the few, someone my parents would be proud of. Even at that age, I have always seemed to have this need for speed, the recruiter told me there was great opportunities and that I could fulfill that need being in the cockpit of a F/A-18D Hornet So now whether it is in the cockpit or behind the handle bars of my green Ninja, the speed addiction is like heroin for me.

I hope that your holidays go well and that Santa brings you something extra special.

Truly Humbled,

Lt. Edward Masen