Rachel sat there quietly, watching Finn and Quinn make googly-eyes at one other. She felt the sting of tears come, but hurriedly blinked them away, refusing to show the weakness, and tore her eyes from them, a small hand automatically coming to rest on her stomach. Finn didn't want her anymore, and that was okay. He was still willing to be friends, so why couldn't she? Why was it so easy for him, but hard for her?

Because, she thought bitterly, you know something that he doesn't. Something you are too damn scared to tell him. But no, that wasn't necessarily true. She wasn't scared to tell him, per say, scared at what he'd say. After all, he was happy now, happy to be with Quinn despite all of the drama from last year, and happy with just being friends with Rachel. She had told Quinn that she wouldn't give up, her song had been for him, and they both knew it. She loved him and she was sure he still loved her. And she knew, just knew that Quinn was using the boy to get back on top.

And yet, she realized as she peeked through the corner of her eyes at the two, he was happy. Happier than he had been since their break-up at the very least, maybe happier than when they had been together. Quinn hadn't been right to take that happiness from him last year when she got pregnant and told him he was the father (a horrid lie), so what would be the difference with her? Even if she was telling the truth, unlike Quinn, it wasn't right to take that happiness from him, the last traces of his childhood.

But, a nagging voice in her mind rang out, it's not fair to keep him out of it either. Quinn had done that to Puck, and that had disastrous results in itself. Rachel wanted to cry out in frustration, bitter tears fighting their way onto the surface of her face, but she batted them off again.

She knew that with her, the pregnancy would be different. For one, both her fathers were supportive, taking her to the doctor's the first time and scheduling another one afterwards, believing her when she told them that they had used protection, and even excited that, even though it was ten years before expected, they were going to be grandparents. For another, she wasn't giving the child up, even if it ruined her plans, she could make new ones.

And the last reason, she thought of as the rest of the glee club piled in making small talk with Finn and Quinn and smiling at Rachel as Mr. Schuester started the lesson, she had no one to help her, not at school. She was the least popular glee member, in the eyes of the student body; add a pregnancy and her school life was done. Even if the glee members wanted to help, she would not let them. It would be suicide.

No one should have to go through this alone; she remembered telling Quinn last year. That wasn't necessary true, someone like Quinn shouldn't have to, and she didn't. Someone like Rachel? It was the best choice. That's why, with the tears that she had been fighting now flowing freely onto her cheeks, she stood up in front of the glee members and told that her fathers were making her move, to 'expand their business', and that she would be gone in a month, right after Nationals.

The silence that followed was deafening, then one by one, Mercedes, Puck, Artie, Tina, Finn, Mike, Lauren, and even Brittany all got up to give her a comforting hug. Even Santana and Quinn gave her slightly stiff hugs, with half-sincere mumbles about missing her.

All the while, she avoided Finn's eyes, a small hand resting over the not-yet noticeable bulge on her stomach, repeating a mantra to herself that this was for the best. Best be gone right after they had taken New York by storm but before she could no longer blame her slightly expanding stomach on Kurt's stress baking.

That year, New Directions came in first nation-wide, narrowly beating Vocal Adrenaline. A week after that, Rachel Berry was gone. Kurt and Blaine, the only two that, besides, her fathers, knew of her condition, tried in vain to get her to stay. They were unsuccessful, and with a promise to not speak of it to anyone and an agreement to both be the godfathers to Rachel's unborn twins (well, Blaine godfather, Kurt was more godmother than anything), she left for a new state, new town that had never heard of Rachel Berry.

Almost five months later, Rachel Barbra Athena Berry became the mother to twins Blaine Christopher (named after godfather and father), and Hermione Nataline, known as Natalie, (her family had an odd tradition of giving at least one of their children a Greek name and Nataline to honor the other godfather, his mother's own name).

Rachel's fathers moved to a house about an hour away from New York City, and Rachel, after finishing her high school and despite the children, was accepted into Julliard without much fuss. The twins, however, remained her life. Besides Kurt and Blaine constantly writing, calling, or even the occasional visit to see her and the twins, and the occasional phone call from other New Directions members (besides Quinn because they really couldn't stand each other, Santana because she went off to god knows what, and Brittany from the simple fact that she didn't know how to use a phone), she was completely done with Lima, Ohio.