~5 years later~

"Auntie!" Rachel turned around at the loud cry. Running towards her were two children, the eldest in front, his curly black hair flying about, his hazel eyes alight with excitement. He reached her first, wrapping his tanned arms around her legs and burying his head amongst the fabric of her dress. She laughed warmly, and gently scooped him up in one hand. His younger sister, barely two years of age, with light blonde hair and glasz eyes stood at her knees, pouting adorably at not being up. Rachel laughed again and gently swooped the girl up in her other arm. The girl immediately snuggled into Rachel's chest, searching for warmth.

"Where's your mama, hmm?" Rachel looked knowingly at the four year old boy; his response was to grin widely and point back where he had run from. Rachel looked up and watched as two women, one tall with blonde hair, the other slightly shorter with dark hair. As they approached, Rachel could just make out the annoyed look the shorter one was currently giving them. Rachel turned to the boy, "look what you've done Leo," she lightly scolded, "you made mama mad now." The little boy, now Leo, smiled again and gently wiggled out of her arm, sliding down her leg before running towards his mothers.

Brittany swung her son up into her arms, causing him to giggle, as they stopped right in front of Rachel. "You were right, Britt," Rachel spoke, moving the little girl more securely in her arms, "Santana and Blaine made a beautiful child. Little he-demon, but beautiful." Brittany laughed at that, tossing the little boy in her arms before catching him soundly. It had taken quite a bit of convincing (and withholding certain *ahem* activities) before Santana agreed to bear a child, but she had, and he turned out to be, with the help of Blaine's genes, to be a beautiful although mischievous child.

"This little one isn't hard on the eyes either," Rachel continued, smiling at the toddler in her arms. Brittany and Kurt's child, biologically speaking, a sweet child with a fair share of pouting and cajoling to get what she wanted. Leo was easy to handle, he had a temper and a soft spot for 'exploring' that landed him in plenty of time outs, but this one, Madeleine, was a sneaky little thing. She was like Kurt, playing the nice card, only to get what she wanted. It was amusing, but also bad as she got away with a fair share of things she really shouldn't.

Santana tried to stare irritated; she had told Leo and Maddie to stay where they were while Brittany and Santana got their things out, but as soon as Leo had seen Rachel, they were off, directly disobeying what she had said. However, seeing her son laugh and giggle as his other mother threw him up and caught him, and Maddie curl softly into her aunt, she could feel a smile reaching her features. The damned kids were making her soft.

"You haven't been waiting long, have you?" Brittany asked, gently sliding her son back onto the ground. Rachel shook her head; gently handing Maddie to Santana as she had started to fuss about it.

"No, Finn left maybe five minutes before you came?" Rachel checked her phone, nodded, and continued, "to go pick up the twins. Their flight was delayed a little so I don't know when they are coming. Kurt and Blaine should be here any minute now."

"That's it for this year, huh? Mike and Kaori are taking Hiromi to visit family in Asia, Tina's too pregnant to make any long trip, Sam had family problems, Puck and Quinn are going to marriage counseling again, and Mr. Schuester and his wife are in Vegas." Santana ticked off the families with her fingers as she recounted why each couldn't make it. Rachel was relieved slightly; she had wanted a quiet affair instead of a loud one as these typically were. It gave her time to think and make her decision without too much going on around her.

The sound of an engine brought the three women from their conversation and Rachel grinned as Kurt's blue car made its way into a parking spot. She saw them every day, as they had moved into the same she and Finn lived, but she enjoyed seeing her niece and nephew every time. She had rightfully warned the two about twins running in the family and Kurt and Blaine were the proud fathers of two intelligent three year olds. Her two old friends came into view, each toting a child and Rachel's grin grew as she saw them. The doctor had been shocked, stating that it had been a one in a millionth change, but somehow it had happened. One, the boy, who was older by a few minutes, had dark, extremely messy, curls, tanned skin, and her own wide brown eyes. The other, a slight girl, had pale skin, light brown hair neatly combed, and her father's glasz eyes.

The twins biologically speaking were only half siblings, one being genetically Blaine and Rachel's child, the other Kurt and Rachel's. It was a rare, but possible thing, for fraternal twins to have different fathers, and a win-win situation for Kurt and Blaine. They had agreed, once they realized they were having twins, that Kurt got to name one of the child and the other one would be named by Blaine, but that the nicknames would be picked by the opposite parent. That's why Harry James (Blaine being an extreme nerd) was called Jamie and why Violet Genevieve (Kurt loved older names) was affectionately known as Ginny.

"Hey!" Rachel thought it was unfair as to how, even with three year olds; Blaine managed to have so much energy, when even being on her feet for this long, in her current condition, was tiring. The girls greeted the two, dotted briefly on the twins, before making their way inside to wait for Finn and the older twins. They had decided, since it was only a few of them this year, to have the reunion at Rachel's house. Not much had changed over the five years; it still had the same bright colors that she and Natalie had picked, and the furniture, but the pictures on the walls had another family member included. Rachel's wedding picture sat in the middle of the mantelpiece, her own smiling face staring back at her.

The group made chit-chat, catching up with what was going on between the families before the door opened. They turned expectantly to greet the others and were surprised to see Finn's face, normally warmly colored with child-like excitement this time of year, pale, eyes wide with shock. The only thing he said, when pressed upon by Rachel, was that Blaine had brought a guest home. Rachel, knowing that Blaine had wanted them to finally meet his long term girlfriend, did not quite understand what the big deal was before Blaine and Natalie walked in, a tall-ish blonde girl trailing behind.

Rachel then allowed her jaw to drop with all the others. The young staring shyly at them, slender hand wrapped securely in Blaine's, was the exact replica of a twenty-one-year-old Quinn Frabray; with Puck's eyes. Beth Corcoran was in their house, and Rachel knew exactly how Finn felt.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur, the adults explaining to Beth as to what their slightly rude greeting had been about. The fact that Beth knew was a shock in itself; but after that tidbit, and with promises of reaching Quinn and Puck, as per Beth's request, as soon as possible, the rest of the time passed in peace. This however, left Rachel with the difficult task of finding a way to break certain news to her nerve-racked husband.

They were getting ready for bed, Finn gently straightening his clothing from the day, his back turned from her when she made her decision.

"Finn?" she called him quietly and he hummed back in response, "What do you think of the name Ariadne Grace, if it's a girl and Alexander Jace if it's a boy, we can call him Alec since I know you liked that name," Rachel enjoyed the way Finn's body just seemed to freeze as her words sunk in. He turned to her, eyes wide with question. She grinned and nodded and suddenly found herself in the air as Finn picked her up, twirling her about in a way that made her scream with laughter. Natalie came barreling through the door, demanding to know what was going on, Blaine and Beth (who was staying in the guest room) close behind.

Rachel and Finn explained to the three and Natalie screamed with excitement before running to call Kurt and Blaine. The phones were off the hooks for a few hours after that and it was nearly morning before everyone settled back down to sleep. Rachel found herself cuddled up against Finn's chest, a small bubble of anxiety blowing up to combat the excitement.

"Do you think we can handle it Finn," she whispered into his chest quietly, Finn hummed in response for a moment, tightening his hold on her before looking down questioningly. "We nearly thirty-five, we will be fifty-three when he or she graduates high school, can we handle it?" Finn surprised her by the deep laugh that reverberated from his chest.

"We can do anything we set our minds to Rach, I mean, we made this, he tightened his hold slightly, work out, I'm sure we can handle some new kid." He grinned cheekily at her.

"Even if it's twins?" she challenged, "Chances are higher in older women, to have multiple children, and given my record it's a near certainty." Finn grinned his boyish grin at her in response and stole her lips into a soft kiss.

"That," he whispered onto her lips after pulling away, "makes it twice as awesome." Rachel giggled, and snuggled closer into him as he lifted the duvet over the two of them. Rachel could never say her life would be normal, not with twins in college, one dating what was technically their aunt; her old high school enemy's bastard child, another catching the eyes of every man in sight. Not with her two best friend sets, with their odd children with penchants to trouble, and certainly not with a child, possibly two, on the way. But, Rachel grinned, she wouldn't run this time, but greet the storm with arms held high, braving the wind in hopes of flight. She played a dangerous game; the game of life, and so far, Rachel Berry-Hudson was winning.

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