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Kurt bounced his hip against the rolling drawer of the hotel room's dresser moving it closed.

"We are officially unpacked. Let the honeymoon begin!" Kurt finished with a flourish as he shot a smoldering look over his shoulder at the man – his husband – lying on the bed. Kurt expected his gaze to be met with an equally excited, equally lust-filled stare from his partner, what he did not expect was for Blaine to be half-asleep and thrown across the bed.

Kurt brushed his fingers along Blaine's exposed ankle, eliciting a sleepy moan of acknowledgment from the curly lump on the bed.

"Blaine," Kurt called softly, easing the man back to consciousness his fingers still tracing random patterns along the man's ankle.

Blaine's forehead scrunched, his bleary eyes blinking open lethargically.

"Mmmm what?" Blaine asked, his voice low with sleep. Kurt climbed onto the bed; pressing kisses to Blaine's clothed body as he moved up until his mouth covered Blaine's. Blaine's tongue stroked soft and languid against Kurt's more insistent ministrations. Blaine hummed softly and threw a heavy arm across Kurt's back, pulling him down into the bed.

Their mouths parted and Blaine settled his nose in Kurt's hair. Kurt nuzzled into Blaine's neck, pressed open-mouthed kisses against the sleep-warmed flesh. Blaine let out a low groan, wrapping his arms around Kurt and pulling him closer.

"Sex," Kurt whined against Blaine's neck.

"Sleep," Blaine breathed back, settling their bodies closer. Kurt contemplated fighting Blaine on this, but a full-bodied yawn interrupted his thoughts and he wound up curling even more into Blaine's warm grasp.

They had spent the entire day in the airport and on planes and being transported and dealing with sickly crying children. Sure, they were on their honeymoon and they were supposed to be having non-stop hot, kinky sex, but that could wait till morning.

"Sleep," Kurt mumbled back to Blaine, placing a gentle kiss against his husband's collarbone.

Sleep was good, Kurt thought, besides, they were going to need the energy for everything Kurt had planned.