"I can't wait! First day as a meister for the DWMA! Now I can see you everyday Mifune, instead of waiting till you come home! This is gonna be so much fuunnn!" Angela gushed, as she trotted up the steps towards the DWMA.

"Don't get too worked up Angela," Mifune warned the high spirited twelve year old, walking slowly behind her, "Remember, no one can know you're a witch, got that? Even though Lord Death allowed you here, it doesn't mean that people will accept you as a witch. And no zapping the teachers too!"

There had been an incident a couple of weeks after Angela came to Death City and the DWMA, that did result with her zapping a teacher using her magic.

Angela was walking around the halls aimlessly, unaware that there was a person creeping behind her.

"Gotcha little witch!" the person shouted, and proceeded to tickle Angela to death.

Angela burst out laughing, and cried, "STOP IT! STOP IT!" though her tears.

She put a hand on the person's arm, and said, "CamelonCamelonChamaChama!"

This sent a shockwave through the person's body, leaving them paralyzed.

Angela got up from under the body, and surveyed it to see who her attacker was.

"Mr. Sid!" she gasped in surprised.

"If I was aliveā€¦ I think that would've killed me," he coughed, lying on the ground in an awkward manner.

"Mr. Sid! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!" Angela sniffled through her tears.

At that moment, Mifune came to see what was going on.

"Angela! What's wrong? Are you-" he stopped. "Angela, why did you zap Sid?"

Angela went immediately into Mifune's arms bawling her head off.

"I'm sorry Mifune!" she sniveled, "I didn't mean too! Mr. Sid caught me by surprise and started tickling me! It was self defense, honest!"

Sid got up, scratching his head worriedly. "It's true, I did jump her like she said. I was just looking for a little scare, not a zap. I won't tell Lord Death about this, just this once, but you know you can't be using magic like that. Only during the training lessons." He told her sternly.

Angela nodded, and wiped away her tears. "Right!" she replied, with a big grin now on her face.

"Atta Girl! Now give big ol' Sid a big hug!"

Angela ran right into Sid's arms as he gave her a big bear hug.

"That was so long ago," Angela pouted, "How can you remember that far?"

Mifune smirked, "A warrior must remember everything, because even the smallest piece of information could be useful in combat."

"Yeah yeah," Angela dismissed, "Well, I'm going to go find a good weapon partner! It's the first day of a new school year Mifune, shouldn't you be in the teacher's lounge?"

"Yeah, I should." Mifune said distantly, "But are you okay by yourself?" he looked at her worriedly.

"Oh Mifune, you're such a worrier! I'll be fine!" Angela beamed at him, almost shining in confidence.

He chuckled, "Alright then. I'll see you when we get in class."

And with that, Angela ran towards the huge mob of Meisters and Weapons while Mifune walked away from the crowd towards a side door which proclaimed, "Keep Out! Special Members Only!"

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