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When Angela finally arrived to their training grounds, Kim was waiting for her, looking peeved.

"Where were you?" she asked irritably, "we were supposed to start 20 minutes ago! I swear… if Lord Death hadn't put me up to this…" at this, Kim ran off to a long rant about punctuality.

"You and your boyfriend have a fight?" Angela asked smugly.

"'Kim-chan, you're the only one for me!' he says, but when Maka comes all nice and dressed up, he immediately starts checking her out! What kind of boyfriend does that?" Kim fumed.

Angela knew that something bad would happen if she didn't calm Kim down; as her mentor was in a bad mood, and can make one heck of a mess when she got angry.

"Kim, it'll be alright! Ox was probably too blinded by your beauty that he had to look at someone less pretty as you! Obviously he chose to look at Maka because her beauty pales compared to yours!" Angela cooed, hoping for the best. Mifune would kill them if he found out that all they did was listen to Kim rant.

"You think so?" Kim asked doubtfully.

"Of course," Angela replied happily, "Ox is serious when he commits himself to a girl, right?"

Kim smiled. "Yeah. Thanks." She straightened up, and had a familiar light of determination in her eyes. "Okay! Angela, let's play hide and go seek as a warm up!"

"We always play hide and seek! When will we do something different?" Angela whined, but Kim only smiled, and began to count. "One, two, three…" Angela concentrated hard, and felt an all too familiar feeling ooze down her body, and within an instant, Angela was completely invisible.

Next, she concentrated on moving as silently as she could; like the way Black*Star always taught her, and hid behind a tree. Angela could feel her senses heighten in the anticipation of being caught.

"Twenty Eight, Twenty Nine… Thirty!" Kim opened her eyes, and began to search. Angela almost collapsed trying to stay still that moment, but she managed to keep herself upright as she heard Kim's footsteps coming towards her.

"GOTCHA!" Kim yelled, grabbing Angela suddenly.

Angela shrieked loudly, and tried to release herself away from Kim's grasp.

"Jeeze Angela, can you be any louder?" Kim complained, dropping her student on the ground. "I ought to get paid for this…"

"Sorry," Angela said, dusting off her skirt. "How could you find me so quickly? You usually take forever to find me!"

"You picked a sucky hiding spot," she replied, "Is there something wrong?"

"No!" Angela replied hastily, "Nothing at all!"

Kim eyed her suspiciously, but then waved it away.

"Alright, next. Take my hand and turn me invisible too."

Angela smirked, "Too easy." She quickly grabbed her mentor's hand, and let the magic run through her, making sure to let most of it seep through her left hand, and expand onto Kim.

"Nicely done." Kim commended her, looking down at her now invisible body, "Alright, let's move!" She ran quickly throughout the forest, turning this way and that. Angela could barely hold on, let alone keep up. She did her best to keep the magic intact, and made sure not to trip on something like a branch. After what seemed like forever, Kim finally stopped, letting her student collapse and catch her breath.

"I thought Mifune was helping you with your endurance," she said, "Is he slacking or something? Because clearly you haven't been working hard enough."

"Mifune trains me fine!" Angela said stubbornly, "And it's not my fault I'm not as fast as light like you are."

Kim rolled her eyes, but continued, "So you know how to make yourself and others invisible. Now, I'm going to teach you how to make illusions, in order to trick and confuse your opponent."

"Illusions? How does that relate to invisibility?" Angela asked, confused.

"It's the opposite of invisibility; instead of disappearing from sight, you're making others see things, force images into their heads while you can either stage another attack or plan while they're confused." Kim explained, "It's not an offensive move, but it's handy when you're in a tight situation."

"It sounds cool, but how do I plant images in someone else's mind?"

"From what I've read, you're supposed to imagine what you want the person to see, and then force that image into the target's mind."

"'From what you've read'?" Angela repeated skeptically.

"Well, how else will I know how to teach you these things?" Kim replied sharply, "It's not I have the ability to do all this stuff; I gotta research it for you!"

"Alright, Alright. Did you read up how I'm supposed to do this? Like, how to put these images in your head?"

"Yeah... Visualize what you want me to see, and push it out of your mind, almost like you're trying to telepathically communicate with me. Then I should be able to see what you're seeing. Okay, imagine one object, and try to hold it there for as long as you can. You should start to feel weaker the longer you hold the image in place."

"Okay..." Angela closed her eyes, and imagined a simple apple against a white background, and tried to 'force' the image out of her head, and somehow put it into Kim's mind. To her astonishment, the apple vanished, leaving her in complete darkness. Angela struggled to keep herself in the darkness, but the harder she tried, the more it seemed to slip away from her. Finally, when she simply couldn't take it anymore, she opened her eyes, and collapsed to her knees.

"Wow, that was pretty- ANGELA!"

Angela's knees felt like jelly as Kim helped her stand. She had never felt so drained in her life.

"Are you okay?" Kim asked worriedly, "I never knew it was that taxing on your magic..."

"I'm fine," Angela waved away weakly. After a few minutes, when she could stand on her own, she stepped in front of Kim, closing her eyes. "Let's try again."

"No." Kim protested, "You can't. We witches may have longer stamina than humans, but that doesn't mean we're invincible! We're leaving at that for today, got it?"

"Fine," she submitted, "Are we doing this tomorrow then?"

"No, I'm busy." Kim said immediately.

"What, are you gonna spend another night with Ox?" she smirked.

"N-no! Of course not! Jackie and I are having a girl's night, that's all." Kim lied, blushing.

"You totally are~" Angela cooed. "Alrightly, have fun with lover-boy tonight! I gotta get home, I have a big day tomorrow."

Before Kim could react, Angela sauntered away, leaving her mentor speechless.

When Angela got home, she immediately headed for the couch, and flopped on it.

"You look dead," Mifune noted, "How was training?"


"Come on, get up." Mifune went over and flicked her on the forehead. Angela opened her eyes and glared at her guardian.

"Why'd you have to do that?" she complained, "I'm tired."

"You can't go to bed on an empty stomach, you know." he said simply, "I made lasagna tonight, and there's some leftover."

At this, Angela shot up immediately, fully alert and awake.

"I'm getting some!" she ran towards the kitchen, grabbing a fork and plate, and scooped some eagerly for herself.

"I'll be in my room if you need me," Mifune said, carrying a large wad of paper with him.

"Hey, what's that?" Angela asked through mouthfuls. She pointed at the paper stack that he was carrying.

"Marking and stuff." he replied.

"Ew, have fun." she waved him away, going back into her lasagna. Mifune smirked at her before heading out.

After taking seconds and thirds, Angela plopped back onto the couch, feeling full and satisfied. She turned on the TV, and watched it until she fell asleep.

The next morning, Angela awoke with sunlight streaming onto her face.

"Uh…" Angela struggled to get up, and a blanket fell off of her.


"Hurry up, you're going to be late for school." Mifune said, popping some toast into the toaster.

"There's no school today," she said groggily, rubbing her eyes.

"It's Tuesday," Mifune said nonchalantly, "What were you doing last night anyway? You looked pretty tired…"

"I-I wasn't doing anything!" Angela shot up immediately, and ran into her room before Mifune could say anything else. She hurriedly put on her clothes, and spent almost an entire minute just straightening herself up. Finally, with one last tug on her collar, she bolted out of the room, took her books and left, swinging the door violently behind her.

Mifune watched the whole ordeal in amusement.

"She didn't even check the clock…" he smirked. The time was actually 7:30, which would make her… half an hour early.

When Angela arrived at school, she was shocked to see that no one was there.

"Man! Mifune tricked me again!" Angela huffed, plopping herself down at the entrance.

"Angela?" A voice called out to her, and to her surprise, Aria came walking up the steps.

"Whatcha doin' here Aria?" Angela asked her weapon, in full curiosity.

Aria smiled softly. "I could be asking you the same question, and it'll probably be more interesting than what my reasoning is."

"Mifune was just being mean!" Angela said crossly, "He tells me I'm late, and he starts questioning me! So I hurry up to get ready and leave, and when I come here, no one is here yet! And I dunno when class starts either! So I'm gonna be stuck here until the bell rings."

Aria bit her lip to keep from giggling, "Classes start at eight."

"Really? I swear they started at seven…" Angela said, trying to remember.

"No, that was before Death the Kid changed the time. I heard they got into a big fight about it, and he won."

"Kid did that?"

Although she had only met Kid a few times; he was universally known for his love of symmetry. However, she was surprised that he would dare argue against his honourable father about it.

"Yes, I heard from… other people in the school about that."

"Other people?"

Aria's eyes widened in fear.

"So Angela! How do you like school so far?" she asked quickly, changing the subject.

"It's okay… I guess." Angela mumbled, "Would be better without that stupid Todd kid though…"

"I think Sid is a bit creepy, don't you think?" Aria urged.

"No, Sid's cool. He has to be, in order to deal with Black*Star all the time." Angela rolled her eyes, "I feel sorry for Tsubaki and Sid, but Black*Star is okay… most of the time."

"What's Tsubaki like?"

"She's really motherly, always looking out for me. Tsubaki's really nice, and can always defuse fights. And she's really good at cooking too!" Angela stopped. "Aria, is there something wrong? You seem kind of keyed up."

"N-no! Of course not! Why would I?"

But, right on cue, the bell rang.

"Well, we're gonna be late! Let's go!" Aria took Angela's hand and raced towards the school.

The rest of the day, at least in Angela's opinion, was weird. Wasn't Gale a meister, and not a weapon? Then how did he turn his hand into a knife? It didn't matter, really. She could figure that out later. Besides, she had more pressing matters at hand. Aria was acting... odd, to say the least.

"So I was thinking," she said, bouncing through the halls, "that maybe when I'm done packing, we could go to the movies! Or play another game of basketball! What do you think?"

Angela snapped back to reality, and quickly replied, "I'd love to go to the movies!"

"Oh, okay then! I was thinking maybe either Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 1, or Maybe Tangled. Or we can try to sneak into the Black Swan." Aria giggled at the thought.

There's something seriously wrong here…

"Aria." Angela stopped walking, and took her partner's arm. "There's something wrong. You're not acting like yourself. What happened last night?"

Aria stopped, and gazed at Angela. Her eyes widened in fear.

"N-nothing happened! I swear…" Aria dropped her gaze, and began running as fast as she could.

"No! Wait!" Angela ran after her partner, zigzagging through the hoards of people. She made a mental note to practice running drills more often; she really couldn't keep up with her weapon partner, despite her already having the disadvantage of having to clear people out of the way, leaving Angela a straight line to go through. Eventually though, Angela found her outside resting by a tree. Suddenly, something clicked at the back of her brain, and it dawned to her.

This is where me and Kim have our witch training…

"Aria. Tell me what happened." Angela demanded, biting her lip down in an effort to keep her emotions in check. Aria was crouching by the tree, cowering; it was as if she was trying to make herself as small as possible… it brought tears to her eyes at the sole emotion that seemed to be coming from her partner. Fear.

Was she bullied? Hurt? Frightened? I swear to Lord Death, if Gale dare try to hurt my weapon, that boy will never see the light of day.

"Angela… can we not talk about it? Not now… anyway…" Aria's voice was soft, but too fragile, in Angela's opinion.

She sighed, "Alright. But we should hurry home… we have a lot of unpacking to do, right?" Angela grinned at her weapon, which she managed to return weakly.


"Okay! So where are we headed right now?"Angela asked, after helping Aria up.

"I need to get my bags from my house, and bring them to yours." Aria said, walking through the thick of the forest.

"Alright! But Aria… you're trying to get out of the forest right?" Angela asked.

"Yeah… why?"

"Well… you're going in the wrong direction."

"huh?" Aria looked around, and blushed. "Oh… then maybe you should lead then."

Angela smirked, "Follow me! We'll be out of here in no time."

So, one uneventful walk later, Angela and Aria emerged out of the forest, talking normally and animatedly, although the nagging curiosity was eating away at Angela from the back of her head was still present throughout.

"So…" Angela started fishing for topics. "Will I get to see your mom and dad?"

Aria thought for a second, before replying, "Yeah… I think so."

"Are they nice? Mean? They won't try to feed me gross stuff, will they?" Angela asked, hoping to get a chuckle out of her partner.

"No… they're perfectly normal people. Very kind."

Angela, slightly crestfallen with the answer, continued to prod, "Are they a Weapon&Meister pair? Did they go to the DWMA before?"

"No, as I said before; they're perfectly normal people. Neither of them have weapon blood, nor have they ever wielded a weapon before."

"So… They moved here because of you? Are they okay with you being a weapon?" Angela's mind instantly flashed to Soul, who had told her about his past. He had run away because his family didn't accept his choice to be a weapon… they didn't respect him. Now that she thought about it, a lot of kids were run aways or moved away from their parents in order to enroll at the Academy. And her? Well… she had Mifune, and that's all the family she needed.

"Yes, they're perfectly fine with my choice." Aria confirmed, dispelling any thoughts that otherwise roamed in Angela's head.

"So then…" What happened last night that scared you so much? Angela bit back the question bubbling at her lips, while Aria looked at her questioningly.

"So then… why don't I ever see them around?" she finished lamely.

Aria looked at her strangely, "They run the local Death Robbins. Right in the middle of the string of restaurants. Julia and Robert Summers. How do you not know them?"

Angela's eyebrows knit together in confusion. Her and Mifune went to Death Robbins all the time! She supposed that she would never make the connection, nor have they ever asked for the shop owner's names.

"No, I don't usually go there," she lied swiftly, praying that Aria wouldn't be able to see the truth.

"Oh… well you should go. Mom and Dad always make the best ice cream!"

They continued to talk as Aria led Angela through unfamiliar neighbourhoods, twisting and turning seemingly at random; at times she was afraid that her weapon didn't exactly know where she was going… but Angela trusted her judgement. Eventually though, they reached a quaint little house, that seemed almost too cheery, with screaming yellow walls and neon greens. Granted, it did look like the rest of the houses, as almost all of them were that bright, but the atmosphere that the house seemed to be emitting sent chills down Angela's spine. No, it isn't scary, she decided, it's too… happy. Creepy happy. Creepy clown happy.

"My mom wanted to keep the colours in order to 'fit in'," Aria explained, noticing Angela's reaction.

Angela nodded slowly, still not quite understanding. "So, should we head in?"

"Yes, yes we should, actually."

When they stepped into the house, Angela's jaw hit the floor.

Much unlike the exterior of the house, the inside was much… fancier, and embellished. Mahogany, Crimson, and Gold seemed to be the main colours of the house, with regal paintings and intricately detailed furniture to match.

"I'll go get my luggage." Aria said quietly, and quickly departed for her room.

Angela just stood there, uncertain whether to stay or follow her partner. Before she could make a move, a blonde head popped out of a door, smiling.

"Ohh! You must be Angela!" the woman, who Angela assumed was Aria's mother, came out of the room to greet her.

"I'm Mrs. Summers, but you can just call me Julia." She smiled, showing her extremely white teeth. With her long blonde hair and her big blue eyes, Angela couldn't believe that she was her partner's mother.

"My little girl, all grown up and moving away!" Mrs. Summers sighed, "You know, when we first found out about her weapon blood, me and Rob were really startled. But eventually we got used to the idea… she can be really good for protection." At this, she chuckled, "You know, a burglar tried to rob us once; all sweet Aria had to do was turn her arm into a blade, and he instantly ran. She didn't even have to fight him! And then there was this other time…" As Aria's mom continued to prattle on and on, Angela's eyes couldn't help but occasionally flicker to the stairway, hoping that her weapon partner would soon be back.

Aria checked her things for the third time, sighing as she went though her stacks and stacks of nick-nacks that her mom had gotten her over the years, just to grab a book. Before moving to Death City, the Summers family had travelled a lot, as her parents used to be entrepreneurs. She smiled as she saw the cover; Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, a book she had long since forgotten about, ever since she discovered other works by Cornelia, like the Thief Lord and Inkheart. However, against her better judgement, she had decided to keep most of her library here, and only take Harry Potter and Dragon Rider with her. And the all the Nicolas Sparks books she owned, of course.

Aria's eyes flashed to her desk, checking to make sure she hadn't forgotten anything. Then, her eyes widened as she saw it lying there. The Note. Gingerly, she picked it up, and put it in her small travel bag. She decided she wouldn't tell Angela; her meister didn't need any stress on her; as she knew that she would completely freak out about it. No, this was something that she would have to investigate alone. With one last glance at her bedroom, Aria carried her bags downstairs, ready to embrace the new world she was about to go in.

Angela sighed in relief as she saw Aria walking down the stairs. "… and she was the cutest little thing as a baby… Oh hi sweetie! You all packed up and ready to go?"

Aria nodded, "Bye mom. See you… soon."

Mrs. Summers turned to Angela, "Well, it was nice meeting you. Remember, if you're ever in the neighbourhood, stop by, okay?"

"Yes, of course!" Angela chirped. Urgh, I don't know how Aria can deal with her!

Aria's mom was about to say something else, but her daughter stopped her.

"Um mom? If we keep on talking, it'll be sunset by the time we actually get out of the house. So can we go now?"

She nodded, dumbfounded.

"But Aria, you should really keep your hair out like…"

Angela didn't hear the rest, for Aria had shut the already door behind her.

"Um... what time is it?" Angela asked, looking at the darkening sky above her.

"It's… 5:45, why?"

"Oh no! If we're not home soon, Mifune will kill us!" Angela said, frightened. She cringed as she remembered Mifune's various punishments, ranging from locking her up in her room, or serving her disgusting food on purpose (and force feeding it to her).

"And we can't run because of my bags…" Aria said quietly.

Man! If only I could just levitate those bags of hers, or strap them to my broom, then we could get home in five minutes!

"Can't your mom drive us Aria?" Angela asked.

"No… Dad has the car right now. So I guess we'll just have to walk."

Angela sighed, but reluctantly followed Aria through the same swirling path that they had walked beforehand.

By the time they reached Angela's apartment, [which included walking through some forestry and climbing up several flights of stairs] both of them were drenched in sweat, and Angela barely had enough strength to open the front door.

When they both walked in, Angela immediately dropped the luggage that she was carrying. "What do you put in there? Cement blocks?" she complained. Aria smiled, and took the bags from her, bringing them to the living room. Just then, Angela noticed a note lying on the counter.

Angela; and Aria, if you're there, it said, I'm going to be away for the rest of the night; I have a short mission to complete. If you're hungry, you can warm up some of the leftover lasagna from last night. Don't go into my room, my extra swords are in there. –Mifune

"Mifune's always out now. Either that or he's busy planning lessons."Angela complained under her breath, "We barely have any time together now."

"Hmmm?" Aria asked, who already started unpacking.

"Nothing," she said quickly, blushing, "Mifune won't be here tonight, he's on a mission."

Aria nodded, and continued to unpack. After warming up two pieces of lasagna for the both of them, Angela came to join her.

"I'm pooped, can we unpack tomorrow?" Angela asked, flopping on the floor and handing a slice of Pizza to Aria.

"Well I already started," Aria replied, showing her meister the assorted items already on the ground, "And we can't just leave this stuff out, can we?"

"Guess not," she grumbled, "Alright, let's do this."

"You sure like books," Angela said sometime later, watching Aria carefully extract Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from her bag.

"No, this isn't much," she said, taking The Order of the Phoenix out, "I only brought…fifteen books."

"Fifteen books?" Angela gasped, "You're just like Mifune! He has like a billion books in his room. I don't know why he even has them, it's not like he has time to read them."

Aria chuckled, "If you think fifteen is a lot, then you should see my room. I think my bookshelf is full to the bursting now."

"Have you read them all?"

"Yeah… multiple times."

Angela just stared at her, awestruck.

"You must have a lot of time on your hands."

Aria smiled, "Yes, I did." Angela didn't notice the bitterness in her partner's voice.

While going through the rest of Aria's stuff, Angela found a picture frame sitting at the bottom of one of the bags. It was old; considering how young Aria was in the picture. She looked… cute, with her pink dress and the blush on her face. But who was the girl next to her?

"Hey Aria…" Angela started, but when she saw the picture, Aria immediately grabbed it from her meister.

"It's nothing! Forget you saw that!" she shouted, quickly discarding the picture into on of the other bags.

"Aria… is this what was upsetting you earlier?" Angela asked, in unusually serious tone.

But she just sat there, with her face in her hands. Then, Angela noticed the tears leaking through.

"Aria, tell me what happened. Who's the girl in this picture? Your mom? Your friend?"

"Sorella," she whispered.

Sorella? Is that the girl's name?

"Sorella?" Angela repeated, confused.


"Ohhhh," Angela smacked her forehead; she should've known! "So this girl is your sister? What happened to her? Did she…"

"No," Aria said firmly, "Olaun is perfectly fine. It's just that…"

"Just that?"

"I can never match up to her!" she shouted, and Angela could feel the agony in her voice. It made her own heart ache. "Never! She's always Mom and Dad's favourite, she's always the best in everything! No matter what I did, I could never measure up. And I wasn't good enough to be her weapon…"

Angela was completely shocked. It was as though she couldn't move, but she couldn't take her eyes off of her weeping friend. Almost robotically, she took the girl into her arms and hugged her.

"So she picked some other person to be her weapon over her own sister?" Angela asked, struggling to control the anger in her voice. Even though she didn't know her, she'd murder anyone who would dare make her weapon cry like this.

"It's not like that…" she murmured, grabbing at Angela's shirt, "When she tried to wield me, it was the same reaction that you and I got yesterday. Except… she didn't want to pick me up again. She didn't want to go near me… ever. Now she doesn't even want to be in the same house as me!"

"Well…" Angela struggled for the right words, (Your sister's a bitch and she doesn't deserve you) "It happened to us once, right? If she tried again… then I'm sure she would've been able to use you fine." Although she shouldn't try now; you're my weapon.

"Well now she has Jonathan," Aria said bitterly, "Who has 99 Pre-Kishin Souls in him now. And they only enrolled a year ago!"

"Wait… so they're both 13?"

"No, they joined in late. After the whole incident, Olaun decided to go to the DWMA to find a more 'compatible' weapon partner for herself. She's 16 at the moment."

"Just forget about Ouran or whatever her name is! She obviously doesn't care about you, so why bother wasting time on her? You should forget about her, and tell your parents that you're not her, so why do they keep on comparing you to her?"

Aria looked at Angela straight in the eye for a full minute before replying, "I can't do that…" she whispered, "Although I wish I could."

"And why not?" Angela demanded.

But she just shook her head.

"We'll talk about this… later. Can you show me where my room is?"

"Why is everything have to be later? If you procrastinate, you're not gonna get anything accomplished, and you can't just let her torment you like this!" Angela cried, furious at her partner's lacklustre actions.

However, after a heavy silence, Angela got up, and said simply, "Your room is the second one on the left side; the one beside mine." Then, she quickly walked to her room without another word.

When she closed the door, she immediately headed for her bed, and dived under the covers.

"I wish Mifune was here…" Angela muttered, curling up under the covers, "What am I supposed to do…"

As soon as her meister had left, Aria went to go get the picture frame from her bag. She sighed as she looked at the both of them, so happy, so cheerful, so… carefree. She took the picture with her to her room, but as she walked closer and closer towards the door, the longer the cold chill in the air seemed to last. When she opened the door, a gust of wind flew at her, revealing a standard, bare bedroom. But the window… was shut. Then, she noticed… another note on her desk.

Aria walked swiftly towards it, placing the picture frame down as she snatched the note from the desk.


Now, there was no doubt in her mind anymore; someone was targeting her. But who… or what could it be?

"Lady Cecilia… I have planted another note for Aria…" the servant informed her, serving his mistress more blood to drink.

"Thank you Reginald… how is that operation going along?" Cecilia asked, lapping up the red liquid.

"Just as planned… soon… you'll be able to turn back into your true form, my Lady." Reginald replied.

"Very good… very good indeed." Cecilia said, finishing up her meal. "Are we almost there?"

"Yes, my Lady. Tomorrow we will reach Death City…" her servant replied happily [if such a creature could ever say anything happily]

"Very well then. You are dismissed." After Reginald left, she grinned.

"Angela Leon… soon… I'll make you mine."

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