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Chapter 1-Best Friends Only


Jasper Whitlock is just my best friend. Jasper Whitlock is just my best friend.

If I keep telling myself that then eventually I will, hopefully, start to believe it, I thought as I stared out the window at the darkening sky.

I met Jasper the summer before I turned 7 when my dad, Charlie, and I had moved to Houston, Texas.

When we'd pulled into the driveway of our new house I saw him. He was standing in the middle of the yard next door, a toy gun in one hand and a cowboy hat in the other; a silver star pinned to his chest.

A toothless grin had lit up his face when I hopped out of our truck and he'd placed the hat on his head, tipping it lightly in greeting. His gun found its place in the holster on his hip and he'd sauntered over, looking like a live version of Woody from Toy Story.

He'd stopped right in front of me and said, "My name's Jasper Whitlock ma'am."

I'd told him my name and he'd held his hand out for me to take.

Growing up with just my dad, I was a tomboy through and through. I expected a handshake when I'd placed my hand in his, but instead he'd raised it to his lips and kissed the back.

I'd jerked my hand away from him and shot him a glare.

He'd grinned again and said, "You'll make a good damsel in distress."

I'd huffed an angry breath and pulled a fist back, letting it fly forward and straight into his nose.

Most kids would have run away crying at that point, especially when blood was running out from in between their fingers, but not Jasper.

He'd pulled his hand away, took one look, grinned, and said, "Never mind, you'll make a good deputy."

From that moment on Jasper and I were a constant.

In elementary school our dads could always find us in either the backyard shooting imaginary bad guys, climbing the few trees, or building forts out of old wood.

In middle school they could find us in either bedroom reading, doing homework, or kicking Bowser's butt in Mario Brothers.

In high school things changed a little. While Jasper and I were still best friends, we had after school jobs and boyfriends or girlfriends that took away from our time together. However, we made sure that we still did our homework together and called each other after dates.

Jasper had been the first to lose his virginity. Her name was Maria and his homecoming date senior year. I didn't like her, but then there weren't many of Jasper's girlfriends I did like. They were always jealous of the time we spent together, but as we'd told them over and over again, it wasn't like that with us.

Granted Jasper had to deal with the jealousy too, from the guys I went out with. None were ever interesting enough to warrant more than a date or two and I never had a boyfriend, but that didn't stop them from saying shit. Of course not to be outdone by my best friend I did lose virginity that year too. It happened prom night and what we deemed afterward, and with a good laugh, as, the great Eric Yorkie debacle.

College was when things changed completely. For the first time since we were 7 Jasper and I didn't see each other every day. It was hard to be away from my best friend, but I was in Austin at the University of

Texas, studying Journalism, and he'd stayed in Houston to go to the Police Academy.

I was only able to come home on weekends, but those days we were inseparable.

I was in my junior year when things really changed. I'd come home on a Friday night like always, but Jasper wasn't there to meet me. I'd talked to him the day before and he'd said nothing about not being around. As I was walking back to my house, trying to call him, he'd pulled up.

I could tell right away he wasn't alone. As soon as she stepped out of the truck I'd thought to myself that our friendship would never be the same. She was gorgeous with her dark hair, tanned complexion, light blue eyes, and curves in all the right places. Her name was Irina and he'd met her that Monday.

We went out to dinner that night and she was nice I guess. She seemed to understand our relationship and it didn't bother her. She made an effort to get to know me. Jasper would watch her talk and he would smile or laugh at something she'd say. I could tell he liked her a lot.

All through dinner though I felt off. I couldn't get the thought from earlier out of my head. Thankfully neither one noticed and we'd gone our separate ways afterwards. The rest of the weekend it was just Jasper and I like always and things were good, but when I left to go back to school he was on his way to see Irina.

For two months are weekends were spent like that. Every phone call we made during the week he mentioned her at least once or twice. I didn't know what was wrong with me at the time, but I couldn't get on the Irina bandwagon. Dad liked her, Nathan-Jasper's dad liked her, and Jasper liked her a lot. I kept waiting for him to call and say he'd told her he loved her.

When it happened, two weeks into the third month of them dating, the reaction I had screwed with my brain even more. The next weekend had come around and I found myself not wanting to go home and I didn't. When asked I sighted school work as the reason. I did it again the next weekend and then the one after that. Jasper and dad questioned me about it, but I told them I was struggling with a class and needed to study. They let it go thankfully.

Before I had to make up another excuse I met Alec. He was the all-American boy with his blond hair, blue eyes, tall, and a basketball player. I didn't need to use my studying excuse that weekend. Alec had asked me out on our first date.

The next weekend I knew I had to go home though. I invited Alec. Yeah it was kind of early to introduce him to dad, but I didn't want to be a third wheel either.

Dinner that night had been interesting. Jasper had not been welcoming at all. He was silent and only answered with one or two word answers if Alec asked a question. It hurt my feelings and pissed me off too. I wasn't like that with Irina even if I didn't like her. It was even harder to watch how he was with her. He was all smiles when he looked at her, kisses were frequent, and he'd whisper things in her ear that would make her smile and laugh.

By the time the meal had come I was tired of watching their display and said no to a movie. The next morning Alec and I went back to Austin and the conversation we had, when we got there, was enlightening.

He had started talking and the confusion at the things he was saying only grew with every word. He started out with saying he knew as soon as I looked at Jasper and Irina. That my eyes followed his every movement and a flash of hurt would make its way across my face each time he interacted with her.

He then told me to think about all the years Jasper and I had been friends. About his girlfriends and why I didn't like them. About the times when it was just us having a good time.

Then he had put his hands on my shoulders, looked me right in the eyes and asked, 'What if he was to get married and have kids with someone that wasn't you?'

As soon as he'd asked the question it was like a knife had plunged into my chest and was twisted. The answer hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew.

Jasper may have been my best friend, but I was also in love with him.


Bella Swan is just my best friend. Bella Swan is just my best friend.

If I keep telling myself that then maybe one day I will start to believe it, I thought as I lay in bed, waiting for sleep to claim me.

I met her the summer before first grade. I was busy playing Texas Rangers, like my dad was in real life, in the front yard when her dad and her pulled into the driveway of the house next door. I knew a new family was moving in and I had hoped for a boy my age, but as soon as I saw Bella hop down from that truck I didn't care anymore.

I had always played the cop part by myself and seeing she was a girl it would give me someone to rescue. If I had been older than 7 I might have thought before I said anything, but the punch she landed was enough to let me know quite clearly and painfully, I AM NOT PLAYING THE GIRL PART!

Something good came from all that blood though, I got my best friend and we were inseparable. Bella was so awesome at that age. Hell she was awesome at any age, but back then when kids were freaking out over coooties we just didn't care. She could climb trees or build forts even better than me sometimes. She had no problem getting dirty, baiting a hook, or spouting off sport's trivia.

As we got older our friendship never changed. Sure we didn't go running through the backyard shooting villains anymore, we did it on the TV, that or it was ducks in Duck Hunt. Bella was just as awesome then too. She kicked my ass more times than I can count at Mario Brothers or Donkey Kong. She had no problem rubbing it in either and while I towered over her in height by then, I kept my mouth shut. I didn't want another bloody nose after all.

High school was an interesting time. Our time together was cut drastically as we went through our four years. I got a job working as a bagboy in a grocery store while she got one waitressing in a restaurant. The opposite sex also started noticing both of us. Sure Bella still wore her typical jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and no makeup, but that didn't stop the boys from noticing she was pretty. I had filled out my lanky body as well and hauling bags of canned goods helped a lot.

I had more girlfriends than Bella had boyfriends, hell thinking back on it I don't think she ever had a boyfriend. She went on dates, but nothing ever panned out. That was okay though since all the boys who asked her out were idiots anyway.

As for my girlfriends they never lasted long either. They would always say they were okay with Bella and I being friends only to turn around and get jealous a week or so later. It annoyed me and I'd break up with them on the spot.

Senior year was when I had my longest girlfriend. Maria was hot. She had that whole exotic Latin thing going on and I was more than happy to let her teach me how to please a woman. We'd dated three months, but like all the others her jealousy ended us.

When Bella lost her virginity that same year, to that moron Eric Yorkie, I'd wanted to kick his ass. Especially when she told me it had only last two minutes and hurt like hell. She'd talked me down though and then we'd laughed about how little his dick was. It was good times and something we still laughed about to this day.

College was when things started getting hairy with our friendship. Going from seeing the person you cared about the most everyday to only three days a week was a hard adjustment. We made it work though. We knew that as soon as she finished her degree she'd be back in Houston and we already had it planned out. I'd be a cop by then and we'd get an apartment together.

While that had still happened and we were currently living together, a few obstacles threatened to derail it and they all happened in her junior year.

The first was when I met Irina. She was standing in front of me, in line at the local coffee shop I stopped at one morning on my way to the gym. From the back she was hot, but when she'd turned around her dark hair and blue eyes, had left me speechless.

I must have had the same affect on her as well, since she'd asked me to join her at a table. We'd talked for an hour and I'd found that she was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. When we'd finished our coffee I'd asked her to dinner that night. She'd agreed and we went out, having a great time. I'd asked her out the next night and the night after.

I didn't tell Bella I had met someone. I don't know why and when she came home that Friday night I was worried how she would react. She seemed to be okay though and Irina had made an effort to get to know her, having heard how important she was to me earlier in the week.

Bella seemed to like her too, so she was the first one I told about loving Irina and she was really happy for me.

Unfortunately right after I told her and when I really wanted to talk about it with her in person; her school work picked up. She was struggling with one of her classes and didn't make it home for a few weekends. I missed her, but knew school was important to her and I didn't bug her about coming home.

The fourth weekend she didn't make it home was because of a date. Even though it meant I would go another week without seeing her, I was happy for her. Or I thought I was until she brought him home.

I'll admit I was a dick to Alec. I didn't care that he was going to be a doctor or that he played basketball for the UT team. All I could seem to care about was how close he sat to Bella or how his hand ran up and down her arm. Thankfully, Irina was there to distract me from the thought of punching him.

She wasn't there the next morning though and I had full intentions of keeping Alec and Bella apart for the day. I wanted to spend some alone time with my best friend and I'd be damn if his being there was going to stop me.

My day had not panned out like I thought it would and by the end of that night I would have a whole new thought to work out.

When I'd gone over to Bella's house I'd found out from Charlie she'd gone back to campus early. It pissed me off that she hadn't wanted to hang out and I'd gone to Irina's apartment to vent.

As soon as I walked in I started ranting about Alec. Irina had listened until I ran out of steam and then with a sad look on her face she'd sat me down on her couch. She'd perched beside me, took my hand, and proceeded to sucker punch me with what I'd been too blind to see until that moment.

She told me how I'd watched his every movement, but only when he was touching Bella. She told me how even though I was talking with her, one ear and eye had always been on Alec and Bella. She told me how she'd already noticed before Alec how I looked at Bella. She told me how that look was almost the same one I gave her, but the difference was that with Bella it went deeper. The reason she gave for not saying something sooner was she was being selfish, but she couldn't do it anymore. Because even thought she loved me, she'd never be able to compete with the truth. And the truth was that...

Bella Swan may have been my best friend, but I was also in love with her.


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