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Chapter 8-4 Years Later


I groaned as I rotated my neck around on my shoulders, trying to relieve some of the fatigue I was feeling. It had been a long day and I was exhausted. However, it had been a good day, a great day in fact, so it kind of made up for me being tired. Leaning back a little I propped my elbows on the step behind me and tilted my head toward the sky, letting the warmth of the sun relax me further as I listened to the sounds of the neighborhood.

This is what I loved most about the area. At any given time, on a nice day, you could hear kids laughing and playing in the backyards on either side, skateboard or bike wheels rolling on the sidewalk out front, and dogs barking. It was what a neighborhood should sound like and I was so happy Jasper and I had found the house we now lived in.

We'd moved in just under a year ago leaving the apartment we'd gotten when we first moved to Austin four years ago.

Those four years have been good to us too.

Jasper started work right after we moved. For the first year he had a lot of classes and training he still needed to go through and they were interspersed with desk work. He loved it though and came home happy every night.

I started looking for work right away, putting resumes out like I'd done in Houston. When I wasn't looking I was getting the apartment in order and taking care of the normal things that came with moving.

I was amazed when I was able to land a job at one of the Austin daily papers within two months. It was made all the better because when I got home that night and I told Jasper I was the second assistant to the junior editor, I wasn't lying this time.

Four months after that night Jasper proposed. It wasn't anything fancy or overly romantic. All he did was come home and ask. To me it was perfect and simple, just like we were.

A year later our wedding was the same way. We got married in Houston in the backyard at Jasper's house. The only ones in attendance were dad, Nathan, Peter, Charlotte, Emmett, and Rose.

Nathan stood up beside Jasper and after my dad gave me away he stood beside me. There weren't sonnets and poems because again that wasn't us. We said what we felt and that was all that was needed. Afterwards we had a big cookout where we ate, drank, and danced until we left for a weeks stay at Disney World. Somewhere I'd always wanted to go. We had a blast and spent the entire time acting like kids again.

When we'd returned home, not much changed. Hell we'd already lived together so long things weren't a surprise anymore. Although he did start getting on to me about leaving the door unlocked, something I didn't even realize until he said something about it.

For the last couple years we've just simply enjoyed being married. Our jobs are going well. I did worry about him, when he first started going out in the field. That changed rather quickly though when he got his new partner a year ago.

Granted I should have worried twice the amount then. After all, my husband and my father were both in the same dangerous situations now. I knew they would look after each other though and would do everything in there power to keep each other safe.

As for dad's old partner he retired and moved to Austin as well. It was nice having both dad and Nathan close. They lived about 10 minutes away and in the same house. They were best friends, neither had any plans on ever marrying again, and their kids were married to each other so why not. They saved tons of money when they bought the house, plus as dad had said they were always together watching sports and shit on TV. Of course Jasper and I had a blast teasing Nathan about being a good housewife. Dad found it hilarious; Nathan not so much.

Our friends were doing well too. Emmett and Rose are engaged and getting married next month. Peter and Charlotte got married right after Jasper and I did, but they'd done it in Vegas and no one had known until afterwards. According to them they hadn't gone for that either and had just decided on it while there. Charlotte had also gotten pregnant while there and they had a one and a half year old little girl named Meghan. She was adorable and sweet and every time we visited them she clung to Jasper like he was a new toy. It made me smile, seeing how he was with her and I knew as soon as she could talk I would be hated because I had her boyfriend. The boys were still Rangers and partners and they loved it just as much as Jasper did.

As for that part of my life where I wasn't making the brightest of choices; it's been put behind us. I did visit once about a year ago on a weekend visit to Houston. All the guys were the same, but every one of the girls had gone. The ones paying for school had finished and moved on and unfortunately Gigi's mom had passed and her insurance had covered the rest of the medical bills. On a happier note it had given her enough to pay for school and live off comfortably without working. Duchess had met a man who, according to James, worshiped the ground she walked on. He didn't want her to strip and she quit because she loved him. The best thing though was that he also loved her little girl and treated her like she was his own.

I was happy for all of them, especially when James said he and Blaze had finally acknowledged their feelings for each other, were together, and very happy.

I'd also heard around that time that a certain Mr. Cullen had recently been sued for sexual harassment and almost lost the paper. I wasn't really surprised. I knew it was probably coming since I had learned that it was him and two of his friends that had made the comments that alerted Peter to me being on stage. I hadn't even noticed him while I was dancing nor when Jasper came up to the stage. Granted I'd had bigger things to worry about at that time than who was watching.

With a small smile I pulled myself out of my thoughts there and opened my eyes, seeing the sun had sunk a little lower. I knew I needed to get up and go order something for dinner, not wanting to worry about cooking anything. Jasper would be home any minute and he would be hungry.

Before I could make myself move though the backdoor opened and he stepped out. My breath caught and my eyes glazed over as I looked over my shoulder at him. This was probably the best part of my day; when he came home from work and I got to see him in all his ranger glory. I always took my time looking him over. I started with his worn boot clad feet, moving up to his fitted jeans next, then up to the gun resting on his right hip, on up to the button up with his star pinned over his heart, and finally to the black cowboy hat resting on his head.

He smirked like he always did. I shrugged my shoulders not sorry at all for ogling him shamelessly. My man was hot and I had every right to look at him like that.

He closed the distance and dropped down onto the step behind me, encasing me with his legs and arms. I exhaled in contentment as I settled against him and felt his lips touch my temple softly.

"Best part of my day," He whispered.

I nodded in agreement and tilted my head around so I could place a kiss on his lips.

When we needed air we broke apart and I let my head rest against his shoulder.

"How was your day?" I asked.

"It was alright, nothing too exciting. Just caught up on some paperwork and went over some of our open cases. What about you?"

"It was pretty great actually." I said fighting a smile.

"Really? What happened?"

"Well I got a promotion."

He snorted and asked, "Is this like your last promotion?"

"No," I said laughing and pinching his knee. "I actually did get one this time."

He chuckled and kissed the top of my head. "I'm kidding. What's the job?"

"My own column."

He pulled me around so I was facing him, his eyes already lit up, and asked, "Really?"


"Oh my God baby. That's awesome. What will you be writing about? How often? When do you start? What-"

I had to laugh again at his enthusiasm and I held up my hand to stop his flow of questions so I could answer. "It's the advice column. People will send in letters or emails. I'll read through them Monday thru Wednesday and choose five. On Thursday I'll right up my answers and they will be in the Friday paper."

"I'm so damn proud of you baby." He said drawing me into a hug. "You're going to do a great job."

I shrugged and buried my head into his chest and said the next thing I needed to tell him. "I don't think I'm going to take it though."

"What? Why not? I mean I know it's not what you really want to write about, but your boss will eventually see how wonderful you are and promote you ag-"

I kissed him this time to shut him up. When I pulled back I said, "That came out wrong. What I should have said was I don't know if I can take it."

"What do you mean?" He asked confusion clearly written on his face.

"Well I went to the doctor this afternoon."

Worry immediately replaced the confusion and his hands swept over me, hunting for an injury. "What's the matter? Are you okay? Why didn't you say anything this morning?"

"I'm perfectly fine." I said and then caught one of his hands in mine, placing it on my stomach. "And I didn't say anything because I wanted to be sure first."

I watched with tear filled eyes as his widened in understanding.

He raised them to meet mine and whispered, "I'm going to be a daddy?"

I nodded as the tears spilled over and said, "You're going to be a daddy."

He lifted me up into his lap and crushed me in a hug, holding me to his chest with one arm as the other rubbed small circles on my stomach.

His mouth found mine after a moment and he kissed me like never before. I was breathing heavy and didn't really want him to stop when he pulled back.

He rested his forehead against mine, his eyes locked on his hand. He had tears dripping off his cheeks, but a smile was playing across his lips.

After a few silent minutes he said, "You don't know how happy you've made me Bella."

I was pretty ecstatic myself. Jasper and I had talked a lot about when we wanted to try having kids before we'd even gotten married. We'd both agreed that we would wait for at least a year and when that year was up I'd gone off birth control. While we didn't go overboard trying to get pregnant we did nothing to stop it from happening either. We didn't get discouraged when it didn't happen right away; knowing that it would when the time was right and that time had finally gotten here.

"I think I have a pretty good idea," I whispered and reached up to brush my thumb under one of his eyes.

"How far along are you?" Jasper asked.

"8 weeks."

"Oh God baby. I love you so much."

"I love you too Jasper."

He kissed me again and then stood up, turning me so I could lock my legs around his waist. As we continued to kiss he carried me in the house and to our bedroom, laying me down on the bed. His hands worked to remove my clothing until I was lying bare before him.

After he'd removed his own clothes he settled above me with his head hovering over my stomach. He place loving kisses over every inch of it and whispered words of love after each one.

I couldn't stop the constant flow of happy tears as I watched him. He finally moved up my body and placed a loving kiss on my lips.

He slipped inside of me and we made love with light caresses and brushes of lips. As we both fell over I couldn't help but think how perfect my life had turned out.



It's funny how things happen in your life that you don't expect, but then they end up being the things that make up the best parts.

Things like meeting your future wife at the age of seven. Or how when I finally had the job I'd always wanted I was partnered with my father-in-law.

I also never expected my big strong dad to be a housewife. That thought always made me laugh.

The biggest thing that was unexpected though was where I was at right now. I was standing in the middle of the nursery eleven and a half months after Bella told me she was pregnant, staring at not only one five month old, but two.

When the doctor had told us twins, the amount of shock and awe that had appeared on our faces was amazing. Twins didn't run in the family, on either side. We were completely happy about it though.

As soon as we'd left the doctor's office we'd gotten on the phone, calling every one we knew to tell them. Dad and Charlie were beyond excited as were Peter, Emmett, and the girls. They even made a special trip from Houston that night so we could all go out and celebrate.

The six months that followed that day were spent preparing for the births. Bella did surprisingly well considering she was so small to begin with. She gained a healthy amount of weight, didn't have any morning sickness whatsoever, and her blood pressure stayed around the normal range. The only thing she really complained about was the fatigue. She was constantly tired and doing small things took all her energy, especially the further along she got.

We waited anxiously as each month passed, wondering what they would look like and even what sex they were going to be. We had wanted to know, but when one decided not to be co-operative we chose not to know the other. For some reason it just didn't seem right.

We did the nursery in a neutral theme, having a mural painted on all four walls of zoo animals. Both cribs, the dressers, the changing table, and the rocking chair were all dark wood. It was a cute room.

By the start of the eighth month everything was ready to go. Two car seats were already buckled into the back of Bella's car, our bags were packed and sat beside the front door., and the route to the hospital was planned down to the letter along with two alternate routes, just in case.

I was really unprepared though when her water actually broke two weeks later. She watched me with painful amusement as I stumbled around in a panic, dropping shit left and right and tripping over myself. When we'd finally pulled out of the driveway I'd turned the wrong way and had to backtrack.

When she was in a hospital bed and being taken care of, by people who knew what the hell they were doing, I calmed down enough to call our dads who arrived at the hospital within minutes.

The day had seemed to drag, but finally after twelve hours, a lot of crying, and many combinations of the words I can't do this our little boy was born followed three minutes later by our little girl.

Nathaniel Charles Whitlock or Nate weighted four pounds and 4 oz and was 19 inches long. His eyes were blue and blond fuzz covered his little head. He had ten toes, ten fingers, and a set of lungs to be envied.

Alexis Grace Whitlock or Lexie weighted three pounds and 8 oz and was 17 inches long. Her eyes were brown and she had a headful of brown hair like her mother. Her ten toes and fingers were perfect as was the set of lungs she had.

Poor Bella was exhausted and was only able to see them briefly before they were taken to the NICU for overnight observation. She fell asleep as soon as the nurses pushed them out of the room and didn't wake up until the next morning when they were pushed back into her room.

Even though the babies were small their APGAR scores were excellent and we were able to take them home two days later.

Bella tried to breast feed, but I don't know if it was just not meant to be or if it was because there was two, but she never managed to make enough milk to satisfy both babies. We tried to just top them off with formula but it got to the point they were drinking more and more. When her milk dried up she cried saying she was failure. I felt horrible not knowing how to fix it and felt like a failure myself when all I did was hold her. After she accepted that it didn't mean she didn't love them things were okay and she told me I had given exactly her what she'd needed.

Life with two babies was interesting and hectic. One always seemed to need to eat or be changed, but with the help of our dads we managed to not run ourselves too ragged. I went back to work after two weeks and was so glad that I didn't have to worry too much, since dad spent his day at our house with Bella.

Bella went back to work two months ago. She'd ended up taking the promotion. She'd spoken to her boss and he, being a family man himself, was happy to work with her. Up until she was six months she'd gone into the office. When that time came she'd worked from home. She'd check her email through her laptop and I would pick up the letters each evening after I got off. On Thursdays she would email her write ups to her boss. It was a good system and continued until she'd gone back. For right now she only went in for about four hours Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Dad stayed with the babies then and he did a damn good job at watching them. She still wrote up the advice at home and dad was there then too, making sure she could work without having to stop.

All in all life was pretty damn perfect. Our home was filled with more love and happiness than I could have ever imagined. I couldn't ask for much more than that. It was a dream come-

I was abruptly pulled from my thoughts as a set arms wrapped around my waist from behind. Bella's warm lips met my back briefly before she asked, "What are you doing?"

"Just thinking about how good I have it."

I felt her shift to stand on her toes as she peeked over my shoulder into the cribs. "They are perfect aren't they?"

I turned in her arms and wrapped one of my own around her, tilting her chin up with the other. "I wasn't just talking about them."

She smiled softly and lifted up to place a kiss on my lips.

When she'd pulled back I whispered, "I love you my little deputy."

"Not as I love you my hot Texas Ranger."

I smiled and kissed her again. Yeah life couldn't get much better than this.

The End


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