Mar 28, 2011

A/N: First I have to thank TwilightAddict71484 for putting the naughty ideas in my head which led to the first outtake chapter. This scene happens after Jasper proposes to Bella in the woods, but prior to their visit with Charlie. He's off to buy the ring. She has no clue why he's gone, and it's leaving her a little frustrated.


I'm getting married. I'm really getting married. Holy crap, I'm really getting married! I never thought much of the institution of marriage. After being a product of divorce, it's not something I took much stock in. Before Jasper, I thought any chance at love and happiness had long since past. Now all of sudden I have a naked man addressing me by his last name and I dissolve like an ice cube on pavement in the middle of July. Jasper is off on some errand for two days leaving babysitting duty to Peter and Charlotte. Every time they look at me they have stupid grins on their faces, like they know something that I don't. Of course, with Peter, he usually does know something that I don't. Needing some time alone I went out for a run in the woods. I'm missing Jasper terribly. It's the longest we've been apart and I feel like a part of me is missing. As I open the door the familiar sounds of two people enjoying themselves fill the house. Judging by the level of noise, Peter and Charlotte have not confined their activities to the bedroom. Oh great! There, in the kitchen, Charlotte is lying back on the granite countertop of the island, completely naked as Peter stands between her legs drilling into her. Her head is thrown back and her back arched. He has a firm grip on her hips and he is not being gentle as his hips rock back and forth. His head is turned upwards towards the ceiling and his eyes are clenched. Obviously I wasn't gone as long as they expected. No point in ruining their fun. I go up to my room and realise that I didn't bat an eye at the scene I just witness. Those two fucked like rabbits so often, I was becoming immune to the rated XXX scenes that they routinely performed. They had no qualms about having sex on every surface in a five mile radius regardless of who was around. I'm sure they knew I was there, but just didn't care. I lay on my bed and wrap myself in the sheet. It still smelled like cedar and grass. I rub it all over me wishing it was him I was wrapped in. Why did he have to leave? Charlotte's screams were getting louder and Peter was responding in kind. I was about to jump off the bed when I noticed something by the night stand. It was a box with a note. I was completely curious and was about to open the box first, but the polite Bella in me won out and I pulled out the note.

Just because Jasper is away, doesn't mean you can't have a little fun.


P.S. Charlotte picked out the outfit

I open the box and found white lace baby doll nightgown and a hot pink vibrator. I might not have batted and eye at their little sex-capades, but I'm sure (in spite of my vampire state) I was six shades of red. I was about to put the contents away when I could hear Charlotte and Peter climax together. The sound of crushing granite was the percussion against their cries in harmony. I closed my eyes and remembered the first time Jasper and I spent together after my change when we crushed the frame of the bed. Each time the wood cracked I got louder, begging for release. Ah, what the hell! Why not? I put the skimpy outfit on and laid back against the pillow. I wrapped myself with the sheet and breathed in the scent. My hands trembled slightly as I turned it on. It made a buzzing sound which, even though was probably no louder than a bumble bee, to my embarrassed ears sounded like a buzz saw. I turned it off immediately and put the covers over my head. I was sure Peter and Charlotte heard what I was up to. I waited as I was sure that they would burst through the door ready to laugh at me at any moment. Instead, I heard moans coming from down the hall. If they knew what I was up to it was clear they didn't care. As the tempo and their volume increased, so did my courage. I turned on the device again and this time let it graze my inner thigh. The sensation ran up and down my body awakening my desire. I brought it to my entrance and let it run over my clit. My mind was a flurry of images of Jasper's lips and tongue teasing and torturing me. I slowly inched it inside of me and remembered the night we spent together after the holidays when I had Jasper touching himself in front of me. His strong capable hands stroked himself as I put the imagery in his mind of me sucking his cock. My tempo match the pace of his hand from my memory. Even though I was human, I could never forget each moment of that night. He was slow and tentative at first, and then his pace started to increase as I whispered in his ear. I licked my lips remembering the scene I painted of me kneeling in front of him in the mirror, taking him in my mouth. I brought down the sheet and turned to look at the mirror which was in the corner of the room. When I brought the covers down, I saw him. It wasn't a ghost. It wasn't my imagination. It was Jasper.

He was standing at the foot of the bed. His eyes were black with lust and he looked like a girl's ultimate fantasy, wearing a plain white t-shift and faded jeans. In my shock, I quickly sat up and removed the vibrator from my centre, keeping it under the covers. I didn't know what to say. I just bit my lip, not really sure how he was going to react to finding me this way. Just when I thought the silence was going to kill me, he opened his sweet lips.

"Please Darlin'. Don't stop on my account."

I was embarrassed. I was completely turned on. I was totally frozen in my spot. I just sat there staring at him, not really sure of what to do next. My eyes didn't leave his as he took off his clothes and slowly climbed onto the bed. His hand slipped under the sheet and found the vibrator, which was still turned on. He crawled over to me and slid it up my leg. A tremor ran through me in anticipation. When he held it at my entrance he kissed me passionately and then slid it deep inside me. Our lips never left each other as he moved it in and out of me. My hips moved with the rhythm of his hand and moans escaped my mouth each time he entered. His mouth sucked on my breasts through the thin lace of the lingerie and my nipples hardened against the damp fabric. I kept my hands at my side grabbing on to the sheets as I let him have total control over my body. I began to writhe feverishly under him begging for more, which he obliged by increasing the speed and depth of his movements. I was completely lost in the moment. I couldn't see or hear. I could only feel the incredible pleasure he was bestowing upon me. Finally as I came, my hands wove around him, clinging for support as my orgasm shattered my body, mind and soul. He was panting above me and I could feel his wetness coating my thigh as he came to his own release. In the aftermath of our union, he turned off the vibrator and looked at me.

"Where'd you get this thing?"

"Uh...Your friends left it on my night table."

"Remind me to send them a thank you note"

A/N: I realise it's short, but I hope it packed enough flavour.