There is something missing from our world, the amazing animals, that time has left behind.

But what if we could bring them back? What if extinction didn't have to be forever?

We're going back in time on a safari with a difference, as wildlife adventure Nigel Marvin, plunges into pre-history, to rescue creatures on the brink of extinction, his plan is to bring them back to the safety of the present.

And give them a second chance.

This Time, we return to Prehistoric Park, Nigel go's back 208 million years to the early Jurassic Period, to rescue one of the strangest dinosaurs to ever live, a Savack.

Welcome back to the ultimate wildlife sanctuary.

Welcome to Prehistoric Park!

Nigel sat in his Tower, planning his adventure. Bob and Suzanne walked in.

"Hey Nigel, What's going on?" Suzanne asked. She is the local vet for the park.

"Im planning our next Adventure"

"Our next Adventure?" Bob said to him. Bob was the game Builds the park's Enclosures and feeds the Animals.

"Well Mine and Suzanne's. You see we are going to find the world's strangest Saurpod. One Suzanne always wanted to see, The Herd Saurpod "Savack". He unrolled a picture that an artisted created on it. The creature looked similar to a Dragon, long, really slim. \kind of like the forest dragon, from "Dragons:A Fantasy Made Real".


"Absolutly. I hope to get a herd. People Believed these Magnificant creatures are like Wolves. Gentle when picking up their young, Kind and Ranked. I want to know if it is true."

He started to get the jeep ready when the park's Tyrannosaurs Rex, Matilda, Has caused some destruction to her brother, Terence's, Enclosure. In order to distract her they feed her some extra meat,filled with some sleeping pills, while they re-enforce the fence.

Terence and Matilda Came to the park as little babies after losing their mother to injury caused by another T-Rex. They managed to run through the portal just before a meteor hit. Since Then the two, now Adolescence, Caused problems until they had to be separated. Not long after, Matilda, The female and bigger one, broke into her brother's enclosure, and nearly killed him.

"Bob. I want you to build the enclosure near the waterfall." Nigel Yelled out after Matilda fell asleep.

"Why is that Nigel?"

"The Savacks are swimmers, they inhabit swamps and lakes and rivers to help teach their young how to swim and easiest way to hunt Big Dinos." Nigel and Suzanne waved goodbye to Bob and slipped through the portal.

When they came out they ran smack dab in a herd of Ankylosaurus. The huge creatures started to stampede as the jeep wrestled its way through the herd. Nigel had managed to maneuver the jeep out of the way until an adult male Ankylosaurus wacked the side of the jeep before charging away.

"Suzanne, are you alright?" Nigel asked after the Dino took off.

"I'm fine. That was really scary though. That was an Ankylosaurus. A whole group of them." The dinosaurs settled down in a meadow.

"They are gorgeous. Look there is some young ones with them." Nigel and Suzanne got out of the jeep to get a better look at the Herd. Bellowing came from some of the herd members.

"I count about a dozen to sixteen in that herd. I say we ge3t the herd into Prehistoric park." Nigel declared.

"Poor Bob" Suzanne muttered under her breathe. Nigel set up the portal. He then got in the jeep.

"Suzanne. I suggest getting in the jeep so u doesn't get trampled" As she climbed in, a loud growl was heard behind the herd. Among the trees behind the Ankylosaurus herd was an Allosaurus. No two Allosaurus. Another roar sends the herd running towards Nigel, Suzanne and the portal. Turning the portal on and moving out of the way he allowed the herd to move through followed by the Allosaurus pair. Turning the portal off and grabbing the sticks Nigel and Suzanne continued.

Meanwhile on the other side of the portal

Bob had managed to separate the Ankylosaurus herd from the Allosaurus pair.

"Ashli. We need you here immediately." Bob spoke into the walky-talky. Ashli is the blonde girl who is vet assistant to Suzanne and put in charge while Suzanne is away.

"I'm here Bob. What's up" Bob pointed to the herd.

"Can you tell me how many there are of the herd?"

"My guess is Sixteen."

"Sixteen. That's too many for us to have. Where am I going to put these? When Nigel comes back he's got some explaining to do" Ashli couldn't help but to laugh at Bob's fussing. A ROAR distracted them.

"Oh yes right. Ashli, do you know what species this is?" Bob looked so confused at the two hungry predators.

"They are Allosaurs. Bob. Looks like a breeding pair. See how the dull colored one is smaller. That's the female."

"And where will I find room for these two?"

"Where ever you can, but keep them away from the T-Rex enclosure."

Back in the past.

"It's starting to get dark, so we should set up camp tonight. We can continue our search tomorrow" Nigel spoke. A nod from Suzanne showed that she agreed. As they set up, Nigel spoke about where they need to head.

"I know that need to find a lake or waterfall in order to find these creatures."

"What about rivers and waterways?"

"Yes those too but the lakes and waterfalls might have better dens"

"Ok. See you in the morning"

The next morning…

Nigel woke up to the low hissing similar to a gas like but louder. He got up and out of his tent to see a long, lithe shape of a Savack, walking through the trees. The giant creature was on all fours but its back legs were thicker than the front and its feet in the back had three toes, Features of a theropod. It made another low hissing sound as it continued through the forest. Suzanne stuck her head as the magnificent animal walked past, its feet still making the same thumping sound all big and heavy dinosaurs make. Though big it is smaller than a Brachiosaurus. However Nigel can still clearly see the dino's serrated teeth. As the Dinosaur walked through the forest, Nigel and Suzanne followed it.

"Why are we following it?" Suzanne asked.

"Cause it's going to its home and I happen to know that they are pack hunters and herd predators, which is different than most predators."

They finally reach the center of the territory and what a sight. A waterfall fell down into a big lake, which must have emptied into the ocean. It was beautiful place. Nigel noticed they had lost sight of the Savack they were following.

"Nigel, where did it go?" Suzanne's voice trembled. They knew that these creatures were dangerous meat eaters. The teeth showed it. Though no full skull was found they knew that the creatures ate meat. That they were similar to Deinosuchus, in the way they hunted. Only they could hunt outside of the water.

Suddenly a loud bellow was heard and a group of Parasaurolophus walked out. They had walked up to the water's edge to drink. An adult male was further out in the water then the others. Without warning a Savack launched out of the water and grabbed ahold of the male Dinosaur and dragged him under. The rest of the herd ran back towards the forest. Soon the Savack, A male with blue and green coloring, came out of the water dragging the dead Parasaurolophus onto land. Soon the waterfall quiver and a group of Savacks, all female, trailed out from behind the waterfall followed by 12-16 little ones. The little Savacks ran up to the carcass and started ripping into it. The females came up behind them. There were 6 females but only three teared into the carcass. The waterfall quivered some more and the five more Savacks came out. One female and four males. The female was Black with scratches of red and a male was the same but instead of scratches it was spots.

"I think the darker colored ones are the alphas like in a wolf pack. So that means they are indeed ranked. But the colors from Savack to Savack are different. Even the young ones are different colored." Nigel noted.

"Nigel, look at that" Suzanne pointed at a Female Savack chewing on the leaves of a tall tree.

"I think they are omnivoires. Able to eat meat and vegetables. The only reason they hunt is beacause the young ones and mothers eat it to keep their protein levels up and then they wean them on to plants, not off meat."

"Nigel, how are we going to get them to the park?"

Back at the park

"I finally managed to build an enclosure for The herd of Ankylosaurus and a nice Enclosure for the Allosaurs and now I can finish the enclosure for Savack. Nigel has told me they are pack or herd Dinosaurs and I know he will bring back a whole pack of them here so I hope this will do."

As Bob ordered the builds around, the Terror bird, rescued from 10000 years ago, foud his way over to them.

"Oh no. Not again. Bob here. The Terror Bird found his way out again. Can you get over the The Savack Enclosure quick" Bob spoke into the walky-talky.

"Sure Bob" Within minutes a truck with meat in it was over, and as usual they dragged the meat from the truck away.

"Ok back to work"

As Bob worries about how to finish the enclosure before Nigel and Suzanne get back, Nigel thinks he has found a way to get the Savacks through the portal.

"So what we are doing is we will drive the jeep around the group of Savacks and herd them towards the portal, and if it works we-"

A loud Roar interrupted Nigel as 5 Allosaurs appears above the waterfall. Nigel now has to change his plans. He set up the portal and sent Suzanne ahead. Suddenly the Allosaurs charged towards the herd. The herd moved forward but the Alphas they turned and faced the Allosaurs. To give time for the herd to run. Suddenly the alphas stood on two legs only to fall forward on top of one to the carnivores. Soon as they did that they, too, ran for the portal. Nigel followed them and closed the portal.

Bob ran up to Nigel. "I'm happy that your back in one piece but do you realized I had a hard time trying to pull the Allosaurs away from the Ankylosaurs. But lucky I will forgive you."

Nigel gave a good hardy laugh. After securing the Savacks for transport they went over to the nicely finished enclosure and released them into it. The waterfall, complete with cave behind the falls, was the perfect spot. Soon as they were released they dived for the water, even the young ones.

Nigel was pleased with this capture and Bob finally feels happy that he doesn't have to set up any Fences, at least not until Nigel's next Adventure.

Next time, Nigel plan's to bring back a Carnotaurus, but along the way he meets a pack not as kind as The Savacks. Plus The T-Rexs and The Allosaurs have a confrontation.

The Savack isnt a real Creature but one I made because of a fantasy I had as a child. I only own Savacks and ashli's name. Since the blonde girl had no name I made her one.

Hope you have enjoyed this and PLEASE REVIEW.