In celebration of me passing both my economics tests and my cosplay costume almost being complete.

TAH DAH! A new story!

This one takes place in the land of sunshine and rainbows. So pretty much my take on universe-prime without Superboy prime writing angry letters on the DC comics internet board. LOL no one will get that unless they read "Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds".

Anyway so no one has super powers. Dick's parents aren't dead, neither are Bruce's but he doesn't show up in this story. Conner is, Clark's younger cousin from Smallville and well...Kaldur and Megan are from foreign places? Most important fact is that they're in university.

As per usual NOT MINE.

"Why the hell do I have to bring him home?" She yelled out.

Honestly she didn't know why she was even here in the first place.

The four people at the table stared at her. That was until Conner aka Smallville and his girlfriend Megan decided to just eat face.

I guess she had Roy to blame for this. The stupid prick decided that this year happened to be the best year to take a vacation and so she got stuck with Wallace "lightweight"West as a partner for new job as a TA. Come on it'll be fun, her professor told her, this way you get extra practice on the basics and get paid at the same time.

Apparently it was win-win.

Personally Artemis just wanted to get through university without any drama. People complicate life, so she kept a low profile making only slight friends to get missed notes and use as class partners.

And since working with Wally she ended up being part of the "usual group".

Ugh, this totally sucks. Didn't she have a paper due this week she should be working on? Why did they want to go to a bar anyway?

Lightweight's roommate Robin, who was nineteen and apparently was from the circus, had been in university just about as long as she had. Which was close to four years, She still needed to ask why he'd rather be called Robin than Richard, anyway the kid shrugged, "I got to go, and it looks like were not going to be able to separate the love birds and Kaldur split. You're the only one."

Artemis looked back in disgust at the two making out, "Fine."

Robin dropped his keys in her hands, "you know where our place is?"

"Uh yeah," she said mentally trying to remember the apartment.

"Good, try not to do anything dirty to him." The boy said before disappearing into the crowd.

Her eyebrow twitched. Who did this kid think she was? The red head was her co-worker for fuck sakes! Shrugging she attempted a messy piggy back and began the trip of several blocks to the boys apartment.

She mentally thanked that the building the two lived in had an elevator. She plopped the unconscious guy on the floor as she waited.

The elevator dinged and gracelessly dragged the boy's body out of the elevator by his arms and turned the corner. Upon unlocking the door she slung his arm around his shoulder and attempted to drag his body inside. Why couldn't have Smallville done this? Wasn't he on the football team?

She'd been at Wall-man's place once before to mark first year's mid-terms and lab reports. But all she had seen was the kitchen which was off to the right after entering.

Walking down the short hallway and seeing the mess that was supposed to be a living room had been quite a shock. A big TV and video game machines was at the centre of it, along with a pull out couch that looked recently slept in and has obviously seen better days. All of what seemed to be Rob's robotics inventions were splayed about pretty much everywhere. The man she was holding up was getting heavy. So she trudged down the hallway. The first room that she tried to enter was for more disastrous as the living room. The floor was no where in sight. The next room was the bathroom, and as much as she wanted to just dump him in the tub and get the hell out of there it wouldn't be an option.

The last room at the end of the hall was void of anything but the clothes thrown everywhere, a desk with a laptop and a mattress on the floor.

Did Rob and Wally actually share the same bed? She tried to fight the giggles that were bubbling up in her chest.

It was a losing battle.

That was until the body beside her groaned.

Recalling her mission she slowly made her way over to the mattress. She tried to dump him unceremoniously onto the bed.

But fate seemed to have other plans.

The next thing she knew was her body being dragged down with him and her forehead knocking on his dense skull.

"Fuck," she muttered out opening her eyes to find herself staring into some very confused green ones.

"Artemis?" he said groggily rubbing his face.

She struggled to get up, but that proved to be useless the moment the next words came out of his mouth.

"Please let this not be a dream." He said rubbing his eyes.

Suddenly the world just stopped.

"What?" she snapped out.

"Did I just say that…Never mind." He said now focused on her sitting on his hips, "we're we in the middle of…?"

She slapped him for even thinking the thought.

"What was that for?" he said nursing his newly injured cheek.

She glared and attempting to detangle herself from him, "Will you help me? You're on my leg."

Once they were safely in the kitchen with a table between the two of them and fresh coffee in hand.

"Why you of all people bring me home?" he said taking a sip out of his frogger mug.

"Well Smallville and Megan were eating face, Kaldur disappeared and Rob decided he was busy. I was nominated." She said bitterly, glaring at the clock on the oven blinking twelve, "More importantly why do you share a bed with Rob?"

"We don't!" he stated slamming his mug on the table.

She laughed.

"We are soooo not gay."

"I'm sure." She said with a hint of amusement.

He glared at her, "that pull out couch is his and he sleeps there because he decided to bury his own room in junk."

"No need to get your panties in a wad, I was just teasing." She said taking a sip.

"Well I don't appreciate it." He said with a pout.

"Ugh is that really the time?" she said pointing to the clock on the wall.

He nodded.

"I better go." She said standing up.

"Don't" he said grabbing her wrist. She raised a questioning eyebrow.

"It's late; girls shouldn't be out this late without someone with them."

"Wow! Well Mr. Old fashion, but I'll be okay. I'm a tough girl. I dragged you here all by myself."

She could just see the gears in his brain trying to work. Then it hit her.

"Do you…"

Did she dare to ask?

"Like me?"

Their relationship had a rough start. He was expecting to work with a friend of his and instead he ended up with her. After the awkward two weeks of him hating her for no reason, they became sort of friends. He even complemented her hair once. Plus it wasn't like he was terrible looking.

She groaned and rubbed her face. You do not need a relationship right now Artemis. Application for grad school is not to far off he'll be a distraction.

A good looking distraction.

She mentally slapped herself for that one.

Men are only distraction on to the road of…becoming whatever her degree's proper title was.

"I just care if you get kidnapped by ninja's or something." He said avoiding the question.

"You're serious?" was all she could come up with.

"Come on Arty, you're my friend. The last thing I want is bad things to happen to good people."

She thought that was kind of sweet of him…until he opened his mouth again.

"And to make sure that doesn't happen we'll sleep in the same bed."

Her eyebrow twitched, "You got serious guts West."

"I thought I'd see if you'd go for it." He said with a grin, "I do see you checking out my butt from time to time."

How'd he know that? Her mind screamed as she attempted to not freak out. Need to stay calm.

Her lack of response caused him to stand up and push her back against the wall, "So with that said I'm curious if there is any emotion towards me."

She looked up into his bright green eyes, "You and Rob set this up didn't you?"

He looked offended, "Trust me beautiful this must have been Rob's idea. I did pass out at the bar and only woke up with you on top of me. I mean I was planning to ask you out after finals."

She was shocked by his straight forwardness. The hopeless romantic part of her squealed in excitement but she shot it down quickly.

Seeing that she hadn't responded, and men always think with there penis's and not there brains he kissed her. Of course her hopeless romantic self decided to re-spawn and answer him back by trying to fight for dominance.

And seeing that she always did enjoy looking at his butt, and as their lip battled out, her hands found themselves gripping onto his rather muscular butt cheeks, she guessed that's what happens when the guy runs 10k marathons for fun.

He laughed as she pinched his left cheek, "Didn't know you were a ass girl."

"Women are allowed to have there own fetishes too." She said biting his bottom lips.

"Well," he said snaking his hand up to cup her left breast, "I do always enjoy it when you wear those low cut shirts."

She pushed at his chest, "This is as far as you go West. We haven't had a proper date to let you have sex with me."

He grinned, "So you do want to have sex with me."

"Maybe in a few weeks, but tonight I'll let you see my panties." She said with a wink sauntering off to the bed room.