Okay so I lied last chapter...this is the second to last chapter. It's just with the way that YJ ended I need to write some drama to help me get over the feels. Don't worry the next one will be happy because it's their wedding! lol spoiler?

Anyway some of this happened to people that I know and some of this is me getting ideas on how to cause brain damage from my neuropsychology class. Anyway enjoy. p.s. I did minor edits to the last chapter because I think some of it didn't make sense.

Wally didn't see it coming.

Or at least that's what she overheard.

All she really remembers is being over at Kaldur's new place (or what everyone liked to call moving in to your girlfriends place) for a house warming party. She spent it mostly dozing off on the couch from being overtired trying to produce lesson plans and grading tests. (Really after graduating from her masters program did she need to put herself more through college by teaching?)

Dick (he had some how outgrown the name Rob) was going to stay the night, because Wally offered to drive him to the airport for his early morning flight back to his parents place. Wally had buckled her into the rear passenger seat before heading home and then she must have nodded off.

It was the crash that had awakened her.

When she came too, her eyes all blurred from sleep and maybe shock.

First thing that she recalls is someone was knocking on her window yelling. Maybe the noise from the crash had killed her eardrums because she couldn't make out any words. So she nods and attempts to lift one of her arms in acknowledgment.

She can't bear to look at the front seat and she on how Dick and Wally are doing. Everything turned into a haze after that point. She vaguely recalls someone talking to her which she can only give a groggy response of "I'm sleepy Wally you know that" and helping her out of the car and onto a stretcher.

She fully wakes up in the ambulance and the woman taking care of her smiles down at her.

"How you feeling?" the woman asks.

"Tired. Haven't been sleeping much, crunch time at school."

The woman gives her a lopsided smile, "You're lucky."

It's at that comment she fully realises the woman's statement, "the boys…they…"

"They were alive at the scene," is all the woman can offer and Artemis feels her stomach sink and he closes her eyes in worry.

"Anything hurt?" another paramedic asks.

"My whole right side is now in pain and in my abdomen."

"That's probably the seatbelt." The woman offers before noticing her engagement ring. She doesn't say anything but Artemis' eyes must have told her that one of the two in the front seat was actually her fiancée.


The nurse that she gets handed off to is fussy. And Artemis hears about every second word before as doctor enters the room.

He's asking questions and Artemis tries to nod but the neck brace that was placed on her by the paramedics only allows her to make short jerky movements.

"Are you pregnant?" the doctor asks.

"WHAT?" Artemis attempts to sit up but is pushed back down by her fussy nurse.

"Are you pregnant? We need to x ray your side and leg, but if you pregnant we may have to use other means to diagnose you."

Artemis sighs, "I'm not sure, I mean my birth control sometimes makes me skip a period so when I missed it last month I wasn't overall worried."

"We'll do a blood test." The doctor says before exiting the room.


Dick finds her the next morning. He looks worse that she expected. He's sitting in a wheelchair. His right leg is in a splint and sticking in the air, an arm in a sling, his jaw is wired shut because it broke on impact with the airbag. Later he'll tell everyone that the airbag saved his life, but broke his jaw because he talked too much. Price you pay for being chatty.

"My parents are going to be wondering where I am," he says though it's muffled through his teeth.

Artemis can only attempt a half smile, "after they were done with me I got them to let me call Barbara since she knew them better. She said she'd call your mom."

He lets out a sigh of relief before he dare ask what's on both of their minds, "And Wally?"

"The last time they told me anything is that he's stable." She replies mildly annoyed.

He actually laughs, "And you how are you?"

"Pregnant," she responds turning away from him. He attempts to whistle.

"Anything else?"

"Fractured wrist and internal bruising."

"They check you for brain damage?"



"No. You?"

"Nope." he replies staring off into space. She begins memorising the details in the ceiling. That's how Bart and Wally's parents found them ten minutes later.

Wally's mother tells them about the accident. The police were on a high speed chase with a criminal when he ran a red not noticing their car in the intersection. The guy hit the driver-side front end effectively pinning Wally. Artemis doesn't want to know the extent of his injuries but his mother insists on telling her that he's in a medical induced coma in hopes it will reduce brain swelling.


She's let out the next day and is sent several bouquets from her coworkers. Megan moves in to help, though Artemis insists that she doesn't need it. Her mother calls her everyday to ask how she's holding up. The next week Dick is let out with a number of precautions that he doesn't care for but Barbara and his parents (who arrived in the city to take care of him) adhere to them with severe strictness that annoys him.

She's been in Wally's hospital room once since the accident and she couldn't stay long. People must think that she's callous, but Artemis just can stand seeing him lie there prone like that. He's usually full of life and energy. She just can't look at him being pale and immobile.

So she pours herself into her work because there is really nothing else to do in her life when he's gone. She positively miserable at this point and her students can see it. They all groan when she assigns them extra homework to make up that classes that she missed.

Cassandra Sandsmark a rather upitty blonde that is always answering questions showed up during office hours and with something not class related.


"You okay?"

"Not really."

"Is it about the..?" Cassie said point to her hand indicating Artemis' broken wrist.

"No." Artemis makes no effort to look up from the paperwork she is staring at because at this moment all she can think about is that they are bringing Wally out of his coma this morning.

"You know its okay to, like cry if you need too. No one is going to think less of you."

Artemis looks up at that statement, but its something that is standing in her doorway that catches her surprise.

Bart's panting as if he's run a mile a minute, "Wally, he woke up." He says between breaths, "wants to talk to you."

Artemis can see the wheels in Cassie's head turning, connecting the dots, the car accident, her delay in coming back to class, and her miserable demeanour.

"You should go," Cassie says, "I'm sure your husband wants to see you."

Artemis grabs her coat and snaps out, "He's not my husband. He's just the moron that I'm going to marry."

Bart laughs at this, and Cassie smiles.

Since Bart turned sixteen and got his licence he has insisted on driving anyone anywhere. Legitimately the kid was perfect driver when he wanted to be, but all that energy and excitement made Artemis question why she chose to get in the car in the first place. If they wanted to send a sixteen year old they should have sent Tim or Stephanie.

By the time they reach the parking lot Artemis is sure that it wouldn't be the accident that traumatized her, it would be Bart's driving.

The real problem is that she can't allow herself to go into the room. She doesn't know what kind of condition he's in. She hasn't seen his body in weeks and his mother and Bart have stopped trying update her up on his condition. She can see from the open doorway that his Aunt Iris and Uncle Barry were in the room talking with him.

"Oh Artemis you're here." Wally's father says excitedly and all eyes turn to her.

"Uh yeah Bart just picked me up."

"It's so good to see you," Iris says getting up from her chair giving Artemis a hug, "We'll just get out of your way."

Barry takes her hint as it is time for them to leave. Barry gives her shoulder a squeeze before he leaves her in the room. Artemis fully takes in Wally's injuries. Both legs in casts, his face is pale and he uses one of his arms, the one with the broken elbow to wave at her. She sits in Barry's vacated seat.

He smiles at her, "Hey babe."

His voice is dry and slightly slurred, but it makes her feel much more secure that she has been in the past weeks. So she starts crying. The dam that she built up for the past three weeks just gives and all she does is cry and call him and idiot.

His hand finds hers and he tries to give her a smile but it ends up lopsided. When she's done he gives her hand a squeeze and asks, "How are you?"

She supposes that he deserves to know immediately and given that everyone else in his family knows it'd be better coming from her, "I'm pregnant Wally."

It's what he says that that she'll remember for a lifetime and forever want to smack him for. But given his condition he's in, she held back.

His eyes light up and he gives her a smile that shows some teeth and he responds with: "Well it's good to know I can at least do something right."