Hi you guys. So I've had this idea stuck in my head for a while and I finally typed it up. Just a silly little thing I thought of. I'm not really sure what category to put it under.

"Dog gonnit," mumbled Woody as his eyes shifted around the room rapidly, "Who's watching the Peas? I can't find them anywhere and they have my hat."

"Why do they have your hat, cowboy?" Dolly questioned casually without breaking eye contact with her newspaper in front of her. It was a typical weekday for the bustling playthings. Mr. Pricklepants was revising a play which he had written for the upcoming Friday night theatre at Sunnyside, Slinky and Mr. Potatohead were competing against each other at checkers, while the rest were engrossed by a television program on the opposite side of the room.

"I lent it to them," Woody admitted shamefully, "I wanted to prove to them that I was a real sheriff since they still won't believe me. And now, I can't find them anywhere. Do you know where they usually hang out?"

"Can't say that I do," the rag doll answered, wistfully turning a page as she shifted her position onto her stomach.

"What do you mean you don't know where they are? I thought that-" The sheriff cut himself off, observing the room. "Oh, wouldja look at this? It's a mess! A horrible mess!" Dolly stared at him for a few moments, watching him flail his arms around. His thin figure grew more animated as he pointed out the disorganized areas of the room.

"Relax, Potsy," she finally commented, "Bonnie won't be here for another 30 minutes." Woody stopped to face her.

"You don't understand, Dolly. That 30 minutes can turn into 20, then 15. Next thing you know, we hear the car pull in and we all panic, afraid that Bonnie will see us. So then we rush to clean the mess we made, creating chaos. We literally stuff things in the closet to the point where they overflow. We put things in places where they don't belong. And there is usually one electronic device that is accidentally left on. The T.V., computer, whatever it may be, and almost blows our cover. We can't do things like that anymore, Dolly. We need to have rules and regulation around here like it was in Andy's house."

"Aw c'mon, Potsy, you're over reacting a little," Dolly said with levity. "Now don't frown too much, it'll leave creases on your face."

"We need a staff meeting, Dolly." Now it was the small felted-doll's turn to frown.

"Woody," she whined, taking Woody back by surprise slightly due to the fact that this was the first time she used his name, "we've never had a staff meeting before and we are not having one now. I don't know how you Davis toys did it back at Andy's but over here we don't believe in an office cubicle mentality."

"Clearly," Woody snorted.

"Don't be so uptight, Woodster," she jested giving a light punch to his knee, "She won't be here for a while."

"I've held my tongue long enough," he stated, turning back to face the group of toys, "Staff meeting!"

"Oh brother…" Dolly murmured.

"A week and a half since our last meeting," Hamm blurted as he joined the gathering toys, "Not bad. A new record."

The spaceman approached Woody as he balanced himself on a roll of duct tape. "Everybody's here," Buzz informed, giving Woody his hat, "By the way, I found this with the peas."

"Ah, thank you, Buzz," Woody whispered, then straightening his figure to face his crowd. "Good afternoon and welcome to the first staff meeting at the Anderson house. Now how these things work are simple, for those of you who's never been to one of my staff meetings before. If you hear me announce there's a staff meeting, you immediately go to it. The carpet we are standing on will be our meeting area. Everybody must respect whoever is talking and not throw in their comments while that toy is speaking."

"Why not? Makes things interesting," Mr. Potatohead interjected.

"If you have any questions, please ask me or Buzz."

"Yeah, I gotta question," Dolly projected, "What about me? You know, I've lived her longer that you two. What about my say?"

"Seems pretty sneaky of you guys to take over of Bonnie's room like that," Jessie agreed, putting her hands on her hips.

"Oy, it's just like men to mark their territory," Mrs. Potatohead concurred. Buzz and Woody looked at each other and back to the female spud.

"Now hold it," Woody defended, bringing his hands up, "We're not trying to take over anything, we just-"

"Want to control everything and change the system of this bedroom," Trixie cut off.

"No! No no no no no no no!" Woody answered, "We've just observed that the way things are running around here aren't quite working well. There are more toys, more parts, so things have to be scheduled better. Messes aren't being cleaned up in time before Bonnie gets back."

"Exactly," backed up Buzz, "Things just have to be organized better. We aren't trying to alter lifestyles or our socializing ways."

"You know, for once I kinda agree with these space cowboys," Mr. Potatohead realized, "If we aren't more careful, things can get sketchy."

"Well, if anybody who should be doin' the organizin' it should be Dolly!" Jessie rebutted, "She knows what goes on around here."

"Yeah but Woody has the know-how," Hamm interrupted. Suddenly, the whole room busted into arguments and conversation.

"Hold it!" Buttercup shouted. "How about this? Why don't we have an election? Dolly vs. Woody?" The toys exchanged looks of interest and faced Woody who was rubbing his chin with his index finger and thumb. He then show an approving smile.

"Alight, an election it is," Woody nodded, "Buzz, will you do the honor and be my vice president?"

"Of course, Woody," he accepted with a smile.

"Perhaps I can be your advisor?" Slinky suggested.

"Sure thing, Slink!" Woody beamed, "There you have it; my party ballot."

"Hey, Dolly, I can be you're vice president," Jessie cut in, "After all, I do have some experience in leadership."

"Jessie Pride," Woody yelped in faux shock, "You would turn on us? Your own brother and boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend?" Jessie and Buzz questioned simultaneously.

"Don't go there, cowboy," Jessie said, crossing her arms. "I don't wanna hear that word again, y'hear me?"

"Yeah, what were you thinking Woody?" Buzz asked, stifling his satisfied smirk.

"Ooo, could I be an advisor for you Dolly?" Trixie chirped.

"Of course you guys can!" Dolly accepted. "Take a good look at your competition boys! 'Cause soon, we're gonna whip your butts!"

"Ooo, this is so exciting! An election!" Mrs. Potatohead shrilled.

"Well, you heard the missus, it's a race," Buttercup announced, "Woody, Dolly: shake hands with your opponent."