"Oh what ever shall I do?" Mr. Pricklepants boomed, placing the back of his hand on his forehead. The civilians of Bonnie's bedroom the next morning atched in silence."I am utterly concerned about the safety of this room. Orderliness needs to improve, but I don't know where to start!" Suddenly, his eyes shined recognition as he snapped his fingers. "I know! I can make a difference! I need to vote for Woody Pride!"

A decorated skateboard was then pushed form underneath the bed, exposing Woody in a broad smile with Buzz and Slinky behind the collector's item. They were throwing confetti as the skateboard continued to ascend from the bed skirt into the crowd of toys formed around them.

"Vote for Woody Pride!" Mr. Pricklepants pronounced, followed by a loud cheer from the mass of toys.

"I hope you're gonna clean up that mess!" Dolly shouted at them from the top of the bed. She then turned to the redheaded cowgirl and the female dinosaur. "We need a campaign manager…"

"Hmmm," Jessie thought out loud, "I've got a person in mind…"

"Hello girlies!" The blonde doll greeted the next day as she climbed out of Bonnie's backpack. "I cannot believe that there is an election here! This is so exciting!"

"Yeah, talk about groovy, " her male companion commented.

"So here's what I was thinking," Barbie started, tugging out a sack much larger than her, "Perhaps we can act out something. You know, like maybe we can re-create the continental congress back in the 1700s or something. Or maybe, we can so a song. I love to sing! And everybody loves songs! Especially catchy ones!"

"And they love to see their contender's human side!" Ken added, "They love to see their choice leader dance and have fun!"

"Yeah, especially since Woody can't dance," Jessie sneered with a smile.

"But Buzz can," Trixie countered. Suddenly, something in Woody's speech caught their ears.

"Can you really trust Dolly?" Woody asked the crowd in front of him. "She has been in power and has done nothing. Do you want this madness to continue under her rule? Or do you want the experience and organization of my cabinet and I? We will fight to make sure we have all the freedom we can possibly have while keeping ourselves under cover! And what about the cowgirl? Her temper is shorter than the time we are given everyday to clean up this place."

Jessie steamed from the ears. "Why that little-"

"And lets not forget about Trixie," Slinky cut in, "The only thing she can clean up it the files from her computer."

"Hey! That's not true!" the dinosaur yelled.

"I think I just came up with the perfect idea," Barbie interjected to the fuming females. "Mudsligging."

"Ladies and gentletoys," Dolly announced as she stood on a stack of books, "Now, I didn't want to steep this low but I'm afraid my opponents had readjusted the bar to a minimal level that even I have to say is short, considering my height." A small laugh came from the audience. "Now, I am about to show you pictures that could be our near future of this room if the Pride administration would take over."

Ken held up a picture over his head a portrait of Woody stepping on smaller versions of the toys that stood in front of her. Flames took over the background as an expression of wickedness had appeared on Woody's face.

"Oh c'mon…" Woody, moaned, rolling his eyes.

"Is this what you want?" Dolly questioned, pointing to the drawing, faking a fearful tone in her voice. "To have your freedom taken away?"

"I think your portrayal is a bit overly exaggerated," Slinky muttered with an exasperated sigh.

"And you wanna talk about a troublesome personality?" Jessie inquired the audience. "Forget me, lets talk about the space toy!"

"Or Spaniard," Trixie added.

"Oh, funny, I thought it was a real space ranger," Ken interjected, placing his hands on his hips.

"No, no," Jessie concluded, "He's a drunk drag queen." Her emerald eyes bet his blue ones as she mouthed 'Mrs. Nesbit' with a smirk.

"And these guys promise regulation?" Dolly continued, "What about the dog? He can't even control getting tangled in his own coils." Chatter broke among the toys. "I will end my speech by saying this. The votes will be counted for tomorrow. Make a wise choice. Would you rather have these dictators control this room, or have a ballot you can trust. It's up to you. Think about the children," she concluded, making eye contact with the peas.

"Tomorrow's gonna be a long day, Buzz," Woody mumbled to his friend.

The next morning was the most productive the toys have ever gotten since the day Andy's toys moved in the first time. Many of the playthings had already cast their vote, almost fearful of discussing it with other toys for the fact that the candidates seemed to surround the whole room.

"Vote Dolly for president, she likes your sentiment!" Trixie chanted, "Vote Dolly for president, she likes your sentiment."

"That doesn't even make sense," Slinky responded. "Vote for Woody, he does his duty! Vote for Woody, he does his duty!"

"Like that's any better!" Trixie retorted.

"What's the word, Jess?" Dolly asked nervously. The cowgirl counted her tallies on the paper in front of her.

"7 votes," she informed the rag doll. "And there are a total of 15 contenders that can vote…"

"Ha!" Woody interjected, "Which means that I won!"

"Actually partner we have the same amount of votes as them," Buzz murmured. "The only toy who hasn't voted is Rex." A silence fell across the room as the toys simultaneously turned their heads to face the green reptile.

"I-I don't know who to choose!" he defended, waving his tiny arms back and forth in a panic.

"It's OK, Rex, we aren't going to penalize you," Woody assured, wrapping an arm around him. "Just remember whose the one who looked after you all these years. And cared for you. I'm proud to call you…my friend."

"Rex," a small voice called out, causing him to turn around. "What about me? Your friend Trix? I mean, who knows what and how many video game secrets we shared."

"That move is uncalled for," Buzz announced, pointing his finger towards her, "She is using the power of persuasion and the use of propaganda."

"Oh where've you been, genius?" Jessie sardonically hissed, "This is an election. We wouldn't be able call it that without those things."

"Hey, no need for name calling," Slinky said.

"Be quiet, blockhead," Dolly countered.

"Don't talk to my cabinet member like that!" Woody spurted out. He watched the storming rag doll approach him and cross her arms. She glared at him as her face tightened. "Don't frown too much, it'll leave creases on your face," he mocked.

"You wanna start something?" Dolly interrogated, her voice low.

"Not trying to start anything, Shorty."

"I will knock you down to my size. I'd be careful if I were you, Wimp."

"That's a nice attitude from the 'future' leader," Buzz commented. "It seems as though Jessie's temper has rubbed off on you, Dolly."

"What did you say, Chubby?" Jessie cut in. "You wanna piece of me?"

"I'm not going to fight a girl."

"Afraid a girl's gonna kick your butt?" Suddenly, the cowgirl charged after the space toy and tackled him onto the ground. She turned him onto his stomach and pulled his arms back, causing him to let out a holler.

"Guys guys!" Rex called out, causing the toys to freeze in their tracks. "I didn't mean for any of this to start. It's not important who's ruling the room, but rather how we are as a family." The candidates exchanged looks of apology and broke out in sheepish smiles.

"I'm sorry, you guys," Woody apologized. "I guess I can get slightly competitive. Will you forgive me?" The toys nodded their heads in acceptance as they muttered their apologies. "I'm especially sorry to you, Dolly. I didn't want to seem as though I was taking over Bonnie's room. It wasn't my place to step in like that."

"Well, my technique wasn't exactly the best either. You did bring up some good points," Dolly thought out loud, "How about we do a compromise? Staff meetings are once a week. And we can switch who'll be the leader."

"Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays can be my days," Woody suggested.

"I'll take Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays then," Dolly finished.

"That sounds fair," Jessie agreed, still holding onto Buzz. "And Buzz, you're not chubby. I like your muscles."

"And yet they still can't hold up to you," Buzz mumbled.

"Now, Woody, I want you to clean all this up," Dolly commanded. Woody gave her a look of bewilderment.

"It's just as much of a mess of yours as mine," Woody complained.

"Yeah, but today is Friday," she declared with a grin.

Yup this is my random little two shot. Hope it entertained ya!