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Kate pushed open the big, heavy aluminum doors that were in front of her, she walked down the long hallway trying to avoid the doctors and nurses who were rushing by her heading in the other direction. She arrived at the door with same number the nurse at the front desk had told her, 301. She knocked lightly on the door and waited for an answer.

A few seconds later there was a small whisper "Come in." She slowly opened the door and peeked her head inside, she saw him propped up in bed paler than usual, there was a cast covering his left leg and his right arm was being held up by a sling. She walked over to him and set her purse on the chair that was placed by his bed.

"Alexis said you didn't want me to come visit you." She whispered scared she would hurt him even more if she talked to loud.

"Beckett it's nothing personal, it's me, I just don't want anyone seeing me like this." He responded.

"Castle it was an accident, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you've saved my life so many times and you won't even let me come visit you in the hospital. You should have known I would've shown up the moment I found out, it's scary to think that if Alexis didn't call out of courtesy that I would have never known." Beckett said tears forming in her eyes but she quickly blinked them away.

"Come here." He said holding out his left arm and motioning her to give him a hug. She slowly inched over to him and lightly wrapped her arm around him, scared that he would crumble under her touch.

She sat in the chair and moved it right up to the side of his bed, she reached for the remote and shut off the television that was in the corner of the room. Before Beckett had a chance to say anything to him a nurse wearing dark blue scrubs walked in.

"Sorry to interrupt but Mr. Castle it is time to take your pain relievers." She said handing him a little plastic cup with a tiny white and blue pill in it. He popped them into his mouth and took a long sip of water before swallowing. Without saying anything else the nurse left closing the door behind her. Castle and Beckett sat in silence for a few minutes. Beckett's head shot up when she heard Castle make a little groan, he was trying to reposition himself on the bed.

He saw Beckett looking at him confused."I broke a few ribs too." He said finally getting into a comfortable position

"Anything else you haven't told me Castle?" Beckett said a little annoyed he hadn't told her all of his injuries.

"Ummm nope." Castle said with a smile trying to lighten the mood. Beckett just glared at him wondering why was making a joke out of this when he could have been seriously injured and she would have never even known.

"Look Beckett it might have been wrong to not tell you what happened, but you of all people must understand, I hate when people see me at my weakest. I'm sorry and next time anything happens you'll be the first one I call." He said flashing her a smile and made strong eye contact with her eyes, it sent shivers up Beckett's back. Why does he do this to me? She thought, he knows now I could never stay made at him.

Beckett was the first to break their eye contact; she looked down at her shoes. "Castle I forgive you, it's just I…worry about you sometimes. That's all." She couldn't believe she had actually told him that. She had always promised herself she would never let him know how she really felt about him but as they spent more time together he slowly broke the wall she had build and one by one her feelings came out.

"Do you have to stay overnight?" She asked him before she blurted out another heartfelt thing to him.

"Yeah, they just want to make sure my rib heals correctly and then they are going to send me home." He said still shocked Beckett actually told him that she worries about him. He always knew Beckett cared about him but he had never heard her actually say it out loud.

"Whose going to help you at home? Isn't your mom away and Alexis at school all day?"

"I could probably manage, as long as my rib heals, I think I will be fine."

She gave a look that let him know she wasn't buying it. "Well…I could help you if you want. I could come to your place until you're fully healed, if you want."

"Are you sure?" He asked, he was kind of weirded out by how Kate was acting towards him.

"Of course Castle, it's the least I could do."

"Ok. Thank you Beckett, I appreciate it." He said smiling at her, he grabbed the remote from her and turned the television back to the sports channel he was watching.

They sat there in silence for a good amount of time until the nurse came back in.

"I'm sorry but visiting hours are over." She said. "Unless you're staying overnight with Mr. Castle you're going to have to leave."

Beckett glanced at Castle and smiled "I will be spending the night." Castle was shocked by her answer but liked it. He stared at her as she adjusted herself in the chair and continued to watch the television.