Magical Adventures

Prologue Chapter-Turquoise Eyes

I just wanted to try writing a Luna Online fanfic since I started playing Celestia Luna. The characters in this fanfic are ones I actually created, and if you're lucky to be on the same time as me, you might see my favorite character I play as, Lucid Mage. So, on with the Fanfic!

It was another day in Alker. The townsfolk were walking around, selling wares and just chatting with the young people. She returned to Alker only to visit the inhabitants, and she would only stay there for a short time.

Her name was Lucidea Mage, an Elf. Her friends, however, only called her Lucid. Lucid was only 13, and had been a Mage since she was born. She had long, light blonde hair, tied in a low ponytail by a sky blue bow. Her hair reached down to her lower back, and almost touched her legs. Lucid had blue eyes that always sparkled. She wore a purple mini dress that showed her shoulders. The sleeves started just below her shoulders, and reached down to her fingers. Small, lavender ribbons were sown on the hem of the dress, and a curly, lavender design came up from the hem on the left side of her dress up her hips to her upper chest. Lucid wore brown boots that reached a bit above her knees. One blue ribbon was on both boots, and was used for the laces. Overall, Lucid was very beautiful.

Lucid made her way to Marche, who was beginning to unpack her items.

"Oh, good morning, Lucid! It's good to see you again!"

"It's good to see you too, Marche. Why are you unpacking? Did you go somewhere?"

"Yes! I went to see one of my close friends, Akurak. I brought my things and traveled from Alker Harbor to another place... that I can't tell you about! It's a secret!"

"Ah. That explains this."

"Mhm. So, what are you doing back here, hm?"

"I came back to check on the townspeople and just talk. After probably a few hours, I will leave and continue traveling."

Marche looked surprised and asked, "W-Wait, you're still leaving? Why?"

"Alker has no place for me here. Please understand that, Marche. I am only trying to find my place in the world."

"Please, Lucid, oh please, visit again! After all, I should be worried! I am the one who raised you since you were still a child." This was true.

When Lucid was only 4, someone had attacked her home at the top on a small hill in Alker. She knew it had to be a Human, so she was always cautious about Humans she met. The Human that attacked her home killed her father, Ludic, and Lucid's mother took Lucid with her and ran away from the house. The Human followed, and eventually caught up with them near the edge of the ocean, behind the large hills, and soon, killed her mother. Lucid had looked at the attacker's face, but could see nothing from the large, black cloak they wore. What she did see was their eyes, which were turquoise. She then realized the Human was almost her height, only slightly taller. The Human pushed her to the ground and took out the dagger that had been used to kill Lucid's parents, ready to hurt her. She looked at him (Lucid could instantly tell it was a boy after using some of her abilities to see a small outline of the Human's face in her mind), and he lowered the dagger. They looked into eachother's eyes for a few minutes, and he studied her face, their faces very close to each other.

After almost two minutes passed, he shoved her to the ground and whispered, "Sorry." He ran off in the direction to Alker Harbor. No one wouldv'e noticed him anyway, because it was midnight. Little Lucid ran over to her mother's body, and she began to cry. She stayed like this for ten minutes, not knowing what else to do. Finally, Lucid went to the Gate of Alker to see Marche. Marche had taken her in, and Marche announced to all of the young people to look for the boy who killed Lucid's only family members. Lucid lived with Marche for the next year, and when she turned 5, she had forgotten about the color of the Human's eyes. She knew how her parents died, but she just didn't remember a thing about the attacker. Unknown to her, the attacker had snuck into Lucid's room and used a magic potion that could make her forget about the incident. He carefully poured the liquid into a glass of still-cold water on Lucid's bedside table, trying not to make a noise or leave any liquid on the ground. He left afterwards, and Lucid instantly awoke. She drank the water the potion was now in, and she forgot everything she knew about him. All she knew was from that point on that he had killed her parents.

"Don't worry, Marche. I'll visit you again sometime."

"Alright, that's good! Please enjoy your stay while you're still around Lucid! Good bye!"

"Goodbye, Marche," Lucid said. She returned to the area where she cried over her dead mother. Small, white and purple flowers were planted there. Lucid quietly smiled and sat at the edge of the water. Lucid came by the day before, and she always sat down and relaxed. The sound of the ocean and the peace and quiet relaxed her.

"Hello," a voice said behind her. She turned around and saw a boy standing and smiling down at her. "I see you came by down here to relax too." He sat down next to her.

"Yes. I do this when I visit Alker," she replied. Lucid was a bit cautious about speaking to the boy, because he was Human. They both stared out at the ocean, and Lucid closed her eyes for a minute. After a few seconds, she opened them and looked at the boy. "What is your name?"

"My name's Everell. Everell Decriso. What's yours?"

"Lucidea Mage. Although, you may call me Lucid."

"Lucid, huh? Pretty name." She did not react to the compliment and simply looked back at the ocean.

"So, why are you in Alker, Everell?"

"Well, I'm just visiting this place like you."

"I see." They both continued to stare out at the ocean, a long silence following. The sun began setting after awhile, and Lucid finally stood up.

"I think I should be going. I need to continue exploring and helping people." She began walking up the hill, and Everell caught up to her.

"Wait! Maybe I can come with you! I'm also doing the same thing! Come on, Lucid!"

"Well, I barely know about you. I guess I should if you are doing the same things I am."

"Really? Thanks! I can't wait to travel with you!" Lucid smiled as he said this. She was happy that she had somone to travel with now. No more lonely traveling for her! The one thing she knew was that he already seemed like a good friend, and he had a very cute pair of... turquoise eyes...

Feels like I kinda rushed this chapter. Oh well, it is just the prologue! I wrote this due to the lack of written Luna Online fanfics. I really hope I can make a good Romance/Drama fanfic about this! Never wrote a drama before, SO criticism is allowed! PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW so I can be a bit more confident in writing this Fanfic!