Magical Adventures

Chapter 1- Alker Harbor and the Ruins of Draconian

Well, I'm back! This story is going to get bigger since I got farther in the game. I have gone on Luna Online yesterday, so I know what else to write about now that I got to Moonblind Swamp. This chapter is mainly an 'exploring' chapter for the main characters, Lucid and Everell. These two are two of the three characters I created on CelestiaLuna, and there's one more: a human. Don't worry, the problems won't pop up yet! They'll come later! Now then on with the story...

"Ha ha! Wasn't that fun, Lucid?" Everell asked her happily. They had defeated many Slime and Fungus Rocks during the past few hours in Alker Plains.

Lucid said, "Yes. It was. Where do you think we should go to next?"

"We could go to the Ruins of Draconian! There are stronger creatures over there! I've been there before but I avoided them so I could deliver a package to Boucheron."

"Then, let's go to the Ruins!" Lucid agreed. The Ruins, Tarintus, and Zakandia were the only places she had ever been to besides Alker, but she had avoided the larger creatures in Zakandia. Lucid had gone to Tarintus only once, because when she left the closest house near the entrance, zombies and eye bats began to attack her and she had to use a return scroll to go back to the Gate of Alker.

Lucid and Everell entered Alker Harbor, where they met the Priestess, Luna. Lucid had seen Priestess Luna, but she never actually talked to her. Luna had watched over Lucid while she was a child, and she never knew about this. One thing may people knew about Luna was that she was very beautiful.

"Hello you two. Where are you going?"

Everell looked at her with almost no emotion on his face and said, "We're going to the Ruins of Draconian. I'm Everell by the way. This is Lucid."

Lucid waved her hand a little and, with a hint of a smile on her face, greeted, "Hi, Ms. Luna."

Priestess Luna chuckled and told her, "You may call me Luna or Priestess. I know who you are Lucid, because I have watched over you during your childhood. And yet, you've never known. However, I have never seen you before, Everell. Where are you from?"

"Somewhere really far from here. It's MoonBlind Swamp. I left and came here since the creatures there got really aggressive."

Priestess Luna sighed and said, "Oh, dear. I guess they have been affected by the Darkness too."

"...Darkness?" Lucid asked.

"Yes. You see, the strongest mages and warriors have sealed away a powerful force that brought evil across the land. They sealed it in a giant gate underground. Apparently, someone had opened the gateway recently a few months ago, and the Darkness returned. It seems the Darkness affected the creatures out in the wild, and they are now aggressive and will attack. The younger people like you two can defeat the creatures, but I do not know who opened the gateway."

Lucid thought for a moment. "Maybe Everell and I can locate the gateway. Then, we can try and seal it again. For good this time."

"I thank you for trying to help, Lucidea. But the gateway can only be sealed with a powerful group of mages. The creatures of Darkness protecting it can only be defeated by strong warriors. The ones who sealed the gate have passed away a long time ago. Even I cannot seal the gateway. However, that does not mean you cannot be the ones to seal it. Although, you must have another person with you. Two is even better. Please be careful. You will be able to go farther and farther in the world. You will become stronger, and maybe you will be able to defeat whoever has opened the gateway."

Everell smiled and cheerfully said, "Thank you, Priestess. We'll do our best!"

Lucid nodded and agreed. "Yes. We will try!"

"Thank you. Now, do not forget to help people along the way! They may give you items or weapons that will help you on your journey. Good luck!" Priestess Luna told them, waving and smiling. Everell and Lucid went south of the Harbor to the portals leading to Alker Farm Region and the Ruins of Draconian. When they entered, they saw more mages and warriors around them, elves and humans. Lucid was a little bit cautious, but she still acted normal as she passed humans. The duo defeated many leopards while they made their way up to a part of a tower on top of a tall hill. Unknown to them, someone was following them after passing a small hut on a cliff. The hut was behind one of the hills, and it was hidden by the height of the hill. No one was inside when Lucid and Everell entered. There was only a small makeshift bed made of leaves, a few necklaces made of strange bones, and a book filled with pages of strange letters. They seemed to be old runes or more likely a spell book. Lucid didn't think a human could read this book unless they were an mage, but she and Everell were the only ones in the hut. They left the hut and continued their walk up the hill. As the two left, a girl climbed up the side of the cliff. She was hiding under the hut by digging into the rock and making a hole to hide in under the cliff. The girl watched Lucid and Everell walk away from the hut, and she quietly climbed up the hill. She crpuched down to hide as Lucid and Everell were coming close. As they walked past, the girl took their features in memory. When they were gone, the girl went back to her hut, took the spellbook and her bag of items, and quickly but quietly followed them, making sure they didn't spot her. Lucid and Everell reached the crumbling tower on top of the largest hill, where they met Jose the Paladin. He gave them a letter that was meant for Boucheron in Alker Harbor, and the duo promised to give Boucheron the letter.

As the two walked to teh portal leading to Zakandia Outpost, Lucid looked around for a moment. She thought she had heard something behind one of the trees.


"Yeah, Lucid?"

"Stay there. I just heard something near that tree. Make sure no enemies come."

"Alright. But what if that noise you heard came from a creature?"

"Do what you can and help me defeat it." Lucid walked up to the tree slowly, with her staff in her hand. She looked behind the tree, but there was nothing there. A leaf slowly fell in front of her face, and Lucid slowly looked up. Then, she saw a girl hiding in the leaves. The girl jumped down in front of Lucid, and Lucid quickly took a battle stance. When she saw that the girl was human, Lucid at first thought she and Everell were in danger. After looking at the girl for a few seconds, Lucid finally lowered her staff.

"Who are you? And why are you spying on us?"

The girl plucked some leaves out of her pink hair and said, "Oh, sorry! It's just that you two were in my hut on that hill over there!" She pointed to the hill where the duo came to. "I just decided to follow you guys since you were traveling here! I got excited when I saw you guys heading to Zakandia! So, I wanted to follow you guys there!"

Lucid sighed a bit and replied, "What kind of human are you?"

"What... kind?"

"Are you a Warrior, Mage, or Rogue?"

"Oh! I'm pretty much a Warrior! Although I also use some magic when I'm fighting! What about you and him?"

"I am a Mage. Also, my name is Lucidea Mage. You may just call me Lucid. That is Everell. He is also a Mage."

"I'm Celestial Manas! You can call me Celest or Mana!"

Lucid had a small smile on her face and said, "I'll introduce you to Everell." Mana introduced herself cheerfully to Everell. He was happy to have another person in their group. The trio entered Zakandia Outpost after relaxing for a while. Zakandia was very different from other places. It was inhabited mainly with Gnolls and other animals. There were not a lot of people in the area, probably because of all of the Gnoll camps in the area. Zakandia was very eerie and had dark skies.

"So, we really have to go through here?" Everell asked.

Mana nodded. "Yup. If you guys are gonna go anywhere further, you have to go through Zakandia. I haven't been here in a while, so I have no idea if something happened here. We have to be careful!"

Lucid took her staff out and told them, "Let's go."

"Hold on!" Mana shouted. She grabbed Lucid's staff and inspected it for a moment. Then, she said, "You need a new staff. This one's pretty old." Mana threw the old staff on the ground and handed Lucid a new one, and it was purple and blue. "I made this staff out of some stones I found, and you could tell they were purple and blue. This one's stronger and your magic power's going to increase."

"Thank you," Lucid said. The trio then started to head off into Zakandia outpost.

This chapter was short, I know, and it was only about 400 words longer than the last chapter. At least I still continued this one, and at least I had time to write this again! I didn't know how to end this chapter so it ended up being this ending. The Ruins of Draconian wasn't really described in this chapter, but I wanted to just keep the story going anyway since a lot of people would be there already. SO anyway, the next chapter I will try to add soon! It will take a while but I'll try to have it finished. See you next time!