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Morgana walked into Arthur's chambers and saw Merlin making Arthur's bed.

"Is Arthur not here?"

"No. He's in the throne room, sorting out some things. I'm just tidying up whilst he's not here."

"You don't have to do that anymore Merlin."

"I know Morgana. But spending years being Arthur's servant. It's a habit that's hard to break."

"Anyway. I'm glad Arthur's not here. Because it's you I have come to see."

Merlin finished making the bed before giving Morgana his full attention. "What's the matter?"

"That's my question."

Merlin frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Ever since Arthur became king, you have had a right mood on. Sure you smile and put a face on when Arthur is around but as soon as he looks away, you are back to that miserable face again."

"You're talking nonsense Morgana."

"I'm talking sense Merlin. I always thought you had a permanent smiling spell on you because you have never got a smile off your face. What's wrong Merlin."

"Something that sounds stupid so I'm not saying."

Morgana raised her eyebrows at Merlin, only for him to shake his head at her. She folded her arms and gave him her best glare. Merlin took a step back, but shook his head again. "Fine. I will go and tell Arthur and he can get it out of you, and you know what he's like, he's more stubborn than me, he'll cancel meetings and not leave your side until you tell." Morgana turned to leave. "Morgana wait." Morgana stopped at the door and turned back around to face Merlin who looked sad. "I miss him."


"Who do you think? Arthur."

"But you are with him everyday and share his bed every night."

"Not in that way Morgana. Ever since Arthur became king, I have been pushed to one side. I understand that he has a kingdom to run, but it's gone from having sex twice a night, then again in the morning and often during the day to a kiss good morning and a kiss goodnight and the often wink thrown my way when I let my guard down and not have the smile plasted to my face."

"You're drifting apart."

"And I hate it Morgana. Me and Arthur could never keep our hands of each other. The only time I am in Arthur's arms now, is when I wake up in them. And that's not very often."

"Do you want me to talk to him?"

"No Morgana. If you do. All he will do is ask me why I haven't talked to him about it."

"Well why haven't you?"

"Because he has got enough to worry about." Merlin snapped.

Morgana looked at Merlin surprised. Merlin never snapped at anyone. Merlin sighed. "I'm sorry." Merlin walked out, leaving Morgana on her own.

Merlin was walking down a corridor when Arthur and his counsel came out of the throne room. When Arthur looked up and saw Merlin walking towards him, he winked at him when Merlin looked up at him. When Merlin didn't smile at him and made to walk right past him him, Arthur grabbed his hand. "Merlin, what's the matter?"

"Nothing Arthur." he lied.

"Liar." Arthur turned and faced him, taking hold of his other hand and started to stroke Merlin's hands with the pads of his thumbs. Completely ignoring his counsel, some of them weren't bothered in the slightest about Arthur and Merlin's relationship, but the very few of Camelot who didn't approve, daren't say it to Arthur, Merlin or Morgana.

"Now tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing is wrong Arthur." Merlin took one of his hands from Arthur's and placed it on Arthur cheek, looking him in the eye, hoping that Arthur would believe him. "I just want some air."

"Are you sure that's all?"

Merlin put on his best smile. "Yes Arthur." he leaned forward and gave Arthur a chaste kiss before walking away.

Not long after Merlin walked away from him, Arthur saw Morgana glide down the corridor with a determined look on her face.

"Merlin Emrys. Don't you snap at me then walk out. I'm not done with you yet." she called out as she saw Merlin disappear around the corner. Arthur stopped her in her tracks. "What's wrong with Merlin?"

"I will sort it Arthur. Get back to your counsel."

"The meeting has finished." Arthur looked at his counsel. "You can all go."

Everyone walked away, leaving just the king and Morgana in the corridor. "Now. What is wrong with Merlin?"

Morgana sighed. "He'll hate me if I tell you."

"And I will hate you if you don't tell me. So either way. You lose. Now spill." Morgana sighed again and started to tell Arthur about the conversation she had with Merlin not long ago.

After Morgana told Arthur everything, Arthur leaned back against the wall. "I feel awful."

"Merlin understands Arthur."

"He says that, but if he really did understand, he wouldn't let it bother him. It's my fault." Arthur rubbed his face with his hands. "In a matter of months, we have gone from having sex four times a day, kissing, cuddling, groping. To nothing. If it went from sex four times a day to twice a day with the occasional cuddle and kiss then it wouldn't be so bad. But it has gone from all of that, to nothing."

"What are you going to do?"

"I am going to put that gorgeous smile back on my loves face. Where is he now?"

"He's probably gone to Gwen. He can talk to her about his feelings and problems and she will just sit and listen and comfort him."

"Go to him and say to him what you was planning on saying to him before I stopped you. And don't let on that I know anything."

Morgana smiled. "Ok." Arthur stood and watched as Morgana turned the corner before walking away. The king had some planning to do.

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