Mirror, by DoofusPrime

Notes: This was originally a one-shot, but I am now expanding it into a longer story. I'm happy for any readers regardless of their preferred pairing (if any), and this story will have a lot going on beyond just romance, but at the same time, it IS Kim/Shego, just FYI. Although this is M rated, it's probably a weak M, but I wanted to err on the side of caution. Hope you guys like it!

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Caught Green-Handed


Scented candles. Red rose petals strewn across emerald satin bedsheets. A slow funk song played on the stereo, bass notes pulsing sensually through the air. Princess had done well while she was gone. And finally, Princess herself, ready and waiting. Like fruit ripe for the picking.

After a long day of work, it was time to play.

"C'mere," said Shego as she threw off the rest of her clothing and slipped between the sheets. The room was dimmed except for the light of a few candles scattered here and there, but even in the soft light she could see the whites of Kim's eyes. Those big beautiful eyes, irises colored in vibrant green, although it was too dark to see their color at the moment. Her lover waited for her underneath the covers, and even before Shego reached her she could feel Kim's heat radiating through their little cocoon. Of course, for all she knew, it only seemed hot in bed compared to the excessive air conditioning that was constantly blasting through the rest of the lair.

"How was work?" asked Kim. "Did you steal everything you needed for the Transmogrification Ray?"

Shego frowned. She was a little annoyed at her boss sending her out to steal things when it was the end of the work week, but she had grudgingly carried out his request. Not only that, but the government lab's security was a lot heavier than she had expected. At least now she had come back to an unexpected surprise.

"Let's not talk about work, Kimmie."


The sound of soft rustling made its way through a break in the music as Shego moved herself under the sheets, slipping her arms around Kim. Soft, yielding skin trembled beneath her touch, and she pulled her lover closer for a kiss. The two of them lay entwined together, lips joined and legs crossed, until Shego finally broke the kiss, smiling as Kim gave a faint gasp of pleasure.

"Tell me I'm beautiful," said Shego.

"You're beautiful."

"Tell me why you love me."

Shego shifted herself in the bed so that she was sitting on top of Kim and looking down at her. Sheets fell away while Kim looked up at her captor with an impudent grin, wriggling a little as she tried to escape from being pinned down. But Shego knew she wasn't really trying to escape. She was happy exactly where she was.

"I love you 'cause you're so bad," said Kim. "I have to be a goody-two-shoes all day long, fighting evil and saving the world, but the only time I can really let my guard down – the only time I can really be the whole Kim Possible - is here with you. You let me be bad!"

"Got that right," said Shego. "Wanna be bad now?"

Kim nodded eagerly. Shego smiled at her enthusiasm, and was about to lean down for another kiss when Kim unexpectedly reared up with her waist, tipping Shego off-balance. The two of them laughed as Shego fell onto the side of the bed, and Kim gave her a particularly naughty look before pulling the covers up over her head and disappearing beneath shifting waves of emerald green fabric. Shego knew that look; Kim wanted her to dive in and find her. She was more than happy to oblige, as Princess had her caught hook, line, and sinker. The two of them twisted and turned in the darkness, and Kim let out a quiet groan as Shego took the bait.


Kim let out a quiet groan as she passed through another cobweb.

"What's up, KP?"

"Spiders again. And this vent's freezing, too. Does Drakken need this much air conditioning?"

"I guess this is the trade-off for sneaking into bases through air vents."

Kim supposed he had a point, although she was surprised that not only had she started complaining about things first, but Ron hadn't even seconded her. Usually he was the first to gripe about an uncomfortable lair break-in. Spiders or not, she pressed on, and before long the two of them reached a grille in the wall that gave them a view of Drakken's control room. A gigantic laser sat menacingly in the middle of the room, pointed in the direction of what Kim assumed was the front door. From the looks of it, trying to break into the lair by ringing the doorbell would have been a lot more uncomfortable than shuffling through a cold air vent filled with cobwebs. Kim wasted no time in kicking out the grille and dropping into the control room, wanting to get the mission over with quickly. Ron joined her, although his fall was much less coordinated. Kim grimaced at the sound of a loud crash behind her.

"You okay, Ron?"

"Yeah. The table broke my fall."

"I heard."

No henchmen were in sight, although Kim wouldn't mind fighting a few just to shake off the gross feeling of spiders and their webs. Probably in her imagination – at least she hoped so. She made her way over to the laser and pulled out the Kimmunicator, giving Wade a call as she looked the device over. She wasn't a technical expert, but Wade had given her a run-through earlier. It did not look like the machine was operational.

"What do you think, Wade?" she asked as she gave him a view of the laser's elongated barrel.

"Yeah, definitely no lens installed yet."

"So how do we disable it?"

"Just pull the blue wire behind the control panel, it should cause a system short. Taking pictures for Global Justice. They should be there soon to dispose of it after you guys take care of Drakken and Shego."

"Cool. You're the best, Wade!"

Kim waited until Wade was finished and then switched off the Kimmunicator, returning it to her cargo pants before giving the laser a look. The thing was much larger than she expected, sitting on a metal platform and towering over the two of them like some kind of comically gargantuan plastic toy. It looked hefty and solid, but five minutes with Ron would probably have the thing blowing a hole in the roof of the lair before Drakken even knew what was going on. She was exaggerating, of course; they wanted to disable the laser gun, but avoiding unnecessary explosions was usually a safe bet, and hopefully Global Justice would be arriving soon now that they had confirmed just what Drakken and Shego were up to. For some reason, Global Justice was always a little slow on the draw.

Kim was about to go for the laser's control panel and look for the blue wire when the sound of clicking boot steps reached her from the other side of the control room.

"Kim Possible! But how!"

Kim rolled her eyes. Always the surprised exclamation. The two of them turned to find Drakken staring at them, mouth agape. He was standing on a small stairway in front of the door to another room from which he had emerged, holding a mug of hot chocolate and a cruller in his hands.

Ron looked over the giant laser device as the three of them stood awkwardly. "How were you going to wheel this thing out of your control room, anyway?" he asked. "It looks bigger than your doorway."

Drakken eyed the laser for a moment.

"Hmm. I didn't think of that."

"Either way," said Kim, "you're not going to be transmogrifying anything anytime soon. I'm not sure what that involves, but it stops now!"

"You wish!" cackled Drakken. "As soon as I defeat the two of you and install the targeting lens it will be fully operational, ready to transmogrify everything in its path!"

"Where's the targeting lens, Drakken?"

"You'll never find it!"

Almost before Drakken had finished speaking, two henchmen come out of the room where he had just emerged, holding a massive lens between them. Kim knew Shego had been stealing things all day, but she had no idea how her nemesis could have even hefted that thing out of the government lab she had stolen it from. The two henchmen stumbled to a halt behind Drakken when they noticed the teen interlopers, almost dropping the lens. Drakken looked back and slapped a hand over his forehead in frustration.

"Found it," said Kim.

"Henchmen, attack! But put down that lens first, and be careful with-"

A loud crash echoed through the control room, amplified by its vaulted ceiling, as the two henchmen dropped the lens between them. It hit the small stairway where they were standing with Drakken and shattered into innumerable fragments, which bounced and scattered down the stairway and onto the control room floor. Kim repressed a laugh as Drakken looked back at his henchmen, fuming with anger.

"Just attack them already!"

The two henchmen gingerly stepped over the broken glass – or whatever the lens had been made from – as they approached Kim and Ron. Several other henchmen had already arrived in the control room, apparently drawn by the sound of voices and the loud crash. Kim readied herself for a fight as she whispered to Ron.

"I got the henchmen. You disable the ray gun like Wade talked about?"

"Ten-four, KP!"

The first henchmen rushed Kim in a group. She dropped one with a well-placed kick, blocking another as he swung with one of the trademark blue electro-sticks that Drakken's henchmen always seemed to use. Ron ducked and weaved past another couple of henchmen as he made his way to the laser. Judging by the sorry state in which she had caught Drakken – she noticed him still munching on his cruller as he watched the fight – maybe she and Ron could wrap things up before Global Justice even arrived.


Bass guitar pounded insistently through the air as the music swelled to a crescendo, and Shego followed along with its climax. Just as she was about to wrap up a wonderful ending to a hard day's work, the lair's alarm bell rang. The music almost succeeded in drowning it out, but it was definitely there. She ignored it and tried to concentrate on the moment, but soon Drakken's voice echoed through her room, clearly audible during a break in the beat.

"Shego! Possible and the buffoon are here! Control room, ASAP!"

Shego groaned at the message. Beneath her, Kim Possible looked up with wide eyes. She was breathing heavily from the exertion of the last forty five minutes or so, her hair splayed out on the pillow like a fiery red halo, chest heaving. She was a sight to see. There was a peculiarly naughty glint in her eye, too. Shego cursed her luck. If she had just been able to enjoy a few more moments – but now she could already feel things drawing back. She got up with an angry grumble and put on her green and black harlequin suit.

"Playtime's over?" asked Kim, her lower lip pouting.

"Sorry Princess. Duty calls."

Shego opened her door and took one last look at her lover, who was now sitting up in the bed. Now that the cande light was supplemented by the light coming from the hallway outside, Shego could easily see the green glint in Kim's eyes. She gave her lover a smirk and felt her tongue reflexively go over her bottom lip. Maybe she'd beat their teen foes this time, and she'd have two Princesses to play with. Just the thought of it was enough to make her legs give a little quiver of pleasure. But right now, it was business time.

The sweet sound of battle reached her ears as Shego turned a few corners and reached the control room. Sure enough, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were up to their usual unwelcome do-gooder shenanigans, and judging by a dwindling number of henchmen who still had the breath left in them to fight, the good guys were getting the upper hand. At least Kim was getting the upper hand; at a glance, Shego could see that Ron was up to his usual strategy of running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Which was surprisingly effective, she had to admit. She'd learned through experience that the boy was harder to catch than a greased pig.

"Shego!" yelled Kim when she saw her opponent.

Shego cracked her knuckles. It was a little strange to feel a surge of anger she now felt due to her fun time with the other Kim being interrupted by this Kim. Almost surreal, in fact; but she embraced the feeling. Nothing wrong with a little anger during a fight, after all.

The two of them charged each other and met in a flurry of blows. Punches followed punches, kicks followed kicks, as they danced a violent dance that they had both memorized ages ago. Shego had to admit that her workout in the bedroom a few minutes ago was not doing her any favors; she felt Kim pressing her advantage and had to take a few steps back as she fended off the teen's energetic blows.

One particularly well-placed kick caught Shego right in the chest, sending her flying back across the ground and bowling over a henchman who hadn't gotten out of the way in time. She got up with a snarl and let a burst of flaming energy rise from her hands as her teen foe circled her. "This is a little disappointing," taunted Kim. "Here I thought I was going to get a challenge, but you're totally off your game tonight, Shego!"

"I'm just getting warmed up, Kimmie."

Shego threw a blast of green plasma at Kim, who dodged it easily.

"Big talk," her teen nemesis said, "but you're gonna have to do better than-"

Kim's taunt cut off abruptly.

Shego was about to take the opportunity to rush her foe and give her a vicious slash, but she noticed all the other henchmen had stopped fighting as well. Drakken stood stock still, farther away from the action, where he had been overseeing his losing battle. Even Ron - who had somehow managed to open a control panel on the Transmogrification Ray and wedge himself bodily into its convoluted piping - was frozen like a deer caught in headlights, staring out from his awkward position. Everyone was looking at something behind her. Shego turned around.

It was Kim Possible. The other Kim Possible, anyway.

And she was stark naked.

"What the hell?" screamed Kim Possible. The one Shego had been fighting, anyway.

Shego stammered for a moment, trying to think of a way to extricate herself from her unanticipated situation, but she quickly realized that it was out in the open now. There was no going back. She could have sworn she had closed the bedroom door behind her. Apparently, she was mistaken.

"You left right in the middle of our love-making," said naked Kim, grabbing Shego forcefully and pulling her in for a kiss. Shego didn't even have time to gasp before Kim's lips were on her, hands grasping insistently over her body, demanding the attention that had been cut off with Drakken's emergency call. Shego almost forgot that she was standing in the middle of a crowded control room for a moment as she returned her lover's kiss, burning with passion. She brought herself to her senses and pulled back after a moment. This was getting worse by the second.

"Rrrgh!" she muttered to herself. "Bortel said you wouldn't do stuff like this, I swear..."

"Bortel?" shouted clothed Kim. "Cyrus Bortel? What the – what – why – how did-"

Kim finished her thoughts with a series of incoherent sputters as she took in the scene that had just played out before her. Shego held the other Kim back for a moment as she thought of the best way to explain things. She decided there was really no option now but to tell the truth.

"Um, Princess? Meet my Princess."

"Your what? What is that, some kind of robot?"

"Sort of. She's a synthodrone."


Shego and Kim turned in surprise at the sound of another outburst. This time it was Drakken's turn to shout out indignantly. "I certainly didn't make a synthodrone like that!" he said. "And I think I would have noticed if a syntho-Possible was stalking around my lair!"

"Yeah, sorry Doctor D. I guess I got some ideas after that whole Eric thing. I stole your synthodrone technology and gave it to Cyrus Bortel so he could work on a little private project by my request. And, well - here she is."

Shego motioned to the still-nude Kim synthodrone, who waved giddily at everyone in the room. The real Kim Possible looked like she was about to explode in a fine red mist as her synthodrone copy looked at her with wide eyes and tugged on Shego's harlequin suit. "Shego," she said, "look at her! She looks just like me!"

"Yes. Yes she does."

"You made a clone of Kim Possible?" asked Ron. "That is sick and wrong!"

"She's not a clone," snapped Shego, a little defensively. "She's a synthodrone."

"Same diff!"

Ron's cheekiness began to raise her ire. Having a Kim synthodrone might be her guilty pleasure, but it was nothing like a clone. She hated clones. "Kimmie's a synthodrone," she insisted, "she doesn't have sentience."

Drakken raised an indignant finger. "Excuse me! I believe Eric had sentience. I won't stand for you stealing my technology and then insulting its quality, Shego!"

"Cyrus made the freaking thing, okay? He's not as good as you are, but obviously if I asked you to make me a Kim synthodrone that would have been five kinds of awkward. She's able to understand a bunch of commands and make some responses, and she behaves realistically, but she doesn't think much."

"Ooho, sounds like somebody's rationalizing due to deep-seated insecurities about her hypocrisy and inability to deal with hidden desires," said Ron, still wedged awkwardly in the innards of the Transmogrification Ray. "Besides, who are you to draw a line in the sand in terms of what constitutes sentience?"

Shego and Kim both raised an eyebrow at Ron's question. Drakken also stopped and scratched his temple, deep in thought, and even several of the henchmen seemed to be taken off guard.

"What?" asked Ron. "I can't ask a good question once in a while? I watched a show about artificial intelligence last week, sheesh!"

The Kim synthodrone giggled at the comment. The real Kim looked at her artificial counterpart with a grimace of displeasure. "Can you put some freaking clothes on her?" she asked.

"Uh, right. Kim, go put some clothes on."

"Yes, Shego!"

Shego laughed nervously as the Kim synthodrone rushed back down the hallway to get an outfit from her room, running with a decided bounce in her step. Everyone in the control room watched her go, and one unfortunate henchman near the real Kim Possible let out a faint whistle, only to get a solid kick to the stomach that knocked the breath out of him. Shego winced as the henchman doubled over. The remaining henchmen took a few steps back and tried to avert their eyes from the naked Kim synthodrone as she bounced away.

"She wasn't supposed to come out of the room," said Shego, not sure why she was even trying to explain herself at this point. "Bortel told me that she'd basically stay still and not do much unless I directed her to – uh – to do things."

"Things?" asked Kim, her voice rising to dog-whistle pitch.

"Haha, yeah. Things. Okay, look, this isn't exactly the way I planned on breaking this to you, but you're pretty freaking hot, Kimmie. You might be a huge pain in my ass sometimes, but what can I say, I totally get worked up when we're fighting together. Come on, tell me you don't feel the same thing sometimes?"

"What? No way!"

"You're not kidding anybody, Princess. I see the way you get that little smile when we're about to start beating each other up! You like it and you know it."

"That's just the rush of the fight! I'm an adrenaline junkie, okay?"

"She is," agreed Ron.

Shego shook her head. There was no way Kim was pulling one over on her.

"Maybe, but that's not all. You're lying to yourself."

Kim narrowed her eyes, although after seeing her naked double randomly appear in the control room, she still seemed to be a little shell shocked. Ron began to wiggle fitfully in the innards of the Transmogrification Ray as he tried to free himself, while the other henchmen stood awkwardly, looking like they were still enjoying a few choice mental images they had just gotten. Drakken looked around the room and threw up his tiny hands in exasperation.

"The creepy naked Kim clone is gone! Why is everyone still standing around? Shego, henchmen - destroy Kim Possible and that buffoon already!"

Although Shego bristled at Drakken's use of the word 'clone', she snarled at Kim Possible and leaped forward, swinging arcs of flaming plasma at her foe as Kim dodged the fresh assault. The two of them began to trade blows again, several henchmen approaching hesitantly as if they were considering whether or not to interrupt the fight. Once again, however, their fight broke off abruptly when a thundering sound echoed through the room.

A series of electronic fizzes and screeches followed the booming sound, and a shower of sparks burst forth from the open control panel where Ron had been wedged. Ron himself fell awkwardly out of the Transmogrification Ray's inner tubing, rolling on the floor for a moment to put out a small fire that had broken out on his shoulder. He stood up with a triumphant grin and held his fist into the air, which clenched a bouquet of multi-colored wiring ripped from the inside of the weapon.

"Nooo!" screamed Drakken. "Did you pull the red wire?"

Ron pointed to a wire in the center of the bundle, its red plastic terminating in frayed copper.

"Especially the red wire!"

"Ron, you were supposed to pull the blue wire!"

Ron inspected the handful of wiring poking from his hand.

"I did pull the blue one. Did Wade say only the blue one?"

Everyone in the control room took a few steps back as another burst of sparks shot out of the Transmogrification Ray, this time followed by an ominous groaning sound.

"Everyone," said Drakken.

The rest of the room turned to him, waiting to hear what he had to say.


Henchmen began to scatter as they tried to get away from the destabilizing Transmogrification Ray. Shego watched as Kim Possible whipped out her grappling gun and shot a hook through the air towards an open air vent in the wall. Probably where they had broken in in the first place, thought Shego. Hero-types always had a certain predilection for the air vents for some reason. She even remembered crawling through a few of them during her time with Team Go. Kim and Ron were about to disappear into the vent when Shego shouted over the sounds of massive Transmogrification Ray technical failure going on nearby.

"Next time I'm going to take you down, Kimmie! Also, you know you want me!"


A bright light was beginning to pulse in the barrel of the Transmogrification Ray, building up in intensity, and Shego guessed that probably meant it was about time to leave. She didn't know why Drakken always had to make his inventions so explosive. She motioned for Drakken to follow her, intending to go down a side passage in the direction of the small hangar where they kept the hovercraft, when she ran smack into Kim Possible. The synthodrone version.

"There you are!" she said. "We gotta go."

"But Shego, I just got dressed for-"

Shego reached behind Kim's neck and pressed a button which shut her down. At least that part of Bortel's technology worked as advertised. She slung the Kim synthodrone over her shoulder and ran down the passage with Drakken as they escaped from the control room with the rest of their henchmen.

Once again, Kim Possible had destroyed their plans, and this time she had discovered Shego's dirty little secret as well. Shego had never really had a solid idea of how she was going to tell Kim how she really felt, but letting her stumble upon a glorified love-drone made in her image was probably not the best way to do it. It wasn't like Shego knew exactly how she felt herself, anyway. Kim was easily the most frustrating person she had ever met. And yet sometimes there was nothing she enjoyed more than that frustration. Shego sighed; she definitely had issues.

A low, rumbling sound burst forth from the control room, suggesting that the Transmogrification Ray had finally blown up and was taking the room with it; Shego glanced back in the direction they had come and saw flames licking at the end of the hallway. She quickened her pace, and soon she and Drakken reached the hovercraft in the hangar and leaped inside. The hangar doors opened, and Drakken's henchmen were left to fend for themselves, streaming out into the lair's rocky surroundings and finding cover while Shego and Drakken lifted off.

"Those meddling teens!" said Drakken through gritted teeth.

It was a sentiment Shego had heard many times before. She watched behind the hovercraft as an increasingly powerful cavalcade of blasts issued from the lair, sending smoke and fire into the sky. Another lair gone. But it wasn't really a big deal, as much as her boss liked to gripe. Drakken had a way of making money appear out of thin air. The man always got what he wanted, except when it came to world domination itself. That seemed to be forever out of his reach.

Shego wondered if she would ever get what she really wanted, or if it was out of her reach too. She ignored Drakken's awkward glances at her. He was probably staring at the Kim synthodrone anyway, which was propped beside her in her cramped seat. The wind blew through the open cockpit, sending red hair splashing against Shego's face. She wished she could have told Kim how she really felt in a different way, a better way. A way that could make her see the truth about the two of them, make her stop denying the obvious. But Princess was out of her grasp. Her substitute Princess would have to do for now.


Although her helmet was keeping it from getting too wild, Kim felt the wind blowing her hair back and forth behind her as she looked over the side of the plane. Cyrus Bortel's lab was approaching; Bernice had been kind enough to pick her and Ron up from the remnants of Drakken and Shego's lair earlier. They had already dropped Ron off at his house, since he was feeling a little squicked out from their last mission. Kim didn't blame him. And she didn't really need any backup for Cyrus Bortel, anyway. Kim double checked her parachute gear as Bortel's mountainside lab approached.

"Thanks for the ride, Berenice!"

"No problem, Kim! It's the least I could do after you saved my artist's colony from that dam break the other year!"

"Hmm. Didn't you already pay me back for that with a ride?"

Berenice thought for a moment before shouting back from her seat in the cockpit. "You might be right! I guess you owe me another favor now, don't ya?"

"Count on it," laughed Kim before she leaped into the blue.

It only took a few moments for Kim to sail down towards a small open courtyard on a ledge hacked into the side of the mountain. She landed and unstrapped her parachute, approaching the large set of metal doors in front of her; although the lab was near the base of the mountain and accessible by road, it still had a distinctive lair-ish quality about it. Kim figured it was only a matter of time before Bortel decided that self-interested amorality was too bland for his tastes and jumped the rest of the way into the supervillain's camp. Especially if he had built something like that for Shego. The fact that he had built anything for Shego was concerning, actually. Usually he just built highly dangerous devices and made no attempt to keep them secure, but this seemed like a step up for him. Wait, thought Kim – if it's an evil step, is it actually a step down? Either way, she decided it was a bad sign.

"Bortel!" she said as she strode through the door. There he was, just ahead of her. Kim did a quick check to the left and right as she wondered if any henchmen might be hanging around – maybe Bortel had already gone full evil – but the scientist seemed to be alone. He looked up from a laboratory table where he had been fiddling with some obscure piece of technology.

"Ah, Kim Possible!" he said. "Such a pleasure to see you. What brings you to my laboratory?"

"Um, let's see - probably the gorchy synthodrone I found in Drakken and Shego's lair that looked exactly like me?"

"Ah, yes. That."

Cyrus Bortel laughed nervously and stepped away from his lab table as Kim drew closer.

"Wanna tell me what the deal is, Bortel?"

"There is not much to say, really. The charming green lady gave me that fascinating synthodrone technology, along with some pictures and voice samples of you, and some behavioral information. Then she made a very convincing argument that I should make her a Kim Possible synthodrone. Who was I to argue?"

Kim softened a little at the story. Judging by the way Bortel had said 'convincing argument', she began to wonder if he didn't have much choice in the matter. It was hard to wrap her mind around the idea that Shego had created what amounted to a love-drone in her image. Was her foe really that obsessed with her? Their fighting was very passionate, it was true, but Kim figured there was always something passionate about fighting a good foe. And Shego definitely gave her a run for her money compared to most of her opponents. But apparently Shego saw it as more than that. Was it just a physical interest on her part, or something more?

Kim couldn't help remembering what she had seen in the control room of Drakken's lab. Shego definitely had a physical interest, at least. There was no way to rationalize that synthodrone as being a complicated punching bag, even if it hadn't walked into the room naked. Which was humiliating enough in itself, although Ron had been polite enough to cover his eyes. And the way the synthodrone had kissed Shego, Kim thought. The way Shego had kissed her – it – back. There was no doubt about it; the sight had caught Kim off guard. The way she had watched herself as if in a mirror, running her hands over that green skin...

Something in an open door behind Cyrus Bortel caught her attention.

"Um, what's in there?"

"What, where? There? Nothing to see in there, no."

Bortel tried to place himself in between Kim and the open door, but she pushed him aside gently but firmly as she strode through. A single glance was enough to tell her that her initial suspicions had been right. Bortel might have been forced to build a Kim synthodrone for Shego, but that was clearly not the last time he used the synthodrone technology. The room was narrow, long, and very dark, illuminated only by a sliver of fluorescent lighting that ran down either side of the ceiling. Below the lights stood tubular glass containers recessed partly into the walls. Even in the dim light of the room, Kim could see figures inside. Human figures. Or at least what looked like human figures. Bortel had been a very busy man.

"What were you going to do with these?" she asked.

"Sell them," said Bortel. "I am setting up a mail-order synthodrone business. Custom-made. Interested in an order?"

"I think not. And you're going out of business, Bortel."

"I believe you will find that nothing here is illegal, per se."

Kim scoffed at Bortel's claim. There was no way that could be true. And yet she began to wonder if the man wasn't lying, at least not completely. It was true that Bortel seemed to dabble in the kinds of things that were hard to define as truly evil. It wasn't like he made devices with the express purpose of killing, destroying, or transmogrifying, whatever that meant. She looked around at the synthodrones in their glass containment tubes, wondering how she would go about shutting his operation down. It was uncanny how human they were. They seemed to be floating in some kind of liquid suspension. Their eyelids were closed, but Kim could swear she saw an occasional twitch behind the skin. She could see every detail, down to the hairs on the fingers.

There was no doubt about it; this was bad. She had to do something about it.

And yet, after what she had seen in Drakken's lair, Kim was surprised by some of the thoughts still lingering in her mind. She looked at the bodies in the tubes, naked and exposed. Men and women. White skin, tan skin, black skin. All different colors. Bortel stood patiently beside her and admired his accomplishments. She turned to him with a question on the tip of her tongue, looking around as if to make sure no one else was listening. Maybe the synthodrones could hear her through the glass.

Kim almost held back, but she couldn't resist; the question finally escaped her lips.

"Just hypothetically," she asked, "can you make these in green?"


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