First Date


It was time to make a move.

That was what Shego had decided almost a week after Cyrus Bortel's synthodrone-themed world domination attempt had failed, getting him a grappling hook through the head in the process. She had put a little distance between herself and Kim Possible - maybe because she was afraid of coming on too strong after trying to rescue her. But by now, she hoped Kim had taken some time to think about things. Shego was turning a new leaf. Drakken was gone, and at least for the moment, she was living with her brothers in Go Tower for lack of any other lodgings.

And so, yesterday, she had given the teen hero a call.

She was on her way to Kim's house now. The afternoon breeze ran its invisible fingers through her jet black hair, sending it sailing out behind her in waves as she piloted the hovercraft over suburban Middleton. It was nice to get away from the constant noise her brothers seemed to make in Go Tower. Get some air. Maybe get a little of something else later, if she got lucky. She had passed downtown earlier, and now she was keeping an eye out for Kim's increasingly familiar house, trying not to get nervous.

Nervous. Shego found it amusing – after fighting supervillains with Team Go, after quitting the team to join supervillainy, after all the things she had done in her life – she was nervous. Going to Kim's house, picking her up, and going out on a normal date was making her tense. One big reason for her feelings was Kim's parents. She wasn't sure how either of them would react, but during Kim's visits to Drakken's lair, she had mentioned her parents not being particularly happy about her relationship. Hopefully they'd have a different perspective now. It was funny, worrying about what someone's parents would think. Just like she was back in high school.

But it was more than just Kim's parents. It was Kim. Shego knew this was a new beginning – they had gotten off on the wrong foot, both trying to manipulate each other, both caught up in Bortel's scheming and their relationships with other people. Now, there was nothing in the way. Both of them were single and ready to mingle, there were no ongoing kidnappings, no synthodrone attacks, and hopefully they'd be able to meet each other halfway.

Even Ron seemed to be warming up to her after the two of them had joined forces to rescue Kim. And no sooner did the boy come to mind than Shego glanced down over the side of the hovercraft, keeping an eye out for Kim's house, and noticed a blue scooter backing out of a driveway. Ron's driveway, if she wasn't mistaken. She knew Stoppable drove a scooter, and she knew he and Kim lived very near each other. Shego lowered the hovercraft right into the middle of the road, blocking Ron off just as he was about to set out from his driveway.

"Hey, what gives?"

Shego smirked. "You should think about trading that scooter in for a hovercraft."

"That'd be cool, if I could afford one. Where'd you get yours?"

"Drakken made it for me."

Shego stepped onto the side of the hovercraft, which she had parked in the middle of the street, and sat down, her legs dangling over the side. Ron could probably get around it, but he let the scooter idle and took off his helmet. His pet mole rat sat in the basket attached to the front, crossing its arms and twitching its whiskers suspiciously. Both of them seemed to be surprised at her appearance. Ron looked standoffish – she couldn't blame him, seeing as she was blocking his way. But she had decided to catch him before she went to Kim's house. The two of them needed to talk.

"So where are you headed?" she asked.

"Um, I'm just headed over to Monique and Felix's house."

"Those your other friends?"

"Yeah. We're gonna be watching a wrestling match. Steel Toe vs. Pain King."

"Nice. I'm a fan of Steel Toe, personally."

"Really? Me too!"

Ron looked shocked to find he had something in common with her, but his surprise soon switched back into a more guarded expression. "So, uh - I guess you're going out with Kim, huh? You look pretty dressed up."

Shego looked down at herself. She was wearing a dress. The same one she had worn when she and Kim had met for the first date of sorts at Chez Pierre, actually, if she wasn't mistaken. She hoped it wasn't overdoing it, but it seemed like the thing to do on a date. Shego had to admit that she hadn't really gone out on a lot of dates in a while. High school was the last time she had been in the dating scene – then, with college, Team Go, her existential crisis, and working for Drakken, there just wasn't much time for romance.

She had been playing it kind of differently with Kim when they were first getting together, when she had first broken through Kimmie's defenses – sort of like it was all lust, like she wanted Kim physically, but wanted to keep her at arm's length emotionally. So it didn't feel so much like dating, somehow. But now, today, she wanted to do things right. It felt like their first date was coming up.

"Yeah," said Shego. "I thought I'd look nice for our date. You okay with that, by the way? A date, I mean?"

"You and Kim? Why are you asking me?"

That was a good question, Shego thought. She definitely hadn't asked him when she had gone after Kim in the first place. It looked like Ron didn't expect her to care what he thought, which was completely justified, based on how she had treated him in the past.

"Look," she said, "it's not like I need your permission to date her or anything - but still, you two are best friends. I'm not asking you to like it, but I know she listens to you. If you hate me, I doubt it would work out with me and Kim in the end. You guys have known each other since Pre-K, right?"


"So that's a connection I can never have with her. I understand if you don't like me after the way I got involved and screwed things up between the two of you, but I guess I'm not used to thinking about other people that much. Anyway – whatever you think of me, I'm hoping you at least won't be my enemy. I might be able to knock you around in a fight, but when it comes to Kim, I don't think I can beat you."

Ron sat in his scooter, which gave a little putter from time to time, as he considered what she had said.

"I want whatever makes Kim happy."

Shego knew that was as good an answer as she could hope for.

"Are you going to make her happy?" he continued.

"Yeah," she said. "I think I can."

That seemed to be enough for Ron. He shrugged his shoulders and began to maneuver the scooter out of the hovercraft's way. "Well, then, that's all that matters."

Ron passed around the hovercraft, his scooter moving at an incredibly slow pace. Shego had been joking, but the boy definitely needed a hovercraft, or at least something that could go faster than most people did at a leisurely walking pace. He was about to pass by when she called out to him:

"Hey, hold up a second."

Ron looked back after putting his helmet on.


"I heard you were kicking some ass at Cyrus Bortel's lair with your Mystical Monkey Powers."

"Who told you that?"

"Kim. I guess she heard it from Wade or something."

Ron blushed just a little bit. "I guess it seemed like I was controlling it more than I usually did. Maybe it comes up more easily in tense situations. I should go to Yamanouchi sometime and learn to get the hang of it better."

"Or you could just fight me."


Shego laughed. "I'd be interested in seeing how the Mystical Monkey Power works out in a fight, if you actually get a few moves. And practicing with me is cheaper than flying to Japan all the time."

Ron still seemed guarded, like he thought she was playing a trick on him, but eventually he nodded slowly. "Um, sure," he said. "That could be badical, if you don't beat me up or anything."

"I'd go easy. For a while."

"Well, we can try it sometime. Have fun with Kim."


The scooter puttered away as Shego watched. She wouldn't have thought about having a conversation with Stoppable in a million years, back when she was still working with Drakken – but it was true that the boy was Kimmie's best friend, which probably wouldn't change, even if they had experienced a rocky breakup. She didn't know if she'd ever be friends with him, but she wanted to have a civil relationship with him if anything was going to happen with Kim.

Maybe she had dismissed him too easily, anyway. She was interested in seeing that monkey power in action. And he had ended up getting past what happened between him and Kim, whereas Drakken had been unable to deal with Shego leaving him – between the two of them, apparently Ron was the one who could get over things and grow up. And now that Drakken was out of her life, it might be nice having another dork around for snarking purposes.

Shego decided leaving the hovercraft in the middle of the road and walking the short distance to Kim's house might get some complaints from the neighbors. Not that she cared, but it wouldn't be making a great impression on Kim's parents. She lifted off and piloted the hovercraft a short distance down the road until she reached Kim's house, and was just in the process of landing in the driveway when she noticed Kim's father working inside the open garage. Kim's two twin brothers were in there, too. They came rushing out when she landed, gaping at her ride.

"Whoa," said Jim. "That thing's awesome!"

Tim ran his hand over the sleek metal before it had even finished powering down. "Do you know if it uses a V3 Propulsion Engine?"

"Kid, I just know how to drive the thing."

"Where'd you get it from?"

"It's one of Drakken's inventions."

"Can he make one for us?"

"I don't think so. I don't work with him anymore."

"Can we drive it?"

"I don't think so, boys!"

James Possible came out from the garage, nodding curtly at Shego. She got out of the hovercraft, making sure to keep the keys away from the kids; inside the garage, as far as she could see, Kim's brothers and their father had been working on a birdhouse, set up on a little workbench. Surprisingly non-technological for the Possibles, even from what she remembered during her brief stay as Miss Go. Of course, she was sure it had some kind of completely unnecessary rocket engine attached to it or something.

"You're here to see Kim?"

"That's right. Do you know where she is?"

"Inside, getting ready."

"Um, thanks."

Shego was about to go inside when James stopped her for a moment.

"Hold on," he said. "I just wanted to ask – you're no longer working with Drew?"

"Nah. We see things a little differently now. That, and he made a synthodrone clone that tried to kill me."

James chuckled. "Isn't that kind of the pot calling the kettle black?"

Shego knew Kim's father was referring to the whole mess with Kimberly Anne. Seeing Drakken's replacement for her definitely had a way of putting things in perspective. "Uh, yeah," she said, coughing nervously. "Sorry about all that."

James looked stern for a moment, but his expression softened.

"I guess I should thank you for saving my Kimmie-cub."

"No need to thank me. Her synthodrone copy ended up saving both of us, anyway."

The two of them lapsed into an awkward silence. If Shego had to guess, Kim's father looked awkward just due to the fact that they were talking about the sex bot Shego had made to substitute for his daughter. Probably a touchy subject for her dad. But the mere memory of Kimberly Anne was enough to make Shego falter. She still felt guilty when the thought of the synthodrone. She had brought her into the world – Bortel did, anyway, but she had taken her in – and then she had rejected her. And yet, after all that she had done, Kimberly Anne was willing to not just help them, but sacrifice herself for them. The synthodrone had been more selfless than she had ever been.

"In case you were wondering, I'm okay with you dating my daughter if you're going to treat her right, and if you're not working with supervillains any more," said James. "Or robbing banks, or anything like that. I don't want my Kimmie-cub in any more danger than she chooses to put herself in on a regular basis."

Shego was amused by the comment, but she nodded.

"That's all behind me."

"Good, good. But, one other thing?"


"I am a rocket scientist, you know. I regularly work on rockets that can fly manned space missions, some of which can go straight into black holes. There's never been a manned mission to a black hole before, for obvious reasons – but you know what? There's a first time for everything."

The two of them stared at each other for a moment until James let out a good-natured laugh and slapped Shego playfully on the back. It wasn't often that anyone could intimidate Shego, and she had to assume James was joking, but still – something about the way he winked was just a little bit unsettling. She wondered if he had used that line before. At least it was a little classier than sitting on the front porch with a shotgun.

"Go on," he said. "Kim's waiting inside."

Shego nodded and went in through the door inside the garage. Kim's twin brothers stayed outside – probably to work with their father in the garage, although Shego hoped they weren't going to run their greasy little hands all over her hovercraft. Hopefully Kim's dad would keep an eye on them.

Inside the house, she met Kim's mother in the kitchen. "Hey, Mrs. Possible," she said. "Nice to see you again."

"Hello, Shego. I hear you and my daughter have a date?"

"Yeah, we do. And her dad already gave me the spiel, so don't worry. Space ship, black hole, all that."

Kim's mother raised an eyebrow.

"She's upstairs."


Shego left the kitchen and went to the stairway. Just as she was about to take the first step, however, a shadow played against the wall upstairs – she wondered what Kim would be wearing. Maybe a saucy little black number, or something in green that would complement her hair. Her date appeared at the top of the stairs, flashing Shego a million-dollar smile as she caught sight of her. She was wearing... well...

A T-shirt and cargo pants.

Kind of a cute shirt, Shego had to admit, but kind of underwhelming at the same time. It was white, with a pink heart in the middle. Shego began to worry – had she been so nervous about this date that she had misinterpreted the whole thing? Was it even a date? Here she was, dressed up to the nines, and Kim apparently had something else in mind.

"Hey," said Kim as she came down the stairs.

"Hey, yourself. So where are we going, anyway?"

Kim took her by the hand and led her to the front door after waving goodbye to her mother. The two of them stepped outside. Shego was happy to be led along, wherever they might end up. Her date looked at her again, flashing another smile after waving to her father in th driveway and heading off.

"You'll see."


Ron returned to the living room with an armload of snacks. He had just gotten to Felix's house, but he and Rufus had insisted there was no way they could get pumped for a wrestling match on an empty stomach. Monique, who had already gotten there when Ron arrived, had to agree. She grabbed a bag of chips from Ron before he had even settled down on the couch between his two friends.

"You almost missed the beginning," said Felix. "Only a few minutes until it starts."

"Yeah, I got delayed a bit, actually. Shego landed her hovercraft right in the street right in front of me."

Felix and Monique exchanged looks. "Shego?"

"She's going out on a date with KP. That's why she couldn't come."

"Oh," said Monique. "I figured she couldn't come 'cause the girl just hated wrestling."

"That too."

The three of them grew silent, save for the loud crunches coming from Ron, Monique, and Rufus as they dug into their snacks. Still, Ron could tell his friends seemed a little uncomfortable. He didn't know why they would be uncomfortable at hearing about Kim and Shego. "What's up?" he asked.

"So – so Kim and Shego doesn't bother you?"

Ron shrugged. "Yeah, it kinda does. But I'll get over it. I guess Kim could go out with worse people than Shego, at least now that she's toning down the whole evil she-devil thing."

Monique placed a hand on Ron's forehead. "Did you just say Shego wasn't that bad? Ron, are you feelin' okay?"

"I'm fine!"

"I'm just sayin', after all the complaining you've been doing over the-"

"Hey, when have I ever complained?"

Both Monique and Felix stared off in random directions, trying to avoid his gaze.

"Okay, fine – maybe I was a little whiny."

"But you're moving on," said Felix. "That's good. I'm just glad you and Kim can still be friends. And I think Monique was going to choke me to death just to let off steam if there was any more drama between you and Kim."

Monique nodded in agreement. "There's other fish in the sea, anyway!"

Felix shushed them both and pointed excitedly at the television screen, as the wrestling match was about to come on. He hadn't been a big fan of wrestling when they first met him, but between Ron and Monique, they had managed to convert him over time. Felix liked to take a diplomatic position on the issue of Steel Toe vs. Pain King when Ron and Monique got into an argument.

The intro music for the match began to thump through the living room as a Global Wrestling Association logo flashed across the screen. Actions shots of Steel Toe and Pain King alternated as the music swelled, and after a moment, the camera switched to a shot of the arena, surrounded by roaring crowds.

Normally, Ron would have been all eyes on the TV, but something about what Monique's last comment had caught him off guard. More fish in the sea, she had said. Ron didn't know what fishing had to do with girlfriends until he realized it was one of those things he had learned about in English – a metaphor, maybe? But now that he thought about it, it wasn't the comment that had surprised him. It was the way Monique had given him a little wink right after she said it. What in the world did that mean?

Ron decided to just watch the match. Wrestling was simple, but girls? Way too confusing.


Although she tried to keep her eyes on the road, Kim's eyes couldn't help straying towards Shego from time to time. It had to be the dress. Kim was pretty sure it was the same one Shego had worn on their date to Chez Pierre - although to her, this seemed more like a first date than that night. No ulterior motives, no covert missions. Just the two of them, hoping to start things off on the right foot. Because of that, Kim was trying to play it cool, a little more casual, so they could ease into things. Judging by the dress, Shego was trying to be formal and romantic, just like at Chez Pierre. Not that Kim was complaining. That dress was almost as nice as the little black number she had considered wearing.

"Nice car," said Shego. "What's that button do, by the way?"

Kim swatted her hand away from the button. "That's the turbo booster. You don't want to press it."

"Oh, I really do."

"Maybe some other time, when we're on a highway. I don't really want to go crashing through some store in downtown Middleton."

"Alright. Some other time. You basically just promised at least a second date, you know."

Kim rolled her eyes, but couldn't help grinning.

"How'd you get this car, again? Seems like it's almost as customized as the hovercraft – did your dad make it?"

"The tweebs, actually."

"Oh, right. Your brothers. Man, twins can be annoying."

"You're telling me. Don't you have more of a problem with your two older brothers, though?"

Shego nodded. "I guess even if the Wegos annoy me sometimes, I get along with them the most. They don't know how to sit down for five seconds, but other than that, they're pretty likeable. Unlike Mego and Hego. I'm staying with them now, since Drakken's out of the picture. Let me tell you, another week of this and I'm gonna end up throwing them off the tower roof."

"Still, you guys actually managed to work together to try to rescue me."

"Yeah, and look how that worked out."

"Hey, it would have been a lot harder to hold off those synthodrones in Drakken's lair if you weren't there with me. And without Team Go helping them, Global Justice probably would have gotten wiped out while they were stuck in Bortel's lair, unless Ron's monkey powers went into overload. So it was a good thing you guys were working together."


Kim noticed Shego looking doubtful. She definitely seemed to have a touch and go relationship with her brothers. Kim had already told her that she didn't have to rejoin Team Go in order to win her back, but her brothers seemed to be tied into Shego's attempts at change. Maybe she was pushing it too hard.

"You don't have to live with them, you know," said Kim. "Maybe that's the problem. Everything blew up with your brothers in the past because you couldn't get away from them, and you just need a big break. But now that you've given up the whole supervillain thing, you might be able to get along with them without actually living with them. Even fight bad guys sometimes. You just need space, that's all."

"That means I'd have to get an apartment," said Shego. "Or, I guess I could live with you."

Kim laughed. "My parents seem like they're cool with us dating now, but don't push it. I think they'd go nuts if you were sleeping in the house with me. I mean, they would have gone nuts if Ron was doing that. But hey, I'll be going to college after this summer."

"Sometimes I forget how young you are."

"Excuse me, but I'm not that young!"

The Sloth took a last turn as Kim drove it through downtown Middleton – only a five minute drive, really – and they arrived at their destination. She pulled into the parking lot of the Bueno Nacho, where Kim had been planning to take Shego on their date, and got out of the car. Shego joined her with a confused expression. Kim was amused. She definitely got the impression her date had been anticipating something along the lines of Chez Pierre. Just the way she was dressed was enough of a tipoff. Kim wondered if Shego had even eaten at a Bueno Nacho before, but then she remembered they had eaten there together while she was Miss Go.

"I'm starting to think maybe I'm a little overdressed," said Shego.

"That's alright."

The two of them went into the restaurant and approached the counters. "Buenos Dias," said Ned, darting out from behind a deep-fat fryer. "Welcome to Bueno Nacho, how may I – hey!"

Ned took a step back and pointed at Shego.

"I've seen you on the supervillain websites! No international criminals allowed in Bueno Nacho!"

"Take a chill pill, Ned," said Kim. "She's not a bad guy anymore."

Ned eyed Shego cautiously. She snapped playfully at him, causing him to dart back reflexively. "I saw a no shoes, no shirt, no service sign outside," she said. "But nothing about supervillains, current or former. So take my order, punk."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Don't call me ma'am, either."

"Yes, ma – Shego. How may I take your order?"

Shego shrugged and looked at Kim, who ordered first. "I'll have a Naco combo meal."

"Me too."

"Coming right up!"

The two of them both filled their drinks before taking a booth near the back of the restaurant, where they could have a little privacy. Kim sipped at her straw while thinking about Shego's exchange with Ned. "You know," she said, "you might not be working for Drakken anymore, but I wonder if you're still kind of a fugitive."

"From Global Justice, you mean?"

"Yeah. I mean, have they pardoned you or anything?"

Shego shook her head. "Not that I know of. Wouldn't you know that better than me?"

"I'm not working with them anymore. I don't want anything to do with them, really. They've been keeping secrets – I know whose side I'm on, but I'm not so sure I know about them anymore."

"I don't blame you."

Kim nodded. So maybe Shego hadn't turned into a total goody-two-shoes yet. She would technically be dating a fugitive, although she got the feeling Global Justice would probably be less keen on actively pursuing Shego if the woman had given up a life of crime, while Drakken was still a person of interest. Still, she hoped the organization wouldn't be causing any problems for them in the future.

Shego motioned around the store. "Why this place?" she asked. "I'm not complaining, but I guess I was surprised – it doesn't seem like a first date kind of joint."

Kim smiled. She got the impression that Shego wasn't exactly a dating expert. Not that she was, either, but something about the way Shego came off as a little naïve in the romance department struck her as really cute. The woman could do lust, no question about it, but when it came to the day-to-day stuff, the casual interactions between two lovers – she could be awkward. But then, Kim supposed this was a little casual for a date.

"I wanted to go here because it's me," said Kim. "Chez Pierre is great, but it is a fancy place. I thought maybe this time we could just take it easy and be ourselves – last time it was so different, you know? Me and Ron go to this place all the time, so I thought it would be a good place for the two of us to start over. I like this place, so this is a part of me. This heart shirt," she said, pulling at her white T-shirt with the pink heart stamped across the middle, "this is me, too. One of my favorite shirts."

"I get where you're going."

Ned arrived with their Naco combos, setting the plates down on the table and scurrying off, as if he was intimidated by Shego. Kim couldn't be sure, but she seemed to remember Ned mentioning things in the past about some of her missions, like he had looked up info on supervillains online. She wondered if it was possible that the boy had a bit of a crush on Shego. As a hot, green-skinned international criminal, she did seem like the kind of woman to get a bit of a fan base.

"So tell me," said Kim. "You never really gave me any good answers before. Why do you like me so much?"

Shego bit into her Naco before answering, chewing very deliberately.

Kim tried to be patient, but her curiosity got the better of her "When we were going out, it seemed like you were doing things that reminded you of the past – like when we were on that hill in Go City, or when we were under the bleachers that one time. And even if you were joking about me being young, I am pretty young."

"What, compared to me?"

Kim trailed off, mortified that she might have just inadvertently called Shego old.

"No, I didn't mean it like that, I just-"

"I'm just kidding."

"Oh, good" she said, breathing a sigh of relief. "No, I just meant – do I remind you of someone else? Someone from your past? Maybe when you were in high school?"

Shego raised an eyebrow. Kim got the impression her guess was correct.

"No, you don't."

Kim frowned. Maybe not as correct as she thought.

"Well, not exactly. You're close, I guess. There was someone in high school – I went out with boys, mostly, but there was a girl I was kind of experimenting with when I going through that whole confused stage. But you don't really remind me of her. I think it's just – it's that time, you know? It's the past."

Shego toyed with her food thoughtfully for a moment.

"You remind me of myself."

That wasn't quite what Kim had been expecting. Although she and Shego did have similarities, especially now that Shego had changed her career path.

"You remind of myself when I was younger," continued Shego. "It was like, every time you and Stoppable came over to our lair to stop some stupid scheme Drakken was cooking up, every time the two of us ended up fighting, it was like I was looking in the mirror. You were a mirror image of myself from the past. You've got the snarky attitude, the self-confidence, but you're not apathetic. You still have that idealism about the world. You think you can change everything, you're so sure of what's right and wrong. You're pretty close to the way I used to be when I was with Team Go, before things went bad. I guess you reminded me of a part of myself that I left behind, that I wanted to reject. Something that I missed, even though I chose to give it up. You're like the girl that I could have been."

Kim toyed with her food, much more curious about Shego than ever.

"So you weren't happy with Drakken?"

"I was for a while. The thing is, Kimmie, I had fun doing the whole supervillain thing. But it got old. Drakken kept failing, and even if he succeeded, I couldn't help wondering what would be the point. I liked fighting you more than anything else, and I liked doing what I wanted and not having to live by anybody else's rules – but I guess working with a supervillain is kind of an extreme way of doing that.

"So the more I kept doing it, the more I couldn't help thinking about the past. It wasn't like I wanted to get back together with Team Go – it was just that I missed the person I was. I wondered if I had gone too far in the opposite direction, if I had let myself get too jaded and cynical and ended up caught in another trap, just as bad as the one I had been in when I was with my brothers. And you were like a way out. You reminded me of what I could have had, who I could have been."

Shego took a bite of her Naco, looking out the window, deep in thought.

"That, and I totally wanted to get it on with you."

Kim laughed. Shego's comment reminded her of Kimberly Anne. When she had first encountered the synthodrone, she didn't seem to resemble Kim that much in terms of personality. "So did that synthodrone actually remind you of me?" she asked "I mean, with the whole peppy thing?"

"Sort of," said Shego. "I guess I had an unrealistic image of you. I was idealizing you. And maybe I had a bit of a fetish for the whole good girl thing. I think we both know you can be a pretty bad girl, though."

"Pfft. Only when I'm being influenced by you."

The two of them finished their meals, getting up and returning their trays. Kim said goodbye to Ned before the two of them left the restaurant; it was a nice day, and she decided it would be nice to go for a little walk.

"You know," said Shego, "I'm not sure what you're expecting, but I don't know if I can be exactly what you want. I mean, I've been trying with Team Go, with quitting as Drakken's partner, but I don't know if I'm ever gonna be into doing missions, saving little old ladies, that kind of thing."

"You don't have to do any of that," said Kim. "I just want you to be yourself."

Shego considered the request.

"I think I can do that."

"And you need to accept me for who I am, too. Maybe I remind you of yourself in the past, or maybe you get excited about the whole good girl thing, whatever that is, but I'm Kim Possible. And I'll admit I had the same problem – I think part of why I was attracted to you was the whole bad girl thing, the idea that maybe I hadn't examined my life enough, that I was breaking some rules. Even the fact that someone like you would be interested in me. But if we're gonna make this work, we need to appreciate each other for who we are, instead of what we want each other to be."

"You're right," said Shego. "So tell me about yourself. Do you like long walks on the beach?"

Kim laughed. "Um, sure. But I have another question for you, actually."


Kim hadn't even thought about it until just now, but it was something Shego hadn't told her in all the time they had spent together while she was still working for Drakken. Part of the real Shego that had been hiding away, although Kim was starting to see her peeking through. Unlike her previous question, Kim knew this one would be easier to answer.

"What's your real name?"

Shego hesitated for a moment, and then laughed.

"I haven't told you that, have I?"


"It's Susan."

"Susan Go?"


The two of them grew quiet as they took a shortcut through an alley, reaching a park that Kim liked to visit sometimes. It was a nice day, and she had a certain park bench in front of a fountain in mind where they could sit and enjoy the scenery.

Susan Go, she thought. Kind of a strange last name – she wondered if Go City had been named after them, somehow. Maybe there was some kind of contract Team Go had with the city. It was something she was sure she'd be learning from Shego on their future dates – and Kim was definitely looking forward to those. As for Susan, it was a nice name. A surprisingly normal name for a woman like Shego, but Kim kind of liked that.

She wondered if Shego would be annoyed if she called her Susan from now on. There was so much about the woman that she yet to learn, but now that they were starting from honesty, they'd have the time. Kim grabbed the arm of Shego's dress and pulled her closer, leaning up just a little bit to give her a kiss on her lips. Once they parted, Shego smiled. It wasn't a guarded smile. There was no lingering smirk – just surprise. And happiness.

Susan was definitely a start.



Notes - Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this story. Obviously there was a lot more going on than just Kim / Shego romance, but I definitely wanted to end the story with some resolution to their relationship - instead of trying to change each other, they are starting off on the right foot. Of course there are some threads left hanging; technically, this began as half of a much larger story, which I decided to break into two parts, this being the first part.

However, I don't think I'll be writing a sequel for various reasons, the biggest one being that I doubt I will be writing any more KP fan fiction in the future. I haven't actually watched the show in a while, I've been feeling like I've explored the universe enough, and I want to take an IRL break before branching out into other shows more. Even if I ever did write more KP fan fiction, I don't usually go for sequels unless I'm anticipating tons of reviews- otherwise I seem to lean towards starting with new plots and ideas each time.

Since I don't think a followup to this will ever happen, I'll go ahead and spoil things. People were wondering what GJ did to Kim: while I don't have exact details in mind, my basic idea was that GJ had gotten ahold of her when she was a baby or toddler and altered her to give her the amazing fighting skills she has, as a sort of experimental supersoldier. I always thought she seemed ridiculously powerful on the show, even assuming she's taken martial arts classes. I thought it would be interesting to explore the idea that without GJ's interference, she would just be an average girl, incapable of fighting supervillains the way she does, and have that be a threat to her identity which she would struggle with until she realizes it's her actions and principles that make her who she is, not the fact that she can pummel a lot of goons.

Also, in terms of the identity of the head of the Board of Secret Shareholders, Joe guessed it right - I was thinking it would be Martin Smarty. GJ was going to go crazy in the sequel and run things as a police state in an attempt to deal with an incoming Lorwardian invasion, I was thinking Dr. Director might die and be replaced by her synthodrone who turned out to be alive, Kim and co. would be forced to fight with their former foes to overcome GJ, then the Lorwardians would arrive, Martin Smarty would want synthodrones for slave labor or perhaps cut some kind of deal with the Lorwardians because he's a businessman who loves new customers, and so on and so forth.

I had the basic plot arc in mind, although I sort of sped up some things and incorporated them into this story instead, knowing I would probably never write part 2. I had ideas about Kimberly Anne killing Martin Smarty and sacrificing herself to blow up a Lorwardian mothership, for instance, but obviously I felt like her death had more meaning and impact here.

Anyway, I've talked enough. If you enjoyed this, feel free to read my other stories - and of course I appreciate and read reviews, even on older stories. Thanks!