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Mirana stopped by the home later in the week after she had returned from negotiations to check up on her Champion. She apologized for the trouble with the mirror but Alice assured her that her own curiosity was to blame. Mirana then handed her a box.

"This is what I meant to get for you." She smiled. "Though I think its mean will be so much more important to you know." She blushed. Alice invited the Queen into the kitchen and placed the box upon the table. "I hope that it will fit right along with the new home you are building." She smiled shyly. Alice drew open the twine that held the box together, opening the flaps. Inside was a pillow, finely crafted, and the woman drew her hand in to pull it out.

The background and the fabric of the pillow itself were black but the design was stitched in with white thread. It depicted a rabbit with a large body and even larger ears sitting in the midst of a sunflower patch. The flower's petals reached toward the sky along with their blossoms. The rabbit was nestled in a patch of grass, his forelegs propping up his rounded chest. His whiskers were askew on his nose as he raised it slightly to the wind.

"Mirana, it's beautiful." Alice breathed.

"It took me a while to do because I am so out of practice with stitching." She blushed.

"You stitched this?" Alice asked in amazement.

"I did learn how to do things besides running a country as a child." Mirana laughed.

"Thank you," Alice said with a smile.

"I am sorry about your loss, Alice. I couldn't imagine having my first pregnancy and then losing the baby before even meeting her." She sighed, enveloping her twice Champion into a hug. Alice thanked the woman for her condolences.

"I was able to see her, though," She explained to the Queen in short detail what had happened. Mirana listened with fascination and understanding.

"She sounded like she would have been beautiful." Mirana smiled.

"Someday we will meet again," Alice said, a small tear slipping down her cheek. It was solitary, she wouldn't weep hysterically. But she would always remember. Alice hugged her Queen one last time.

"Please do bring Lily by sometime. I would love to keep an eye on her if Gavin and you want time to yourself." She smiled.

"I would trust no other woman." Mirana said placing a kiss on Alice's cheek. "I will be on my way so as not to disrupt your afternoon."

"Never, Mirana," Alice shook her head.

"I have things I need to sort out anyways. A neighboring Kingdom has a very temperamental Queen- a downright brat if you ask me," Mirana covered her mouth. "I didn't mean-"

"I won't tell anyone," Alice vowed with a small laugh. Mirana sighed.

"Thank you, Alice." She winked. "Anyways, Queen Sarah has gone off somewhere and her King has asked the Kingdom of White to help out. I don't like the idea of chasing down a spoiled monarch because she didn't get her way. I have diplomatic decisions that need to be made with the Kingdoms of Blue and Black." She sighed.

"Please, don't hesitate to bring Lily over anytime, then," Alice smiled. Mirana embraced Alice.

"How did I ever deserve a friend like you?" Her dark eyes looked into Alice's. "Fairfarren my friend."

"Mirana, before you leave, there is a favor I mean to ask of you." Alice said. "Is there any way in which we can go between worlds, even for a visit?" Alice questioned. Mirana's eyes sparkled in a smile back at her as a smirk crossed the Queen's dark lips.

"Look further into the package, my love." And with that the White Queen left.

Alice dug her way into the package and found a box of chalk with a note attached to the wooden carrying device.

"Alice Hightopp," Alice read aloud.

"Is a very beautiful woman." Arms came to embrace her about the waist and a kiss went into her throat. She turned to see Tarrant, home from his messenger duties.

"My Mad Man you're back early." She said with a laugh and then went upon her toes to kiss his mouth deeply. Tarrant grabbed her rear as he kissed back, his tongue flicking into her mouth. Alice broke the kiss and gestured to the box in her hand.

"I was reading aloud what Mirana sent us," She indicated to the package. Tarrant took the box from her hand.

"Alice Hightopp," He began again. "'Inside is a box of chalk I had prepared for you. I know how deeply you must miss your sister and the people you've come to know again in the past half a year of the Time above. This chalk can be used to transport you or letters from here to there and assist in your return back'." He read. Alice pulled a piece of chalk from the box and stared at it. It was just a long white stick of plain chalk.

"It looks ordinary."

"'All you must do to get between worlds is sketch the outline of a door on a wall while wishing yourself to the place you want to enter. You must believe very hard, as this chalk only works with those who believe the impossible'." Tarrant smiled. "We know you do." He winked. Alice nudged him and he continued. "'I hope that you and Tarrant are well. Again, I am sorry for your loss and your pain. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask of us anything. Yours sincerely Gavin and Mirana Castling.'"

"That was…..how did they know?" She narrowed her eyes at Tarrant.

"Know what?" He looked at her innocently.

"That I wish there were a way for me to go from here to there." She smirked at him.

"They are the King and Queen they know all sorts of things." He took the chalk from her. "Wish to try it, my fair one?"

"No," She shook her blonde waves. "Now is not the Time. There are things here that need to be sorted through and mended before I can return. They need their Time to settle and give birth and become families." Alice took the chalk from his hands, rubbing her palm deliberately against his worn fingers. She replaced the chalk in the box.

"What else did Mirana bring?" He picked up the pillow and studied the rabbit, his mouth hanging open.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Alice smiled as she admired the pillow again, this time with Tarrant.

"Alice, do you know what the Rabbit means?" Tarrant looked to her with an elated smile. "At least in my clan?"

"No, my Mad Man. Please tell me," She smiled, taking the pillow from him.

"It means fertility and birth." He turned to her, stroking her soft cheek with his worn fingers. His forefinger was bethimbled. "The cultivation of thoughts, the fertility of ideas, and the birth of action." He said with a smile. "Just what my Alice firmly believes in,"

"Does it also mean fertility of a woman?" She placed her hand on his. He paused.

"Yes," He answered hesitantly. "And healthy births."

"Good, we shall need both of these in the house." Alice smiled. Tarrant looked at her with adoration. He pulled her close into an embrace.

"I love you, Alice Hightopp," He whispered into the top of her head.

"I love you more, Tarrant Hightopp." She looked up to him. They shared another lover's kiss. Then Alice turned with the pillow tucked to her chest. "I was going to put this in the sitting room to be admired by all our guests but I think it has a much grander life upon our bed." She smiled. Tarrant looked at her with love.

"Why is my fair one like a shooting star?"

Alice smiled and turned instead, running and leaping into his arms. He held her as she wrapped her legs about his waist. They shared a deep kiss, together at last in their home.

Everything was right in Underland.

The End of Book 2.