As promised, here is the new LxLight story, picking up where "Into the Night" left off, with their vacation trip beginning. I warn that it will be mostly fluff after everything they've been through, but because of what they've been through there will also be some angst, it's not LxLight if there isn't' SOME angst. But I will save the heavy-duty stuff for a future story. So enjoy!

Out of This World

Chapter 1

Light sipped his wine and turned the page of the book he was reading as he found he was unable to fall asleep right away. He knew it was mostly because of his concern for L who had also had difficulty falling asleep, but had finally slipped into it just a few moments before, his head resting on Light's shoulder. He had been afraid of sleep, afraid another nightmare would plague him especially since he was somewhere different, but Light actually believed that was what helped him finally fall asleep. He looked over at him, smiling because all he actually could see was hair, but he could hear L's steady breathing and that reassured him that he was sleeping peacefully.

He laid the book on his lap and leaned back and closed his eyes, his mind going over everything that had happened from the beginning of the case to his attack on L. He was gratified that he no longer felt the presence of his Kira self, but was angry with himself for allowing it to continue to live for as long as he did. It had all been up to him all along. He couldn't really blame L for not telling him, he had managed to almost completely push it away until L was gone for so long. It didn't matter anymore it was gone; his internal desire to be God of a new world was actually gone now. His only desire was to be with L and whatever he had to do to keep that working.

Now he had the option of working with L and leaving the NPA. He wondered whether he could do that, the NPA had always been the carrot that kept him focused during his education and now that he was there, could he walk away? It was true he sometimes felt he wasn't part of the group, his life with L being a polarizing item for some of his fellow officers and he didn't think that would ever really change. But yet he did feel mostly happy there, he was at least putting some of the bad guys away.

He couldn't help but be intrigued; L's cases were always different, world wide and required skills to even begin to work on them. He sighed to himself, he'd put this on the back burner for now, and he just didn't want to think that hard. Right now he just wanted to rest and make sure L felt secure around him again. He felt L stir in his sleep so he took his hand and held it tightly. That seemed to calm him again and he leaned down and gently kissed the top of his head, not concerned as to whether or not any one was watching. He finished off the wine in his glass and closed his own eyes, falling asleep quickly, his hand still holding L's.

His eyes opened to the sound of the soft voice of the stewardess and she gently touched his shoulder and informed him that they would be landing soon and to sit the chairs back up and strap in. He nodded and looked down at L who was now lying on his chest and still sleeping peacefully. He smiled and began to gently shake him awake.

"Ryuzaki…Ryuzaki wake up we're about to land." He said quietly so as not to startle him. He watched as L's eyes fluttered open slowly and then look up at him. He looked around and then sat up, stretching.

"My bed on my jet is much more comfortable," he complained and Light rolled his eyes.

"Yes, of course it is. Considering you very rarely use it anyway I don't see the point in complaining,"

"I am not complaining I am simply stating a fact," L answered and looked out of the window, "Perhaps I should talk to the pilot, he doesn't seem to be coming in on the proper trajectory."

"Ryuzaki, he's probably coming in differently than you do in your private jet. It's like a highway up here they have to keep separate lanes or everyone will be crashing into each other."

"Perhaps. But he could use my help it can be tricky landing in New York," he said beginning to stand up and Light pulled him back down by his shirt.

"He doesn't need your help, I am sure this is not the first time he's done it, sit down and put on your seat belt," Light told him and ignored L's trademark pout when he didn't get his way.

"If you are planning to treat me like this all week I should turn around and go home," he grumbled and Light had to laugh.

"You're just out of sorts, We have an hour layover in New York, we'll have some coffee and some food and I'm sure you'll feel better," Light told him and L looked at him hopefully, a finger coming to his mouth.

"Perhaps they will have some pastries or donuts?" he asked and Light nodded smiling.

"Of course, we'll make sure we find a place that does," he answered and then reached into his inside jacket pocket and pulled out a lollipop which he then handed over to L, "Here, this will hold you till we get off," he said and L smiled at him happily taking the candy before sitting back in his seat and gazing out of the window again as the plane began to approach the runway.

Once off the plane, Light quickly found a restaurant and L challenged him to use his English skills in public by ordering for both of them. At home it was mostly English, although during sometimes during arguments and even lovemaking Light would slip into his native tongue, which of course L spoke fluently so there was never a problem or even halt in the conversation, but it was rare he ever used his English skills outside so L thought it would be the perfect opportunity.

He then rethought his idea when the waitress, who obviously already thought Light was attractive by the way she spoke to him, seemed to melt even more when he spoke, his accent charming her even more.

"Why is it whenever we're out I always feel I need to hang a sign around your neck proclaiming you are not available?" L grumbled as he loaded his coffee with sugar.

"Because you're being silly and you take someone being polite to me as being a flirt," Light answered sipping his own coffee.

"Light, if the way she was looking at you was any indication, all you need is the apple to go into your mouth as in her mind you were already spread eagled naked on the table!" L hissed and Light nearly choked on his coffee.

"Ryuzaki!" he managed before the waitress returned with L's donuts and his scrambled eggs and bacon. She placed L's donuts in front of him first with a slight smile, which then quickly spread across her entire face as she placed Light's plate before him.

"Would you like more coffee?" she asked sweetly and Light nodded.

"Yes, thank you," he said smiling back as she poured.

"Just let me know if there's anything else you need," she nearly purred and turned to leave the table.

"I understand my features are not nearly as breathtaking as my partner's but I would still care for more coffee!" L spat and Light groaned, covering his face with his hand.

"Oh I am sorry," the waitress stammered and turned to pour him more coffee. She then turned and moved away, a confused expression on her face. When she was gone Light leaned across the table.

"Was that necessary?" he asked and L huffed at him.

"If I wished more coffee, obviously!" he told him. Light decided to just let it go and enjoy his breakfast as best he could sitting across from a fuming L.

After he finished his second donut and another cup of coffee, L seemed to be in better humor so Light ventured into conversation.

"Have you ever looked at anything about Disney World?" he asked and L rolled his eyes.

"Why would I unless it had something to do with a case? I have never had the desire nor the time for such a thing," he answered finishing his coffee, "I still don't understand why you chose it." Before answering, Light looked at his watch and decided it was time to pay and head towards the next gate for their flight to Orlando.

"I'll explain it to you in a few minutes, right now we need to get moving," he told him and they both stood from the table.

After paying and leaving a nice tip for the waitress and ignoring the snort he heard from L, he finally answered L's query as they walked towards the gate.

"To answer your question as to why I chose it, I tried to think of every possible destination, I even asked you where you would like to go and you had no idea, and you also disliked everything I came up with, and I guess in a way I understood your reasoning. Then I started thinking about the most ridiculous ideas and that popped in. When I went to talk to Watari about it, we went online and checked it out and Ryuzaki there is so much there to do I was sure we'd find something that you would enjoy," he turned to look at him, a look of excitement on his face, "And not only that, there are entire stores dedicated to sweets, pastries and ice cream. If nothing else you can eat your way through it." He was gratified to see L's eyes turn to him shining with anticipation.

"Entire stores? This does sound interesting, perhaps I will find something to do." He said and Light laughed.

"Good, much better attitude. Come on we better hurry," he said looking at his watch again and they both began to sprint towards the gate.

Once they were in, settled and the plane had taken off, Light pulled his paperback out of his inside coat jacket and began to read. He was suddenly aware that he was being stared at and turned to L who was leaning into him, his eyes wide and his thumb at his mouth.

"What…oh…I get it…" he said and reached into his other pocket and pulled out another lollipop and handed it to him. L took it happily and faced forward again, this time picking up his laptop and beginning to work. Light sighed and picked up his book again.

"Like traveling with a child," he grumbled and then had to smile in spite of it.

L was keeping busy being in contact with the boys online and going over certain cases with them, which meant Light felt comfortable to take a little nap. He had made sure L had coffee and had given him the last three lollipops he had in his pocket and felt he would be fine for a little while. It was going to be a short flight, only about 2 hours and he knew he would be busy as soon as they landed so he thought this would be the only time he could sneak one in. He put the seat back and got comfortable, closed his eyes and very quickly fell asleep.

L continued to speak with the boys online, going over some of what they had done already and was quite pleased. He turned to tell Light just that and discovered he had fallen asleep. He stared at him for a while, noting the subtle changes in him that had happened since he had first met him and he had gotten older; his face becoming more angular, his hair a bit darker as he no longer spent so much time hanging around outside, and at the moment his hair was a bit shaggier than he was used to having not bothered to get it cut when he came back from being undercover. Looking at him now, he could barely imagine that he had become Kira and had tried to kill him with his bare hands. He had taken such good care of him on this trip so far that he almost didn't miss having his jet or Watari; almost being the operative word.

He looked around the first class department of the plane. No matter how comfortable it was or how nice the staff was, it wasn't the same as being in his own plane. He couldn't just get up and make himself a snack or another cup of coffee; he had to depend on someone doing it for him and someone he didn't know. He had no control over anything and he wasn't sure he liked feeling that way, it almost made him angry. He was L; he had control over practically everything he dealt with until now. He looked at Light again, peacefully sleeping next to him and smiled. He would put up with this because Light wanted to prove to him he was no longer Kira and wanted to take care of him, and all of this because he loved him. How could he be angry with that? Especially when he'd done some pretty ridiculous things for the same reason. He reached over and moved some of Light's hair behind his ear mostly because he just wanted to touch it, it was one of his favorite past times. He leaned over and very gently kissed his cheek then turned his attention back to the laptop in front of him.

Light was suddenly aware of something tickling his ear and reached up and slapped at it. Just as he began to slip back into sleep, it began again. He slapped at it again frowning and trying to turn away from it. Satisfied that it was gone he relaxed again; only to have it begin tickling his ear again a few moments later. This time he reached around and grabbed at it, sitting up at the same time, and found himself holding L's hand and staring at him.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked as L began to laugh.

"It is time to land, I was trying to wake you up without alarming you," he answered and Light dropped his hand.

"By tickling my ear?" Light asked and L shrugged.

"It was amusing to me. My first thought was to stick my tongue in it, but there are too many people in the area," he said and Light shook his head as he put the chair back into it's place.

"I imagine simply shaking me was far too boring. As I said before, it's like traveling with a child," he said and L laughed again.

After getting their luggage, Light grabbed them a taxi and climbed in the back with L who was busy looking out of the window. Light was enjoying himself as well; other than a few quick trips with his father as a child and traveling to England with L on his jet when they first moved in together, he had never left Japan either. He marveled at the palm trees as they whizzed past them on the sides of the highway. L pointed out the architecture of the housing as they went past and some of the plants he could recognize from the car. Light hadn't realized that L had that type of knowledge, but of course it made sense. Sometimes knowing the agriculture of an area was important in cases, important clues could be found if that was part of the evidence. It also made him happy that L seemed to be enjoying himself; perhaps this would work after all.

After a twenty-minute ride they both saw the huge Welcome to Walt Disney World gate and Light heard L sigh next to him.

"What's the matter?" he asked and L shrugged.

"I just don't know if being amongst the characters from children's movies is going to work for me," he said and Light squeezed his hand.

"Trust me, I am sure you're going to enjoy it more than you think. Wait till you see where we're staying!" he said excitedly and L looked at him skeptically.

"I can just imagine," he said picturing a hotel with afore mentioned characters running through the hallways.

"Have you ever been to Africa?" Light asked him suddenly and he nodded.

"Once. Watari took me when I was a teenager. He told me everyone should have the experience of a safari and living in the jungle, in a village. It was a learning experience and I believe we were there for about a month. I learned quite a bit about many insidious ways one could die out in the wild, customs and beliefs. I quite enjoyed it, why do you ask?"

"I would like you to tell me how close this place gets to the real thing." Light answered and L looked out of the front of the taxi as they turned into a complex. His eyes grew wide as they seemed to be arriving into a completely different part of the world.

The taxi pulled in front of what looked to L like a large building that looked as if it had been transplanted from Africa. As he climbed out of the car as Light paid, he looked around the area, recognizing some of the lush shrubs and grasses indigenous to Africa. Light and the taxi driver went to the trunk and began pulling out the bags, and Light didn't mind at all that L didn't help. He was thrilled to see him looking around the area with a look of surprise and awe on his face. As he gave a tip to the driver, an attendant from the hotel came to them pulling a luggage trolley and helped him pile the luggage on. He finally walked over to L and gently touched his elbow.

"Hey, time to check in. We'll check all of this out later, but does it look good?" L turned to Light, his eyes still wide.

"Light…this is more than good. Where are we?"

"We are at the Animal Kingdom Resort. Come in, I want you to see the lobby," he told him and guided him into the hotel following the attendant.

They were through the doors and both of them stopped in awe. The were greeted with an atrium that was at least five stories high, huge African themed chandeliers on the ceiling and a complete décor in the lobby that looked to L as if they had walked into Africa itself. It was completely furnished with traditional African art and furnishings, including a large mask that L immediately walked to. He inspected it and turned to Light.

"It's an Ijele mask from the Igbo peoples of Nigeria," L said as marveled at the huge, multicolored object that stood at least 16 feet high, "Do you see the figurines at the top? It represents all forms of life in their community and honors the dead to preserve well-being. It is magnificent, Light…did you know one person alone gets inside and wears it on special occasions?" Light stared at the mask in awe himself having never seen anything like it in his life. He looked back at L who was walking around it, and was very happy he had listened to Watari about which resort would be more interesting to his ward.

"We'll come back here later, we need to check in right now, Ryuzaki," he gently prodded and L nodded, unable to tear his eyes away from the mask. He stood next to Light as he checked in, his eyes taking in the extraordinary lobby when his eyes focused on the huge window on the other side, his eyes growing wider still as he pulled at Light's jacket.

"Light..Light there are animals out there!" he cried and made his way over to the window before Light could stop him. Light watched him and was surprised himself as he saw several wild animals moving outside of the window. He took the keys after signing in.

"Ryuzaki…let's go up to our room now, I promise we'll come back down," he called to him and L nodded and turned back to him, but not without checking out the animals again.

They and the attendant with their bags headed to the elevators and up to the 7th floor, and then found their room. L immediately went in, marveling again at the décor and the size of the room. Once the bags were inside, the attendant gave them a tour of their suite, which was huge. They had a full kitchen, a huge living room, a bedroom and an enormous bathroom which included a Jacuzzi, something Light couldn't wait to get L into. However, the best was saved for last as he showed them their balcony, which over looked an area that looked incredibly like the savanna and to L's great joy, there were animals roaming below. He hung over the balcony as three majestic giraffes made their way across and he turned and looked at Light.

"This is amazing Light, absolutely amazing!" he said and Light grinned at him, enjoying his childlike exuberance. He turned to the attendant and tipped him handsomely before joining L on the balcony.

"Do you think you might enjoy it here for the next ten days?" he asked and L nodded excitedly. Light wrapped his arms around him and pulled the excited detective against him, kissing him deeply.

"I'm very glad," he said and kissed him again, "Welcome to Disney World."