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Out of this World

Chapter 30

"Why don't you go on up to the room," Light told him as they walked into the hotel, "I'm going to go into the gift shop and get something for Mom, Dad and Sayu." L nodded his agreement.

"That's a good idea. I think your father would appreciate something a bit different than the usual gift shop fare," he said, "And remember that Sayu is not 14 any longer so a coloring book of a safari will not be sufficient." He added as Light walked away. Light stopped a moment then turned back around, a sour look on his face.

"Yes, I remember," he answered and continued walking towards the shop, as L grinned knowing exactly what had crossed his mind. L watched him go into the store and then turned around and surveyed the lobby of the African themed hotel for what he knew would be the last time before they left. He viewed all of the artifacts one last time, ending on his favorite, the Mask. As he stood gazing at it, he also looked around, concerned that Eric might be making the rounds again, but as after a few minutes passed and he didn't show up, L just enjoyed the mask and all of it's intricate pieces again. After a few more minutes he pulled himself away and made his way to the elevators. Once upstairs and in the room he quickly kicked off his sneakers and made his way over to his laptop, taking it out onto the balcony.

"Ryuzaki!" Mello boisterously answered when connected, "Everything still fun?" he asked and L nodded.

"Yes, and unfortunately this is our last day here. I have to admit again that I have enjoyed this more than I thought I would." The blonde smiled at him through the screen.

"You even look better than you did when you left. I'm really glad, Ryuzaki," he said, the genuine affection he felt for the detective easily readable on his face.

"Thank you, but it has not been all easy, there were some difficulties to get past," L told him and Mello gave him a face that definitely said "Duh".

"Really? I can't imagine why, everything had been so quiet here before you left,". L stared at him for a moment before answering.

"Sarcasm does not become you Mello," he said making the young man grin, "Please update me on what you have been working on."

Light struggled with the bags and his key card as he made it into the room. He knew immediately where he'd find L and he wasn't disappointed, seeing the detective hunched over his laptop on the balcony.

He made his way into the bedroom and dropped the bags on the bed, looking around to see what he had to get done. He knew he should get L to at least help, but he also knew he'd get it done much faster if he just went ahead and did it on his own. He went to the closet, pulled out the suitcases and got started.

It didn't take him as long as he thought it would and before he realized it everything was nicely packed to his liking, with the exception of what they would wear tomorrow. He had purchased an extra carry on bag for the remainder of L's sweets and now walked into the kitchen to the cabinet and began to put the left over items into it.

"We should be back by early morning your time day after tomorrow," L was saying as he walked in, "As much as I will miss my time here, I am anxious to get back into my routine. I find I have missed it greatly."

"You can definitely have it back," Mello was telling him, "My ass is tired of sitting in this chair and my brain is fried, and I'm trading time with Matt and Near. I don't know how you do this constantly Ryuzaki, it's insane."

"It is simply what I do, what I've always done. I know no other way of being," L answered, "But someday it will be all yours so you should get used to handling it." Mello chuckled and shook his head.

"I'm in no hurry to do this full time Ryuzaki. Besides, I think Near will be the one to sit at this desk constantly, he enjoys it. Matt and I will do the leg work, just like we do at home. Near can be the great and powerful. Hey Light!" L turned to see that Light had walked behind him so that he was in range of the laptop's camera.

"Hey, Mello. I've come to take him back while I still can," he said placing his hands on L's shoulders, then leaning forward and softly kissing his cheek.

"Light, I haven't finished…" L protested and Light nodded.

"Yes, you have. Good-night Mello, we'll see you soon." he said.

"Good-night, enjoy guys!" Mello said with a laugh as Light closed the lid of the laptop.

"I don't appreciate…" L began and Light stopped the complaint by capturing L's mouth with his. L fought it at first and then gave in and returned the kiss.

"You know I never interfere with your work," Light told him after he released him, "But this is our last night here, the last night I have you all to myself and I want all of your attention." L smiled and reached up to caress Light's face.

"And you have it," he answered as he stood up and wrapped his arms around the young detective, "I also remember something about wanting to spend the evening wrapped around me?" Light nodded.

"I'm glad you remembered," he answered leaning down to kiss him again.

"You know I have a perfect memory," L answered and moved away from Light, reaching down, taking his hand, and pulling him towards the bedroom.

Light reached out to quickly stop the rapid beeping of the alarm clock before it woke L. He sat up, making sure L was still asleep, and then quickly got out of bed, grabbing his robe and heading for the kitchen, closing the door behind him.

He knew how much watching the sunrise over the balcony meant to L, and as this was their last morning he wanted to make sure they enjoyed it together. He turned on the light in the kitchen and called for coffee, orange juice, fruit and pastries. He went to the balcony and opened the doors, noting the horizon beginning to brighten at the edges and he estimated he had about a half an hour before the full-blown sunrise happened.

He waited until the coffee and pastries arrived, placed them on the table then went back into the bedroom. He leaned over L and gently called his name as he stroked his hair. L leaned into the touch, and smiled as he opened his eyes and saw Light.

"Good morning," he said sleepily, "Do I smell coffee so early?" he asked noticing it was still dark in the room.

"Yes, coffee and pastries and juice," Light answered leaning forward to kiss him, "Now get up before you miss your last sunrise here." He moved away and grabbed L's robe, helping him into it as he rose out of bed. L frowned slightly as he slid into it, but relaxed when it wasn't as itchy as he expected it to be. Light pulled him out into the living room and then onto the balcony. L looked at the table and then back at Light.

"How long have you been up?" he asked in surprise and Light shrugged.

"Just long enough to make sure you could really enjoy your favorite pastime this morning," he picked up L's coffee cup and handed it to him, "Here, enjoy it's coming up." L took the coffee but couldn't tear his eyes away from Light.

"I can't believe you went to all this trouble," he started and Light shook his head.

"It wasn't any trouble, but you're going to make it all worthless if you don't look!" he answered and turned L's head towards the horizon. L put the cup down and instead grabbed Light's hand as they both watched the sun come up as a bright orange ball in the sky, surrounded by the glorious colors of the morning. Watching the stars disappear one by one, and watching the ground beneath them come alive with the light.

L put his head on Light's shoulder as the sun rose to it's peak, and Light released his hand and wrapped that arm around L, holding him tightly against him. The animals began to appear slowly, moving to where they knew their breakfasts would be. L felt he couldn't have loved Light any more than he did at that moment, and that he couldn't be any happier. Light turned to him, watching the bright colors of the sunrise reflected in those large eyes and across his porcelain skin. He released his hold on him and took L's face in his hands.

"I love you and I wanted to make sure you enjoyed your last morning here," he said and captured the detective's mouth, conveying what he felt in that kiss. L moaned into the kiss, his hands reaching up into the soft auburn hair as he returned the emotion.

"Thank you, you have made this even more special than it was," he said when Light finally released him, "This entire vacation that you've put together has been so incredible." Light smiled and ran his hand through the dark mane of hair.

"You're welcome, it's the least I could do after…. come on, sit down and enjoy your breakfast," Light said and sat him down, sitting down across from him.

"How long before we leave?" L asked as he reached for his orange juice. Light sipped his coffee before answering.

"Well, we have another late night flight leaving New York to Japan, and our flight leaves here to New York at 7:00 this evening. We've got the day if you want to do some exploring somewhere. We do have to check out of the room by eleven, however." L nodded as he finished his juice.

"I would like to go to the movie studio again, it had the most exciting rides," he said and Light nodded, but not without a slight grimace.

"I take it you wish to ride that Tower of Terror elevator ride again?" he asked and L nodded enthusiastically.

"Especially that one, and then that roller coaster with the rock band." Light rolled his eyes at the idea of being turned upside down so early in the day, but he had to admit it was an excellent coaster. L ate and once he was done he stood up and grabbed Light's hand pulling him up as well.

"I am ready, but first we must shower and get dressed." He leaned forward and placed his hands inside Light's robe, allowing his fingers to roam freely across Light's chest, then dropping his hands to the tie that held the robe together, quickly undoing it.

"You do want to take a shower don't you?" he asked as he allowed his hands to drift further down Light's body. Light closed his eyes as L's hands traveled down his body, enjoying the soft feel of his warm fingers as they traveled lower, eventually finding and .

slowly stroking him.

"You haven't answered me yet," L nearly purred, "You do want to take a shower with me don't you?" Light moaned softly and opened his eyes, reaching forward to pull L against him.

"Eventually," he answered and attacked the older detective's mouth, holding him in place by burying his hands in the dark hair. After a few moments L pulled away and moved from the balcony to the main room.

"We can't have everyone watching," he grinned and headed for the bedroom, dropping his robe as he walked. Light followed him, also dropping his robe and grabbed him, pushing him onto the bed.

"I thought we were heading for the shower," L said trying not to laugh.

"And I said eventually," Light answered and straddled him, burying his face in L's neck. He waited for L's momentary freeze as he touched his neck to pass, then when he felt L's body relax, Light bit and licked his neck as he felt L's arms wrap around him.

L moaned as Light worried at his neck, his hands traveling from Light's back to his hair and back again.

"I love you," Light whispered when he moved from L's neck long enough to look at him.

"And I love you Light Yagami," L answered, reaching up and bringing Light's face down to his so he could attack his mouth. At first he was going to follow up the kiss with trying to dominate the situation, but he decided he would let Light have the upper hand this time uncontested; he had worked so hard to give him a beautiful morning. He released Light from the kiss and lay back against the pillow, running his fingers through auburn hair.

Light pulled away to sit back, stretching his legs out, and pulling L into his lap. L threaded his fingers behind Light's neck as Light leaned forward kissing his neck, and down his chest as he held him with his hands against L's back. L wrapped his legs around Light's waist, moving his hips so that their erections continued to rub against each other. Light moaned at the friction, then grabbed L's face, attacking his mouth almost violently, pushing his tongue inside and beating L's tongue into submission. L allowed it, giving Light complete control as he continued to rock against him. When Light released him, he moved his hands from behind Light's neck and moved them slowly down his body as if tracing every inch with his fingertips. Light closed his eyes as L's hands moved along his body. When he opened them again L was almost lost in the passion and need he found there. He reached behind him and found the lube, squeezing some into his hands. He rubbed his hands together to warm it and then reached down and began to apply it to Light in long, slow strokes, who then once again attacked his mouth as he did.

"I want you now," Light nearly growled and lifted L up making him sit on his knees, and slowly bringing him down onto his straining cock, holding tightly to L's hips as he brought him down. L groaned as Light filled him, leaning against his chest as he adjusted. He leaned up and this time he attacked Light's mouth as Light began to slowly move under him. Light held him tightly as he moved deeper into L, loosing himself in the sensation of being buried deeply inside L's warmth, and then slowly withdrew. L released Light's mouth and placed his hands on Light's shoulders to steady himself as he began to take control.

"You know I am in control in this position," he said flipping sweat dampened hair from his eyes. Light grinned up at him and nodded.

"Oh, yes I know. You can have it for a while…" he said and moaned softly as L began to move faster. He wrapped his arms around L's body as he allowed him complete dominance, both of them getting lost in their ecstasy.

Light waited until he could feel L was close, then suddenly moved, pulling away from him and pushing L onto his back and climbing on top of him.

"And now it's my turn," he whispered as he thrusted into him, holding him tightly by his hips.

They moved together in their familiar rhythm, each movement an expression of their love for each other and their need; physical proof of their connection to each other. Light reached down and began to stroke L, sending him over the edge with a cry of his name as L 's fingers dug into his back. He followed immediately afterwards as he felt L's muscles convulse around him, his sweat covered body falling forward onto L's.

"I think we need that shower now," he said with a laugh when he could breathe normally again. L smiled back at him, running his fingers through Light's damp hair.

"I agree," he answered then leaned up to kiss him, "I love you, Light." Light leaned into the touch and nodded.

"I hope so, I wouldn't want to work this hard for someone who's just a friend…" he said and L pushed him off of him.

"And you continue to be an ass," he said sitting up and climbing from the bed. Light wrapped his arms around him, stopping him from moving.

"You know I love you," he told the frowning detective and licked his ear, "More than my own life."

"Yes, and I also know you have a problem with what you laughingly call your sense of humor," he wiggled out of Light's grasp and headed for the shower, "And that still means you're an ass!" he finished then ran for the shower as Light had jumped from the bed and was coming after him.

"Don't worry, everything is going to be fine here, they'll take good care of everything," Light told a worried looking L as they left their luggage with the Concierge's desk.

"I have never left my things in anyone else's care other than Wammy," L worried, his thumb at his lips.

"I know, but trust me, it will be fine. Come on, you wanted to go the studio park, we can't haul of this luggage with us and we have to check out. They do this all the time, Ryuzaki." Light tried to assure him and L finally sighed and nodded.

"All right, if you are sure," he said and Light smiled.

"Of course I'm sure," he said and then turned to the attendant, "I am sure aren't I?" he asked and then laughed when L's eyes got even wider. "I'm kidding, let's go catch a bus." He said taking L's arm and leading him out of the hotel.

The moment they hit the park L made a direct route to the Rock and Roller Coaster. Light noticed he had a slight limp and he leaned over to whisper in his ear.

"Are you having difficulty walking?" he asked with a slight smirk. L rolled his eyes and tried not to smile.

"It is your fault. You have been insatiable this entire vacation!"

"Oh and you fought me every single time," Light answered, "And what about all the times you initiated?" L shrugged but this time couldn't hide the smile.

"I never said I didn't enjoy it," he answered. Light sighed as they continued to walk towards the ride.

"I wanted to get as much in as possible," he added, "How long before we have another opportunity to just be able to fuck when we want to. Our schedules are so busy sometimes…" L frowned at him.

"I'm not sure I like that word when you're talking about us," he said, "But I do understand the sentiment. There are times when I work thru the night, and times when you're so tired when you get home. But I never deny you…" Light stopped walking and smiled at him.

"I didn't say that you ever did. I just know that when we get home it will be status quo again, and through no fault of anyone's, it will be different. The ability to…make love at any time of the day and as often as we want just isn't there normally. Was that better?"

"That was much better and yes, I understand. Light, I love you, just because I'm busy doesn't mean I want you any less." Light ignored where they were and reached up and took L's face in his hands.

"I know that, Ryuzaki. I never think that you want me less, it's just the reality of our working lives; it's why I have enjoyed this time with you away from all of that so much. Now come on, let's get on that roller coaster." L smiled back at him and nodded and they continued on to the coaster.

After riding the coaster and Light got his equilibrium back, they went over to the Tower of Terror and rode that one last time, with L enjoying Light's inability to recover immediately again.

"Light, I thought you were even more of an adrenalin junkie, as you call me, than I," L said to him as they walked through the gift shop after the ride.

"I enjoy roller coasters," Light told him as he struggled to make his knees hold him up, "I said nothing about dropping faster than gravity several times." L laughed and patted his back.

"Perhaps then this is the time to have something to eat…while you get control of your body again." Light rolled his eyes and looked at his watch.

"Actually, that's a good idea. We should have a nice meal and then get back to the hotel so we can get to the airport in plenty of time." This time it was L's turn to sigh as he looked around.

"We really are leaving," he said and Light smiled at him.

"Yes we are, unfortunately. Believe me if there weren't others depending on me, I'd stay longer." L looked at him a moment before commenting.

"It is your decision to have others depending on you," he said, "If you had accepted my offer the only person you would have to answer to would be me." Light laughed and leaned closer to him.

"As if you aren't more formidable than the NPA," he said and laughed again as L's eye's lidded in slight annoyance, "And that subject is closed, I've made my decision on that. Besides, as much as you hate to leave here, if you don't get to your desk soon it will drive you insane, and bring me along for the ride as well and I'd rather not." L nodded and stuck his hands in his pockets.

"While that may be true, and I do need to get back to work, it doesn't make me any less sorry to see the vacation end."

"I know, and that makes me really happy that you enjoyed it that much," Light told him as he stared into subdued darkened eyes, "But we need to get to a restaurant now if we're going to be able to eat leisurely. Anything in particular you'd like?"

"I'm sure wherever you decide will have a good dessert menu," L answered shaking his head.

"Fine," Light said looking at his map, "What we haven't had this entire trip is Italian and there's a place called Mama Melrose's Italiana not far from here. Give it a try?" L nodded and followed Light to the restaurant.

The first thing they noticed was the aroma; the smells of Italian cooking permeated the homey looking restaurant that was made up of brick walls, hardwood floors and a huge wood burning oven which seemed the source of the tantalizing aroma. There were vines overhead with cheeses and lights hanging from them to give it more atmosphere and red-checkered curtains to complete it.

L and Light were shown to a booth and Light immediately ordered wine as they looked over the menu.

"I think I'll order the antipasto for two as an appetizer. I know you're not much on greens but you can pick at the cheeses and maybe try a little of the rest of it." He suggested as L looked over the menu.

"Perhaps, but don't be disappointed if I don't like it," L warned and Light shook his head.

"As long as you give it a try. You know I try not to bother you about your diet, and when I do it's only because I worry about your health."

"Yes, I know. Watari has tried for years as well, and I know he sneaks things in from time to time that sometimes I do end up liking such as the soup." Light thought a moment before asking his next question.

"Is there something in your past that gave you the incredible taste you have for sweets, or is it something that you have just always had?" L sipped at his wine before answering.

"Why are you asking this now after all the time we've been together and you never have before?" he asked and Light sighed as he toyed with his glass.

"I have always wondered, but I just let it go because at first I didn't think it was any of my business and it doesn't really matter. But I guess my curiosity has finally gotten the better of me. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I understand if that's a path you'd rather not go down." L shook his head and smiled.

"We have no secrets between us, I guess there is nothing wrong in telling you. It really isn't a particularly interesting story, nor is it a Dickensian tragedy, merely a matter of cause and effect. As you know, I was placed in a rather…poor orphanage when I first became orphaned, where Watari found me." He began and Light nodded.

"Yes, I know he found you in one of his many rounds in finding gifted children for Wammy's." L nodded.

"Yes, exactly. We were barely fed enough to keep us going in order to save money, so obviously sweets were definitely out of the question. I was quite young, I believe about three when my parents died and I was placed there. Occasionally people came to look at us to see if there was one they wished to adopt; and on those occasions those that met the criteria for what the prospective parents were looking for were dressed in decent clothes and presented for possible adoption. It was during one of those instances that I got my first taste of sweets."

The waitress returned and Light ordered the antipasto telling her they'd order the rest afterwards. He turned his attention back to L who seemed to be thinking deeply and staring at nothing. He reached across the table and covered the detective's hand with his.

" Look, if this is upsetting you…" L shook his head and smiled at him.

"No, but it is the first time that I have ever told anyone about my experiences, except for Wammy when he began to visit, and it has definitely been a very long time since I have even thought about those times."

"As long as you're okay…" Light answered and L nodded.

"So, the only time we even saw anything sweet was when we were being paraded in front of possible parents," L continued, "There were usually plates of cookies or some other kind of sweet placed on the table in the room where we were being viewed, and of course to make it look as if we were treated properly, we were allowed to have a few at that time. I remember feeling as if I were shot full of electricity the first time I remember having a cookie; my mind seemed to blast into full mode; I could think clearer, things made more sense, I just felt…better, I felt happy."

"Well of course, all of that sugar running through veins that never got any, I'm surprised you didn't explode!" Light said and once again L nodded with a smile.

"I found that I began to crave it, not so much for the taste although that was extremely important, but I wanted to feel that way again. It was not unlike a junkie who craves his favorite drug; but I wasn't trying to recreate a euphoric feeling or hide inside a drug induced haze, I merely wanted to know what I could see or discover beyond those ridiculous walls and stupid children and the sugar seemed to accelerate my thinking process. I had learned to read, I wanted to learn more and the sweets gave me the energy that I had lost because I was being fed badly even if it didn't last very long. I promised myself that when I got out of that place, I would make sure I always had as much sugar as I wanted to make sure that I was always thinking at my best, that I would be free to read and think and learn whenever and whatever I wanted to," he looked away for a moment and then back to Light, "I also believe that sometimes the things that I had to deal with on a daily basis when I was young and began to work as L were only tolerable because I was surrounded by sweets until I was able to find other ways to deal with them on my own." Light watched as L played with his fork, looking down at his still empty plate.

"Were you picked on at that age?" Light asked, afraid of the answer. But instead of an expression filled with sadness, instead L gave him a smirk.

"At first, I was the youngest, still full of the trauma of the loss of my parents that I can't even remember now, so I was obviously not friendly and I was much smarter than all of them put together so I imagine that was off-putting. But by the time I was six and Wammy had found interest in me, I had learned how to take care of myself. Before I learned who to stay away from and found many places where I could sequester myself away from those who enjoyed causing me pain, yes I suffered beatings. But I soon learned how to give as good as I was getting."

"I find it hard to believe the children were treated so poorly," Light said in disgust, "Aren't those places governmentally regulated? Don't they have to meet certain standards?" he asked and L nodded.

"Orphanages are government regulated, but what that means is once a year someone in a suit comes to visit and is paraded through the kitchen, and dining rooms; goes through one of the wards where we are all dressed properly and turned out and woe on anyone afterwards who dares speak out about anything negative, even when asked. There are never surprise inspections where they could possibly catch what truly goes on, and not all orphanages are badly run. The one I was in was definitely a poorer one, and run as cheaply as possible."

"I imagined that maybe your desire for sugar was due to the excess of violence and inhumanity you had to deal with on a daily basis to kind of equal it out," Light said and L looked up at him with a small, thoughtful smile.

"I had never considered that, I suppose that is possible, Of course, the best reason is that I just love it. Even without the other reasons, I'd eat it anyway."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, it wouldn't be you otherwise, and I love you," Light said and smiled himself, "Thank you for telling me. I am so sorry for how you're life had been until Wammy found you." L shrugged.

"It was a life experience; no matter how difficult it may have been at the time, I have learned much from it. I am not going to say that it did not leave it's scars…"

"Like thinking there was something wrong with your looks or that no one would ever want you. Something I still have to work on," Light said and L nodded.

"I imagine that came from not having any relatives who wanted me in their lives and I knew they were out there. There were plenty of people at my parent's funeral. I remember looking at them and wondering which ones were going to take me. I was staying with neighbors immediately after their deaths, and I guess I assumed I'd continue to stay with them when no one else came for me. It was quite a…jolt when people from the orphanage came for me instead. I do remember thinking that there had to be something terribly wrong with me, that no one that already knew me would want me. I also was never surprised when no one picked me to adopt for the same reason." Light watched as L's eyes clouded over momentarily, and just as quickly cleared up. He suddenly felt guilty for bringing it up at all.

"I'm so sorry, Ryuzaki. I shouldn't have asked, especially right now when we're enjoying ourselves."

"On the contrary, this was the best possible time. I am in a place that will not allow me to sit and over think the past. And I feel strangely glad that I shared it with you," he looked down at the plate of antipasto and moved pieces of it around with his fork, "However I'm not sure about this…" Light smiled and took L's empty plate.

"Here, let me give you a sample of everything, extra on the cheese, and you tell me what you like," he said and began to fill the plate.

After trying the antipasto to appease Light, L ordered a slice of the Chocolate Amarattini Cheesecake and picked a little at Light's order of Piccata di Pesce which was fresh fish sautéed in a white lemon butter sauce with caperberries, spinach and whole wheat pasta. Although turning up his nose at the fish and spinach he found he could tolerate the pasta.

When Light finished his lunch, he ordered coffees and L ordered another slice of the cheesecake. As L took his last bite, Light looked at his watch and sighed.

"As much as I hate to say this, we have to go," he said and L nodded as he watched Light take care of the check.

" Perhaps next year we can come again" he said as they stood up from the table.

"I think that would be a great idea Ryuzaki! There's still so much we haven't done." Light said smiling and L smiled back.

"And so much more to do again…like the Tower of Terror!" he laughed when Light groaned and rubbed his forehead.

"Come on, let's get back to the hotel," the young detective said and led the way back to the buses.

It seemed to L that the trip back to the airport was much shorter than the trip to the hotel when they arrived. He was confused by his feelings; saddened to see the hotel disappear behind them as they drove away, but also looking forward to getting back into his normal routine; he had indeed missed the way his life was at home. There was a comfort there in the normality of his life and even though he enjoyed this trip more than he could put into words, he also found he was looking forward to going back to the home that he and Light had created.

Once checked in and settled on the plane, Light noticed that L was uncharacteristically quiet as the plane took off, staring out of the window. He reached down and into L's carry on, pulling out two of Curly Wurlies.

"Hey…" he said softly and L turned his head towards him, a large smile on his face when he saw what Light was offering him, "Is there something wrong?" Light asked him as he quickly took the candies and began to open one.

"Not really, simply the fact that I am sorry to see our time here over. As much as I am looking forward to going back into my office and my schedule being back to normal, I also am sorry to leave the freedom of doing whatever I wish to do…or not do. As I've never had a vacation before, this was a completely new experience for me." Light took Light's hand and squeezed gently.

"I understand and it makes perfect sense. Spending time dealing with the happier, sillier side of human nature as opposed to the worst of it was a breath of fresh air for a while wasn't it?" L nodded as he devoured the first candy bar.

"I feel as if I need to readjust my mind," he said and Light laughed.

"Believe me, the moment you sit back at your desk everything will simply pop back into place and it will be as if you never left it." L nodded again and began the second bar of chocolate, "Now if you don't mind, I think I'll take a little nap right now until we get to New York. Try not to terrorize the stewardesses and stay away from the cockpit." L ignored his comments, and turned his attention back to the window as Light put his seat back and closed his eyes.

The gentle nudging of the stewardess telling him it was time to put his seat up awakened Light, as they were about to land. He nodded and turned to check on L, who had also fallen asleep. He watched him for a few moments, noting the darkness under his eyes was the lightest he'd ever seen them. Especially since right before arriving they had seemed to have deepened in their intensity, and that made him very happy to see they had faded somewhat. He gently shook L's shoulder, calling his name softly.

"Hey, time to sit up and buckle in; we're about to land," he said and watched as L's eyes opened slowly and focused on him.

"So soon? Has it been two hours?" he asked and Light looked at his watch, nodding.

"Yes, you must have fallen asleep soon after I did." He said as L stretched.

"I didn't notice, I simply closed my eyes for a moment in thought and next thing I knew you were waking me up," he answered as Light tugged on his seatbelt.

"Buckle in," Light repeated and L rolled his eyes but did it anyway.

"I need coffee," L said as they walked through the terminal towards where their connecting flight to Japan was.

"Not a bad idea," Light agreed, "But let's get through customs and get nearer to our gate before we stop; there might be lines and you know how difficult customs can be."

"Next time we're taking my plane," L grumbled and Light laughed.

"Maybe, but we'd still have to go through customs," he said.

"Yes, but when it's a private jet they don't bother as much as when it's a regular airline," L answered, "And my food is infinitely better and the coffee tastes like real coffee; not to mention we only stop for refueling and don't have to wait around for hours to leave." Light stopped walking and turned to face the complaining detective, annoyance on his face.

"Are you going to be bitchy all the way home? If you are I'm going to have my seat moved." L stared at him for a moment and then blinked.

"You wouldn't do that!" he said and Light crossed his arms.

"Don't tempt me. I'm not going to sit next to you and listen to you constantly complaining, now what's it going to be?"

L continued to stare at him, trying to look deeply into his eyes to see if he was bluffing. Somewhere deep inside of them, behind the annoyance, he could see that familiar twinkle that told him exactly what he needed to know. Light would never really leave him on his own, but he was aggravated with him. He sighed, put his hands in his pockets and smiled.

"Fine. But only if you promise to find me some decent coffee quickly." Light smiled back and nodded.

"That I can do," he said and turned to continue through the terminal.

Once through customs, security and on the international side of the airport, Light found a café and ushered L in and to the nearest table. His already short patience was even shorter after going through customs and security, Light keeping him from threatening an attendant when he was asked why he had so many packages of cookies in his bag.

He was calmer after having his first cup of coffee much to Light's relief, and they passed the time waiting for their flight going over the pictures Light had taken.

Luckily for Light they had no other problems getting onto their plane and settled quickly into their seats. L enjoyed the seats on this airline better, they went all the way back, and the foot rest stretched completely out. There was no seat directly in front or in back of them, only a shelf where the 15" tv screen stood and lots of room to put things as well as the tray which was larger than most and was attached to the side and was the perfect size for his laptop and there was room on the side to place a good amount of his sweets so he wouldn't have to continually go to the bag.

"Here's your bag, your laptop and we'll get more coffee after we take off and the waitress makes the rounds," Light said as they got comfortable, "I'm going to read a bit for a while." L nodded and watched Light as he went into his own carry all and removed the book on criminal psychology he had been reading and settled back into the seat.

"Light?" he said quietly and the young man turned to look at him, ready for whatever he was going to come up with this time.

"What's the matter now?" he asked and L shook his head.

"Nothing. I just wanted to tell you thank you and that no one, except Watari, could have taken better care of me," he smirked, "And in some instances you did things even he couldn't do," he reached over and took Light's hand, "And that I love you." He thought the smile he received back from Light was enough to illuminate the entire cabin.

"You have no idea how happy that makes me," Light said squeezing his hand, "It's all I wanted out of this trip, to prove that after everything I did to you I could still take care of you, and prove how much I love you."

"You have done that, and you have even managed to calm my mind," L told him and then released his hand, "Of course that doesn't mean you're off the hook for making me fly commercial airlines." He added going back to his computer. Light rolled his eyes and laughed, going back to his book.

When they finally arrived in Tokyo and made their way to baggage pick up, they were not surprised to find Watari already there waiting for their bags. L nearly ran to the older man, so glad to see his father figure again in the flesh, throwing his arms around the surprised older man.

"Wammy! I am so happy to see you!" he said as Wammy returned his hug.

"I am very glad to see you as well," Watari told him once they had pulled apart, and he studied his ward's face, " And I am also very glad to see that the trip has done you good." L nodded happily and turned towards Light.

"It is because of Light," he said smiling at him, "He created an excellent vacation." Watari smiled warmly at the young man, who also came to him for a hug.

"I'm sure he did," he answered, "I'm happy for you both as you both look well rested and relaxed." Light nodded as he left him and grabbed their luggage as it went past.

"I am looking forward to going home, however," L said as he moved towards the doors. Both Light and Watari watched him walk away and then towards each other and smiled.

"It appears your plans have worked perfectly," Watari said as they began to follow L, "I congratulate you on your success. I would like to speak to you privately about how he's really doing and another subject that I would like to discuss with you when you have a moment." Light looked at Watari with a little worry.

"Has something happened?" he asked and Watari shook his head.

"Not at all, merely something has come to my attention and I believe you are the best person to discuss it with as I don't believe it would be something L would want to hear." Light still felt concerned but judging by Watari's demeanor it couldn't be anything horrible.

"Well, I'm sure once he's in the apartment the first place he's going is his office so I'm sure we can talk as soon as that happens." He suggested and Watari nodded.

"I'm sure you're correct about that," Watari agreed as they walked outside. L was already at the Mercedes, opening the door and sliding inside, looking very happy about being inside. Light and Watari looked at each other and smiled, and then Light put the bags in the trunk before getting inside.

L was barely through the door when three very loud and boisterous young men, nearly knocking him to the ground, piled him on. Unfortunately, they were also singing the Mickey Mouse Club theme:

"M—I—C…" they all sang with Matt filling in the spoken words with "See you real soon!" "K—E—Y" "Why? Because we love you!" "M—O—U—S—E!"

Light dropped the suitcases in laughter watching the look on L's face, as if he were about to implode.

"We thought we'd welcome you home with your home boy's theme!" Mello said and the other two broke into more laughter as L looked completely confused now.

"My…home…boy? What?"

"I'll explain it later," Light said picking up the suitcases again and taking them into the bedroom, still laughing.

"I hope you took more pictures than what we saw," Near said, "You were gone for over a week there had to be more." L nodded as he untangled himself from them and headed towards his office.

"That would be Light's department and yes, he took many pictures. Perhaps later after he rests from the flight we'll go show them to you."

"You're going to work now?" Matt asked as L sat in his chair.

"Yes, I've been away for far too long. I need to catch up on everything," he answered.

"L, you were practically online with us every day, you didn't miss anything!" Mello reminded him.

"We want to hear about your trip!" Matt added.

"A few minutes each day was not enough to keep completely in sync with what was going on. We will have plenty of time to go over my trip," L answered and looked at them with a smile, "It was the best time I can ever remember having and there are many things I look forward to sharing with you. But before everyone retires for the night I would like to be brought up to date on a few things." The trio looked at each other and then sighed—L was indeed back. They nodded and began to inform him of what he wanted to know.

"As I believe it will be a while before L retires now that he is back, I'll bring some tea," Watari said to Light as he began to unpack, "Perhaps now would be the time…" Light nodded and followed him out of the bedroom. He looked towards the office and saw L in his element, surrounded by his boys with his face upturned towards his many screens, fingers flying on the keyboard.

"As happy as he was on vacation, I believe he's even happier now," he said as he watched for a few moments.

"Indeed," Watari said with a smile, "L is what he is as much as what he does." They both walked out of the apartment and into Watari's. Light was always impressed by the amount of equipment always buzzing and flickering in the older man's office.

"First, I want to return this to you and tell you how happy I am that I didn't have to use it." Watari told him as he handed him an envelope from inside his jacket. Light took it and immediately recognized it as the one he had given Watari before leaving on his assignment; his letter of good-bye to L that he had instructed Watari to give him had he died.

"I'm very glad you didn't have to use it either," he said slipping it back into his own jacket pocket, "But it did give me comfort knowing you had it."

"Secondly, tell me how L's PTSD is managing," Watari said as he now headed for his kitchen.

"Well, it hasn't completely disappeared but we knew that wouldn't happen," Light began as he accompanied him, "He has made amazing strides, though. When we first arrived he could stand to have his neck touched for…obvious reasons." He added as a shadow of guilt passed over him.

"I can imagine," Watari said "And now?"

"It still makes him freeze for a few moments, but then he can get past it. He also had a lot of trouble differentiating between me and Kira when he looked at me, but that seems to have gotten a lot better as well," he watched as Watari put items on a tray and placed a kettle of water on the stove to heat, "Listen, I know it must have been difficult for you to let me take him alone like I did, especially after what I'd done but as I had hoped it seemed to have done wonders and it was important to me that he lean on me and begin to trust me again. I appreciate your trusting me like you did." Watari stopped for a moment and then turned to face the young detective.

"To be completely honest Light, I didn't trust in you completely." He said and Light stared at him in surprise for a moment before sighing and nodded in agreement.

"Considering what I'd just done, I can't say I'm completely surprised," he said finally, "Then why did you agree to my taking him to Florida?"

"Because I knew I could keep you two under surveillance until I was sure you truly did have Kira under control and out of your system." This time Light felt a flare of anger as he stared at Watari.

"You had us followed?" he asked and the older man nodded.

"For the first couple of days," he said calmly as Light's anger flared.

"You didn't trust me to take care of him," he asked, "After I promised you that I would? You knew how much I wanted to take care of him, how much it meant to me!"

"And I also knew you had just tried to kill him with your bare hands," Watari shot back, making Light stop and look down in shame.

"You're right, I did…at least Kira did." He said in nearly a whisper.

"And you are Kira, whether you want to admit it or not. He is, or was, a very strong part of you that you were very tenuously keeping under control. I wanted to be sure that that part of you was indeed gone as you had said, or at least under complete control. I am sorry if that offends you, or hurts your feelings as I do care a great deal for you, Light. But L is and always will be my first priority; to me he is my son." Light nodded again.

"Of course, I understand." He said.

"For the first two days of your vacation you were watched and there were bugs in your rooms. Don't worry, if it appeared anything intimate was about to happen I shut down after I was sure you were not going to use that moment against him. I had to be sure that once you had him alone and so far away from anyone who could protect him, Kira did not return. To my great relief he did not return, and after two days I had everything removed from your rooms, and the people following you recalled. After that I relied on communication from L and from you to keep me apprised of the situation."

Light ran a hand through his hair as he listened to what he was being told. He could completely understand Watari's fears, everything he said was true. When he was honest with himself, he had been surprised that Watari had been so agreeable to letting L go for the first time in his life with him, alone and with the person who had just recently tried to kill him. If he had thought about it for a few moments, he would have realized that Watari wouldn't have let him go easily without a reason. The water on the stove had reached a boil and he watched as Watari poured it into the teapot.

"I'm sorry that you felt you had to do that, because of what I'd done. But I hope that I've proven to you that Kira is gone; there is no more Kira." Watari nodded and then smiled warmly.

"You have, completely. It is because you have proven it that I now get to the real reason I wanted to speak to you alone." He handed Light a cup of tea, took one for himself, and motioned for him to follow him into his office.

"As you know, the trio's primary purpose was to be trained as replacements for L should the need ever arise."

"Yes, I know. That's not something I like to think about, L's replacements." Watari shook his head.

"None of us wish to think about it. At the time I thought it was a necessary evil, and as we have seen it was a good thing to do otherwise L would not have been able to take the vacation he so desperately needed," He sipped at his tea then turned and faced Light.

"The one thing I didn't think about, was replacing myself." Light stared at him in surprise, not sure what to say.

"Why would you need to replace yourself?" he asked and Watari chuckled.

"For the same reasons we would have to replace L; I am not going to live forever Light. I will be here for L and work with him until my dying day, but that day will come as I am not getting any younger." Light shook his head in disbelief; the idea of Watari dying never crossed his mind.

"But Watari…" he began and the older man shook his head.

"It is a reality Light and just as it wouldn't be fair for all of the work L has done to simply disappear if he decided he no longer wanted to be L any longer, or if something should happen to him, it would not be fair to L to leave him without the assistance he requires from me. "

"Watari no one could possibly replace you, especially in L's eyes. He would never accept anyone else in your place. There is no one else in the world he trusts as he does you and on top of that, you know you're so much more to him than an assistant, you're a father to him."

"I understand Light, but if I were to die tomorrow, where would that leave him? He doesn't really know how I accomplish all that I do for him in here; all of the contacts, where they all are and a myriad of other things. He would be at a loss and not able to continue what he does as it is now."

"If you were to die tomorrow, the last thing L would be concerned about is what you do for him in here, he would be mourning the loss of a father." Light told him and for a moment Watari was quiet.

"Yes, but once that period of mourning was over and he went back to work, he would be hampered without the assistance I give him; he needs that assistance and Light, you are wrong, there is one other person in the world he trusts as he does me, and that would be you." Light stared at him for a moment, as realization began to sink in.

"You didn't take his offer of working with him as one of his contacts did you?" Watari asked him and he shook his head.

"I felt it wasn't time for me to leave the NPA yet, they'd think I was running because of what happened."

"Good, then it leaves you available for what I am about to offer you in addition to your work with the NPA. Light, I wish you to train with me, to learn what it is I do. I wish you to be my replacement." Light shook his head in disbelief.

"Watari, I couldn't possibly…"

"Yes, you could, Light, quite easily. I need someone I know I can trust to take care of L if something happens to me, or if I become ill and unable to continue. I need someone I know L trusts with his life as he does me. The only person in the world who fits that description is you."

Watari watched as Light's eyes moved from his face to moving through the office, looking at all the equipment, the piles of folders, the file cabinets.

Light's mind was whirling with a million thoughts at once; how he could possibly think of replacing Watari, how he could do it and remain at the NPA. He looked at Watari, who certainly didn't look like he was going to die any time soon; this could be something that he wouldn't have to think about for years yet. He then thought of being able to take care of L in every way possible, of having L depending on him completely.

"You don't have to make the decision immediately; if you need time to think on it.." Light shook his head and turned to face Watari again.

"No, I don't need time to think about it. I am honored that you think I could possibly step in for you Watari in any way so if you think I am good enough to learn what you do to assist L, of course I want to learn." Watari heaved a sigh of relief and put his cup down on the desk.

"Thank you Light, you have no idea how happy you've just made me." He reached out and hugged the young detective to him, "Now as I am not preparing to die for quite some time yet, don't get too excited." Light laughed and shook his head.

"Are we going to tell L?" he asked him when Watari had stepped back.

"Leave that to me," Watari told him, "In the meantime, I think we should get back before he realizes we haven't been there for some time, and I'm sure he's going to want tea by now." He walked back into the kitchen and picked up the tray.

"I doubt he's even noticed we aren't there, he's in his element now," Light said as he followed him out of the apartment.

As Light had predicted L was still sitting at his desk with the trio around him. At that moment Near had a file in his hand and was explaining something to L, with the others jumping in and adding more information as they could. Both he and Watari walked into the office, Watari placing a cup of steaming tea in front of L and the others.

"I think you should wrap up here soon," Light told L, "Our internal clocks are still a little off and I think we both could do with some sleep." L turned to him and smiled.

"Why don't you go ahead and I'll join you in a few minutes, I promise I won't stay too long." He said sipping at his tea.

"Fine, but I will come back if you're not there soon," he answered and looked at the boys, "Good-night, and we'll pass out presents after we've had some sleep." He promised and got the desired excited reaction from them. Watari finished with the tea and turned to leave, nodding at Light before he left the apartment with a knowing smile. Light smiled back then turned to look at L again. He watched for a few minutes as the detective listened to what his successors had to tell him, his eyes barely hiding the excitement of being back into his game and Light suddenly felt complete in his relationship with him. He couldn't love him anymore if he tried, and now he also felt that he would be more to him than simply his partner or his lover. He knew now that he would always be able to take care of him completely, in anything he would ever need and that would make up for everything he had ever put L through. He smiled happily and headed for the bedroom to wait for him.

It wasn't too long after he had gotten into bed and was reading when he looked up to see L coming into the bedroom, closing the door behind him. L was out of his clothes quickly and crawling into bed beside him.

"I told you I wouldn't be long," he said leaning over to kiss him.

"Yes you did and I didn't doubt you," Light answered afterwards putting his book on his side table, "Are you caught up?"

"Yes, completely. The boys did an excellent job, not that I expected any less," L answered getting into his favorite position, his head on Light's chest." They'll probably leave for home in a couple of days."

"Probably, but it's time we all get back to normal I guess," Light answered hearing the sadness in L's voice on the boy's leaving.

"Yes, they have their own work to get back to, I've held them long enough," he suddenly sat up and looked at Light, "I love you, Light." He said suddenly and Light smiled at him.

"I love you too, L. Is something wrong?" L shook his head.

"No, it's just that the whole reason why they were even here flashed through my mind, the case, how I could have lost you to it, and how I almost lost you to Kira again and…"

"Stop it, L. That's all behind us now, it's all over," Light took L's face in his hands, "I don't want you to think about that anymore," he leaned forward and attacked his mouth, taking control of the kiss completely.

"Okay?" he asked once he released a now panting L.

"Yes, okay," L said and leaned back down on Light's chest, "How did the boys know that ridiculous song?" he asked suddenly and Light chuckled.

"Because I sent them the link to it and asked them to sing it to you when we arrived," he said.

"I should have realized it was something you would do, it's a good thing I love you Light Yagami." L said, sleep finally beginning to get him, "But I won't forget this." He added finally drifting off.

"No, I'm sure you won't," Light said and kissed the top of L's head, "but it was worth it". He closed his own eyes, smiling at the sleep-filled threat, looking forward to how L would get him back, and going over again in his head the fact that he would one day be able to help L more than he ever thought possible and how happy that made him.

The End