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Author's Note: Because there are so few Blank stories out there, I wrote this, explaining the FMV…sorta. I love Blank—he's my favorite character, and he risked his life to save Zidane. He may not be a main character…but to me, he's a hero.


It's cold.

It's cold because there is no other feeling present in your body. It's cold because there is nothing else to feel. How can you feel warm? How can you feel anything else but the endless chill of stone? It's not like you didn't have a choice, but…

The knight ran ahead, carrying the unconscious princess. The little black mage was running behind them, one limb flying and the other holding his hat on his head. Zidane was running beside you, and he was slowing down. You eventually outran him. Curious, you turned your head. When you did, you looked on in horror as the forest came after you, relentless and persistent. And as the forest chased you, so did the stone. It came like a flood, pertrifying everything in its path. Not even the Plant Spiders could stop the stone wave. And as a Plant Spider opened its claws to grasp Zidane, something in the back of your mind told you:

This should not be happening.

So you slowed down and pushed Zidane out of the way. He ran, and as you tried to run, the lead Plant Spider caught up with you. You yell as its vicelike claws grasp your waist. You struggle to be free. You kick your legs in the air, a feeble attempt at escape. You stop struggling, knowing that you will be petrified. Zidane stares in shock and horror as the stone catches up with the Plant Spiders. Knowing that Zidane and his companions might make it out alive, you throw him the map of Mist Continent. You can feel the cold wave creep up your legs as you watch Zidane catch the map and run, dodging the vines that try to stab him. The petrifying wave crashes up your chest and down your arms. Zidane stops for a moment to look back at you.

"Go!" you yell, your voice hoarse. "GO!"

And you stare at his retreating back as the cold stone wave cascades up your neck. He jumps out of a gap in the trees, narrowly escaping the forest. As the world around you turns gray, then black, you can't help but realize how much the others meant to you. They're your friends…your brothers…your family.

Those bastards who named this place named it well, you think. This forest is truly evil.

It's cold now. There is no feeling in your limbs. But the wheels in your mind turn. Dreams take over, and you fall asleep. You don't know how long you'll stay petrified, but you hope—and you dream—of your rescue. But for now…

It's cold.

Stone cold.