Hey y'all. Well i finished the chapter earlier than I thought . I'm gonna warn you early, there is a sexual scene halfway through the chapter. Enjoy

Chapter 4

The Third Date

It has been a week since SpongeBob and Sandy's first date. They have gone on a date a few days after the first, but it was too short so they couldn't spend much time together. Today is the day of their third date and SpongeBob is just now getting off of work to go meet Sandy in Jellyfish Fields at a location that they picked the day before. It is at the edge of Jellyfish Fields that's close enough to Goo Lagoon so the jellyfish don't bother them. Once SpongeBob clocks out of work, he heads to Jellyfish Fields.

Once SpongeBob reaches his and Sandy's spot he looks around for Sandy. He doesn't see her anywhere around. The only thing he sees is a picnic basket with a note on it. He grabs the note and reads it.

Dear SpongeBob,

I will be here in a little bit. Go ahead and set things up and wait for me.



SpongeBob sets the note on the ground and begins setting everything up. He takes a large red and white blanket out of the basket and lays it flat on the ground. He begins to get something else out of the basket until he hears a branch or something snap behind him. He looks behind him and sees nothing so he blows it off. He goes back to what he was doing, but he is then tackled to the ground. He and whatever tackled roll a few feet and stop. SpongeBob opens his eyes and see that it's Sandy who attacked him. She is now sitting on top of him and laughing. "What the heck, Sandy?" SpongeBob shouts. "Sorry," she says while trying to hold back her laughter, "I was tryin' to have some fun." "Wait 'til later and maybe we'll have some fun together." SpongeBob says. "SpongeBob SquarePants, are you suggestin' what I think y'all are suggestin'?" Sandy asks. "Maybe," SpongeBob says. Sandy laughs and says, "Let's eat and see what happens." Sandy then gets up and SpongeBob follows her to the blanket and basket.

Once they reach the basket, they both sit down on the blanket. They then begin to eat the food that Sandy has prepared just for their date. "You are a wonderful cook, Sandy." SpongeBob says. "Thank you kindly, SpongeBob." Sandy replies. SpongeBob and Sandy both smile and continue eating.

Once they finish eating, they both sit there and watch the sunset in peace. As the sun sets, the sky turns an orange and pink color. "It's so beautiful." Sandy says. "Not as beautiful as you though." SpongeBob replies. Sandy blushes and says, "Maybe we should take this somewhere else." SpongeBob's eyes widen and he begins picking things up. Sandy smiles and begins to help. Once everything is picked up, Sandy looks at SpongeBob and asks, "My place or yours?" "Why not right now?" SpongeBob asks. "I don't have any protection with me." Sandy replies. "I do." SpongeBob says while pulling out his wallet from his back pocket. "Why do you have that?" Sandy questions. "Just in case," SpongeBob replies. "Whatever," Sandy says.

Sandy then pushes SpongeBob down onto the ground and climbs on top of him. She then plants a kiss onto his lips. SpongeBob kisses back and begins to gently stroke her back. The brown squirrel then breaks the kiss and removes her shirt revealing her pink bra. She then rips off SpongeBob's shirt and brings him back into a kiss. In the middle of the kiss, SpongeBob begins to slide off his pants and shoes off. Sandy does the same and breaks the kiss.

Sandy then begins to lower herself down to SpongeBob's member which has now become hard. "Well someone's eager." Sandy says. "You know it." SpongeBob replies. Sandy giggles and pulls his member out of his boxers. She then begins to rub his organ. She then lowers her head down to it and licks the tip of it. SpongeBob moans which makes Sandy grin. She then sticks his entire manhood into her mouth. SpongeBob moans even more as Sandy begins to bob her head up and down. "Oh, Sandy, that feels amazing." SpongeBob says. Sandy then begins to quicken her actions. She then places her right hand onto his member and strokes it while she sucks on the tip. After a few minutes of this SpongeBob makes his announcement. "Sandy, I'm gonna' cum," he says. Sandy then speeds up and waits for the blast. SpongeBob then erupts in an orgasm and unloads his seed into Sandy's mouth. She takes all of it and swallows it. She then gets off of him and lies next to him.

"I think it's your turn." SpongeBob says once he catches his breath. He then rolls on top of Sandy and plants several kisses on her lips, then her neck, and then finally the top of her breasts. SpongeBob then reaches under her and unhooks her pink bra. He then throws it to the side and stares at her size 36C breast. SpongeBob then begins to gently rub and caress them. Sandy lets out a slight moan as SpongeBob lowers his head to her right nipple which is a dark pink color. He then licks it which makes Sandy moan even more. He smiles and begins to suckle on it while rubbing her left nipple with his right hand. Sandy's moans grow even louder as he switches nipples.

SpongeBob then stops his actions and moves down to her private area. He then slides down her pink panties and marvels at her flower. "Like what you see?" She asks. "I sure do." SpongeBob says. He then lowers his head down and licks her inner thighs. Sandy moans and pushes his head down to her core. "SpongeBob, please," she says. SpongeBob smiles and licks her flower. Sandy moans even louder and holds his head in place. "Oh, SpongeBob, faster," she moans. SpongeBob speeds up his licking and begins to nibble on her clitoris. "Oh, God, SpongeBob, I'm gonna' cum." Sandy says. SpongeBob then licks the inner walls of Sandy's womanhood and gets ready for Sandy's juices. "SpongeBob!" Sandy shouts as she erupts in an orgasm. SpongeBob takes in all of her juices and swallows it. He then rises off of Sandy and lies next to her.

"Ready for the last part?" SpongeBob asks after wiping off his mouth. "Yeah, ju-just give me a… a second." Sandy replies. Once Sandy recovers from her previous orgasm, she grabs the condom and opens the package. SpongeBob removes his boxers and grabs the latex condom. He then slides it onto his hardened member and positions himself between Sandy's legs. "Ready?" He asks. "Yes, go ahead." Sandy replies. SpongeBob then begins to slowly slide his member inside of her. Sandy lets out slight moans as she feels him slide inside her inner walls.

Once he's fully inside of her, SpongeBob begins to pump in and out with slight speed. Slight moans can be heard from the both of them as they make love on the edge of Jellyfish Fields. "Oh, SpongeBob, go faster." Sandy says. SpongeBob does as he's told and begins to pick up speed. Sandy the moans even more as waves of ecstasy runs through her. "Oh, SpongeBob, go faster please." Sandy pleads. SpongeBob smiles and begins to pump in and out of her as fast as he can. "Sandy, I'm gettin' close," SpongeBob tells her. "Me, too, just keep going." Sandy replies. SpongeBob then picks up more speed and shouts in ecstasy as he erupts into the condom. "Sandy!" He shouts. "SpongeBob!" Sandy yells at the top of her lungs as her orgasm hits.

SpongeBob then collapses next to Sandy and breaths in and out deeply. Sandy lies there next to the yellow sponge out of breath. "That was fantastic." Sandy says once she catches her breath. "It sure was." SpongeBob tells her, "I think it's time to go." "Sure," Sandy says. She then sits up and begins to pull on her clothes. SpongeBob does the same after pulling off the condom and throwing it to the side. He then stands up and helps sandy stand. She then gives him a quick kiss on the lips while leaning against her yellow lover. "I love you, Sandy." SpongeBob says after breaking the kiss. "I love you, too, SpongeBob." She replies. They both then kiss one more time and SpongeBob says, "Let's get everything and go." "Okay," Sandy replies.

Sandy then grabs the baket and carries it with her as she and SpongeBob walk away from Jellyfish Fields. "So where are we goin' now?" Sandy asks. "Well, I'm thinking we should head back to my place and sleep there." SpongeBob replies. "Sounds like a plan." Sandy says. They both then head towards SpongeBob's pineapple house.

After a ten minute walk, they make it to SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob unlocks the front door and opens it allowing him and Sandy to walk inside. SpongeBob closes the door behind him and walks with Sandy to his bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, Sandy lies on the bed and asks, "So what can I change into?" SpongeBob thinks for a second and tosses her a pair of grey sweatpants and a loose white t-shirt. "That work?" SpongeBob asks. "It sure does." Sandy replies as she changes into the clothes just tossed at her. SpongeBob does something. He strips down to his boxers and lies in bed. "Y'all never said a thing about sleepin' in basically nothin'." Sandy says. "You never asked." SpongeBob replies. Sandy smiles and slips into bed with nothing on except her pink bra and panties. "Good night, SpongeBob." Sandy says. "Good night, Sandy." SpongeBob replies. After another two minutes of silence, both Sandy and SpongeBob are asleep.

So SpongeBob and Sandy have both had sex. Things should get interesting now. The next chapter is called 'The Fires That Bind Us'. Shout out to whoever guesses what the chapter will include or who gives me any ideas for this chapter or later chapters.