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"Nick no!" She screamed and ran at the woman with her pan raised and as she got close she swung the pan at the womans head, knocking her away from Nick.

The woman fell to the ground dead, as well as what used to be the child inside and Rochelle felt a small twang of guilt and remorse but it was soon replaced with worry.

She fell to her knees next to Nick's body and when he didn't try to pick himself up she became worried.

"Nick… get up honey…"


Nick felt himself grow angry, why couldn't he move?

He looked up at Rochelle and saw tears form in her eyes. No no… don't cry sweetheart… I'm not mad at you… just my body.

He couldn't seem to communicate those words to her though it just came out as moans and groans. Goddamnit!

"Mmm, rochelle…" He managed to slur out through his clenched teeth.

"What is it sweetie? Where are you hurt Nick?"

Nick couldn't even feel his body let alone find where he was hurt. What the hell grabbed him? And why couldn't he FUCKING move?

"Somebody help me over here!" Rochelle cried, the tears that had formed in her eyes were slipping down her cheeks and landing on his own cheeks and he cringed; he didn't like seeing her like this.

Dre and Ellis came bursting through the sugar canes and froze, "What is it? What's wrong with him." Ellis asked, not entirely sure what was happening.

"Aw damn…" Dre muttered and knelt down on the other side of Nick's body. "Hey buddy, just hang in there, we'll getcha out." He started to lift his body with Rochelle's help when Coach came bursting through the field and stopped in front of them.

"What can I do?" He asked.

"Can you help us get 'im outta here?" Dre asked the large black man.

Coach nodded and threw Nick over his shoulder.

Nick grunted and gave Rochelle a look of 'seriously?' as he bounced up and down with each step Coach took.

With Nick's head bouncing up and down Ellis and Dre couldn't stop the grin that grew on their faces while Rochelle's only held concern.

Once the group was in the safe room Coach laid him back down gently and not even a moment later Rochelle was by his side again stroking the side of his face and observing his wounds inflicted by the infected woman's hooks.

As Rochelle got to work dressing Nick's wounds Dre came and knelt down in front of Nick, "Alright man… I know it's frustrating but it'll fade. You'll be up and moving again in no time. Just hang in there man." Dre said comfortingly, however unhelpful it was.

Rochelle finished with Nick's wounds and manuevered the two of them so that Nick's head was resting in her lap and she was leaning against the wall while stroking Nick's hair back.

"What was that thing and what did it do to him?" Ellis asked while staring at the immobile Nick.

"That was the breeder you heard earlier… and lemme lay it out for ya…" Dre started as he sat down next to Ellis while Coach made his spot by the door, as usual.

Nick shifted his eyes towards Dre so he could see him and listened intently, although already knowing full well what just happened.

"Breeders are pregnant infected women, and what happens to them is they sprout these, embilical cord type things, the tummy opens wide and grows these teeth and then the babies turn into zombies and… it's almost like a man eating kangaroo I guess." Dre said finally, saying it almost as if he was surprised at his own realization.

"So why can't he move?" Coach asked as he laid himself down on the dirty floor.

"The hooks on the ends of the tenticle like things inject you with some sort of parlyzation… thing. I've had it happen to me TWICE!" Dre said while holding up two fingers, his eyes wide and his face the image of annoyance. "So I feel your pain brother." He looked at Nick who could only blink in reply.

Rochelle winced in sympathy for both men and continued to stroke Nick's hair back.

"One of the guys I traveled with had it happen once to him and his girl took care of him the same way she is for you. She wouldn't leave his side for the end of the world." Dre told Nick and smiled at the couple in front of him, or at least what he assumed was a couple.

"What's your story anyway?" He asked Rochelle; he already asked once but he wanted to hear it from one of them, and since one of them was unable to speak…

"We have a very strong love - hate relationship." She smirked and Nick squinted her eyes at her and she broke into a smile and winked down at the man.

Dre chuckled, "Same with my people… only they were making out every 10 minutes… but man… they could fight… like an old married couple."

"Yup, that's them alright." Coach chuckled and Ellis laughed in agreement.

Rochelle pursed her lips, "Alright that's enough… it's lights out." She growled and Ellis grabbed the lantern and turned it off and the group settled in and went to sleep, as Rochelle leaned her head back against the wall and prepared to sleep she took Nick's hand in hers and held in gently.


Nick opened his eyes slowly and groaned, what did he do last night? Go to the strip? His hand was killing him and what was with the constant ringing in his ears? And why the fuck did it feel like he was in a ten car pile up while getting thrown off of a cliff at the same time.

"Goddamnit…" He moaned; he started to sit up but the world began to spin so he decided it best to sit this one out and reclosed his eyes and laid his head back down on the folded sleeping bag.

"Hey sweetie…" He heard Rochelle's beautiful voice resound in his ringing ears, when he reopened his eyes he was met with quite the sight.

Rochelle looked like she hadn't slept all night, her eyes were red and puffy like she had been crying and she had dark circles around her eyes.

Was she up all night… worried… about HIM?

He reached up a stiff hand to touch her face but just couldn't bring the strength to do it, so instead she took his hand in hers and did it for him; pressing his hand against the side of her face.

"I'm so glad you're okay…" She whispered.

Nick smiled, "Thanks to you no doubt…"

She forced out a laugh as tears started to fill her eyes once more. "Sweetheart don't cry…"

She released his hand and placed it gently on his chest and wiped at her cheeks and eyes, "Sorry…" she sniffed.

"The world is spinning…" He mumbled.

She put her hand on the side of his face and fingered the stubble that was starting to grow, he needed a shave.

"Just rest… I'm not going anywhere." She said in a soft voice.

He smirked and took her hand in his and closed his eyes.


"So then the duck says, 'you got any nails?' And the clerk says, 'uuuhm no?' and then the duck says good… 'you got any grapes?'" Ellis finished the joke laughing his ass off and Dre joined in moments later.

"Oh will you two SHUT UP?" Nick shouted but regretted it when his head started to pound even more.

Ellis and Dre didn't stop however, instead Coach added to it with his chuckles but they were soon hushed by the most beautiful woman on the rest of the damn earth.

He listened as the sound of soft footsteps made their way over to where he was and when he opened his eyes Rochelle was leaning over him again. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I had the best night of my life last night." He grumbled.

Rochelle smiled, "I bet… here." She said and offered a bottle of water to his dry lips.

He sat up a little with her help and almost drank the entire bottle in seconds. "Slow down… you'll make yourself sick."

She pulled the bottle away and laid him back down and he smiled at her, "Thanks."

She smiled and nodded, "You're welcome."

"SO…" Ellis started, "When do we head out again?"

"What? Getting cabin fever?" Dre asked dryly.

"What's that?"


Coach looked over to Rochelle and Nick, "You feeling good enough to get moving again, Nick?"

Nick moved his head and glared up and Coach who was standing by the door, "Does it look like I'm ready to get moving, Coach?"

Coach stared at him a moment, "Not really, no" He shook his head, "but Ellis has a point… we really should get moving."

"Then go, see what I care." Nick growled.

Rochelle silenced them all with one angry look. "We're not leaving him."

"Nobody said we would." Dre replied and looked between all of them before continuing, "But some pills and he should be good enough to get moving." Dre stood up, "To be honest you're gonna feel like shit for the next few days… we can't really sit here for that long."

Nick huffed and rolled his eyes.

Rochelle looked between all four men and growled before standing up and grabbing some pills off the shelf behind Nick and handing him the bottle of pills and water.

She helped sit Nick up and he took the pills with a gulp of water.

Rochelle studied his face and watched for any changes and when Nick seemed to relax a little more she smiled and helped him to his feet.

"Alright now I'm good." Nick said confidently and strapped a can of diesel to his back.

Everyone gave Nick a 'good job' and the group walked out the door.

Walking through the field of sugar cane was like walking on pins and needles while waiting for a monster to come out and throw you on top.

Nick was stiff as a board and Rochelle was gripping onto his left hand, like if she let go he would disappear.

Dre was on the constant look out as well as the other two men and they slowly made their way to the elevator, retracing their previous steps.

Rochelle was about to say something when she tripped, releasing Nick's hand falling to the ground with her hands held out in front of her.

Normally she would have bounced up and laughed it off but fear froze her in place; she had just tripped on the feet of a breeder and was now face to face with the dead infected woman.

The breeders face was twisted and half rotted away, she had a eye missing and Rochelle could look straight into the empty hole where the eye should have been and she let out a horrified cry.

She couldn't bring herself to get up from her spot and instead continued to scream in the mutilated face of the dead woman.

Six hands grabbed her and pulled her off of the body and got her standing straight again, but only one pair remained around her once she was standing again.

"Oh my god Nick…" He voice was muffled from talking into his clothed shoulder.

"It's okay…" Nick soothed and rubbed his hand up and down her back.

"No… no it's not okay. She could have killed you!"She pulled away from him and stared him right in the eye. "That lady could have killed you… she's horrifying and you could have died by her hand…" She cried.

He rubbed his hands up and down her biceps and shook his head. "Yeah but I'm not dead."

Rochelle stopped for a second and stared at him and Nick nodded his head at her, "I'm not dead."

Rochelle nodded and smiled. "Yeah."

"We gotta keep moving fellas…" Coach said quietly and the two broke apart, although they remained holding hands and they finished making their way to the elevator.


"We should just turn on the burger sign…" Ellis suggested.

"Good idea. Virgil should be able figure it out…" Coach agreed.

The group agreed and ran to the diner and flipped the switch and waited for Virgil to arrive, and just like every other time they did something loud the sound of a large horde approaching sounded.

"Here we go guys! Get ready!" Rochelle shouted over all the noise.

The group of five readied their weapons and prepared for the worst.

A lot of commons, and specials later and they could here the small boat making it's way up when a tank's roar filled the air.

"Aw I hate dem muther fuckers!" Dre shouted and switched out his shoutgun for a automatic.

Everyone looked around, ready for the tank to come bursting through any of the entrances of the diner as they all stood in the middle.

Just as the group began to grow suspicious of the delayed entry Rochelle remembered the large hole and looked up just in time to see the tank fall through.


"Aw Dayem!"


"Oh shit!"


The group scattered, all of them going through different opening around the diner to escape the over sized fists of the tank.

"Oh muther fucker." Dre muttered and swung his gun at the breeders head and knocked her to the ground before unloading the clip into her. "Dayem muther fucker you got owwwned!" Dre looked back up and started to fight the horde away as he backed up against a porta potty, once there he opened the door and threw a bile jar into the small area and watched as the horde ran towards it; as soon as they were all practically fighting to get inside he aimed his gun with their heads and pulled the trigger, and tore threw the entire horde within moments. "That's right! That's riiiiight! YEAH!"

"You're kidding me! C'mon Virgil!" Nick shouted and stood on the dock and tried to peer around the trees to look for the boat but when he didn't see it he grunted and stepped off the dock but froze when he saw a rather large looking charger staring at him. "Ooooh fuuuck" Nick drawled and as the charger made his weird cat/cow sound Nick took a dive to the right.

He watched behind him as he stood back up and to his dismay the charger stopped before running into the water. "Just my luck." He growled and squared off to face the charger, aimed up his gun and pulled the trigger just as the charger got ready to charge; regretfully he did not kill it in time…


Rochelle ran away from the diner and stood in the middle of the road where Ellis came up as well and stood behind her. "Shit where's Dre, Nick, and Coach?"

Ellis looked around, "I dunno!"

The two of them together covered one another and shot at any common's and/or specials that came into view while trying to dodge the rocks hurled at them by the tank.

"Coach! Hey man what's up!" Dre greeted as the large black man came up next to him.

"Dre." The man nodded and smiled a little.

"Just in time I thought for sure - oomph!" Dre was cut off when a hunter pounced him from on top of the diner roof. "HOLY FUCK GET 'IM OFF!"

Coach stumbled back but regained his footing and reacted quickly, knocking the hunter off of Dre almost instantly.

"Thanks!" Dre grinned and checked his injuries as Coach pulled him off the ground; four slashes ran diagonally down his chest and were already an angry red. "Uhm… ouch?" he smirked and Coach clapped him on the back.

"Good man." He smiled, "Now let's go find the others."

"I think it would be best to assume they're where that tank is."

Coach nodded, "Yeah good assumption."

The two of them ran off to help Rochelle and Ellis.

It wasn't until Coach and Dre ran up to help them Rochelle figured something was wrong.

Without a word Rochelle ran off into the diner, looking around for Nick, "Nick! Where are you?" She cried out and ran out of the diner and into the small backyard/dock area. She didn't see anything at first but the sound of Nick grunting and a loud thud brought her gaze over to the corner to her right where Nick was being pummeled into the ground violently.

"Holy…. NO!" Rochelle screamed and ran up to the charger with her pan raised and brought it down on top of its large head.

Nick had blood spilling from his lips and there was blood already starting to to pool under his head. "Goddamn you Nick…" Rochelle cursed and injected an adrenaline into his leg to wake him up a bit to get him on his feet.

"Aw fuck!" Nick cursed and sat up.

Rochelle heard the tank die and fall to the ground, "Hey, you good to walk?"

"Yeaaaah totally!" He said dryly.

Rochelle grinned a little as the other three men came out behind them, "Tanks' dead!" Ellis said happily just as a spitter spat some acid down at everyone's feet.

"Aw damn!"


"I'm down!" Coach yelled as he fell to the ground.

"Coach what the fuck!" Dre asked as he bent down to get him.

"That tank got me pretty good…" Coach explained as he was pulled to his feet with the other survivors help.

"Yeah, that he did." Dre nodded and agreed.

Just then the boat pulled past the tree line and the sound of the horn blaring brought smiles to everyone's faces. "Thank god!" everyone said in union.

Rochelle threw Nick's arm over her shoulder and guided him to the boat while Ellis helped Coach; Dre just held back to make sure nothing came up behind them.

Just as the boat revved up and started to pull away the sound of a horde coming could be heard and everyone sighed in relief.

Rochelle slowly lowered Nick to the deck of the boat and dressed his wounds and gave him a small kiss on the forehead as he laid down, Ellis took care of Coach and Dre just watched the shore disappear and just as he was about to turn away he could see the silhouette of another breeder step up to the dock and stand there. Her 'tenticles' moving like snakes around her body.

Dre watched the silhouette until it disappeared and shuddered, he didn't expect that to be the last time he saw one and that made him nervous…

But as he looked around the deck and saw Ellis and Coach talking and smiling and Rochelle coddling a, once again, unconscious Nick he smirked a little.

At least for now they were safe.

He looked behind him one last time but all that was there was empty tree line and water, but he couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched. He shuddered again and sat down by Ellis and the three of them began to talk about the good ol' times.

He'd stick around but eventually he'd have to leave again, but that would come with time.


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