I wake up groggily to see my home a wreck, my sore body aches as I push myself to stand.

"Ryo-okie!" I yell in concern as I look around. "Ryoko!" I call out…nothing but the howling wind outside. I look around the remainder of my living room, everything is scorched, obviously I fought or someone else did….

Think! What had happened? The last thing I remember was Kagato at my door…KAGATO! I feel my heart sink into depths I didn't know existed in me as I quickly ran through the house, fearing the worst. He always did question my actions; when I merged Ryoko with the gems that is, before that he didn't even noticed my daughter. I ran outside then screamed, "Ryoko! Ryo-okie! Where are you?" I hear no response. My body hurts so badly…no! I'm not going to give in until I find my daughters! I mentally told myself as I ran back in the house, I desperately look in all the rooms, even my lab. Nothing! Maybe…maybe he took them…I fall to my knees as I wrap my arms around my throbbing torso, damn him! My husband and my son…then my daughters! why am I denied motherhood! I then snap my head back up, tears still streaming down my bruised face, I hear mewing…ryo-okie!

I quickly get to my feet and searched through the rubble in a hurried manner. I then hear the little cabbit again, more sadly, I continued to dig out the little furball and scoops out a battered ryo-okie. I strangle a sob then hugs her gently to me.

:ryo-okie? Are you okay? Where's Ryoko?: I asked her so many questions.

:I'm fine…but I'm so sore…: she responds. I then looked around and asked again, :where is Ryoko?:

she made a strangled mew before answering, :she went with him…like she was being controlled…I'm sorry…I-I tried…:

:you did the best you could, little one…:I answered as I felt my heart shattering, my little Ryoko, who just turned 6, was taken from me…I hug the little cabbit close to me as I let a sob overcome me.

A/N: okay may or may not be good, but hey at least I'm trying, this is just going to be a oneshot, hope people like this. NXU over and out!