You Broke My Heart

Hey guys! I was like on youtube, looking up Justin Bieber and Jasmine V Love Stories And I found this one story I really liked but didn't get to finish, so now I'm just doing wat I think should happen. Byeeee!

Ep 1.

Jasmine POV: I forgot my name. I just couldn`t remember it. I tried so hard. But somehow everything i knew got erase out
my head. I looked at Demi, with a help look.

Demi: She`s Jasmine, My little sister.
Jasmine: *smiles* What she said.

Jasmine POV: My celebrity crush is sitting right next to me! Justin smiled at me. I suddenly felt butterflys.

Justin: Nice to meet you Jasmine, beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
Jasmine: *laughs nervously & slightly blush* Uh thanks Justin
Justin: *smiles* So is this your first award show?
Jasmine: Yeah, It`s pretty exciting I even met my celebrity crush.
Justin: Oh really, and who is that.
Jasmine: *thinks: Shit!* Um *looks around the room* Taylor Launter! He`s hot & a great actor!
Justin: *frowns* Seriously? I`m way hotter then him.
Jasmine: *smiles* Somebody`s jealous
Justin: What? Of him Never!
Jasmine: Really? Why is that?
Justin: Because i`m sitting AND talking to the most gorgeous in the world.
Jasmine: *looks away & blushes*
Justin: Aww your even more gorgeous when you blush.

Jasmine POV: He is the sweetest guy ever! Demi told me she think he likes me. But i
don`t think so cause why would he like me he`s famous. & I`m just normal well expect
for the fact that i`m Demi Lovato`s sister. The lights shut off. I guess the award show
was starting now.

(Hours Later)

Jasmine POV: The award show is almost over. Demi won an award for best singer. The
Jonas brothers won an award for best band & the list goes on & on. The next award is
for best album. Justin grabbed my hand and slightly squeeze it. I look over at him and
give him an encouraging smile. I know you are going to win.

Selena: & the winner is...
Demi: *rolls her eyes*
Jasmine: *smiles* See i told you, you`ll win.
Justin: *goes on stage* Wow... *He smiles* I just want to thank God, my mom, and Usher also to those other nominees,
um id also like to thank Def Record, my man Scoot, Christian, Ryan, Chaz. & my fans! I wouldn`t be here without
you. *walks off stage*
Host: Well thats our show everyone, Goodnight!

Jasmine`s POV: I saw people starting to leave. I frown cause i guessed we were going home now.

Jasmine: So were going home now?
Demi: *Smiles big* Noo, were going to the after party now!
Jasmine: Awesome!

Jasmine POV: I looked around but i couldn`t find Justin. I frowned i guess he left. I sighed
followed Demi to the limo. I sit next to Nick & just stare at him.

Nick: Can you stop looking at me, its freaking me out.
Jasmine: *smiles & then hugs him*
Nick: *just sits there, confused*
Jasmine: *looks up at him and gives him a death threatening glare*
Nick: *immediately hugs back, alittle scared*
Jasmine: *giggles*
Nick:*Smiles* What? You scare me.
Jasmine: *pull away from the hug* Finally! You smiled! All night you`ve been so mad.
Nick: *Sighs* I have my reasons.
You: Which are?
Nick: I um was kinda sick?
Jasmine:*Sigh* Fine, lets act like I believed that.

Ep 2.

Nick: *Sighs* I have my reasons.
You: Which are?
Nick: I um was kinda sick?
Jasmine:*Sigh* Fine, lets act like I believed that.

Jasmine`s POV: Me and Nick keep on talking to we go the the party. We walked out of the limo & paparazzi was everywhere! I could hear them playing Your Love Is My Drug. I smiled caused i love that song. I smiled even more when i saw the dance floor filled with so many people dancing! A different song came. I started to look for Justin, but sadly i couldn`t find him. Oh well, i thought i start dancing to Hot Mess by Cobra Starship.

?: *wraps his arms around Jasmine`s waist*
Jasmine: *jumps alittle, & turns around to see Justin*
Justin: *smiles*
Jasmine: *smiles back* Why are you so later?
Justin: I had to leave my mom at home!

((Hours Later))

Jasmine`s POV: I had an amazing night with Justin, we danced all night, even a little dirty dancing ;) Before i knew it, its 12 am and its time to leave. I frowned alittle Demi texted me & said they left early. So basically i have no ride home.

Jasmine & Justin: *walk out of the club, holding hand while laughing*
Jasmine: *laughs* That was so much fun!
Justin: Yea, but now it`s getting late.
Jasmine: I could`ve partyied longer.
Justin:*Smiles* So where is your ride?
Jasmine: *takes out her phone* I`ll call a cab. *about to dial the number*
Justin: *grabs the phone from jasmine & puts it in his pocket*
Jasmine: Hey! What was that for?
Justin:*Takes out his car keys* Come on, I`ll give you a ride.
Jasmine: *smiles*
Justin: *opens the door for Jasmine*
Jasmine: Thanks. *gets in Justin`s car*

((Minutes Later: Your in front of Jasmine`s house))

Jasmine: *smiling at Justin* So...
Justin: So.
Jasmine:I had a great time Justin.
Justin:*Smiles* So did I.
*They both just look at each other*
Justin: *starts to lean in*
Jasmine: *leans in two*
Justin & Jasmine: *about to kiss*
?: *open the door*
Justin & Jasmine: *They both lean back immediately*
Demi: OMG! Were you about to kiss, cause I can close the door & act like that never happened! *about to close the door*

Jasmine POV: I stopped her from closing the door. I kinda wanted to KILL her for interrupting me and Justin,
but i knew we were taking things too fast.

Jasmine: No need, I`m going to bed now. *turns to Justin* Goodnight Justin *give him a quick kiss on the cheek*

Jasmine`s POV: I walked in and slammed the door. Then i run up to my room and look out your window just as Justin is backing off the driveway. He then drives off. I sighed. Then took a shower & put on my pjs & then falling asleep

Ep 3.

Jasmine`s POV: I walked in and slammed the door. Then i run up to my room and look out your window just as Justin is backing off the driveway. He then drives off. I sighed. I then took a shower & put on my pjs & then falling asleep.

(Next Morning)

Jasmine POV: I was looking all over my room for my cellphone. But then i remember Justin has it. I head to the bathroom. I feel like i`m forgetting something but i just got into the shower & take a quick shower. When i walk out, i was singing baby. I felt my body collided with someone elses and i looked up and saw Justin there. I scream & moved back...I only had a towel wrapped around my body. I saw Justin staring at me so i quickly run into my room and slam the door.

Jasmine: Justin? What are you doing here?
Justin: I uh..came to give you your phone back.
Jasmine: I`ll be out in a sec! Just let me get dressed! *gets dressed & does her hair, then runs downstairs*

Jasmine: Hey guys watcha doing?
Maddie:Oh Justin was saying how he thinks you`re...
Justin: *puts his hand on her mouth, so she won`t say anything* Uh Maddie, I thought you promised to keep that a secret.
Maddie:Oh yea. *Giggles* Sorry Justin.
Jasmine:Oh come on! I wanna know! *puppy dog eyes*
Justin:Oh no Maddie! Shield your eyes! *He says as he covers his eyes*
Jasmine: *look at Maddie & smiles*
Maddie:Okay! Okay! You win! Justin said you`re beautiful and he wants to be more than friends! *runs off*
Jasmine: *Blushes, looks up to see Justin slightly blushing too*
Justin: So uh I have your phone.
Jasmine: yea, can I have it back?
Justin: *nods & gives its to Jasmine*
Jasmine: You didn`t look through it right?
Justin: *smirks* Nah couldnt crack the code.
Jasmine: *glaces at him*
Justin: You wanna hang out?
Jasmine: *Smiles* Sure, I`d like that. Just let me grab me money. *about to walk off*
Justin: *grabs your arm* What kind of gentleman would I be if I let the pretty lady pay?
Jasmine: *smiles* So, where are we going?
Justin: I don`t know where do you wanna go? Im treating you. Its my free day.
Jasmine: How about McDonalds then we could take a walk in the park?
Justin: *smiles & nods*

(At McDonalds)

Jasmine`s POV: When we got there some fans spot Justin & ask for his autograph. I just stand there awkwardly as I see some of his fans glaring at me...We both have a great time, got to know each other & laughed alot.

(At Park)

Jasmine POV: Me & Justin start taking pictures. It was fun. I smiled most of the time, i got a really funny picture of Justin.

Justin: I`m not posting that picture on twitter.
Jasmine: *smiles evily* That`s alright cause i will.
Justin: You wouldn`t..
Jasmine: *smiles* Oh i would *start walking away*
Justin: *grabs Jasmine from the waist & spins her around to make her face him* Give me the camera Lovato!
Jasmine: You`ll have to catch me Bieber! *run off, laughing*
Justin: *chases after jasmine, running too & he catches her in a few seconds*
Jasmine: *trips, and take him along with her*
Jasmine & Justin: *both roll on the ground laughing*
Justin: *on top of jasmine still laughing*
Jasmine: *stops laughing & looks into his eyes*

Ep 4.

Jasmine: *trips, and take him along with her*
Jasmine & Justin: *both roll on the ground laughing*
Justin: *on top of jasmine still laughing*
Jasmine: *stops laughing & looks into his eyes*
Justin: *slowly leans in*

Jasmine`s POV: I didn`t move..But Pretty soon i felt his soft warm lips meet mine & we kissed slowly and passionately. I really love the feeling of his lips on mine & pretty soon I wrapped my arms around his neck as he deepens the kiss.

Jasmine: *pulls away*
Justin: What`s wrong?
Jasmine: Look up.
Justin: *see the paparazzi*
Jasmine: *stands up quickly*
Justin: *stands up too* So wanna be me girlfriend?
Jasmine: *smiles* Maybe
Justin: *Frowns* Maybe? After that hot make out session, you say maybe?
Jasmine: *blushes* What? We didn`t even go on a date yet and you already want me to be your girlfriend.
Justin: Fine *Holds her hand in his* Jasmine I have a very important question to ask you.
Jasmine: *nods*
Justin: *He sighs making the scene more dramatic* Will you...follow me on twitter? *smiles cutely*
Jasmine: *starts laughing*
Justin: Okay, now in total seriousness, will you go on a date with me?
Jasmine: *smiles* I`d love to.
Justin: Great! I`ll pick you up tomorrow at 7?
Jasmine: Yeah..

(Jasmine`s House)

Jasmine`s POV: I HAVE A DATE WITH JUSTIN TOMORROW! I`m so excited! I could hardly wait!


Jasmine: *talking to her best friend, Kat over Skype*
Kat *Reading Jasmine face* OMG he didn`t!
Jasmine: *smiles and nods, happy that she understood*
Kat: Eeep! Tell me everything!

Jasmine POV: So i spend about an hour explaining to her everything that happened. She is really happy for me & she tells me to go tell Demi so she can help you shop for an outfit.

Jasmine: *go downstairs & see Demi talking on the phone* Demi! Get off the phone with your boyfriend and help me!
Demi: Go away.
Jasmine: *about to leave but then thinks of something* Okay! Fine then I guess you don`t want to help me shop for a cute outfit for my DATE with Justin tonight.
Demi: Bye *hangs up the phone & grab her car keys* This better not be a joke because I just hung up the phone on Joe without telling him why.
Jasmine: *smiles*

(Hours Later)

Justin: Hey, you look beautiful.
Jasmine: *Smiles* Thanks you look handsome.
Justin: *smiles as he hands Jasmine a red rose* I know its not enough but, I know you love roses.
Jasmine: No, its perfect, thank you. *quickly puts it inside before grabbing her purse & closing the door shut.
Jasmine & Justin: *walk to Justin`s car & gets in*
Jasmine: *see the paparazzi* *sighs*
Justin: *Notices her sigh* Hey, whats wrong.
Jasmine: Oh nothing.
Justin: *just looks at Jasmine*
Jasmine: Alright, its just that the paparazzi are going to be following us and...
Justin: Hey don`t worry about that, I got it all planned.
Jasmine: *Smile* And what are you planning to do?
Justin: Oh I can`t tell you, its a surprise.
Jasmine: *pouts*
Justin: *hands Jasmine a blindfold* Put it on, its a blindfold.
Jasmine: *groans before putting the blindfold on*
Justin:*Holds fingers infront of her* How many fingers am I holding up?
Jasmine: How the hell am I supposed to know? I have a blindfold on!

Ep 5.

Justin: *Holds fingers infront of her* How many fingers am I holding up?
Jasmine: How the hell am I supposed to know? I have a blindfold on!
Justin: Geez, just making sure. *he mumbles* So moody.
Jasmine: *hears the last part* Hey! I heard that!
Justin: *laughs*

*minutes later*
Justin: *gets out of the car, goes over to Jasmine, takes her by the hand and leads the way*
Jasmine: Can I take the blindfold off now?
Justin: *doesn`t respond, instead she feels him start to untie the blindfold*

Jasmine`s POV: When it is off, I see this huge house, basically a mansion, with a romantic dinner on the table, candles on the table, the fireplace lit, roses everywhere and beautiful lights hanging from the walls.

Jasmine: Wow! Justin this is amazing! Where are we?
Justin: Why thank you and were at Usher's place he let me borrow it for this special event.
Jasmine: *sits down and see an amazing dinner, desert, and even some drinks.* This looks delicious Justin. *Smiles*
Justin: yea, my mom cooked it for me.
Jasmine: *giggles before she start eating*

Jasmine POV: When we finish eating. We both decide to go out by the pool and just look at the stars. I suddenly realize something as you dip my feet in the pool.

Jasmine: Hey, isnt this where you shot One time?
Justin: *smiles and nods* I was hoping you`d notice that.
Jasmine: *smile as she cuddle into Justin`s arms.*
Justin: *starts singing a part of Never Let You Go* "It's like an angel came by, and took my to heaven, It's like you took me to heaven girl, Cuz when I stare in your eyes, It couldnt be better, I don't want you to go, oh, no, sooo" *looking into Jasmine`s eyes then he stands up & pulls her up with him, He put his hands on her waist as they started dancing together* "Take my hand, lets just dance. Watch my feet, follow me. Don't be scared, girl I'm here. If you didn't know, this is loooovee"

Jasmine POV: When we were done dancing, he leans in. I find yourself leaning in too. We share a passionate kiss then pull away minutes later. He sings one last part of the song, "I'll never let you go, Ohh no, ohh noo, noo, I'll never let you go" I smiled at him before laying my head on his shoulder.

Justin: Will you be my girlfriend?
Jasmine: I`d love to Justin.
Justin: Then its official, you`re all mine and no one elses.
Jasmine: *blushes then nods*

*After the date, at Jasmine`s house*

Justin: *hugs Jasmine*
Jasmine: *hugs back then pulls away* I had a great time Justin, thank you.
Justin: No problem babe, *smiles* I`ll see you tomorrow. *gives Jasmine a small peck on the lips & then walks off to his car.
Jasmine: Bye! *walk into the house and slam the door*

Jasmine POV: "THIS was absolutely the best night of my life." I ran upstairs to my room, opened my laptop and tweeted: BEST day EVER with the most amazing guy! 'Never Let You Go' With that I close my laptop and go to sleep smiling.

Ep 6.

Jasmine POV: "THIS was absolutely the best night of my life." I ran upstairs to my room, opened my laptop and tweeted: BEST day EVER with the most amazing guy! 'Never Let You Go' With that I close my laptop and go to sleep smiling.

(3 months later)

Jasmine: Me and Justin are more than happy. Right now i`m at his house, watching movies. We are watching the Last Song. Justin is in his kitchen, making popcorn.

-Jasmine`s cellphone rings*
Jasmine: Hello?
Jasmine`s Mom: Hi sweety, I have great news!
Jasmine: *Sit up immediately* What is it?
Jasmine Mom: Well you still have school to go to, but I was able to enroll you into a highschool in LA.
Jasmine: Really?
Jasmine`s Mom: Yes! And I worked really hard to get you in there, so you cannot back out!
Jasmine: Okay mom! I promise I won`t! Anyways, whats it called?
Jasmine`s Mom: Hollywood High
Jasmine: Great! When do I start?
Jasmine`s Mom: In a week. Oh and I already put money in the credit card for your school supplies.
Jasmine: Kay. Thanks mom love you.
Jasmine`s Mom: Kay, bye sweety, I`ll miss you.
Jasmine: Bye. *hang up*
Justin: *walks in with the popcorn* Hey, who was that.
Jasmine: Oh my mom. Hey I have something-
*Jasmine was cut off by Justin's phone ringing.*
Justin: *He looks down at the screen before getting up.* I`ll be right back babe. I have to answer this. *He gives Jasmine a peck on the lips before leaving the room.*
Jasmine: *wait there for about a minute before he comes walking in.*
Justin: Hey sorry it was my... mom.

Jasmine`s POV: He said that in a oddly way which make me think hes lying. But I forget all about it when he takes a seat next to me and starts the movie. He puts his arm around me and brings me closer to him so I cuddle more into his chest. Through out the movie I notice that Justin is texting someone. I try to see who it is but he keeps hiding the phone so I can`t really see. When the movie ends I`m slightly mad at Justin because he is STILL texting that mystery person.

Jasmine: Justin! Who are you texting?
Justin: *Looks up from the screen* Oh sorry babe, I`ll stop texting. *he closes his phone and puts it in his pocket.*
*Jasmine smiles and Justin smiles too and then drives her home.*
Jasmine: Bye, i`ll see you tomorrow?
Justin: Oh no, I`m sorry but I need to help my mom with...stuff.

Jasmine`s POV: I nodded not to sure of what he is saying is really true. I leaned in to kiss him when all of a sudden his cell phone rings. I pull back and frown with my arms crossed. Justin looks at the phone then looks back up at me with a sorry look. I shake my head as I open the car door and walk towards the house. I hear Justin get out of his car and run after me.

Justin: *Grabs Jasmine`s arm and turns her around* Look, I`m sorry please don`t be mad at me.
Jasmine: *Sigh* I`m not mad at you I`m mad that the whole time while we were watching the movie, you kept texting someone.
Justin: *Hugs you* I`m sorry, I promise it will never happen again.

Jasmine`s POV: I nodded as I hugged him back. Justin pulls away and gives me a sweet and passionate kiss. Minutes later we both pull away. I smile at him before you peck his lips once more then get out of his grip and walk inside my house. I look out your window to see Justin turn around while taking out his phone and walking into his car. I`m still wondering who
he is constantly talking to. I just say hi to everyone then go upstairs and open my laptop. I sign on Skype and see Kat online. I immediately click on her and wait till she appears on the screen.

Kat: Hey Jasmine!
Jasmine: Hey Kat.
Kat: Okay, whats wrong?
Jasmine: *tells her everything that happened just a few hours ago.*
Kat: Maybe he doesn`t want to tell you because its a surprise?
Jasmine: Or maybe hes cheating on me.
Kat: Hey! Justin may be a lot of things but he isn`t a cheater! He really loves you I see it on all magazines.
Jasmine: You can`t always believe what they say in magazines.
Kat: I know but I trust him, and you should to. He is your boyfriend and you love him.
Jasmine: *nods now understanding what she`s saying.*
Kat: Exactly and if he ever breaks your heart, trust me he won`t get away with it. You`ve got me, Demi, Dallas, Nick, Joe, and many more people to kick his popstar little girl ass!
Jasmine: Hey! Thats still my boyfriend you`re talking about!
Kat: *Laughs* Right, sorry I got carried away.

Jasmine POV: I laughed too and we continued to talk for hours. Before I know it its time to go to bed so I say bye and go to sleep. The next morning I wake up and decide to go out, even if its by myself. I take a short shower and do my hair and put on some shorts, a stripe blue and black tank top with a black vest and black converse. I walked downstairs and see Demi with her keys in her hands heading out for the door.

Ep 7.

Jasmine POV: I laughed too & we continued to talk for hours. Before I know it its time to go to bed so I said bye & went to sleep. The next morning I wake up and decide to go out, even if its by myself. I take a short shower & do my hair & put on some shorts, a stripe blue & black tank top with a black vest & black converse. I walked downstairs & see Demi with her keys in her hands heading out for the door.

Jasmine: Hey wait! Where are you going?
Demi: oh, I`m going to hang out with the boys on the JONAS set. Wanna come?

Jasmine POV: At first I didn`t want to because I know Joe & Demi are going to be all lovey dovey but then I remember that Nick will be there & I haven`t hung out with him in a while so I agree. Demi drives to the set & immediately I see Nick playing baseball with Joe & Kevin. Demi parks the car then we both walk out. As I walked towards the set, I notice that the Wizards of Waverly Place set was right next to it. I just shake my head as I continue walking. When I get there Demi runs to Joe & I walk over to Nick.

Nick: Hey Jasmine!
Jasmine: Hey Nick! I haven`t seen you in soo long! *hugs him*
Nick: *hugs her back* So since Demi and Joe are probably going to be gaga over each other the whole time, & Kevin is gonna be with Danni, wanna hang out with me?
Jasmine: *nods and smile*

*hours later*

Demi: Aww I see a cute couple hugging.
Jasmine: Ooo where?
Demi: Over there. *points at two people & Jasmine looks that way.*
Jasmine: Hmm they look familiar.
Demi: *Realizes who they are and eyes widen* Oh god.
Jasmine: What? Who is it?
Demi: Just look very closely and you`ll find out..
Jasmine: *Confused* Okay well the guy has blondeish hair & the girl has black hair. Hmm..well the girl is definitely Selena Gomez...& the guy..
*They both pull away from the hug and Jasmine can now see their faces clearly.*
Jasmine: Oh my god! Its..Justin! What is he doing here? He said he had to help his mom today!
Demi: Maybe he finished early?
Jasmine: "*You gave her a look* He would`ve told me...So he really was lying to me yesterday.
Demi: Then see if he lies to you today.

Jasmine`s POV: I know what she meant so I took my phone out of my pocket & dialed his number. As I was calling him, I watched him from the binoculars. He & Selena were laughing at something. After it rang a couple of times, he finally answered.

Justin: *Still laughing* Hello?

Jasmine`s POV: I wanted to yell at him so badly for lying, because I`m the type of girl who doesn`t let anyone push me around, but I kept my cool.

Jasmine: Hey baby
Justin: *Stopped laughing as he motioned Selena to keep quiet* Um Hi babe. What up?
Jasmine: Oh I was just wondering if you were done helping your mom yet so we could hang out.
Justin: *Getting nervous, he`s not used to lying* Um sorry babe but no, I actually have a lot to do.
Jasmine: Well how about I go over there and help you out?
Justin: NO! I mean no babe its fine I`ll just help my mom by myself. Its actually a really bonding moment. But I`ll talk to you tomorrow. Love ya. *hangs up quickly*
-He didnt even wait for Jasmine to respond.-
Jasmine: *frown as she close her phone and turns to Demi.
Demi: I`m so sorry. He`s a lying idiot.
Jasmine: *You nod but then you get an idea.* Hey if he gets to hang out with her then I can hang out with..who`d make him jealous?"
Demi: Ummm... Nick?
Jasmine: *smiles* Thats perfect! But how do I make him see us?
Demi: Well...we are on the same set. Why don`t we act like were playing or something and we pass the Wizards set?
Jasmine: Perfect! Now we just need to wait for the guys to take a break.

Jasmine`s POV: Just then i felt two strong arms pick me up and spin me around. I squealed and screamed.
Nick: *Laughed as he put you down* Wow you`re a scardey cat.
Jasmine POV: I looked at him and then I started chasing him. I tackle him to the floor, holding him down.
Jasmine: Say you`re sorry!
Nick: God! Okay I`m sorry!

Ep 8.

Jasmine: Say you`re sorry!
Nick: God! Okay I`m sorry!
Jasmine: *smiles before getting up and helping him up too.*
They both walk over to Demi & Joe. Demi gives Jasmine the look to tell them.
Jasmine: Okay guys, I need your help.
*Both Nick and Joe look at her.*
Joe: What is it?
Jasmine: Well you see the Wizards of Waverly Place set over there?
*They both nod.*
Jasmine: Well Justin is there. He lied & said that he was helping him mom when hes really hanging out with Selena.
Nick: Okay? Why do you need our help?
Demi: Well we were thinking that if Justin can hang out with Selena, then Jasmine can hang out with Nick.
*They all look at Nick, waiting for him to agree.*
Nick: *Sigh* Fine I`ll help but what do I have to do?
Jasmine: *Hugs him* Thank you! Oh & all we have to do is have a GREAT time & act like we don`t even notice them, pretty simple since you`re all actors.
Joe: *Mumbles* I swear she`s gonna use that over us or whole lives.
Jasmine: *heard what he said & hit him on the chest* Hey! I will not!
Demi: Hey don`t hit my boyfriend!
Jasmine: *hits Joe multiple times* Haha! Just did!
Demi: *looks at Jasmine before she starts chasing her.*
Jasmine: *screams and runs*
Demi: *laughs as she continues to run after Jasmine.*
Joe: *smirks & says to Nick* Ha man! TWO girls are fighting for me AND they`re sisters!
Jasmine & Demi: *stop as they hear him and look at each other, nod & run to him. They both tackle him to the ground & start tickling him. He starts laughing hard trying to get you both off.*
Nick: *laughing* Haha man! Now they`re gonna tickle you to death!
Jasmine: *looks up at him & smirk*
Nick: *his eyes widen as he starts to run away.*
Jasmine: *gets off of Joe & jump on Nick`s back.*
Nick: *holds Jasmine on his back* Haha! Wasn`t very smart now was it?
Jasmine: *hold onto him tight as she screams* Nick! Put me down!
Nick: *shakes his head as he starts running around.*
Jasmine: Nickkkkk!

Jasmine POV: He just keeps running & soon I see Joe walk up with Demi on his back, who was hitting him trying to make him let her go.

Demi: Shoot! He`s strong!
Jasmine: *nods as she start to hit Nick`s back.*
Joe & Nick: Stop doing that!
Jasmine and Demi: Not until you put us down!
*Joe & Nick look at each other and nod.*
*Both Jasmine`s & Demi`s eyes widen.*
Jasmine: Oh you better not...
*Joe and Nick take off. They run really fast with Jasmine & Demi still on their backs.*
Jasmine: Ahhh! Nick! *holding onto him tighter.*
Demi: *Laughs* Hey Jas, this is pretty fun.

Jasmine POV: Pretty soon I started laughing too & the boys soon stop.

Nick: *Frowns* Why are you laughing?
Joe: Yea, you`re supposed to be scared.
Demi: Well its pretty fun.
Jasmine: Now giddy up! *She says as she hits Nick`s head.*

Jasmine POV: We`re all laughing and having a great time before I see Justin, not too far away sitting on a chair next to Selena, laughing and talking.

Jasmine: Stop!
*Both Nick and Joe stop. Demi looks at Jasmine confused.*
Jasmine: Justin is over there, just telling ya.
*They nod & both Nick & Joe start to run again, slightly tired. Jasmine & Demi laugh*
Demi: Oh hurry up!
Jasmine: Come on! My grandma can walk faster then you!
*They both just stand there taking in deep breaths.*
Demi: Come on Joe! You can soo run faster than Nick!
Jasmine: Nooo! Nick can run wayyy faster!
Demi: *smirks at Jasmine* Wanna race?

Ep 9.

This is the ep I edited and rewrote. Hope you guys like! (P.s. I didn't rewrite much in this. They were supposed to breakup I just rewrote how they did it)

Jasmine: Nooo! Nick can run wayyy faster!
Demi: *smirks at Jasmine* Wanna race?
Jasmine: Totally! Winner gets 10 bucks!
Demi: Deal! *she shakes Jasmine`s hand*
Jasmine: Ready! Set! Go!

Jasmine`s POV: Nick and Joe take off and I hold on tight to Nick because he`s running pretty fast.

Jasmine: Ha! Nicks on the lead!
Demi: No Joe is!
*They race all the way to the end of the place, which was where the Wizards set was.*
Jasmine: Poned! Nick and I won!
Nick: *trying to catch his breath* Nick and I? More like Nick!
Jasmine`s POV: Me and Demi just laugh. Pretty soon the guys start laughing too. But we were all intrrupted by an angry voice, that belonged to Justin.

Justin: What the hell is going on here?"
*they all turn to an angry Justin standing next to Selena.*
Jasmine: *acts confused as she gets off of Nicks back* Justin? What are you doing here?
*He just ignores Jasmine as he grabs her arm and drags her away.*
Jasmine: *pull away from his grip* Well? What are you doing here?
Justin: That doesn`t matter what matters is what you are doing here.
Jasmine: I`m hanging out with my friends and sister, is there a problem?
Justin: *now talking a bit louder* Uh yea, you`re on that guys back!
Jasmine: *ignore what he says* Why don`t you answer why you are here!
Justin: *angry and is now lying* I just got here! I JUST finished helping my mom!
Jasmine: *angry too* You`re lying! I saw you here a long time ago! You never did help your mom did you!
Justin: What? Now I can`t hang out with my friend?
Jasmine: And I can`t hang out with mine? Plus you lied about it!
Justin: *ignores the last part* No because he likes you more than friends!
Jasmine: Just like she likes you more than friends!
Justin: And? I can control myself! I`m not on her back!
Jasmine: You can`t control yourself! Thats why you was hugging her!
Justin: What? You`re spying on me now? *he quickly glances away to see Demi,Joe,Nick,and Selena looking at them listening*
Jasmine: No! I just saw it cause I was hanging out with Nick and Joe since you were 'busy' helping your mom when you were
really spending time with her!
Justin: See this is why I didn`t tell you! I knew that youd be jealous!
Jasmine: *getting more angrier* Me? Jealous of what?
Justin: *is really angry now & isn`t paying attention to what hes saying* Jealous that I`m actually hanging out with a girl who is better than you!
Jasmine`s POV: I stared at him with a lite angry, shocked look on my face. He stared at me intensly. I looked at him slightly laughing. But these were giggles of disbelief and anger. I then looked away and closed my mouth. Tears started to form in my eyes. Then he realized what he just threw out his mouth.
Justin: *realizes what he said* Oh god, Jasmine I didn`t mean- *he touched your arm*

Jasmine`s POV: I pulled my arm away quick. I glared at the ground, with a fed-up look on my face. I tried hard to talk threw my tears. "Justin I trusted you. To tell me the truth. To never lie to me. To never say ANYTHING like you just did to me. But you proved me wrong" two hot tears ran down my face. Then I looked at him. "I don't know if your cheating on me-" I started but I saw the look on his face, like he was about to say something. I looked back at the ground putting a finger infront of his face telling him to wait. "But I don`t care" I lowered my finger and looked at him with the most hurt look on my face. "Don't call me, don't text me, don't ever try to communicate with me-we are through" I with that I ran off crying, going who knows where. I was really hurt. I saw how Demi,Joe,Selena,and Nick, and everyone else in that big room stopped whatever they were doing to stare, and listen to us. I kept running. I could hear Justin screaming for me. I don't look back.
Demi: Jas? Jasmine!
Jasmine: *doesn't stop running*
Demi: *Turns to Justin angry, still staring at him while she says:* Nick go find her, take her home. *she walks over to Justin, Joe following behind*

Nick: *takes off*
Justin: *trying to run after Jasmine but Demi stops him*
Demi: Why the hell would you say that to my sister?
Justin: *sigh* I didnt mean it Demi.
Demi: *getting angrier* You know, I did nothing but support you! And you go off and break my sisters heart? *turns to Selena not far behind* And you! We used to be best friends. We've known each other since Pre-K, in Dallas. Both of you, don't lie, are you dating? *she turns to Justin*

Ep 10.

Justin: No way!
Selena: Justin..!

Justin: *sighs* This is our second date
Demi: WHAT'S WRONG DID YOU JUST GET TIRED OF HER! *walking closer to Justin, balling up her fist*
Joe: *holding Demi back*
Justin: No! I-...I don't know *then he looks up at Selena* Selena I'm sorry. I'm in love with Jas. She's my one and only. I wasn't Thinkign when I asked you out. Can we just be friends?
Demi: If thats ok with Jasmine. And right now...she doesn't even wanna be with-in yards of you
Selena: Look I've gotta go. This is way too much drama for me. Justin, call me when you make up your mind k?(she's being a smart-ass when she says this) *Walks away*
Demi: *glares back at Justin* I'm going to go see if Jasmine's ok. I really do hope you get a life Justin. I really, really do. *she turns, grabs Joe's hand and speed walks in the direction Jasmine went in*
Justin: *standing there*

With Jasmine and Nick

Jasmine`s POV: I ran and ran and ran till I couldn't run anymore. I ended up in an old playground. I sat down on a swing and cried my eyes out. Why would he do this to me? Why did he say that? I never ever thought this would happen. I'm still deeply in love with him. I'll never let him go. I have no clue how long I was crying. I fell asleep on a bench. It was dark when Nick found me. "We've be looking all over the place for you Jas" he said. I didn't respond making him think I was sleeping. But I was up about 15 minutes before he found me. I was just laying there. Thinking. Thinking about what happened after I left. Thinking about what Demi might have did. Nick bent down unfront of me. He saw my eyes open through my hair. I didn't look up at him when he was infront of me. I still just layed there. "Jas are you ok?" he asked. HELL NO I WASN'T OK! I wanted to slap him for asking me such an obvious question. But still I just layed there. Speechless as a doll. I realized he just wanted to help me. So I said "Can you talk me home?" no emotion, noting else moving but my lips. "Sure" he said, and picked me up, and carried me to his car. He opened the passenger door and put me inside. All the emotion was ripped out of me. I was just staring blankly. I looked down at my fingers and started to play with them. Nick took out his phone before he pulled off. "I`ve otta tell them I found you. Then he finished his text and drove off. It was silent. Till I broke out crying. I can't believe I broke up with him. My first love! Nick pulled over and hugged me. I didn`t hug back, but cried into his chest. I soon stopped but he didn't let go of me.

Jasmine: Nick, maybe he`s right..
Nick: No way in hell is he right.
Jasmine: No, I mean *looks up at him, still teary eyed* he deserves someone better then me. I mean I`m just a normal teenager while he`s this superstar. *Looks down* I`m not good enough for him. Selena IS better than me.
Nick: *lifts Jasmine chin* Hey, Selena ISN`T better than you and any guy would be lucky to have you. You're smart, sweet..

Jasmine`s POV: I blush. "Funny, Pretty, Talented-" hell no..does he know I can sing? "How?" I asked. "Demi showed me the video of you singing. Your amazing" he said looking at me. I blush again. "And if you've ever heard Selena sing in real life..she sound like a dieing animal" I laugh. "Nicholas be nice" I said feeling better. My phone vibrates. It`s a text...from Justin...

I'm cuming 2 ur house, please cum talk 2 me babe.

I ask Nick if he could run upstairs while I talk to Justin when we get obeys and as soon as we get there I gave him the keys and he heads upstairs while I waited until Justin got to my house, got out of the car and walks over to me.

Justin: *sightly crying* Jasmine, I didn`t mean what I said, please I was just angry.
Jasmine: *sigh. I hated to see him cry, even if he did break my heart, I still loved him* Well Justin, sometimes when people are angry, they say the truth.
Justin: *grabs her hands* Please, I`m sorry.
Jasmine: *pull your hands away* Don`t be, cause you were right, She is better than me, infact way better.
Justin: Jasmine-
Jasmine: *cut him off* No Justin! You deserve someone better than me! I`m a no one! Go and date someone who is famous! Like Selena or Miranda! I`m sure that they`ll fit your taste.
Justin: *now crying a bit more* I don`t want them! They aren't like you! I want YOU! I need you, I love you!
Jasmine: I love you too, but thats what we need to do when we love someone, let them go.
Justin: *looking down* No Jasmine.
Jasmine: Goodbye Justin, I hope you have a good life.

Jasmine`s POV: I gave him one last kiss on the cheek before I walked into the house & shut the door. I slide down the door as I start crying again. That was the hardest thing for me to do, break up with the guy I loved and what hurts even more is that I thought that he`d be there with me forever, and he`d never break my heart. But he did. I heard foot steps coming towards me and I know its Nick when he swoops me into his arms and takes me up the stairs. He lays me down on the bed and is about to leave when I talked up.

Jasmine: *shaky voice* Nick, don`t leave me please.
Nick: *nods before getting into bed with her and pulling Jasmine into his chest.*

Jasmine`s POV: I cry into his chest as I cuddle into his chest. Minutes later I want to cry more but I know that Nick is still there so I don`t want him to see me crying, I look up at him.

Jasmine: Nick, I`m sorry.
Nick: *confused* For what?
Jasmine: I know you hated Justin and you probably were trying to warn me not to go out with him because he`d break my heart, and I didn`t listen to you. So now you can tell me I told you so. I probably deserve it anyway.
Nick: *hugs Jasmine* I`m not going to do that. And I didn`t hate him, I was just a little jealous I guess.

Jasmine: *confused* Jealous? Of What?
Nick: Well I thought he got all the girls I either dated or liked. I mean 1st Miley, then Selena, & then you.
Jasmine: You liked me?
Nick: Well yeah.
Jasmine: *kisses his cheek* Thats so sweet but-
Nick: I know you`re not ready for a relationship, don`t worry. Well just be friends.
Jasmine: More like best friends.

Jasmine`s POV: With that we hugged, but then I remember something, well more like a someone, Kat. I HAD to tell her what happened. So I took out my laptop and logged into Skype and clicked on her contact. She appeared on the screen and I immediately started telling her everything while Nick just sat there waiting. When I was done, she gave me a sorry look.

Kat: Oh Jas, i`m soooo sorry!
Jasmine: Don`t be..I did the right thing right?
Kat: Of course you did! You NEVER let a guy break your heart!
Jasmine: I know that but I still love him.
Kat: Well you`ll forget about him when that cutie (refers to Nick) will help you get your mind off him!
Jasmine & Nick: *blush a deep shade of red*
Jasmine: KAT!
Kat: Chill! I`m just kidding!
Jasmine: *hears the chatter of Demi and Joe outside then a car door slam* Listen Kat, I gotta go Demi and Joe are here.
Kat: kay kay, bye

Jasmine POV: I signed off but I decide to tweet something before I closed my laptop: I thought I`d be a wreck without you, when in truth I won`t because I have people around me who care about me and love me. Goodbye for now. I loved you.


Jasmine`s POV: I keep trying to think that I`m over Justin when I really am not. I still love him and I never stopped. I`ve been hanging out with Nick more and we`re great friends. I still talk to Kat at times but I am more closer to Nick than her now. I`ve also dropped out of school because I've started up with a music carreer, and making songs. Nick talked to his manager about me and got me my own manager. Sooner than I know it I`m in the studio making "Serious". (If you haven't heard got on youtube and look up Jasmine V serious). I really becoming known and reconized. And you know that when you've got paparitzi following you around everywhere. Me and Nick are going on a thing today. I really don't know what to call it. We're going as friends. I was still getting over Justin. I couldn't afford another heartbreak. I was putting on my eyeshadow when something grabbed me by the waist and picked me up. I screamed and smiled. Who else? It was Nick.

Jasmine: Nicholas! Put me down!
Nick: *laughs as he puts her down* How did you know it was me?
Jasmine: *straighten her dress* Cause there is a mirror right here!
Nick: Oh..
Jasmine: *laughs*
Nick: Well are you ready?
Jasmine: Yes. Who let you in by the way?
Nick: The door was unlocked
Jasmine: *looks at Nick* So you let yourself in? *walks out the house and locks the door after Nick leaves out. Heads to the car and opens the door*
Nick: *gets in* So, where do you want to go?
Jasmine: I don`t know..O0O how about the movies!
Nick: *starts driving* Sure.

-Minutes later, they both arrive at the movies.-

Nick: What do you want to watch?
Jasmine: about Nightmare on Elm Street!
Nick: *shrugs* Sure, whatever you want. *To the ticket lady* Two tickets to Nightmare on Elm street.
Ticket Lady: That`ll be 13.30
Jasmine: *about to take out her wallet when Nick stops her.*
Nick: Its okay, I got it. *He pays the lady*
Ticket Lady: Nice boyfriend you got there. Paying for the tickets. Such a gentleman.
Jasmine: *slightly blushes* Um..he`s not my boyfriend.
Nick: Yea, were just friends. *slightly disappointed.*
Jasmine: *notice and decide to give him a kiss on the cheek* Best friends.
Nick: *smiles at Jasmine and holds her hand while grabbing the ticket.* Come on, lets go.

Jasmine`s POV: We both walk away but I could hear the ticket lady mumble. "Aw young love." I smile to myself as I walk into the movie theater. When the movie was done, I was walking out laughing, while holding onto Nick's hand.

Jasmine: *laughing* Ahaha! The way he sneaked up on her then dashed her throat was so funny!
Nick: *look at you weirdly* You Lovatos are weird.
Jasmine: Hey! Just because I thought a girl dying was funny, doesn`t mean I`m weird!
Nick: Yeah, yeah, come on lets go.
They both walk to Nick`s car and he drives Jasmine home.
Jasmine: I had an awesome time Nick. *smile*
Nick: Well I`m glad of that.

Jasmine`s POV: We both just smile at each other. Minutes later, we both snap out of it and he gives me a quick hug before leaving. I just smile to myself as I walk into the house. Demi pops out of nowhere in front of me. I jump, startled a bit.

Demi: Were you just with Nick?
Jasmine: Um yeah, why?
Demi: I smell a cute couple!
Jasmine: *rolls her eyes* Oh come on were just friends.
Demi: Fine, whatever you say. I just wanted to tell you that were going to Grammys tomorrow.
Jasmine: What? I don`t want to go!
Demi: Oh come on why not?
Jasmine: Oh, I don`t know maybe its something that rhymes with Bustin Jieber and Gelena Somez.

Demi: Huh?...Oh I get it. Well Nick will be there with you, so will I & Joe & Kevin &-
Jasmine: Okay, I get it. I`ll go but only if Nicks going.
Demi: Then we better go dress shopping tomorrow. *walks off*

Jasmine`s POV: I was in deep thought. Not ANOTHER awards show. At my first awards show, I met Justin, so its likely that I would bump into him or even him and Selena. I didn`t want to go but I had to prove to Justin that i`m strong and he can`t break me. I HAD to go to this awards show. I was ready for anything. (Next Day) Its tomorrow and I got up early to go dress shopping with Demi. I bought a short sparkly, silver dress with black high heels and a matching silver purse. I let Demi do my hair and makeup because she wouldn`t stop bugging me about it. She put red lipstick with purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner and a little bit of blush. I had to admit that she did a pretty good job and I looked amazing. I had on some jewelry and she curled my hair a bit, leaving some parts a bit straight. By the time she was done, it was already 5 o`clock. We were both in the living room waiting for the boys and Danni to come. 5 minutes passed and that`s when I heard the doorbell ring. Me and Demi got up immediately and opened the door to reveal Joe and Nick, both in tuxes. Nick was in a black and white one, slightly matching with your dress while Joe was in an all black tuxedo, matching with Demi's black dress. Joe and Demi walk off, leaving me and Nick standing there, looking at each other.

Nick: Um, wow you look gorgeous.
Jasmine: *blushes* Thanks Nick, you look very handsome.

Jasmine`s POV: He smiles at me and took his hand out, waiting for me to grab it. I giggle before grabbing his hand and walking to the car with him. I think to myself about how I might be falling for him. And as much as I hated to admit it, Nick and Justin were alike in many ways. Before I knew it, We arrived at the Grammys and millions of cameras were flashing, waiting for me, Demi and the boys to come out. We get out and I`m holding Nicks hand while walking down the red carpet. I hear the paparazzi scream Nick`s and my name, asking if we were dating. I simply shook my head while Nick answered "No, were just best friends." Pretty soon Nick and I are talking to an interviewer asking about our music and new thing coming up soon. We finish and I then hear the paparazzi screaming Justin`s name. 'Oh no' I think to myself. He was probably near me because I hear the paparazzi right next to me screaming his name too. Then I heard them scream Selena`s name too. My eyes pretty soon land on Justin and Selena, posing for picture, smiling. I can`t seem to get my eyes off of them, like my eyes were glued still to them. Pretty soon Justin looks over and locks eyes with mine. I look away and make sure Nick still got my hand. So we both walk off and start posing for pictures too. I still can`t get Justin off my mind so i`m starting to get frustrated with myself. Just then Joe walks over and whispers something in Nick`s ear. I could see Nick get mad.

Nick: Joe, I`m not going to do it!
Joe: Come on man its just a picture.
Nick: I don`t care.
Joe: Well we have to, dad said it could be better for our publicity.
Jasmine: What are you guys talking about?
Nick: *sighs* Jas, our dad wants all of us to take a picture with Justin.
Jasmine: *frowns* No its okay, its just a picture.
Nick: You don`t have to come with us if you want.
Jasmine: No, I want to.
*Jasmine, Nick, Joe and Kevin walk off to where Justin was standing with Selena. Demi and Danni already went inside to get to the seats.*

Jasmine`s POV: I walk over by Justin and Selena still holding Nicks hand. I feel Justin scanning us. So when the picture finishes and everyone walks away, I stop Nick and kiss him on the cheek. I made sure Justin was still watching us. I turn around and walk with Nick into the building holding his hand tight. Me and Nick whisper and talk the whole time we wait. Justin is a row behind to the right. Me and Nick start to flirt, and I lay my head on his shoulder for a quick second. He put his arm around me. He whispers in my ear "I really think Justins about to blow he hasn't stop staring at us since the red carpet" I smile and glance at the crowd ahead of me but looking at Justin at the corner of my eye. While Selena was talking to David Henry beside her, he was looking dead at me. I hear an annoncment "All of the presenters that will be going upstage today has an invitation under their chair telling them who they will be presenting with. We will began in 20 minutes" the lady finished and everyone looked under their seats. Suprisingly I had one! I grabbed it excitedly. Demi who was sitting beside Nick looked at me. "Wow girl! You're popular enough to be a presenter at the Grammys! I'm so proud!" she said reaching over nudging my leg. Nick looked at me and smiled. I waved it in his face and bragged. "Show off" he said and rolled his eyes, I read the card

"You have been chosen to be a presenter this year! You will be presenting BEST SONG OF THE YEAR with JUSTIN BIEBER"

That`s just terrific!