You Broke My Heart

Jasmine's POV

I woke up the next morning, weak, and strained. I fell asleep and Justin's chest, while he had his arm around me. 'Love Faces' was on low volume in the backround. I smiled and put my chin on Justin's chest so I could look at him. He was sound asleep. I traced on his six pack to wake him up. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at me. "Hi" he said drowsy. "Hey" I huffed. "You know we might get killed today right?" he smirked. I knew. There was NOWAY Scooter and Lawrence slept through THAT. I shrugged and said "uh". He giggled, and pucker his lips. I smiled and got up to peck his lips. I leaned to the floor and grabbed my bra and underwear. It HURT. I guess this is the painful part of sex. I slipped them on under the covers and got up. Justin found his boxers and slipped them on. I laughed as we got out of the bed. Justin peeked out the door for someone, then he shook his head. I quietly snuck out and ran to my room. With I every step a said "Ow". This hurts! I heard Justin laugh, teasing me. I gently shut the door. Then as soon as I turned around I saw Demi staring dead at me. I half screamed then I covered my mouth. "Hey" she said. I shook my head and backed out of my room slowly. "Come here Jasmine" she said forcefully. I whinned and walked back in, then shut the door. Uh-oh

~Hour and a half later

"Ok, Demi! I get it. But I was only doing it so my memory of dad would be erased all the way, and not just a bad memory I remember from 9 years ago, I want to be able to talk about it and shrug like it means nothing anymore. I'm sorry I had sex ok. And I know I'm too young and that I shouldn't be doing these things but, Demi. I'm going to be 17 in just 4 months! You gotta cut me some slack for being 1. In the mood, and 2. Madly in love with this amazing guy. Don't tell me you're engaged to Joe and haven't lost your virginity to him" I said. She stared at me for a second then said "Look,this isn't about me! It's about you not getting pregnant". "For the billionth time WE USED PROTECTION. We knew what was gonna happen, and we knew we needed to be protected. Condom mistakes is only for no warning. I had a warning" I said. "Wait, he knows about dad?" she said. I nodded at her. She sighed. "Ok. I'm done yelling, lets just get to work" she said grabbing my laptop and opening it. "What work?" I asked walking over to my drawer to get some pajamas. I was starting to feel awkward. "My wedding dress..." she said. My whole body stopped. DEMI WAS LETTING ME HELP HER PICK OUT HER WEDDING DRESS! "Your letting me help!" I screamed. She nodded. "Remember Jazzy? Mejia?" she asked and smiled. "Yes!" I yelled. "And remember when we played vow or pow? The game where you had to vow something and if you didn't you got punched by her little boxing mit toy?" she asked again. "Oh yeah! And you vowed-" she finished for me "I'd let you help me pick out my wedding dress because you went through with my dare" she smiled again. I squealed and ran back over to the bed, with my pj's on.

We searched up for awhile and found the most beautiful dress. (in my profile) It was flowy, but flat all white and the back is very long. I'm in love with the dress we picked out! We're gonna have to show mom and the bridal party though. They'll love it too! Just then Justin entered the room. He looked suprised that Demi was here. "Hey Justin. Heard you been swipin' cards" she said. I snorted and looked down. "Stop it Demi" I said under my attempt to stop myself from laughing. "What?" she said then looked back at Justin. "Ever of a V-card? Everyone gets them. Jasmine's been complaining she lost it. Did you take it?" she asked serious. I was cracking up but silently. "I'm pretty sure he did Demi" I said. "I knew it! Ok, Come on. Give it back to her...Oh wait. You can't. It's in your-" but I stopped her before she could say another word "Ok Demi! That's enough". "Look I'm sorry Demi but," Justin started but Demi said "I'm over it". Justin came in and sat next me, then grabbed my hand. After awhile I said "Wait, I just realized something. Our next stop is San Jose' and the bus is moving. Demi your coming with us?". She looked at me and smiled. "Yes, I wanna see how you and Kenny Ortega's meeting goes" she said. "Oh. Yes!" I say. Demi looked at me then at my chest. Her face got interested. "Where did you get that?" she pointed to the necklace Justin gave me. "Justin gave it to me for our 50th anniversary of dates. Because he's the very best boyfriend ever" I say then turn my head to kiss Justin. We kissed for about 10 seconds then Justin pulled away when he realized Demi was just glancing at us. I turned around to look at her. I smirked and said "Sorry". "I'm good" she said. I grabbed my phone and tweeted "Never Let Love Get The Best Of You, You Should Always Try To Get The Best Of Love ;)"

They get to San Jose' and perform, and now Jasmine is meeting Kenny at "Fahrenheit Restauruant & Lounge" for the meeting. Demi and Justin are hiding in descise at a table far away.

"Ahh Jasmine Villegas! Man you're even more gorgeous in person! That concert was outstanding, you've gotta true talent" Mr. Ortega said. I smiled as we hugged. "Thank you Kenny" I say. I had on a sparkly black dress with a flowy part on the back off it, then I had on some gray combat heels. I wanted to just be me. "So lets order our drinks and get down to business" he sat down. "Ok!" I said excited and sat down. The owner of the restaurant walked over to us. "Good evening Mr. Ortega and Ms. Villegas, my name is Rodney, I am the owner of the restaurant. Let me just start off by saying it is an absolute honor for the both of you to be at my restaurant. Kenny my daughter loves high school musical, she has the bags, the bed, lotion, the perfume, the dolls, and all 3 dvds. That movie is glued to her head. And Jasmine...there isn't a day I've come home and 'Jealous' isn't on full blast in her room. She can't stop listening to that song. Her and her mother were just at you and Justin's concert. I can't wait to get home and hear all about it" I smirked. "Yea it was amazing. Your gonna get quite the mouth full" Kenny laughed. So did Rodney. "Why don't you give her this." I say and grab my napkin from off the table. "What's her name?" I asked. "Lauren" he replied. I dug in my purse and got a black marker and my un-opened new lip gloss from my lipgloss line, then on the napkin I wrote 'Dear Lauren. I hear you're a true Jasminator. Thank you so much, and remember I love you just as much as you love me. This lipgloss is to my not yet released lipgloss line. The flavor is coconut strawberry. It is absolutly delish! Hope you enjoy. Jazzy V'. Then I signed the lipgloss, wrapped the napkin around it and gave it to him. "There you go!" I smiled. "Thank you Jasmine. She's gonna die when she gets this. She's been waiting for this lipgloss line for ages" He said. I giggled. "So what will your drinks be for tonight?" he asked taking out his notepad. I looked at Kenny. He chestured for me to go first. "I'll have some water" I say. Kenny scanned the menu "I'll have a Lychee Martini" he said. I looked over at him quick. "Oh no, am I driving tonight?" I joked. Kenny and Rodney laughed. While he was still laughing, Rodney said "Your drinks will be right out. Boy, you're as charming as you look Jasmine!" he walked away. I giggled once more. "So Jasmine, would you prefer a kid-ish funny role, or a more dramatic serious role?" Kenny said when he stopped laughing. "Well, um, I kinda decided I wanna do something my fans wouldn't expect. So you know, the goofy roles or the 'I'm perfect' roles, are what people would expect me to do. I'd perfer a more serious dramatic role. Cause it gives me that look that lets people know, I'm not just Justin Bieber's girlfriend, or that it's not all about the goody-good things I do. And that I'm serious about my singing career just as much as I am with my acting career. And that I'm sweet but I can act out a role extremely oppisite to my real personality. You see where I'm going?" I asked. He nodded "Yea. You'd like to also attract the adult audience, and let them know you're more than what you appear to be. From what I understand this isn't going to be your first time on screen?" he asked. "Uh, yea. I did a couple of minor roles before. But yea. I'd love to be the dramatic one" I say. "Well that's great, because we wanna turn this possible movie into a Tyler Perry teen love story" I stopped in my position. He nodded. "We thought it'd be a great combination of his style, and mine" he said. I snapped back and said " he'd be the producer, or the director?" I asked. "The director. I'd be the producer" he said. Just then Rodney walked up and gave us our drinks "Here you are" he sat them down "Let me know when you're ready to order" he walked away. I sipped my water. "So when are the auditions?" I asked. "Two weeks from now" he said. "But I think I really like you for the leading role, because you're exactly what I pictured you as. The leading roles name is 'Misienia' but throughout the movie everyone calls her 'Missy'. I'd love it if you were Missy. Your perfect for the role" he said. "Well, I'll make sure I practice so they'll cast me as her!" I smiled. He picked the menu back up. "I think I'm getting the 'Pan Roasted Duck' " he said. I picked the menu back up "I want the 'Fire Grilled Hanger Steak' " I say.

The rest of the evening we talked, laughed, and ate. Kenny was quite an entertainer. His jokes were really funny. I had a good time, and I can tell he really liked me. I have a good feeling about this movie. That's what I told Justin and Demi. They felt confident too. Later that night we went for a walk. That's when I told them all about it. "I think you're gonna get the part" Justin stated. "Yea. He seemed so secure about you as the lead role" Demi added. "Don't get your hopes up guys! Kenny said 'But it's Hollywood. Just because someone likes you doesn't mean you automatically get the role you wanted'. I took him up for that. I know this movie could shoot me way to the top, I just don't want to seem so-...s-so..." I stopped in my words. I saw a man sitting on a park bench staring at me. He looked so familiar. Like I I've known him before. I stared at him. Deep and hard. Until he looked away. Then it came back to me. Could it be? "Jasmine?" Demi said waving her hand in my face. I smacked it away and looked at the man again. "Oh my god" I said under my breath. The man looked back over at me. He looked shocked. He got up from the bench and started to walk over. I grabbed Demi's wrist and backed away. With every step forward he made, was a step backwards I made. "Stay away from us!" I screamed. "Jasmine what's-" Demi started but ask but once she looked at the man coming this way she said "Oh-Oh MY GOD". She stopped for a minute. I kept pulling her but she wouldn't move. She shook her head and said "Stay back!". Then she turned around quickly and grabbed my arm, and as soon as she did she made a break for it, taking me with her. "Jasmine, Demetria!" he yelled from a distance. We kept running. We weren't staying anywhere near that man. Our father...

Justin's POV

I looked at Jasmine and Demi running away. Then back at the man walking over to us. Kenny walked closer to him, and blocked him. "Get out of the way, I need to talk to my daughters!" he yelled. "You aren't going anywhere near those girls, do to the fact their running away from you, hey man! Stop it!" Kenny yelled. He was trying to get past Kenny but he was failing. This is the guy that raped and abused Jasmine. Should I calm him down and lay down the law? Or should I punch him as hard as I can? I'll go with the punch. I punched him so hard, he couldn't get back up. The blood from him lip was dripping to the ground. I bent down and said "You raped my baby. You shouldn't even be able to look at her". Then I got up and ran away.

When I got back on the bus Jasmine was crying her eyes out, holding herself, swaying back and forth wildly. Demi was crying too except she was trying to calm Jasmine down. She held Jasmine close and brushed her hair. Jasmine kept shaking her head and saying "Don't let him hurt me again Demi, please don't let him hurt me again". It hurt to see Jasmine like this. Just one look at her father and she's breaking down. I went over to the girls and squated down. Then I said "Calm down girls it's gonna be ok. He's gone now" I rubbed their legs softly. "Justin, I, I gotta go call Joe. You..(sniff) you calm down Jasmine..O-Ok?" she got up and quickly ran to Jasmine's room. I got up and sat next to Jasmine. I put my arm around her and 'shh'ed her. I brushed her hair away and wiped her tears. Her mascara was messed up, and sloopy. She couldn't stop crying. I held her until she fell asleep. She shivered in her sleep. I felt like going back to find that guy and doing more than punch him. He caused this. And Demi hasn't been out of the room since she left me with Jasmine. I was getting worried. Jasmine told me that Demi had cutting problems when she was younger. And she cut herself all when her dad got back, and started hitting her again. Jasmine also said Demi had an eatting disorder when she was younger. I didn't wanna wake up Jasmine, so I dug in my pocket and grabbed my phone. I dial Demi's number. She didn't answer. I got really worried, because I couldn't hear Demi on the phone or making any type of noise. Jasmine started shivering again. I started rubbing her again and saying "Shhhh" so she would calm down and go back to sleep. Once I was sure she was sleep, I picked her up and carried her to my room. I put the covers over her and kept the lights dim. I also left the door cracked a little so she didn't feel scared. Then I tip-toed across the bus to Jamine's room. I slightly opened up the door to see where she was.

There was no blood. No still body. All I saw was Demi at the bottom of the bed watching the TV closely and smiling a little. It looked like a really old tape that was being filmed by an adult at a birthday party. There was grown people in the backround talking and kids running around with water guns. And the main thing the camera was on was two little girls. The baby, I'm guessing, was turning one and the other little girl had to be at least four. I figured it out. The 1 year old was Jasmine and the 4 year old was Demi. They looked the same. And I kinda guessed quick for Demi because she still wears glasses today. And with Jasmine, well, I've seen pictures. She was an adorable baby. You could always look into her eyes and see it was her. She's still got the same amazing smile.


"Demitra, are you gonna give your sister her present?" Mrs. Lovato said standing next to some man. Demi looked at the guy. "Daddy do you think she'll like it?" she said. The guy nodded and said "Vaya por delante la miel. She'll love it". Then Demi wobbed over to Jasmine and handed her a doll. That doll looked familiar. "Ha-happy birthday Jazzy" she said. Jasmine took the doll, looked at it and smiled. Then she forced herself up and gave Demi a hug. Demi looked up at her parents shocked. Her parents looked excited. The father looked up at the camera person and said "Dalila te va esto?". The lady behind the camera said "Si! Si!". In the back I noticed there was white and black kids just running around together. I guess that's what Jasmine meant when she said She's not only Latina. She's 50% Latina, 30% white, and 20% black. The rest of the video went on and they sang happy birthday to Jasmine, then Jasmine couldn't blow out her candles so Demi did it for her.

I walked into the room and sat next to her on the bed. "Ms. Lovato was hot" I said. Demi smiled and looked at me. "I know right" she said then looked back at the video. "You scared me a little" I said putting my hand on her knee. "You haven't come out the room in a while. Now I see why. You were watching old videos" I said to her. She nodded. "I miss these days. When we were a happy family. My mom and dad loved each other so much. Me and Jasmine used to love spending time with them. Together. But once we got older my dad turned into a lunatic. They got divoriced. We moved to Dallas. He went to jail. And we never ever saw him again. It's only shocking because we thought for the rest of over our lives, we'd never see that basturd again. Who knows what he's capable of today. Jasmine is completely tramatized. I mean, who'd wanna see the person that raped them, after what 10, 9 years? I surely wouldn't" Demi said brushing her hair back. "He almost cracked her skull open and perminantly damaged her brain. She's still got that mark from when she was 6. He cut her upper thigh-" "Is that what that was?" I asked. Since I had sex with Jasmine I know what her full exposed body looks like. When I took off her dress, and panties, hehe, then we um, let's just say I flipped her over and...yea, and when I did I saw this long scar across her thigh. I didn't say anything though. "Yup. He got kinda pissed Jasmine ran out the house with nothing on, so he grabbed the nearest weapon and cut her. He'd been drinking" Demi said. She inhaled sharply and exhaled smooth.

"Where is she now?" Demi asked. "She's in my room, under the covers, sleep" I responded. "Justin, Jasmine's dated a lot of guys. And I mean, a lot. But she's never acted the way she acts with you, with her other guys. She must be truely, deeply in love with you. I mean it's been 2 weeks since you guys got back together and you're stronger then ever. She had an interview with 'FairLady' Magezine and she wasn't uncomfortable talking about you. She was cool about it, she didn't get nervous, I just-I just wanna tell you that if I could pick out a guy for Jasmine, it'd definitly be you, Justin" she smiled. I smiled back at her "Thanks Dems" I said. "So what happend after we ran?" she asked. "I punched him" I said wiping my nose with my thumb and looking the other way. I looked back at Demi and smirked. She smirked back at me. "Ok, carry Jasmine back in here, I'm getting kind of tired. Plus she's spent enough time in your bed already" Demi squinted her eyes. I smiled and got up. Before I walked out I said "I love you Demi!". She looked at me and rolled her eyes.

Jasmine's POV

I woke up in my bed, facing Demi. We were moving. We must've been on our way to Miami. I dreamt about my father. He acutally sat down and talked to me, he apoligized and told me he loved me. But there was a voice coming out of nowhere saying "Don't Believe Him Jasmine! He's a Lie!". I couldn't make up my mind, and then everything started turning. Next thing I knew, I was awake. It's 4:45 AM. Everyone's asleep. I knew that something like this would happen. I came prepared. I bought this thing online called Amnesia+. It's a small machine when you have to put water in the side and set the time you want to forget. So I could click the last 3 hours, the last 4 hours, the last 5 hours, and I'd forget what happend in those last hours. I thought it was amazing how it could do that. Though it came with few side effects.

Cold symptoms
Flu-like symptoms
Lower respiratory infection
Shortness of breath
Sore throat

Stomach bleeding
Stomach pain
Upset Stomach (indigestion)

Serious allergic reactions
Swelling of the face, lips, tongue, and/or throat
Difficulty breathing
Difficulty swallowing
Excessive bleeding
Facial flushing
Fast heartbeat
Heart attack
High blood pressure
Increased levels of potassium
Low blood pressure

And finally, Fainting (syncope). See not a lot...anyways I've already put in the water and set the forget timer for 7 hours. Now I've gotta wait for 1 minute and then take it. I waited then I took the cup out and drank it. The instructions said that I had 'to take a long nap, or resume a sleeping setion. The chemicals in Amnesia+ will awaken you'.


Justin's POV

I woke up, took a shower, and walked out to the living room where Scooter and Demi were. "We in Miami yet?" I said looking at my watch. Scooter looked up. "We're close" then he looked back at the TV. "Still no Jasmine?" I said and looked at Demi. "She seemed too tired. She wouldn't budge when I shook her. So I'll just wait and see if she's still asleep when we get to Miami" Demi said. "Hey you guys never really explained what happend" Lawrence walked in with coffee. We explained

"Jasmine was abused?" Scooter said shocked. "We both were" Demi said. "Wow" Lawrence shook his head. "Wait, you guys were out in public?" Scooter looked up with wide eyes. "Yea, why?" I said. " guys were out in PUBLIC. I know you're not forgeting the word paparizzi!" Scooter yanked his face. "Shit" Demi said under her breath. "You know what guys? I've been down this road way too many times to be afraid now. I'll be asked about it, she'll be asked about it, Demi you'll be asked about it and then everyone'll forget about the whole thing" I said camly. "Justin's right" Demi said agreeing with me. "Everyone will get over it and stop talking about sooner then we know it" she added. Scooter and Lawrence sat there for a second and thought. "Ok. We agree" Lawrence said shrugging. "Yea you guys won't be the only ones with problems. Other celebrities will too" Scooter said shifting in his chair.

All of a sudden, Jasmine's bed room door opened. And out she came, on her phone, texting. She looked beautiful. "Morning everyone!" she looked up from her phone. "Hey Jas. You doing alright?" I asked walking up to her, resting my hands above her hips. "I'm doing-" she started, then pecked my lips and finished "Great. And how are you Mr.?" she put her hands on my shoulders. I acted a bit shocked. She was oftley happy, for what had happend last night. "Well I guess I'm good now that I know you're okay" I smiled and kissed her a little longer this time. She pulled away "Why wouldn't I be okay?" she smiled. I looked at her confused but smiling. I loved her smile. "You know because of the whole thing with your dad.." I said. She looked at me confused and dropped her arms. "What whole thing with my dad?" she all of a sudden got serious. "The thing that happend last night" I still had my hands on her upper hips. She stared at me for a second. "I'm lost. What happend last night?" she said looking at everyone. "Jazzy we saw dad" Demi said spaced out but worried at the same time. "What are you guys talking about?" Jasmine asked. We all just sat there for a second and looked at her. Why was she acting like she had no idea what we were saying? Is she trying to forget about it and in order to do that she has to act like it never happend? I'll go along with it but I've gotta ask about it someday. "Nevermind Jas. Scooter are we here yet?" I changed the subject. Scooter looked at both of us and blinked. Then he looked out the window. "Kenny's parking behind the hotel now" he said, then turned back around and looked at us again. "Ok, we should heading out." Jasmine said and went into her room. We all look at each other. "Maybe she's trying to block it out, and not bring it up" I whispered. "Maybe.." Demi said. Jasmine came out with a bag. "I've got my outfits, lets go!" she said and opened up the bus door. We all went into our rooms and got our bags full of clothes then followed Jasmine. For some reason, I found Jasmine's outfit amazingly sexy. I hope I'll be able to get her in private, so we can do things...

We got to our hotel rooms. Demi's room was connected to ours by door, and Scooter and Lawrence are across the hall. Demi said Joe was on his way up to the hotel. Him and the guys had a show here. Once we set all of our things down, me and Jasmine went to go check out our rooms. We went to her room first, which was awesome. Then we went to my room, which looked the same just a different color. While Jasmine was looking at the flat screen, I snuck up behind her and hugged her from the back. She smiled and placed her hands over mine. "You that we're alone..." I said flirty. She turned around in my grasp and said "JUSTIN DREW BIEBER. WE WILL NOT DO THE DO IN THIS NICE HOTEL ROOM!" she said smiling. "Ok..we don't have to do the do!" I said rocking back and forth. She looked at me and smirked. "Fine by me" then we both leaned in a kissed. I deepend it. She deepend it I'm already getting hot.

End of POV

Justmine: *making out on the bed in their hotel room*

Justin: *goes down and kisses her sweet spots*

Jasmine: *inhales sharply*

Justin: *puts his hand up her skirt, and goes back to kiss her*

Jasmine: *smiling in the kiss*

Justin: *pushes her down and smirks*

Jasmine: Don't get your hopes up Mr. Bieber

Justin: *kisses her and pulls away* We'll see *kisses her cheek bone, then her cheek, then makes his way to her ear. He started biting her ear lightly*

Jasmine: *breathlessly whispering* Mm,Uhh..J-Justin stop

Justin: *licking her ear(gross) whispers back* When I'm ready *blowing her ear*

Jasmine: *getting turned on* Justin, you're driving me crazy, stop it

Justin: *goes back down to her neck* You know *kiss* you don't *kiss* want me *kiss* to

Jasmine: *loving every minute of it* But we're- uhh

Justin: *kisses her sensitive spot again, to make her stop talking* Told you *starts sucking it hard*

Jasmine: *moans softly, squirms in her postion*

Justin: *sucks harder*

Jasmine: *clenches to the covers and bites her bottom lip* Justin..y-your turning me-oh..on

Justin: *about to take off her skirt*

-Phone Rings-

Justin: *pulls away from her neck (he's on top of her push up style) and looks at the coffee table where Jasmine's phone is vibrating*

Jasmine: *reached for it and slides it to unlock* Yellow?

?: Hey Jasmine it's me

Jasmine: Uhh...Ellen

Ellen: *chuckles* who else?

Jasmine: Oh hi, what's going on? *looks at Justin and puts up the 'hold on' finger

Ellen: Well I wanted to call you and ask you, when you were gonna be in Cali again

Jasmine: I think next Wednesday. We're taking a one week break, so I can be there for Demi's Engagment party and audition for this movie so..

Ellen: Ok well what about you come around next Saturday at 3:30 and hang out with me?

Jasmine: Ok! Sounds like a plan Ellen

Ellen: Alrighty. And bring Justin if you can

Jasmine: Most likely

Ellen: Ok hun, talk to you soon

Jasmine: See ya! *taps the phone*

Justin: *falls beside her* That was Ellen?

Jasmine: *nods* she wants us to be on the show next Saturday

Justin: Oh that's nice- *quickly resumes kissing her neck*

Jasmine: *giggles*

Later that night

Jasmine's POV

I was staring in the mirror, looking at the hickey on my neck. I was going threw my make-up bag to find some Cover and Clear, and blush, so I can cover it up. I was going out to dinner with Demi, Joe, and Justin and the last thing I need is, "Jasmine what's that". I wasn't mad at Justin for creating it. I actually enjoyed every second of it. I love how Justin knows how to make me go insane and he's not even trying. I love how quickly we can turn each other on. I love the way it feels when his lips touch any part of my body. I love anything about him and everything about him. I went back into my hotel room to change. I picked out a short black dress, sparkly on one side and chiffon on the other. I thought it'd be nice to have a heart theme going on. I put on a heart necklace, a heart ring, heart earrings, and a chain bracelet with two hearts on it saying 'Guess'. I finished getting dressed and took some curlers into the bathroom with me. I curled my hair and put pink strawberry lipstick on with clear gloss over it, then I put on mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and blush. I finished, went back into my room to get my purse, then and walked out to the hotel living room waiting for Justin. He takes FOREVER to finish his hair. I find it unbelieveable that he cut it, but still takes a longtime doing it. I looked around and thought 'Man this place is nice'.

I caught the view of myself in the mirror. I gasped and stood up. I saw my whole body including my feet. I looked hot! And tall. I wasn't really used to wearing 3 inch heels. I smiled and posed in the mirror. I went in my purse and got out my phone. I unlocked it and went to camera. Then I posed for the picture puckering my lips and putting the peace sign up. It flashed and I brung it back down and looked at it. I tapped "Post to JasmineVillegas .com" then I went on twitter and tweeted "Bouta Go To The Capital Grille Restaurant In Miami With (a)ddlovato, (a)joejonas, (a)justinbieber. #LivinFancy" then I put the link to my picture. As soon as I pushed tweet I felt to arms rap around waist from the back, then a chin rest on my shoulder. Who else would it be? It was Justin.

I turned my head slightly, but not looking at him. "Hey Sexy" he whispered in my ear. "Hey" I said turing all the way around to face him. He pushed me back alittle bit. "You look beyond beautiful" he checked me out. He looked hot. He had on a black dress shirt with a bowtie, and some grayish pants, with high top sneakers and a purple watch. "And you look fine" I said wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling his lips closer to my mine. He slid his hands across my waist and folded his hands above my butt. He smiled with his teeth "Really?". I nodded "Mm-hm" and pecked his lips. "I'm seriously attracted to you right now" I giggled. "Really?" his voice got deeper. I nodded again and said "Uh-Huh" while leaned in and we kissed again. This time it was longer. I deepend it, he deepend it more then his hands went lower and grabbed my butt cheeks then squeezed them. I giggled in the kiss and pulled away. "Justin stop being a perv" I laughed. "Can't help it, you turned me on again" he smiled. "Well what if Demi walked through the door just then?" I asked and tilted my head. He shrugged and continued to kiss me. He removed his hands for my ass cheeks and went up to cup my cheeks. I pulled away and we rest our foreheads against eachothers. I looked at his lips. Oh my goodness my lipstick kind of rubbed off on him! I laughed and covered my mouth. I couldn't control my laughter when I said "I'll go get you a paper towel babe". Then a speed walked into the kitchen. I looked back at him, and he was looking in the mirror gasping. I giggled and kept walking. Once I got the paper towel I went back into the living room finding half of it already off due to him being impatient and rubbing it off with the back of his hand. He only just put it on his hand. And then he sat down and started licking "Here, let me help you" I bent down and rubbed it off for him. "Is this strawberry?" he asked licking his lips. "Yea?" I nodded. He but his head back and said "Lick it off". I smiled at him with my doubty face. "Justin why are you being so dirty?" I said. "Because you look HOT" he smiled with his teeth again. "But what if Demi and Joe-" "The Door's locked" he said already knowing what I was going to say. "What about the other-" "Locked it" he said and grabbed my knees, then kind of spread them apart. He pulled me down to sit on his lap frontwords. I smirked at him. He smiled. "Go ahead" he said so seductive and soft. I stuck my tounge out and lightly licked around his lips about 5 times, then I stroked both of his lips up and down. He slid his hands up and down my thighs while I did it. I smiled at him looking him deep in the eyes. When I finished I sucked his lips one at a time. Then I looked at him with my 'satisfied' face. He kissed me and pulled away and said "Oops I put it back on". I narrowed my eyes. "You did that on purpose!" I bunched up my lips. "You can't prove it" he shook his head. "Oh well" I shrugged and scrubbed his lips. He kept backing away and moving his face. I laughed while he did. "What you get!" I said. "See now I gotta redo my makeup" I kissed him on the cheek and got up.

I dug in my purse and got out a wet wipe. I wiped off the last bit of it on my lips and put on the lipstick and the gloss again. Justin placed his hands on my hips and rested his chin on my shoulder again. Then he started pecking at my neck. "Hey, hey, hey calm it down little boy, I've already got one hickey" I jokingly nagged. "I'm sorry you're just so attractive" he continued kissing my neck. I breathlessly giggled. Then Demi and Joe knocked on the door. We both turned and walked to the door.