A is for

[A]nonymous [A]bomination…s


"Did you hear?" Voice high as a piccolo.
"What do you mean?" Voice like a cheese grater on metal and rock.
"That's her! Duh."
"The new girl? That's pretty obvious." Annoyance, scoffing.
"No, you moron. Haven't you heard the rumors?" Glaring, suspecting she was just insulted.
"No, whats up?"
"I hear she only got in because her dads a doctor-saved the principal's life."

"…Kicked out of her last school…"

"…pushed a teacher down the stairs…"

"Her mom designs Fairytale Endings!"
"That's so cool!"

"Her mom is beautiful. So sad she didn't inherit that beauty, though."
"Yeah, pity she's so…"
"Atrocious, ugly?

"…secret spy!…"

"Such a whore."

So, now I was a multitude of things. A secret spy-false. A whore-extra false. I pushed a teacher down some stairs-way off. Atrocious, and ugly-I was pretty sure that wasn't true either. My mom designing Fairytale Endings(a well-known fashion line)-true to the core. Dad's a doctor-true, again. Dad saved the principal's life-not true(and I got in as an honor student, thank you). Rumors, I decided, circulated fast.

Frowning, I glanced at the gossiping teens among Ouran High. School for the rich. I sighed as a girl who looked a year older than me giggled, looked at me, and then back to a boy beside her before she whispered ecstatically into his ear.

I was lost, again. Damn school was bigger than it looked-half the class rooms were probably going unused. Brushing some brunette locks from my eyes, I craned my view across the corridor. 1B was nowhere in sight-unsurprisingly-meaning I definitely needed to find it because the bell rang in only ten minutes. Frowning, I quickened my pace in the search to find my class.
A matter of twenty minutes later, I was still wandering aimlessly to find 1B. Glaring around the hallways, I struggled to keep myself from bashing my own head off the wall. To my immense luck, I had managed to find 1A. Not that it did me too much good, though.

Frowning, I glanced around, shrugged, and strode into the classroom. The minute I walked in, 90% of the class was peering at me in confusion.
Finally, the teacher looked to me. "And that is-ah, who are you?"
I gave a normally polite smile, "Matsumuri, Chi. Please feel free to call me Chi."

"Your in my class?" I almost laughed at how startled she was.
"I believe so. 1A?" She moved to some papers on her desk and shuffled through them.

I always had been a good liar. And I was damn tired of running around.

"Oh… Well, please take a seat while I contact a…" she trailed off, and I hummed as I trailed to the back of the room.
Frowning, I fidgeted for a while, the murmurs were starting up again. I was already trying to sink into my chair-maybe this wasn't a good idea-when two redhead popped up, leaning dangerously close over my desk.
"What did you say your name was?"

I paused, giving them that look. I was rather sure I had seen them sometime before, maybe I was imagining things. "I just said it."
"I wasn't listening." grinning, leaning even closer. I made a face.

"That's very rude." he chuckled, the other twin tilted his head to the side. I glared. He grinned. I twitched. By now, rather sure they were both just really big creeps, I was leaning back in my chair to avoid them. "I was bored, why would I be listening to the teacher?"
I sighed, "Idiot."

"Oi, oi, I'm not an idiot." Offended, he scowled at me and I gave a sarcastic smile before shaking my head. He glared. I glared. The other twin looked between us in confusion, that or surprise.
"Matsumuri Chi."

"Chi-chan," he purred, leaning uncomfortably close(he'd come around the table). "And what brings you to our classroom?"
The other one was at my side now, whispering in my ear too. "We could make this fun for you."
"Hey, Hikaru, Kaoru, cut it out."

Relieved when they moved away slightly, I looked to the brown haired girl in front of me. Confused, I tilted my head to the side and decided not to question her attire. The twins were muttering something to each other now.
"Ah, sorry about them." He-she-looked embarrassed. "They tend to be-"
"Charming? Charismatic?" the second twin cooed.

I made a face, scoffing, "Annoying?"
They pouted at me-I had to admit, it was really cute-and whined to the brunette. He merely brushed them off, holding out a hand to me, I stood. "I'm Haruhi."
"Well, you already know my name. It's a pleasure,"

The twins were giving us that peculiar look again, muttering under their breath. Actually, that plotting was worrying.
"Ah… Haruhi?" I mumbled, slowly sliding behind him.

"That worries me." I pointed a finger at the twins, who grinned back, waved, and slinked off to the side easily.
"Doesn't it worry all of us."


I had been had! Tricked! Nicked! And… And… Dragged into the Host Club! The world was mad, positively mad! Scowling, I crossed my arms and glared. Tamaki, despite heading the plan, was smiling and trying to reassure me that the devils wouldn't cause much trouble. And that they were all nice. And that nobody was a-
"Your all perverts. Rich. Fucking. Perverts." I hissed, plopping irritably onto the couch.

I was far past reasoning, like this. Haruhi looked painfully sorrowful, Kyouya was smiling in a scarily placid way, Hunny was grinning and waving at me, Mori was giving a slight smile. Tamaki was profusely sulking. And they were grinning. They had the gall to grin at me. I cast them a 'I swear on my life I will make your lives Hell' look.

It all started when…

-flashy back-

"And who might you be, my princess?" Flattering, creepy, reminded me of those twins from class.
A rather handsome, tall blond was smiling down at me, offering his hand. I was much too surprised, and too busy suppressing a blush, to return the gesture. He smiled and began pulling me gently along anyways. Startled, I picked my pace up to walk with him.

"C-Chi Matsumuri."
He stopped, making me stop, turned to me and bowed. "I'm Tamaki Suoh. The pleasure is all mine, beauty." Princess? Beauty? What kind of prank was this shit?
"Ah… Right, yeah."

"You must be new," he was practically spinning me down the halls then, and I was getting dizzy. "I haven't seen such a pretty face around here before.""I…" I grimaced "I just transferred to Ouran yesterday…"
"Ah! How joyous! And what class are you in? How do you like it here?" So energetic, hyper, outgoing. Obnoxious.
"1A,"-I never said I was supposed to be-"And it's not… that bad."

He was leading me to a door, smiling and charming his way through. As flattering as it was…
"So, my beautiful cherry blossom princess-"
"Cherry blossom princess? Woah, wait." He had managed to actually get me to the door, and was opening it while I was distracted. A rush of light and voices came as he pulled me inside.

"Now, that," I said to the blond "is just creepy. It's a bit too far from charming and sweet, and it's passed into creepy and pervy."
He began growing mushrooms in the corner immediately, muttering to himself. I caught a 'Why does everyone always assume that?' from his corner as all-too familiar voices came in.
"So the boss actually chose her?"

"Well," Tall, black haired boy with glasses. Creepy black book… "She is a perfect candidate."
"Kyouya? You hang out with those two?" The distaste in my voice was clear.

"Mommy?" Hikaru chided,
"You know Chi-chan?" Kaoru sounded surprised, still chiding though.
"It's not Chi-chan to you two devils…" I paused, considering, "Mommy?"

Kyouya, shooting the twins a glare, informed me that 'Mommy' was him. Instantaneously, I was bent over in laughter. Apparently, nobody else understood my fascination with this, or it's hilarity. "Ow, ow, my stomach hurts!" I cried. He glared. "Oh…My… Kyouya…Uncle would… Flip if he knew… they called you…" I managed between laughs, before laughing out a 'mommy'.

"I don't believe my father with will hearing about this. Lest your father-" He stopped there, sending me one of those calculating looks that sent chills across my spine. I stopped laughing.
Straightening, I cleared my throat and coughed before turning my attention to anyone else. Haruhi smiled slightly at me, and I gave a questioning look. "no offense, Haruhi, but…" I made a face "Why are you in Host Club?"

Tamaki was already jumping to his beloved clubs defense. Something about it being to make all young ladies happy. I muttered a 'Why am I here? Why me?' before Kyouya smiled at me, gesturing with his hand.
"We just need your help with a few…" his glasses caught the light, hiding his eyes. "tests. Besides, we need a new dog."

"You could be our new toy." Hikaru purred, coming up unnaturally close behind me. Kaoru joined him, and I had to tell myself I was not holding back a blush because of their actions.
"A really pretty toy, too." Kaoru murmured in my ear.

Then, their words actually registered to me. I put a sarcastic edge to my words. "Yes, I totally want that. It'd be great."

"Then we'll just…" They were far too close, hot, sweet breath tickling my neck. I felt myself flush, and cursed myself mentally. I ducked, making a dash for the door. "Oh, no." Two arms each caught my arms, pulling me back and sandwiching me between them. On either side, topaz eyes gleamed mischievously. "Your not going anywhere, Chi."
"Now that you're here…" Kyouya smiled slowly, as if this plan would destroy the world. It very well could destroy mine. I flailed desperately, trying to free myself. "You might as well stay."

-it ends-

And that was how I got tricked into coming into the host room, thereon being tricked into helping the Host Club. I really hate Tamaki. And Kyouya. And those devils. Idiots, the lot of them.



So, I decided this had to be done. Yeah, I know, the plot seems shoddy. And yeah, I know, I tried something different with the writing and spacing. Got a problem? I don't much care. =3 Naw, I care. Just not about your problems with my story. If your going to review, make it nice. -cough-review-cough-