Chapter 7

Mirabella, Juice and Happy sat in the diner in a back booth, talking and getting to know each other better since they had been apart for far too long in Mirabella's opinion. She loved that Dom had helped raised her but she was over the moon to have finally found her birth father and had the chance to get to know him as well as her birth uncle.

When their food arrived Mirabella took her chocolate shake and removed the straw, setting it next to her plate on a napkin. Juice and Happy looked at her strangely as they watched her.

"I like to dip my fries in chocolate." She said to them as she did just that with the French fry in her hand. "Mom did it too."

"She learned it from me." Happy told her as he did the same with one of her fries as well.

"Hey! I don't share well!" Mirabella told him as she huddled her fries away from Happy and continued eating them.

"Just like Letty." Juice remarked and chuckled at the reminder of his sister in his niece. The three continued to eat and chat at the diner for a good hour more before she noticed the door opening and saw her friend Roseanna enter with her brother.

"I'm going to say hi to my friend." Mirabella told them before walking towards Roseanna. "Hey Roseanna." She said as she stopped next to her in the small diner.

"Hey Mirabella." Roseanna smiled at her new friend before looking at her brother. "Jay this is my new friend Mirabella Ortiz. Mirabella this is my brother Jayson Roswell." Mirabella smiled up at Jayson before holding her hand out to him.

Jayson smirked down at the Hispanic girl before taking her hand and kissing the top of it. Mirabella pulled away her hand and took a step back from him.

"Nice to meet you Jayson, please don't do that again." Mirabella requested and looked away from his gaze, the way he was looking at her made her uncomfortable and she didn't understand why.

"I'm sorry Mirabella, it's nice to meet you as well." Jayson smiled down at her again. Mirabella thought it looked forced and was getting more uncomfortable around her friend's brother.

"It was nice seeing you again Roseanna, I'm going to get back to my dad and uncle now." Mirabella smiled at her friend and turned around to walk back to Happy and Juice.

"How do you know the prospect?" Juice questioned as she sat down.

"Just met him, I'm friends with his sister Roseanna." Mirabella told them and they nodded and finished off their food. Leaving the table Happy paid for their meals and Juice led Mirabella out of the restaurant.

"Stay away from my daughter prospect." Happy growled into Jayson's ear on his way out of the restaurant to join Juice and Mirabella.

Jayson paled and watched Happy walk away, he would do as the older member suggested and stay away from Mirabella. He would also make sure to keep his sister away from her as well so that they couldn't say he was using Roseanna to be able to be around Mirabella.

-Two Years Later-

Mirabella settled into life in Charming quite well, as did Jesse. They both ended up making themselves at home within the club. Jesse was not going to attempt to prospect for the club but he was there to help Juice with anything computer related as well as becoming a mechanic in the garage.

Mirabella enjoyed the chance at getting to know her uncle and father, sadly thinking that it was only possible because her mother had been killed and she missed Letty now more than ever.

Standing in front of the mirror at Jesse's house, with the permission of her father and uncle she had moved in with Jesse when she turned seventeen, she smiled sadly at her reflection and reached up to fix the tassel on her cap. Today was her graduation day from high school and although she hated that her mom couldn't be there in person she knew that Letty was watching her from above on this day and Mirabella was happy with the fact that she would have been very proud of her daughter no matter what had happened.

"Ready?" Mirabella turned from the mirror and saw that Jesse stood in the doorway, she nodded and walked towards him, with her heels on she reached just a bit over his shoulders now and pecked his cheek.

"I can't believe I'm graduating high school today, I really wish Mom was here as well as Dad and Aunt Mia. I miss them so much Jesse." Mirabella leaned into Jesse who wrapped his arms around her waist and put his chin on her head.

"I know you do and I know that they will be with you on that stage in your heart, even if they aren't physically here to see you walk across that stage. Just remember that your uncle, father and me will be there watching you and I'm sure Gemma, Clay and Jax will be there too." Mirabella chuckled, Gemma and Clay had become the grandparents she had never had and she loved them just as much as she did the rest of the people she considered family.

"You're right, I'm okay now Jess, let's go wouldn't want to be late for my graduation. My uncle would definitely say something about that." The couple laughed at Juice giving them looks for being late and once they arrived and found Juice, he was indeed giving them looks about not being there on time.

"You were going to make yourself late young lady, it wouldn't be good for you to miss your own graduation."

"Oh relax Uncle Juice, I'm here aren't I and look not a single hair out of place." Mirabella brushed past Juice and towards the place where she would need to stay until they went onto the stage. She walked around all the groups of kids that she never really got close to while going to the school since she was associated with SAMCRO and stood by herself by the bleachers to wait.

"Hey Mirabella"

"Oh hey Roseanna, I'm sorry about the fact that my father threatened your brother and he decided to keep us from hanging out outside of school. I think we could've been good friends." Roseanna smiled and looked down.

"I understand why Jayson did it but it didn't mean that it was easy for either one of us to keep away and not be friends, after all I was the first one you clicked with on your first day." Mirabella smiled at the memory and they made small talk until a teacher came into the gym and told them to start lining up to get ready to walk out.

Mirabella looked around at the crowd and she spotted Jesse, Juice, Happy, Gemma, Clay and Jax all in one row. As she continued to look around she thought her imagination was playing tricks on her as she looked into the eyes of her dead mother who was standing in the crowd with Dom, Mia and Brian. Mirabella was happy to see her Dad and Aunt but didn't know if seeing her mother was real or not, she wouldn't be able to find out until after the ceremony.

After Mirabella had received her diploma, shook her principal's hand and walked off the stage she headed right for her Dad, Aunt Mia and Brian; completely bypassing Jesse, Juice and Happy. The three shared a look of confusion and followed her.

"How are you here right now?" Mirabella was questioning Letty, turned out she was actually alive and real and not a figment of her imagination.

"She didn't die Bella, just got amnesia." Mirabella looked to her Aunt Mia.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner? I should've known that my mother was alive when you found out!"

"Baby you looked so happy here that I didn't want to upset you with the fact that your mom quite possibly doesn't remember you." Dom placed his hand onto Mirabella's cheek and brushed away the tears.

"It doesn't matter if she remembers me or not, she's still my mom." Happy, Juice and Jesse had finally managed to get out of the crowd and stood behind Mirabella. Jesse wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned his chin on her head.

"Happy?" Everyone turned to Letty in confusion.

"You don't remember anything but you remember his name?" Mirabella quirked her eyebrow up at her mother and shook her head.

"Seeing him made it all come back, I remember it all now mi mariposa, my butterfly, and I'm so sorry that all of this happened to you because of my risk. I love you princess."

"So this is the famous Dom?" Happy looked over at the man that had raised his little girl. "Thank you for raising my daughter and being the dad I couldn't for her." Dom stuck out his hand towards Happy and they shook hands.

"I was happy to be able to raise such a beautiful little girl but I never once wanted to replace you as her real father."

"You didn't replace anything, Happy may be my birth father but you are the father that was there through everything and it isn't Happy's fault that he never even knew about me until I was 16." Mirabella looked between Dom and Happy. "Besides instead of one dad, I've got two!" The group laughed and smiled, Mirabella hugged her mother and was content that she had her family back together again.