Okay so after reading so many great Kurtofsky stories, I just couldn't help writing my own little thing. I really hope you enjoy it but this is the first chapter so there isn't any real Dave and Kurt interaction but if you guys say you wouldn't mind me continuing the story, I promise that in the near future they will actually talk. Also since Ryan Murphy has us waiting till April 12 for glee to return I can fall into my fake reality that Kurtofsky is real and that it's better than Klaine. Don't get me wrong I was into Klaine until Dave kissed Kurt and I was like oh my, Kurtofsky is so much sexier than Klaine. Another reason I decided to finally upload this chapter is because today is my birthday and in a way this is my b-day gift to myself. I would like to thank my bestie Avrenim13 for writing so many amazing stories( p. should totally read them) and for screaming like a girl during glee I 3 you. I hope you guys review even if it's to say that you hate it, I won't be upset too much.

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I knew this day would come eventually, but I was praying for it not too. I was leaving my perfect haven and returning to my own personal hell. I had finally found peace in my life but god likes to mess things up for me. I want to run back to Dalton, to Blaine to my perfect world. A month into summer vacation, my father broke the news to me about returning to McKinley due to financial problems. There wasn't enough money for tuition, mortgage payments and etc. I wanted to yell at my dad for doing this to me, but I held my tongue because I knew this hurt him just as much as me.

So here I am sitting in my car, waiting to have courage to step out and walk the hallways of McKinley once again. Finn had said things were different now; the football jocks were practically nonexistent. Bah like that's true, Azimio can't wait to get his hands on a slushie in order to give me a nice wet slushie facial. Karofsky probably still hiding in the closet trying to deny that he never kissed me. That awful kiss, I can't believe my first kiss was with that meathead. I wished Blaine's kiss was my first, his kiss was sweet and yet at the same time passionate.

Okay Kurt stop being a chicken and just get out of the car. Teach these bitches that you're the top bitch and that nothing can bring you down. I counted to ten and breathe slowly until I calmed down. Once I was okay I got out of my Escalade and head to the front office because Figgins requested to have a little chat with me before school began. I walk into the office and see Charlotte the old secretary who greets me "Hi, Kurt welcome back." "Thank you, Ms. Charlotte, it's good to be back." Being back at McKinley won't be too bad, my friends are here and New Directions too and finally I will be able to wear my awesome clothes. " is waiting for you in his office." I give charlotte a quick nod and walk towards Figgins office. I knock on Figgins door, and quickly hear "Come in."

"Well good morning Kurt."

"Hi, Mr. Figgins."

"Kurt take a seat, Lets get down to business I'm truly sorry that you were forced to leave McKinley due to bullying. I can assure you that this will not happen, I have taken some serious precautions for this not to occur again. Karofsky has been warned that even one little incident happens his butt will leave McKinley for good."

I wanted to say; If the bullying does truly stop it means that hell froze over and Santan once again returned to being an angel. Instead I say this…..

"Thank you, I'm glad to hear all of this. I just want to finish my senior year with my friends and get out of here."

"I understand, and Kurt don't be afraid to report anything to me, I won't fail you again."

"Thanks, I really should go." After that I get my messenger bag from the floor and stand up heading to the door. But as I am about to open the door Figgins says "You're welcome Kurt, Have a good first day back"

"I'll try." With that I leave Figgins and head to my old locker. I pull out my phone and send a quick text to Blaine "Hey my love, wish me luck. :D " I stare at the locker remembering all the things that happened here. All the shoving, the insults, and even the time when Karofsky threatened to kill me. Thinking back on it, I don't think he would actually do it but that didn't stop me from freaking out. Who wouldn't freak out if some scary dude threatens to kill you but just the day before kissed you against your will. My thoughts were interrupted thanks to Mercedes.

"Kurt! I'm so glad you're back white boy. You have no idea how boring lunch is without you. I have no one to gossip with besides Tina. I love the girl but nothing compares to you" Mercedes was hugging him throughout the whole thing barely letting him breathe.

"I miss you too, cedes but you got to let go, I can't breathe."

"Oh I'm sorry Kurt but I missed you so much, you have no freaking idea."

"Mercedes you just saw me yesterday."

"True, but I miss seeing you in school."

" Me too, Dalton is nice but at times I felt suffocated. The only good things were Blaine, the Warblers, and Pavarotti oh may he rest in peace."

"Wow Kurt that bird really did mean a lot to you didn't he."

"Yes, he was like a brother to me, I miss his singing."

Then out of nowhere he felt someone bump into him. He thought it was some stupid freshman lost on his first day. Yet, as he raised his head, he was hypnotized instantly by this person's eyes. At first glance they seemed green but then you noticed a light touch of brown in them. For a moment he lost all sense of reality and just stared not caring if he looked like a stalker. Those eyes the way they looked at him with fear, sadness, & some happiness. Kurt quickly snapped out of it when the person said "Sorry Hummel." Omg Kurt realized the person with the hazel eyes was the one and only Karofsky. But before Kurt could replied something witty, Dave what no Karofsky turned the corner and was out of his sight.

"Hey, Kurt are you okay?" asked Mercedes

"Yeah, I just didn't think I would see Karofsky so soon."

"Don't worry Kurt, we have your back. No one is going to mess with you, I'll make sure sweetie."

"Thanks, Mercedes."

I turned around one last time, hoping deep inside that Karofsky would be there but all I found was an empty hallway.