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Chapter One

"Gibbs, it's about time to let them go."

With that just sentence, things just turned upside down for the Gibbs' team. There, Gibbs yelled, at the innocent Abigail Sciuto. His fist banging on the table as he glared at Abby. Abby frowned but she stood her ground.

"Gibbs, I've been watching you going for one woman to another. It's time that you let them go. I don't want you to live all your life alone and dying alone," Abby said softly as she slowly reached her hand out to touch his shoulder but Gibbs immediately swapped her hand away.

She flinched while holding her hurt hand. Gibbs didn't seem to care this time. His eyes had been full of anger.

"This has nothing to do with you, Abbs! It's my life and I will do whatever I please," he told her angrily.

"That's just it, Gibbs. You do whatever you want, but you don't find something or someone you need. We have a bond Gibbs. I can't just sit here and do nothing."

Once more, Abby tried to reach Gibbs with her hand. He turned around immediately and pushed her against the wall.

"If you continue any more Abbs, I will not be lenient even to you," Gibbs growled angrily before letting you go. Abby's eyes started to brim with tears before she walked to the sliding door but did not leave just yet.

"Why is it that every time someone tells you to move on you would get angry? I don't know Shannon, but I think I can tell you that she must be really disappointed in you, Gibbs. I am disappointed in you," Abby told him one more time before she left her lab.

Without thinking, he reached for her Caf-Pow! and threw it at her computer. With fizzing sounds, sparks flying, and a loud bang, her computer was on fire and was destroyed.

Nonetheless, Gibbs put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. He then threw the extinguisher on the ground in anger and looked up at the ceiling. He looked just about hurt as any normal person, almost looked as if tears started to brim through his eyes. He blinked, not letting those tears form as he fell to the ground, stilling staring at the ceiling.

This was the first time Abby confronted him about this and it hurt even more when she is (or was) his favorite. He felt really betrayed by her. How could she tell him to move on when he didn't want to? She didn't have the right. No one did, not even his ex-wives, ex-lovers, ex-girlfriends, or whatever they were. The only two people that would have a say would be his dead wife and daughter.

"You left me with no choice, Abbs. I say what I would do," he thought before leaving and going into the Director's office.

A day later, Abby was sent to the Director Vance's office. Abby sighed and knew well enough what was going to happen. She cried the day before when Gibbs completely ignored her and whispered to her that she had given him no other choice. That was enough to send Abby to a crying frenzy all by herself in her apartment. She even got texted this morning that she had to go directly to the Director's office without delay.

On her floor, she found two people in her lab. They were already working in there, which angered Abby greatly. She wanted to yell at them but held her tongue. She could even feel the tears forming in her eyes, but she wouldn't let them. After seeing this, Abby knew well that she would work for another team or transported to another location of NCIS. She continued on her way after she watched enough.

She looked over at her team's floor. No one was in just yet, but she smiled a small sad smile. The elevator suddenly dinged and she turned back to see Gibbs with his coffee at hand. She stared at him for a bit and he did so as well. They said nothing, much to Gibbs' surprise even Abby was surprised that she became speechless herself. Before he was about to speak, Abby turned around and spoke first.

"Even if you dislike it when I confronted you, I never will apologize or regret what I said or did. I hope you're happy with your new forensic scientist, Special Agent Gibbs," she told him before going up the stairs to the office.

Gibbs walked to his desk and put down his coffee to the side. He stared at his computer, not looking at anything particular. Sometimes, he would glance several times at the Director's office. He had to be strong. He needed to punish her for going against him, even if she is his favorite. She went too far at the delicate subject, and he couldn't let her get away with it this time.

It was an hour and half before she got out of the Director's office while holding a box. By that time, the team had already been present. She saw Tony picking on McGee and Ziva watching the whole thing while chuckling. She even saw Gibbs drinking his coffee. She lowered her head a bit and closed her eyes to concentrate on something before she looked up again with a big smile on her face. She started skipping down the stairs and stopped in front of the Gibbs' team.

"Hey everyone!" Abby said cheerfully before the whole team looked up at her. They noticed her and the box. McGee's mouth opened wide, Tony stood up, and Ziva's eyes opened wide. Since Gibbs knew beforehand, he became expressionless.

"What's going on?" McGee asked.

"Tell me that box isn't what I think it is for," Tony said.

"If it is, I'll have a talk with the Director," Ziva told her. Abby shook her head and sighed.

"Well, Tony, I can't say for sure but yes I think it is. I'm sorry everyone, but I've just been transferred to another location. Actually, it's at my birthplace. Director Vance wanted me to be there to help out since over there was new. He thought it was best that I helped them out and stuff," Abby told them.

"Is this... temporary?" McGee asked.

Abby smiled before she answered with a long pause. This hinted everyone at the answer. Tony, McGee, and Ziva looked over at their boss, noticing he had said nothing. They hoped he was thinking of way to get Abby to stay. He continued to say nothing. So instead, Abby spoke up again.

"The good news is that I may be transferred back here if NCIS: Lousiana no longer needs me." She noticed the expressions on their faces, notably Gibbs. She then puts down her box and smiled once more.

"And how long will that be? Days, weeks, months, years? And what if they don't want you to leave? That means you'll be there as long as that place stands," Tony said unhappily.

"But why would there be an NCIS location in Lousiana?" McGee asked.

"Because, McGee, we need to put NCIS locations in other places secretly to solve cases when necessary. It's only a test run to see how well it does and if it helps at all," Director Vance said, everyone looking up to see him.

"Director, you must be kidding me. Abby is part of our team. Without her, it doesn't make Team Gibbs," Tony said. Director stared at him without emotion.

"DiNozzo, Miss Sciuto is not the only one who is good in the forensics' department. It's time Team Gibbs' had a change once in a while," Director Vance said before he walked to the elevator.

Tony, Ziva, and McGee tried to stop him but they were stopped by Gibbs. The three turned to him, shocked that he did nothing. Abby smiled sadly before speaking up once again.

"Everyone, I know you guys will miss me, but it's okay. I actually agreed to this test run as well. McGee, Ziva, Tony, I will miss you all," she said before finally tearing up and crying. When she opened her arms to them, they immediately hugged her.

Gibbs watched the whole ordeal. He felt somewhat guilty for what he had done, but he wouldn't let the tears get to him. He had to teach her a lesson that sometimes she can't cross the line when already being warned. After their group hug, Abby looked over at Gibbs before picking up her box again.

"Well, I'm going to say goodbye to Ducky and Jimmy before I pick up my things. It's going to take a while, but I hope everyone adjusts to the new forensic scientist. And Tony, she's a looker, and you do like those pretty girls," Abby told them once more before staring at all of them and going to the elevator. "Goodbye everyone! Goodbye... Gibbs."

She gave them a wave before they waved back, solemn looks on their faces. When the elevator door closed, the three looked immediately at Gibbs. Tony looked angry, Ziva with a solemn and observative look, and McGee with a confused look.

"Get to work," he ordered but the three didn't listen.

"You didn't say or do anything, so did you approve of this, Gibbs?" Ziva asked. Gibbs didn't answer but his glare warned them to do as he says.

"Why? She's part of the team Gibbs," Tony said, his eyes looked at him in disbelief.

"Did she do something, Boss?" McGee told him.

Feeling rather impatient, he slammed his desk and ordered them to get to work. The three stayed silent before reluctantly doing as they told. Meanwhile, Abby visited the morgue to see Ducky and Palmer. Ducky was about to make an incision on a current dead body but stopped when he saw Abby.

Surprised, he covered the dead body and walked towards Abby.

"And what do I owe your presence here, Abigail?" Ducky said with a smile after he took off the mask.

"Well, I'm here to say goodbye to both you and Jimmy. I've been transferred," Abby said, looking down.

"What?" Ducky and Jimmy quietly yelled though Palmer was louder, both their eyes opened wide.

"Is that why you are holding that box?" Palmer asked.

"How come I haven't heard of this? Did Jethro have a say in this?" Ducky immediately asked afterwards.

Abby smiled sadly before she answered, "Yeah, that's what the box is for, Jimmy. As for Gibbs, why don't you ask him, Ducky? He has the answers."

Ducky, noticing her expression, was rather angry in a way but didn't show it... yet. He was going to have a talk with Jethro later on. Abby then put down her box before holding out her arms for them to hug. She had to wait for them to change before they could hug her for healthy reasons. When they came back, Abby smiled and they both hugged her. They said their goodbyes with a few wishes of being well and safety at her new location. She thanked them in return before she headed for her used-to-be-lab.

The new forensic scientist and her assistant looked up at her. They were rather confused by her presence and what she was wearing. The woman that had replaced her, took off her goggles and headed her way.

"May I help you with something?" The woman said, her eyes were quite serious, almost reminding Abby of Gibbs.

"I'm Abby Sciuto. I'm here to pick up my things," Abby told the two.

"Oh, well, your things are over there," the assistant guy pointed at where Bert the Hippo sat with her other things. "As for your equipment, they have already been shipped to Lousiana."

Abby nodded before putting her belongings in her box. And when she picked up Bert off the floor, she had to pat off the dirt before she hugged him and the usual farting emitted from the stuffed animal. The two strangers looked at her questioningly but the assistant showed a disgusted look with his. She didn't mind their looks before she put Bert in the box. She then looked at the new forensic scientist and smiled.

"I hope you get along with the Gibbs' team," she told the woman before she left.

The woman didn't show any expression before saying, "It's a bummer that they let an interesting girl like her go."

Abby started to walk out of the building but then saw Gibbs waiting on the side. He looked over at her as Abby smiled. She wasn't really angry at Gibbs and she didn't want to leave Gibbs in a bad note either. She gently dropped her box and hugged him, startling him. He then hugged her back as he knew he would not see her for some time.

"It will only be two months, Abbs," he comforted her yet seemed to be comforting himself as well.

"Correction. It'll be a year and a half, Gibbs," she said before letting go. Gibbs looked at her confused.

"What?" He asked.

"A year and a half, Gibbs. I asked the Director for that time. Family time, you know. It's time I caught up with my brother and my parents," she told him before looking up at the sky. "I'll miss you and everyone else, Gibbs. I think you'll like the new forensic scientist as well, not more than me but good enough."

Abby smiled before picking up her things and smiling at him. Gibbs watched her descend the steps before stopping her once more. Abby, surprised, looked at him.

"A year and a half is a long time, Abbs. Are you sure about this?" Gibbs asked. Abby breathed in deeply and let her breath go with a continuing smile on her face.

"I guess I want to cherish my family like you cherish yours, Gibbs. It's about time I had my own vacation," she told him before Gibbs let go of her.

"Bye Abbs."

"Goodbye Gibbs." She pecked his cheek before she started to walk away.

He held his cheek and watched quietly as she left. For some reason, he felt guilty and a part of him somehow felt empty. A lingering loneliness appeared inside him without him knowing, and the Gibbs' team seemed more lost without her than anyone else who had left the team for such a long time span.