The knife lay glistening on the table. The chest lay open on the floor. He seized the knife with his tentacle hand, staring at his grotesque reflection. He glanced up at the darkened skies, hoping for some sign that none of this happened. No sign came, and he knew it wouldn't.
He already had her bound; she was now human.

"Captain?" Maccus called out, walking onto deck.

"Leave me!" Davy Jones snapped, the knife slipping from his grasp and landing with a thud. He immediately seized it, gripping tightly onto it.
Maccus did not move, and Jones made no move to force him. "Watch if you please," he told him coolly, revealing the knife to his first mate.


"Bring them all out here," he commanded. "Let them all see." Maccus was glued to the spot, watching his captain with worried eyes. "Bring them out!" He yelled, growing fierce. Maccus rushed into the cabins, bringing out every last crewman with him. They all stood around Davy Jones, staring with uncertainty. "Remember this, mates; remember what you are about to see."

Maccus's eyes went to the open chest, only confusing him more. As Davy Jones brought the blade closer to his chest, the hammerhead sailor shouted out.

"Captain, no!" He yelled.

"This is very admirable of you, Maccus," Davy Jones said. "I am grateful to have a first mate who cares so much concerning my fate. However, this is not your concern. She will know this… and she will suffer with the guilt."

"This is madness," Clanker shouted.

Davy Jones, however, did not let any sway him.

When someone tried to look away, he snapped at them and they were forced to experience it.

He took one last painful look in the blade in his hand and thrust it deep into his chest. His screams were horrid, feeling agony in every crewman. He twisted the knife deeper and deeper until finally… there was a big gaping hole.

Blood spilled freely onto to the deck, onto him, onto everything.

Davy Jones put his tentacle hand into the hole and yanked out what was there: his heart. It beat softly in his hand.

He threw it into the chest, closing it as soon as it was in there and locking it with the key. He let out a triumphant scream.

"There!" He shouted, allowing the rain that had just started to fall caress his face. "It is done! Damn you…. Damn you!" And he collapsed, the tears overbearing.

The Flying Dutchman sailed to a small, desolate island called Isla Cruces. Davy Jones stayed silent, gently touching the scar on his chest from where he removed his heart. "Take it," he said, pointing to the chest, which lay on the deck by Maccus's feet. "Take it and bury it. I will watch."

"Sir? Are you certain?" Maccus asked, picking the chest up.

"I am more than certain, Maccus! Now, do as I say!"

"Where is the key?"

Davy Jones revealed the key, hidden behind a mass of tentacles. He put it back once everyone saw.

"Now," he said. "Go on."

Maccus nodded to the others and they made their way onto land.

They choose a spot on the soft, white sand and dug. They dug deep into the earth until Davy Jones called out that it was enough.

Maccus hesitantly placed the chest containing his captain's heart in the hole and covered it with sand. Once it was all covered, he and the crew headed back to the Dutchman.

Davy Jones smiled evilly as he thought of the pain and suffering this was going to inflict on her. Despite all he's been through, he began to laugh. He laughed a loud, shrill laugh at what he had done.

"The sea is mine now," he chuckled.