He, She

He is my knight, his blade shines so bright
I pray for him
to be victorious,
Oh wouldn't that
be so glorious!
He fights for me, I fight for him
His only thoughts are for us to win

She is my angel, the one whom I love
She flys high in my heart
She soars like a dove
Such a beautiful face
Such a beautiful heart
I never want to be apart

He... She...

Hello!!!! It is I...THE FREAKY GIRL!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!
This is a poem I wrote SPECIFICALLY for Rinoa and Squall.
I think that my first poem was WAY better than this one... I don't like
the fact that the last line in Squall's part is like my FIRST poem.
Oh, well... Anyway... If you think this sucks than... It's not
my fault...since...I'm just starting writing. So, HA!!