What Is This I Don't Even

I've finally uploaded! I know I didn't write that much, but I'm trying to regulate the random. If you've read my other story, thanks! If you haven't, it doesn't really matter anyways. Onto the story!

Pre-Chapter – Revelations

"…So wait. You're saying that somehow Haruhi now exists in my world...?" Konata asked slowly.

"Affirmative. Haruhi's powers activated as she wished for a more interesting summer, and so she has been unconsciously rearranging the various threads of different worlds. The IDSE has given an approximation that your world is the 259th reality to be joined with our Home reality. However, it seems that only your group is aware of the loop."

"…So when do I get to meet Haruhi?"


"But I get to meet her right?"


"Can you stop saying the same thing?"



"I'ma go play some Mabinogi now."


Color Coded for Convenience

Konata had gathered all of her friends and acquaintances into Miyuki's home, to discuss the turn of events. As most were not familiar with the Haruhi Suzumiya series, the discussion wasn't going too well.

Ignorant as always, Misao jumped up and yelled "I really don't care why summer break will repeat! It's just more break time for us right? Now, onto a better topic…"

"Let me guess…" Mio and Kagami began in unison.

"FOOD!" Misao and half the room cheered.

The other half facepalmed in annoyance.

"I know we've done sushi personality quizzes before, but today I found something really interesting," Konata said, "I found this Western chocolate called Smarties, and they're basically milk chocolate pieces covered in different-coloured candy coatings. And look at us: we're basically a pack of Smarties the way our hair colors are going."

"Ooh, I've heard of those! There are about 8 colors right?" Misao said enthusiastically. Konata nodded her head in approval.

"What about us?" Ritsu asked.

"You guys look normal, you don't count."


"Anyways, of course I'm a blue Smartie. Fang over there is brown-"

"Hey! Don't call me Fang, Midget."

"Miyuki is pink, Kagamin and Tsukasa are purple and such, Yu-chan and Minami are the Christmas couple…" Konata continued, ignoring Misao.

Minami and Yutaka blushed and looked in opposite directions.

"Kuroi-sensei is yellow, and Minegishi is orange!"

"What about me? My hair is black!" Hiyori cried.

"There aren't any black Smarties Hiyorin."

"That's racist!" An aghast Hiyori yelled.

"Hey guys!" Misao interrupted, "I just thought of something really important!"

Everyone shut up and looked over. It wasn't often that Misao had something intelligent to say.

"I heard that they stopped making blue Smarties for a while," she continued, "So they only recently started making them again."

"And?" Kagami asked, already going into snarky mode.

"Well, that means there aren't very many blue Smarties right?"

"I guess so.." Ayano said thoughtfully.

"If we go by that, then that means Konata's…"

Misao pulled a pair of sunglasses out of nowhere and put them on.

"…in short supply."


…played from of the TV, which nobody had noticed was on until now. Now the TV was all they heard. Everyone was dead quiet, staring at Misao, their faces showing extreme disapproval.


A/N: And that's chapter one! Not too much, but I'm hoping I can get an idea that lasts for more that a thousand words. I'm willing to take in ideas as well. Yuki is in abridged mode, just so everyone knows, and I'm not thrashing on Misao cause I hate her. She's actually one of my favorites. Anyways, thanks for reading, and review please!