Chap 1
It had been a week since Brock and Reba were released from the hospital, at first it was going smoothly Brock moved back in with BJ and Reba went about her daily chores and jobs. One night while Reba was relaxing and watching a movie, Brock came in through the front door.
"Reba we have to talk." he said walking over and sitting down on the couch next to her. Reba just nodded her head and reached for the remote to turn off the television.
"About what?" she asked as she turned the volume down deciding she would like the distraction of the actors moving about the screen.
"You know what, the dream things you had one too didn't you?" he asked. Reba sighed not wanting to talk about it at all.
"Yes I did but when I woke up... it's not the same." she said looking to her hands that were folded in her lap.
"But you must have meant it or He would not have let us up." he said. Reba looked to him and he was shocked to see tears pooling in her eyes. "What's wrong Reba?" he asked moving closer and pulling her into his arms. She fought the tears as hard as she could only for the battle to be lost. She fisted her hand in his shirt as her tears soaked his chest.
"I meant it I swear I meant it! But I can't love you when you still love her! You never even spoke more than two words to me since we got up!" she cried.
"I'm sorry, I have a lot to work out, I woke up and was married to the woman who left me two years in the future! I have been talking to her about her job offer in Little Rock, it's just like before she wants to leave. And I'm not sure if I should stay and divorce her, or go with her and try to fix things." he said. Reba pulled out of his arms looking to him through tear filled eyes.
"What..." she asked her voice cracking. Then she pulled back completely, she quickly wiped the tears from her checks and Brock knew she was hurt and confused, and angry but she was going to bottle it up and put up her forces again.
"no Reba it's not like tha.."
"No you should just go, move to Little Rock make it work with your wife!" she cried then before he could do anything else she ran upstairs, and the last thing Brock heard before leaving the house was Reba's bedroom door closing and locking behind her. He sighed then left the house making sure it was locked before walking dejectedly back to his house.

After Reba escaped to her room she collapsed onto her bed, crying her eyes out. "why?" she cried into her pillow. "Why would you give me a chance if it's just gonna be ripped away from me?" she cried. She was so lost in her sorrow she didn't notice the door to her bedroom open, or even the man walk in.
The dark figure walked over to the bed where the woman lay sobbing into her pillow. He sat down on the bed next to her and still she did not realize he was there. He placed a hand on her shoulder. Reba jumped up and screamed and he had to hold her arms down as he narrowly avoided her fist flying towards his nose.

Who came into the room! DUN Dun dun…..