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Alex watched Kelly wrap Annabelle in her arms for a fierce hug. Unable to keep from rolling her eyes, Alex returned to her invisible state before float-walking to the window seat in the room to watch the encounter. "Ugh. Romance. Yuck." With mixed ghost emotions, Alex felt a little uncomfortable seeing Kelly breaking down, crying heavily and clutching onto Annabelle as if she was her life force. Listening to Annabelle's equally upset rambling about Kate's sacrifice, Alex felt a sense of admiration for the girl who had been welcomed into the St. Trinians ranks with Kelly's own barbwire necklace.

"...They have her! We have to get her out Kel! We can't just leave her there!" Sobbed the young Fritton, gripping Kelly's blouse tightly with whitening knuckles.
A hard lump in Kelly's throat refused to go but she had to be strong.
"She made me promise...n...not to come after her!" Replied the Head Girl, frowning in effort to control her flow of tears.
"What?" Kelly's words registered in Annabelle's brain, drawing a pained gasp. This wasn't right.
Kelly's heart screamed as she felt Annabelle pull away and examine her face.
"She left a letter...She...she made me..." With a choke, Kelly waved Annabelle off and hurried over to her bed, seizing the crumpled remains of Kate's letter, alcohol stains blotching out the white paper. Sniffing miserably, Kelly thrust the letter into Annabelle's hands, waiting her to take it before wiping her running mascara. Deciding that she didn't want to hear this, Alex snapped her fingers and her ghostly body shimmered into disappearance with one destination in mind.

A woosh of air brushed past her ears before she landed with a sickening crunch onto the concrete. Feeling something snap, and white hot pain explode in her shoulder. A deep groan emitted from her throat, barely conscious to do anything else. Screaming itself was draining.
"Not so strong now are you. You are disgrace to Russian blood." Sneered the masculine voice. Lying unmoving, not really receptive to the throbbing Kate closed her eyes and focused on the coolness of the concrete against her cheek. Flinching when something wet and slimy struck her in the face.
The clang of the door echoed in the small room. As it ebbed, Kate remained still, listening to the sound of her breathing. It ached. Everything did. Her knees, her elbows, her shoulder, her neck, her head...just everything.
Prone to sudden bouts of coughing, Kate figured she had developed some sort of cold due to the beating her immune system took.
Finally, after staying still for at least an hour, darkness unfolded over her eyes and she slipped into a deep sleep.

With an inaudible poof! Alex rocketed through the wall into Kate's makeshift cell. "Finally! So bloody hard to move through iron rods and damn concrete." Rolling her misty green eyes, Alex bobbed in the air over to Kate's form. "Hang in there Kate. Kelly and the girls need you. I'll watch over you but I can't involve myself just yet."

In the geek's section of the dorm, Polly stood looking over lucy's shoulder as the girl scrolled through pages and pages of code.
"I hope you put the laptop on charge. Last time you tried to hack into a swiss bankaccount you didn't and the laptop crashed." Deadpanned Polly, much to Lucy's embarrassment. "Can you please not say that so loud! If Chelsea was to hear, she would give me grief for the rest of my life!" Whispered Lucy, trying to control the shade of red from creeping into her cheeks.
Shrugging, Polly replied factually that geeks do not make mistakes. Ever. And if the computer crashed, she would personally inform Chelsea.
"I dunno know why you don't jus' go ta cheeseland. Besides, i'm gettin' sick of this 'eat wave. We can go snowboardin' innit!" Beamed Taylor from her position on her bed. "I mean.." continued Taylor, flick her hand casually in the air. "The twin's have this brilliant modification done ta my snowboard innit! Li'tle shites put a couple 'o' rockets on the back."
Holding back a groan and instead, opting to roll her eyes, Polly monotonously corrected Taylor. "Switzerland Taylor. Not cheeseland. In any case, there is a school pool which you COULD have used. That is before you put those box jellyfish in them and pushed bursar in there. We are not about to go to Switzerland because Kelly, Chelsea and mostly everyone in this dorm have been put on the most wanted list in Switzerland. I've had no time changing the status."
"..Righ' yeah I get it... wiv all this...Mafia shit goin' on." Taylor awkwardly trundled off and turned away and sighed.
"Damn. I wish Kate was back 'ere. I had some epic plans 'nd I needed her 'elp. She ain't a bad girl innit!"
"GOT IT!" Shrieked Lucy, bouncing up on her chair in excitement. Narrowing her eyes, Polly turned the laptop towards herself and watched as numbers flickered across the screen quickly. The process of transferring money was as easy as writing a mathematics textbook. Pathetically so.
"Well done Luc. Taylor go get Kel."

Twenty minutes later, Kelly had yet to return. Frustrated at people's lack of respect for the notion of urgency, Polly ventured to the second floor where she saw Taylor digging into Chelsea. Again.
"Why can't you just resist temptation for ONCE Taylor?" Polly moaned to herself.
"...S'not my fault you is dumb innit! The only fing ya know 'ow ta do is fuck 'n' do ya hair. You is well genetic!"
"Fornicate. Fornicate and it is generic. Not genetic, Taylor." Corrected Polly, walking into the little argument.

Straighting herself up, Taylor forced a casual, I-ain't-bovvered expression and stroked her hair. "Yeah I said generic. Are you deaf geek?!"
"Well thats very silly of you to suggest since I just heard everything you just said. What have I told you about using words you do not understand?" Scolded Polly, clearly annoyed in Taylor's eyes.
"Yeah, yeah yeah. Wot ya doing here anyways?"
"Well I came to cuff someone's ear because I've been waiting for a long time and Kelly hasn't returned yet."
As Polly expected, a clueless expression highlighted Taylor's face. Deeply irked, Polly rose an eyebrow and quicker then Taylor could blink, the tall, thin geek thrust her hand out and cuffed Taylor's ear.

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