Just another idea that came late at night, which evolved into a fanfiction. In fact, likely to be my last large Legendia fiction... For the moment, however, this is my little brain-child which has taken over my mind. Everything is self-edited, but I could always miss something, so please comment if you see a typo. Title's taken from the same song by Pink I was listening to while writing this. Little game for you all: find the Spaceballs quote.

Fun Fact: Was tempted to write my mom's name Nora a few times while writing this.

Chapter 1 - Glitter in the Air


Where am I?

Icy blue eyes slowly opened to a sea of dark all around him. Not inky black darkness one couldn't pierce with a knife, nor the dark that lingered late at night just before dawn. But the sort in which nothing remained, and that everything returned to once it's usefulness had expired.

Pale fingertips cut into black from beneath tattered white sleeves, shaded by dried blood and remnants of once-minor scrapes. Long boots stretched out in front of him covered in both mud and scuffs, ending high upon his legs and covered by a white tunic. A shredded azure cloak drifted around his shoulders, and as the man wiggled his fingers, silver-blond hair drifted in front of his eyes.

Eyes searched the darkness, searching for any sort of familiarity, but his efforts proved effortless. The man straightened upright, but it seemed like he was underwater; movements slow and sluggish. He looked at his fingertips, and almost saw dark tendrils lingering around his arms whenever he moved them similar to water. He moved his foot to walk, but it was also similar to moving in water, and the motion began to tire him as he ran through the abyss.

Hours, days could have passed and the silvery blond would not have known the difference, his only concern was finding out where he was. His eyes adjusted to the dark, making his light clothing and skin even more pale. Legs suddenly tired from the exercise, he stopped moving and let himself drift in midair. Why did he run; he was one of the Ferines; the people of the water, the Shining Ones… He had his teriques that could help him, his uniquely different teriques. His black wings of light. Concentrating, he thought of his feathery light spreading around his form, wrapping him in a familiar embrace.

After a few moments more, he gave up. It had never taken this long to summon his teriques… In fact, he had not failed in summoning it since he was a child; even at the blink of death he still could-

Memories came flashing back like a flood, a group of people facing him, ready to take away all his people had worked for, had hoped for. A Holy Alliance Marine… A knight of Gadoria… The teacher, treasure hunter, ninja, bandit and amnesic women. They all faced off against him, in halls of coral and water. Pain. A flashing of blue light and silver columns. Machines all around him, a large glowing orb. A sickening lurch in his side as he faced them again, feet losing feeling. A giant automaton shattering into pieces before them, black wings sprouting from his back, then the feathers disintegrating as soon as they had appeared. Falling… he was falling, darkness closing around his eyesight. A last question to his rival, who looked on with pitying eyes. Closing vision. Loss of feeling. Nothing.

He understood why his black wings wouldn't come, it was so idiotically obvious, and he hadn't seen it. "Of course I couldn't… I died." A scratchy voice answered, echoing in the abyss. Even to him, it was devoid of any emotion.

The realization make him choke, holding his hand to his mouth in horror, as he discovered his purpose in that fight. His one task in life- his destiny- was to protect the leader of the Ferines, the Merines. He had lost the fight. The group had gone ahead to rescue their friend and stop the Cataclysm. They prevented her from fulfilling her duty, he had prevented her from fulfilling her duty. To save the Ferines… He had failed.

It was his fault the Orerines hadn't been exterminated, his fault the Merines failed, all his fault.

The Ferines choked as water trickled from his eyes, spilling over onto his cheeks and floating away into the dark around his face. The only sound he heard was the wrenching sound of his own voice, breaking in guilt, which seemed to echo into the dark, not to return anytime soon. Hiding his eyes in his weathered palms, he let out small noises from the grief he had. Anger he once had didn't exist anymore, he was just so filled of guilt it didn't exist anymore.

He stayed like that a while, and soon a lithe figure stepped into the dark, tendrils of darkness wrapping around her bare ankles, bracelets jingling around her wrists and neck. A flowing green dress with flowers on it trailed after her as she wore a forever-small smile upon her face. A billowing headdress floated behind her gracefully and floated around her in the dark. The tall women looked down at the crying man before her and gently placed her free hand upon his shoulder.

He jerked out of his tears and looked up at her, both in shock at his appearance and hers in this dark world. The lady looked on at him with a peculiar look upon her face. "Dear sir, why are you so upset?" She asked innocently.

The Ferines looked into the darkness with distant eyes. "I failed… My life's duty was to protect someone, and I failed in that." He responded dully.

She held a hand to her mouth and gave him a saddened glance, "My, that's distressing… However, I believe she and her friends are alright, somehow. You would be surprised how some turn out alright from a good picnic." She smiled brightly at him, and earned a strange stare in return. "…Though, it's a shame you can't join them in the fun… Everyone deserves a second chance, in the least." A knowing smile lit up her face.

The Ferines looked away from her expression with the knowledge of his guilt, but slowly nodded.

The willowy women smiled, and from the elaborate pot she held upon her shoulder, reached inside and grabbed a handful of silvery dust, it's glitter falling through the air, a shimmering in the dark. The bangles on her wrists lightly clanked against each other, their chimes echoing. "I heard that people can have second chances, to right what was wrong... Perhaps that is what could fix your situation..." She then tossed it onto the startled man, shimmering dust settling in his hair and on his clothes. "I wish you luck, dear Wally. I hope you choose wisely, and have fun!"

Eyes squinting, black blurred from his sight into swirls as the familiar women laughed. Bells tinkled in his ears, the abyss bled into white, and his vision cleared…

And his eyes opened once more.

They immediately squeezed shut at the immense light, and Walter lay still as the light lit the insides of his eyelids, turning black into a bright red. He squinted up at the sky above him, and saw a brilliant blue above him, white fluffy clouds stretching across until the horizon met a calmer azure sea in front of him. A calm sea? Fine grains filtered through his fingers at he sat up, the warn sand falling off of his clothes as he did so. The sea was as clear and calm as it had been in the Quiet Lands, the ones the Ferines regarded as the Forsaken lands…

The Ferines's stunned face slowly loosened, a true smile beginning to light his face. This was the sea that the Ferines had tried to restore; Nerifes was happy, and it showed in the sea's calmness. The Merines had not failed after all! He stood up all of the way, but stumbled suddenly. Looking down at his attire, it occurred to him he was wearing his old Orerines clothing from his days as a spy, but the turban that wrapped his hair was nowhere to be found, letting the breeze play with the strands around his face. Odd… Why wouldn't he have his Ferines attire?

He didn't care... But a thought came to him, a concentration lit his mind again, and he felt a comforting feel of light feathers against his back. Looking around him, he saw violet-black wings surrounding him, a shimmering light from between his shoulder blades. His wings fluttered, and his feet were hovering a foot or so above the ground. The joy that he felt was immense. The sea was calm, the Merines had succeeded and he was alive again.

It was momentarily stopped, however, by a great rumbling all around him, shaking the ground he hovered over. It stopped after a bit, and he cautiously touched back down, teriques disappearing soon afterward. An earthquake? They weren't possible on the Legacy, there were no fault plates beneath the nation-sized ship.

Soon after, though, he saw a shape approaching the beach. A small crab who's color was pure black, and seemed to… exhale smoke around it's entire body? It didn't make sense… He stepped forward to move closer to it, but saw another figure that made him freeze in place. Coolidge… The Alliance marine, and the others in his group… And the Merines running beside him. He thankfully saw that their attention was on the monster in front of them, and not on the figure to the side of them down the beach not even a few road-lengths away. He saw a very conveniently-placed boulder near him, and shamelessly hid behind it, black cloak pulled behind him out of sight.

One of the figures looked his way with a confused expression on her face, stick-like weapon halfway from forming an attack on the creature, but soon turned back to the battle in front of them. The Ferines sighed in relief, then turned around slightly to watch the battle. The crab-like fiend seemed to mutate under the black smoke and transform into a monster worthy of the word. From the achingly-long battle that ensued between the fiend and the Merines' group, whatever that smoke had done to it had increased it's strength nearly ten-fold. The monster fell, and it vanished along with the smoke, leaving the lone egg-bear that remained, nearly torn to pieces from the battle.

The teacher and others exchanged words, and headed back towards the Orerines town, Werites Beacon. One figure slowed to a stop, and looked back to where he hid. And for a strange reason, he hoped to be found by someone, anyone who knew who he was. However, logic and common sense held precedence, and he stayed still and silent. Soon, she gave up on her supposed thought, called it a mirage and hurried back up the hill with the others.

The blond let out a breath, and cautiously walked back up toward Lumen Spring to try and figure out a next plan of action. In what period of time, or even, what dimension was he in? Oh, what a sick joke that would be… Lone previously-dead Ferines ex-bodyguard-of-the-Merines Walter is stuck in a different dimension where he can't right what mistakes he's made because he hasn't made them here!

…A curious thought, however, what did he do wrong last time…? If the calm sea, and the Merines' appearance with the group who tags along with her so-called brother wasn't of any occurrence, he would never have said that preventing her friends approaching her and preventing her from creating the next Cataclysm was his biggest mistake. But unfortunately, that happened. It was his mistake… But it most likely wasn't the case of why he was brought back… He was getting another shot, and he had to use his second chance to make things ok again.

He came into view of the familiar spring, surrounded by a ring of the same coral-red ground that shaped the Mirage Palace and most of the Legacy's landmarks. Clear water trickled from the bottom of the pool, and flowed down a stream to fill the rest of Werites Beacon's waterways.

Walter stood at the edge for a moment, then looked around for any other presence around the area. Nothing but the pleasant chirps of birds and bubbling of the pool. Smiling to himself, he slipped off his boots and cloak from around his shoulders, and dove into the water without much of a splash. Nearly instantly, his hair began to glow a crystal blue that all Ferines had in the water. He smiled in peace and lounged underwater near the statue in the center of the spring, lost in thought.

A few hours later, in the early evening where the sun began to dip closer to the horizon, a chipper girl sat on a bench at the fountain in the early evening, mulling from the battle in her head over and over again. Both before and after the battle, the short brunette girl saw something on the beach… A figure… or something. One with a long black coat… or cloak, or something. For some reason, it was keeping her from focusing on anything else, even her Relares notebook and the Everlight. It was dang irritating.

She looked over the town's building up the hill where Lumen Spring and the beach was. She shouldn't be out alone, but… "I gotta find out what the heck that was." She got up from where she was and smiled to herself. "If I find something, all the better, right?" She then walked off to go up the hill to the spring.

Soon after, not encountering too many monsters and some amounts of sneaking around, she reached the pool of crystal clear water, lit by a few sparse city lights along the path and one on the far edge of the water. She looked around and tried to see into the darkness, but couldn't see any signs of life. Norma frowned and crossed her arms in thought. Shaking her head, she frowned. "Ah, I should have known there was nothing here. Just hallucinating again, Norma!"

Norma looked around and turned to leave, but something caught her eye. She walked up to the object in question next to the pool and picked it up, "…A shoe?" A heavy white and orange shoe sat in her hands, and she looked down to see it's other half, along with a black cloak and a few large belts. Her confusion was even more apparent when she looked around, finding no explanation for the clothing. "Hello? Anyone out here? You forgot your clothes!" She waved the shoe for good measure.

Hearing no answer, she gathered the things in her hands and walked around the area searching for the owner. The pair of shoes were clutched by one of her hands, with the cloak and belts hanging over her arms as she looked. She took a closer look at some of the things… The cloak seemed familiar, like a pattern that wasn't found often around the Legacy. …It smelled like the ocean too, a slight brine scent mixed in with the fine sand still on the cloak.

Stopping, Norma realized the cloak was similar to what she saw on the beach earlier that day. She took a closer look around and called out, "I know you're out there; you were on the beach today when we were fighting that monster. Come out and show yourself!" Silence. "Ohhh, so you're afraid of me, huh? Go on, show me what you've got; fight like a man!" She brought out her straw with one hand, other arm weighed down with the articles of clothing. Yellow eres glowed from her fingertips, lighting the area in a pale light not already given from the lanterns.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. The crystal eren kept her stick out, but set down the clothing and let the light of her eres die down. She cautiously approached the pool and walked around it, peering around and in the water. "I wonder who that was…" She mumbled to herself, suddenly feeling a shiver go through her arms in nervousness.

She noticed a slight difference in the normal riverbed, and peered closer, seeing different obscured colors in the water, but couldn't see it well enough. Sighing to herself, she sat down on the edge of the spring and pulled off her long boots, freeing dainty toes. The girl then set aside her Relares notebook and bag full of miscellaneous items and gald. She noticed how deep part of the pool was, and chose to try to go around in a shallower area.

Norma dipped a foot into the water and squeaked at the frigidness of the water. Well with twilight upon her, it was no wonder it was so cold. She stood ankle-deep and waded slowly through the water. She peered at the object in the water, which became more clear with every step forward. Soon, with her knees just barely above water, she leaned forward to see the shape more clearly. A black body… Red legs, no, red pants… White… blond hair. It glowed a faint blue, lighting the water around him slightly-

She nearly screamed when she leapt back, splashing her back and nearly falling in more. Wally! Wally was here, Wally was alive! She stared, trying not to squeak too loudly in fright. They had battled him trying to save Shirley; he died back in the Wings of Light two months ago, how was he here in Lumen Spring very much alive and kicking?

Norma swallowed, wondering what to do. …At least, he looked alive, though all people except for the Ferines weren't able to breathe underwater. The ripples on the surface obscured his face clearly, so she stepped forward again, letting them die down as he came into view again. He seemed to be sleeping, eyes closed and hair drifting in and out of his face. Norma realized she had never seen both his eyes before; his hair had always fallen in front of the left side of his face.

Leaning forward more, she peered closer to his features. Once upon a time ago, when Shirl had been kidnapped by Vaclav, the Ferines had joined forces with the Alliance forces in Werites Beacon to rescue her and prevent a war. When he had first shed his disguise for his traditional white and blue clothing, she thought him someone different… And cute. Well, he was; it wasn't her fault that he was a jerkass!

She leaned forward even more, standing on the balls of her feet to dry off part of her knees. Still… they had to save Shirl, the world. They had no choice but to fight him… Right? Still, he didn't really deserve to die, he was only doing his job. Hopefully he wasn't as mean as last time, or worse, try to reinstate the problem all over again-

She leaned too far forward, her center of balance no longer in her waist and feet, but her shoulders. She fell face-first and screaming into the spring with a loud splash, scaring a nearby bird out of it's nest. Freezing water shocked her system, and she flailed in the water, kicking a stirring Walter in the chest, startling him awake. She pushed upwards and took gasping breaths, coughing and sputtering from the intense pain of water going into her nose. She tried to find her footing, and not long after that, she was pulled under for a moment. A figure pulled her back out, and pulled her by her collar towards the shallows. Norma struggled against the hand, and finally she was let go and sat in the shallow water against the bank, looking up at the Ferines in front of her.

Walter crossed his arms, hair dripping from the tips of his bangs. "So, we meet again, Orerines."

Norma stood up and gave him a stern look, "Nice to see you too, Wally." She said sarcastically. Guess it wasn't too hard to think he hadn't changed one bit. Still the uptight blond as usual.

He looked around at his surroundings, "I see you convinced the Merines not to go through with the Cataclysm, and yet the sea is calm. An explanation is in order."

Norma glared at him, hackles rising at the accusations. "Same as always…" She muttered quietly to herself. "Why should I have to explain myself to you? Nellie wanted peace between the Ferines and Orerines, and it stopped the fighting; the extinction of us humans didn't have to happen!"

"Yet do you really think that the fighting will stop on the mainland, or on the Legacy? Ferines are still getting slaughtered by your race every day, you're making excuses for yourself." He shared the same anger in his eyes as she did hers.

"Not everyone is like them though! An entire race can't be held responsible for a few people. If you were around when we convinced Nellie that then maybe you would pull that stick out of your butt and not be such a heartless jerk all the time!" She yelled, then bit her lip at that last bit. Perhaps it wasn't so wise to mention how Wally…

Walter was silent, eyes full of ice as he stared her down. She stumbled over her words, inching away at his gaze. "A… Another thing. When me and the gang saved Shirl at the Wings of Light… We defeated you and…" She swallowed hard and pushed out the next words. "…You died. How exactly are you here; are you a ghost or something that's come back to haunt me?" She brought out her stick and held it in front of her protectively.

Walter was tempted to let out a bitter bark of laughter, just as much as he was to just kill this girl in front of him for her insults. Instead, he fumed and let it show in his eyes and the way his hands clenched his sleeves. "Do you always come up with such absurd motions of thought?" He asked tightly.

Geez, Norma was starting to feel hairs raise on the back of her neck. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea coming out here and discovering who had been spying on them. Then again, she hadn't expected it would be the hateful Ferines who was supposed to be pushing up daisies either. Beginning to back up onto dry land, she retorted, "So what if I do! At least I don't try to kill people just because I don't like the way they were born or what their father's brother's nephew's cousin's former room-mate did!"

Norma almost cheered as his hateful expression slowly transformed into a confused one as he tried to comprehend the question. "…What?" He quietly asked blinking under furrowed brows.

Smiling slyly to herself, she continued with her train of thought. "At least my so-called absurd trains of thought aren't trying to kill people with whom I've just met."

"I'll remind you that we have met before; numerous times at that." He gave her a steady look and continued, "Speaking of which, did you get shorter?"

Norma fumed, "I did not! You just shrank over the past two months!" This reminded her of her previous question. "…Did you even die at all, or did you just escape and go into hiding or something?"

Walter exhaled through his nose and looked to the side, "Hmph, like you are on any need to know things like that." 'Although…' If he was on his second chance through life, he really did not want to screw it up… So, maybe a different approach this time. As much as he disliked it, he knew that at the very least he could not attack Senel and his friends again, nor trying to turn others against him. Starting with Beatty wouldn't be so terrible; she was far from the worst of them.

Walter peeked from the corner of his vision at her; she was still pouting angrily. His pride shrinking and biting his lip, he sighed. "…If you really have to know to continue living, Beatty…" This got her attention pretty quickly, and she turned to him. "…I did die that day in the Wings of Light."

A silence passed between them, and Norma shifted nervously. Wally actually told her something like that; since when would that have ever happened back when this whole thing started? He hated her and everyone in her race! …But, he also died, something like that would change someone. She looked up at his distant eyes and took in a deep breath. "Did it… I mean, was it painful to die?" She winced immediately afterwards, though it would have sounded bad any other way anyway.

Walter swallowed, taking his time to answer in anything but a cruel or biting retort. Beatty's tone was nervous and regretful, but curious; who wasn't when it came to what happened in the afterlife? Might as well be honest. "Even though I ended up dying from the wounds I acquired from our fight in the Mirage Palace… no. Everything just drifted away, like I fell asleep…" He saw her expression and rolled his eyes, "And no, there was no tunnel or flashing of images or memories. Everything just turned black. Satisfied?"

Norma looked down for a moment, then asked, "Just one thing… If you did die, then how did you come back? No one just comes back from the dead, no magic can do that, save for reanimating dead bodies. Memories and souls never come back."

His thoughts drifted back to that dark place, and the conversation he had with that strange woman. It was a bit risky to tell her too much, even repeating that he was dead was a bit much. Though, she obviously didn't think he was crazy, her eyes told him she believed his story. If this turned all right, then he might tell her later… Might. "…I can't tell you everything, but just that my life wasn't to end when it did." Hopefully, he wouldn't screw it up this time…

Norma nodded, still confused why he would reveal these thing to an Orerines like her. But, she wasn't complaining either… The brunette looked around them, and noticed a mist begin to fall on them. Which reminded her how soaked the two of them were. It would be a long and cold trip back, she was shivering already. Might as well… "Hey Wally?"

He instantly scowled at that, "Do not refer to me as that."

Norma just ignored it and continued, "…Do you have a place to stay for the night?"

He caught on quickly, looking over at her with his scowl lightening to a simple frown, "Are you planning to invite me into your home; someone who once thought the end of your existence would be for the better of the world?" Bad wording though, he really didn't have a place to stay for the night, and sleeping on the ground soaking wet was not a comforting thought in the least.

Norma shrugged, "Well, unless you try to persuade me otherwise, yes. You don't have anywhere to sleep other than the ground, do you?" Silence gave her his answer, "Thought so. If anything, you can go wherever you were planning to go tomorrow and just sleep for the night. I'm not that bad, really!" She said with a chipper smile on her face.

Walter quirked an eyebrow at her from under his hair, "If you're comfortable sleeping with someone like me, so be it…" He said with an odd expression, not mulling about the opposite meaning of the word. Norma's ears caught the potential joke, but bit her lip and kept her silent snicker to herself. The two collected their belongings from the bank and began walking down the path to the town.

While they were walking, Norma noticed the previous tenseness in his shoulders from months ago was mostly gone. His steps were lighter, though still quieter than hers, which bounded down the path in a run when they reached a steep portion. He always gave her an odd look when she did that, but other than that, no real reaction to any of the things she did. Finally, when they entered town, she asked, "Are you always this quiet, or is it everywhere but your village?"

Walter replied, "Yes."

"Why?" She answered back.

"There isn't any 'why' about it, I just am."

"That's a little boring… How can people get to know you if you don't talk a lot?" A pout.

"My job didn't really require a lot of people knowing who I was. If I was discovered to be a Ferines I would have been tortured like all the others by Vaclav." He retorted harshly.

"That's stupid, it's still no excuse to-" She looked beside her and noticed no one was there. "Wally?"

"Hey Bubbles!" She heard from another road. It had turned out she and Walter had walked down the wrong road, and came to Will's house instead, where Moses had seen her and came over to chat.

"Hey, Red." She waved back, hoping he hadn't seen Wally.

He looked around and behind her, necklaces clinking together from his movements. "Hey, who was that red 'n black guy you were with, and why're ya soaking wet?

Norma shrugged off his first question, "I went on a walk up to Lumen Spring, and accidentally fell in. I came back to go take a shower and go to sleep."

Moses nodded, not fully believing it but accepted the answer anyway, "Ok, you do that. An' tell me 'bout who that guy was sometime." He waved and walked back to the park where the bandit caravan was staying.

Norma exhaled slowly, and looked around for Walter's hiding form, or maybe a glimpse of where he is. He so did not just ran off on her, the jerk…

"Nerifes, I hate him…" A voice said above her. She looked up and saw Walter perched in a tree, looking down at the two with part of his cloak hanging over the branch. He leapt down and landed easily, with a frown on his face.

Norma looked over in the direction Moses had just left in, "Red isn't that bad, Wally."

Walter snorted and walked away in the direction of the inn, forcing her to follow, "To you, he doesn't… He's an obnoxious, rude and smelly bandit with an equally smelly dog."

"Hey, Geit isn't smelly!"

By the time the two had reached the inn, they were bickering loudly and oblivious to their surroundings. A nearby man walking home from work gave them a dirty look, "Teenagers…"

The two opened the door, and walked inside, still arguing. "I don't care how funny he is, it certainly didn't feel funny to me when he was throwing his javelins at me!" Walter bit out.

"Well it's not like you didn't give him a good reason to attack you, you gave all of us one when you took Shirley that first time!" Norma retorted back heatedly.

"And you knew the reasons behind-"

They were cut off by the innkeeper at the front desk clad in his pajamas, who proceeded to yell at them, "Will you two shut up! It is after midnight, and I have tenets who don't need to be woken up by your racket!" He turned to Norma with fire in his eyes, "You especially, Miss Beatty! I don't care what problems you have with your boyfriend-"

"I'm not his-" "She's not my-" The two tried to interrupt, but were spoken over easily by the angered man.

"-but if my customers end up complaining about you, I'll kick you out of the room upstairs and make you pay back the large sum of gald you still owe me!" He paused for a moment to catch his breath and let his words sink in. "Did that sink in for you? Good, now be quiet and don't wake everyone on your way up!" he walked back into the employer's quarters fuming.

The two certainly quieted down, walking up the stairs to the rooms quietly. Walter waited as Norma fished out her room key and unlocked the door for them. The Ferines couldn't help but jab her with the last word, "A large bill, hmm? Are you being lazy, or just don't have a job?"

Norma growled angrily at him, fuming and embarrassed to have been yelled at by the innkeeper, on top of it being said that she still didn't have that much for her room and the tab was steadily growing larger. "Yeah yeah, laugh while you're at it, I already know I'm poor…" She said bitterly as she walked into the bathroom first so she got a shower first. Ha ha…

Walter brought his tone down at her obvious bitterness over the issue, but wasn't going to stop giving her a hard time. Oh no, he was still Walter, and that meant enraging Senel and his friends, including her. Protecting the Merines was… still a priority, but he was still guilt-ridden about that. He looked around at the furnishings while he spoke to her through the door. "If you don't have any money, why not just get a job somewhere…"

He picked up an odd decoration from a table shaped like a grand gaet when she replied, voice muffled through the wood. "I did once… I ended up spilling a bowl of hot soup on someone at the lounge below the inn. I got fired."

Walter tried not to inwardly snicker at the visual image. "Get another one."

"You know, it isn't as easy to just snap your fingers and have a job as you may think, Wally-"

"Don't call me that."

"Besides, I'm busy a lot too, trying to find the Everlight and helping out Teach and Senny…" She trailed off.

Walter noted the pause, and heard the water start up, ending the conversation. Besides, having people talking to you when you were busy bathing yourself wasn't necessarily the most fun thing in the world… Maybe uncomfortable and disturbing, but not fun. So, he settled down at the window seat to read something, and later on ended up falling asleep there.

Norma came out of the shower in her pajamas, happy to be warmer than before as a billow of steam followed her. "Ok Wally, you're…" She looked over and saw him snoozing on the seat at the window, back leaning against the wall and book ready to fall through his loose fingers. She took the book from them and looked at the cover. Immortal Blood… Well typical of him to choose something morbid.

She looked up at his face one last time to see if he would jump awake from her removing the book. His head was leaning slightly to the side, and his still-damp bangs shifted to the side enough to let her peek at his other eye under them. He looked different without the bangs in the way. She reached up to pull them away further, but stopped midway. What if he woke and caught her in the act?

Norma shook her head and reached over to gently shake him awake, murmuring to herself as she did. "Ok Norma, stay away from the cheesy novels tomorrow…"

She clasped onto his shoulder, but when she did he flinched awake, tense as if he had just battled an egg bear or something. He blinked a few times before seemingly remembering where he was. "…."

"You're going to get a kink in your neck sleeping like that, Wally. There's a bed over there, you know." She grinned.

His eyelids drooped slightly, but otherwise his only reply was a nod as he quietly got up and walked over to the bed. Norma then walked over to her own bed, climbing into it as he removed his various belts, shoes and cloak. "'Night Wally…" She said as she closed her eyes and snuggled into her pillow.

Not so much as an answer than complete silence. She frowned and looked over thinking he was just being a jerk again, but he looked to be out cold, breathing slow and evenly. She shrugged to herself and let her thoughts fade as she fell into dreamland.

The Immortal Blood book that Wally was reading was a book one could find in The Elder Scrolls 4. It was a rare vampire horror story, and not of the sparkly ones either…