A/N: Lots of thanks to my beta The Wishyles! All remaining mistakes are mine.

The story was inspired by something Jewel Staite twittered.

The child

They weren't really trying to have a child. Either it happened or it didn't. The only time they talked about it, well, Jennifer had talked, it was about Rodney's frequent exposure to radioactive radiation. He hadn't been listening, just nodding now and then. As soon as the words "mutations", "fertility" and "you" had cropped up in the same sentence, he had stopped listening.

They never talked about it again. Then Jennifer became pregnant surprising Rodney and herself.

Of course he was present for the birth. But at his first sight of the newborn child, he stared at it with a mixture of disbelief and horror. He couldn't bear to keep looking and turned his gaze to the midwife who was watching him with pity. Without a word he left the hospital to wander aimlessly through the night.

Y morning he found himself back at the hospital kiosk where he bought an overpriced bouquet of flowers. They weren't particularly beautiful or fresh, but it was a gesture of love.

Jennifer was the woman Rodney wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He couldn't leave her now. At first the ward doctor didn't want to let him see her, because he feared the worst. But when the doctor saw this tired and sad man in front of him, he knew Rodney presented no danger to anyone.

When Rodney swore he would be a good father for the child Jennifer didn't doubt him.

Several months later Rodney was putting his child to bed. He prodded the mobile, a model of the planets of the solar system, that was hanging over the bed. Of course he had the planets to scale. The baby gurgled cheerfully and Rodney was happy. At that moment, he realised he was getting used to the sight of his child – even if it was the spitting image of Ronon.