A/N: It's been a very, very long time. A very long time, people. But, well. If you don't know yet, this is formerly Eagle8819, who is now posting a prequel of sorts to Resplendence of Ebony. I have mentioned this a long time ago, but I did say I may put up a collection of snippets/scenes of sort that would eventually lead up to the happenings of RoE.

NOTE: If you haven't read that, you will be terribly confused by this scene here. And if you, my old readers, actually remembered what RoE fic was all about, I would be most impressed and flattered.

I cannot say that I'm returning to the fandom, if even. This scene was actually a really, really random thought that came to mind, and it's...well, it's really short. Maybe I'll write some other scenes if any thoughts come to mind, but who knows.

Short as it is though, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Time Immemorial
this is how it starts.

i walk in the path of misfits blood
no compass can stare my way

Lindy Harlaown is not a conventional woman. She has done many things, and have seen many things.

" - by the orders of the council, General - you are under arrest."

Still, of all the things -

"Please do not resist. We've been given orders to shoot if you disobey." He - the boy who was once her student - gives her a desperate look that belies the stiff, cold tone.

- she wonders if she's supposed to be surprised. But...then again, perhaps she shouldn't be.

TSAB is no longer what she knew it to be.

The boy's lips are turned downwards, and his eyebrows are furrowed, his gaze is pleading and sad - she knows that the only reason he allows emotions to show is because the soldiers behind him cannot see it.

"General - "

The door cracks - cracks loudly - and she hears a faint command from behind the door and - it explodes inward; metallic shards are sent flying, stabbing into a few soldiers, she catches a streak of blue and red -

More soldiers fall.

And it's Chrono, her dear, sweet son - her son - who's suddenly standing protectively in front of her, his weapon raised at her former student, his clothes dirty and ripped; blood drips from the edge of his left elbow - and she has never sensed so much anger and grief in that voice -

"You son of a bitch."

"Chrono!" Lindy has found her voice, and she thinks her astonishment at his curse is showing.

"Amy is dead."

She feels her heart sink.

Amy, Amy, her daughter in law - who's on maternity leave -

"And you ordered it."

She feels herself freeze.

Her student doesn't bat an eye at the accusation.

"It was an order I cannot disobey," he's saying this as he looks straight at her, before he turns his gaze to Chrono. "And you should be dead."

"You would want that, won't you?" A growl - a growl that isn't Chrono's voice, but still all that familiar to her -

Her eyes moves to the direction of the voice, and she sees Arf - Arf who slams the last soldier who's still awake (alive?) into oblivion near the edge of the room.

Her student turns slowly to face Arf. "You are not with your master."

It's more statement than a question.

Arf snarls, snarls like she's facing an enemy whose head she wants to rip off immediately, and slinks like she's ready to pounce on him -

Her student closes his eyes momentarily, and sighs.

He doesn't even look like he's afraid of being cornered, or beaten to death by Chrono or Arf. He looks like he's expecting it.

It alarms her.

"Lindy-san," he murmurs quietly, but loud enough to carry to her. His grey eyes look apologetic, and there's a sad smile curling on his lips.

She feels a chill.

He lifts a hand to his chest, fisting in clothes.

"They took my family," he says. "So I'm sorry." His grip tightens.

Her feeling of dread rises.

"I'm sorry."


And she understands.

"No - !"

The room explodes in fire.

Her vision blurs.

" - ther!"

There's someone hovering over her, but all she sees is white and black shadows.



She thinks he's shaking her a little, but she can't really feel it.

She sees a blur of red and orange next to the black shadow.

Oh...good. Good.

They are both safe.

They are safe.. she was in time.

She can't help but close her eyes. It's an involuntary action, but she hears her son choking back a breath and something - a fist, maybe - slamming into the ground and so many sudden footsteps -

Chrono lets out a strangled growl.


"So theatric, Harlaown."


And she knows no more.