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New Master of the Art



part two

Two days before the Challenge for the Dojo, just after 8pm; the ice cream shop...

"It involves the time I get to spend with my mom."

Those words filled her heart with a warmth she had not felt sense she had learned that she was pregnant. "Want is needed, my daughter?"

Ranma set aside the 'Delight' so she could look at her mother. "When I returned from China with everyone, I had received a book of skills and lore, thought lost to the winds of time. That was what I doing these past four month, learning what that book could teach me. It also included a reason for the Cursed Springs. They are to create a balance between the precursed form and what one will become if one were to embrace the so called curse."

Ranma reached out and took Nabiki's hand. "Genma is a wonderful teacher of the Art. He has trained me to be the best in only a third of the time it takes to master even one school. I am Dan level in at least 20 separate schools. Unfortunately that is all he is good for. He has harmed my growth in social graces, academics, and in the basic understanding of what goes on between a male and female." Smiling at the girl next to her, Ranma turned to look at her mother.

"For the crimes against me, Saotome Genma will pay. He will be forced to live a life on the skills that he holds so dear. He will be marked as a thief, lair, and cheat. He will be forced to mend his ways, or die in the gutter like the filth he is." Her eyes were cold.

"For the crimes against me and mine, Tendo Soun will pay. He will learn what it means to be lost in this cruel world. Where he was once happy, now he will find only Cold."

"For the crimes against me, Tendo Akane will pay. She will learn what it takes to be the best. What Anger and Rage cost you in combat. What Pride and Honor can mean when they are all you have in the World."

"For the Crimes against me. Saotome Nodoka will pay."

Nodoka paled. "what?" Everything had been going so well. Ranma was becoming a man, knowing what had happened to him, who was responsible, and then he proclaims her as one of the ones who hurt her son...

Ranma continued. "She will learn there is more to life then honor, That Honor, while a staple of a samurai's life, can be scarified, should be sacrificed when the life of loved ones are in the balance. It is a fine line to walk, but She will learn that there are some things more important then honor."

Looking at her mother, tears in her eyes, "You have no idea what your actions and words have done to me. You have reinforced half of what the Panda has pounded into my head about the concept of manly, and warped the rest with a sick and twisted need for grandchildren. I will bring heirs to the Clan, One way and the Other."

"What?" both woman asked Ranma.

'could he mean?' the thought was almost to far from the man she knew as her son.

"It was not an easy Question to ask my self, and the answer was even harder to find, let alone give voice to. Can I live with being a Mother as well as a Father?" Ranma's eyes had melted and were now soft and gentle. "Nabiki, Will you serve me as my wife, my lover, and the mother of my first born?"

'Yes, say yes, girl and make the three of us so happy' Nodoka scream out in her mind.

"Ranma?" Her voice had caught. "I do not know. You have been different sense China, You have grown in power, graces, and thought." She looked at 'Auntie' and then back to Ranma. "Yes, but you will woo me, Chase me as is proper for a man in our times, and I have final say on what is going on with the Others."

"Done on all but the last. As my Wife, you are first in all matters, but to claim that you can control my life, is not going to be allowed. I do expect you to push where you can and will to guide me into the light of bliss, but I have the final say. Ukyo, I want Mother to adopt as my sister. Not knowing the clout of our Clan, nor the impact should my 'sister' become with child with no father, but she will know the Love I have for her. From the second night after me and my wife have said 'I Do', I fully intend to be sleeping with both my wife and my mistress."

"Ranma!" Nabiki slapped Ranma across the face.

"Please 'Biki-chan, save that for our wedding night." Ranma shook her head. "As I was saying. Male Ranma will be needing both his Wife and his Mistress at night. Both because of my abilities and gifts would be too much for me to bed just one female at a time. And because I will need you both for when the Nightmares come."

'My son is manly!' She smiled dreamily, then frowned. "Nightmares?" Nodoka asked.

"They are the result of some of what Genma has put me through. Worry not Mother. My Wife will see to my health."

"Ah, Ranma?" Nabiki had a worried look on her face. "Who are you taking for your Mistress?"


A purple cat was snuggling down in small shipping crate, lined with lush pillows. Both she and Mouse slept in their Animal forms as it caused the 'Water Magnet' magic to become more dormant.

A sneeze flipped her onto her back, while causing her smaller body to be flooded with endorphins.

'Wow! What was that? ... I do not know, but I want another one.'

and with that thought Shampoo drifted off to dream about ducking Ranma in the spring of drowned rat and hunting and other things of a furry nature

Ranma pulled a Scroll from her cleavage. "This is what I copied from my book. It lists why I am choosing Shampoo as my Mistress and why the Kisses that She and her Grandmother hold me to are no longer valid. But to free Shampoo from Mouse, which she wants, I must make arrangements with him. For me to find my balance I must take a husband as well as a wife. My choices for a good male, on the thought what is good for my Line, is limited to Mouse, Ryoga, and Konatsu."

Nodoka frowned "And the Reason you are discarding Ryoga? he a fine lad, strong, solid enough to take a hit"

"He is P-Chan. Akane's pet." Nabiki spoke quietly "He sleeps in her bed with her. Has a warped honor code, and is trying to kill Ranma. He uses lethal Arts and cares not if those around him and Ranma get hurt, as long as Ranma goes down. He also is involved with a girl who raises Sumo pigs. They are the only things bigger then Genma, and smell worse then him too."

"Okay, and the other one?" not even a blink.

"He loves Ukyo, will most likely marry her if Ranma is not available." Nabiki answered.

Ranma snorted. "If Ukyo still wants to try me out, fully knowing that it is to invite scandal to our Door, I might spend the night with them both. To enjoy them both." Then Ranma cooled again. "Only one male will share my bed, and only when my wife is there to share in my joy as woman."

"Ranma, You seem to have given this a lot of thought." Nabiki spoke softly, "Why? how? and why me?"

"Why; I need to find the balance. How; not that easy, but Mouse has honor, has suffered at the hands of the one he loves, and should be open to a chance, a choice, to have something that is denied Shampoo."

Looking at Nabiki, "Why you? that is easy. For the crimes against me, Tendo Nabiki will pay."

"For the crimes against me, Tendo Nabiki will pay. Her schemes have bought and paid for the Chaos in my life. She will learn what it means to be the focus of that Chaos. Where she once was an observer, making a few yen off my troubles, she will now be my first line of defense."

"That is a new way to woo your intended."

Ranma-chan smirked, "Nabiki is beyond standard wooing, Mother. I have to combine it as more of a business opportunity with a romantic date. Other then ripping our clothes off and screwing her into submission right here, I am out of options at this time. She always looks at the bottom line, where I am more of a reflex reaction thinker."

Looking at the now glazed eyes of Nabiki, Nodoka sighed. "I see. And while Nabiki seems to like that option, It would be improper in your present form, and even worse if you were change first." She giggled as the Two guys behind the counter hit the floor, "Hurry up and finish your yummy, we still need to talk about the rest of the girls you are bound to."

"From my Point of view; Akane is lost, Kasumi is entangled with someone else, and Shampoo I intend to claim as my mistress by Japanese custom. She can claim me as Husband by village law, but I will not be returning to China as such. Kodatchi is a whack job, period. I am hoping that you will adopt Ukyo as my sister, our relationship can follow from there, but only if she understands what is at stake." Ranma shook her head.

"I am thinking of losing the Saotome Name, and as is Custom of my School, Even Ranma will be lost, as I will no longer be a wild horse but rather the Fire of Duty. Burning away all but what I must do."

"And what of Anything Goes?" Nabiki asked quietly.

"Nothing. For three years the Saotome Ryu will lie quite while Tendos train to reclaim the Dojo. Even Ranma will be unheard of for that time. I will be learning the Art of Money from Nabiki, the Art of the House from Kasumi, and hopefully the Art of the sword from you, Mother."

"Okay" they spoke as one.

"Any and all others promised by Genma, are lost until Genma can reclaim his title as Master of the Saotome Ryu. I ask that he be denied all rights until he shows he can be worth something to the Clan."

"Possible. I have the grounds to remove him from my life." She locked gazes with Ranma. "He is a Saotome by birth, but from a 'lower' arm of the Clan. He was an eighth cousin. His Line was all but lost. It was an arranged marriage. Sense our Union, he has done little but drink sake, gamble, and trash our good name. Father had asked me to claim him Unfit. With the Passing of my father, I was named Head of our small Clan. It Falls to me to see that steps are taken to improve our numbers by any means possible."

"And my Plans?" Ranma was unsure, but something was happening here.

"A blessing to both my needs and dreams. I am uncertain of how you will claim Nabiki, but you do have a challenge on your hands. Shampoo, as I understand things, will be happy to share your bed, but I worry about her being no more then your mistress." Nodoka licked her lips, "Ukyo as my Daughter, as a Saotome mother to be, will be the First step in our new plans for the Clan. The others can be weighed later, as they come into our lives."

"Mother Saotome, Will you meet me at the Record hall in the morning? We need to go over some paper work to began our new Empire." Nabiki spoke calmly. "There are a few legal issues we will need to wade through. Then there is the Honor rights, as Genma has slashed and trashed the honor of no less then five young women, not including us Daughters Tendo. This could be the beginning of Genma's punishment."

Three grinning females, grins promising pain untold, welcomed the Parlor males in their return to the waking world.

One Ran, the other wet himself and then feinted, praying for a quick death.

the next day.

For once, Nabiki was awake before anyone but Kasumi.

"ANGG." which is early morning Nabiki for; 'Morning Onechan, Any coffee?"

"Morning Nabiki." Kasumi answered, " Not yet, but there is a cola in the fridge if you want."

"nnnn" which translates as 'yes please'

After sipping her soda and two cups of coffee, Nabiki was fully awake. "Kasumi, What are your plans for Dr Tofu?"

"What a funny thing to ask." replied a blushing Kasumi.

"Sis, I know for a fact that you have 'liked' him since you entered high school. I know for a fact that he has been interested in you since you finished high school, I also know that his craziness is his way of dealing with the age difference between you two and will not stop unless you take steps. " Nabiki sipped her coffee. "I need you to start moving to claim him as soon as possible. Father and Uncle are starting to become desperate to close this union between our two families. Ranma has expressed a concern about his feeling about Akane, as he has declared to me and Auntie that Akane is no longer a match for him. Making your claim on the good doctor might slow Father down a bit. We could use your help."

Kasumi looked into her tea for a few minutes, swallowed it quickly, then opened a small drawer, took out a small bottle of Vodka, and took a deep pull. "Okay, but should I need help, I get it free."

"Done" Nabiki finished her coffee. Leaning forward, "You do realize that the Odds of the challenger winning the Dojo are better then Father thinks. When He wins, The Challenged are to leave the Dojo, while we are allowed to stay here."

"Oh My, What will happen to Father and Akane?" Kasumi sounded worried.

"That will depend on them. If they can master their Art, in three years they are welcome to return to the Dojo, to try to reclaim it. They may return here for six months at a time as students to learn from the challenger." Nabiki smiled. "In the mean time, you have other things to worry about. You will be starting Collage in the fall. As will I. "

"Up and at'em Boy!" Genma was awake and soon so would be Ranma

"That would be my cue to get out of here. pressing business."

Nabiki arrived at the record hall the same time as Nodoka. "Good Morning, Auntie. I mean, Mother."

"Hey Nabiki. What shall we do first?" Nodoka grinned.

"Genma. He is the biggest issue out of the gate. He is the loadstone around Ranma's neck. It is through him that Ranma is as messed up as he is."

"Genma it is. I shall be rid off that fat ass, finally."

Kasumi, dressed in a flowered kimono, left after breakfast was served. As she arrived at the clinic, she turned the sign. the doctor would not be seeing anyone else once she was finished, one way or another.

As she entered the clinic, she saw three elders. "Good morning."

"Ah, Kasumi. Have you decided about the Doctor?"

"Yes. In fact I was hoping to finish my plans today, if no one has really pressing business with the good Doctor. "

The Elders grinned as they moved out, "Have fun deary."

121 jaws theme music 121

It was the Morning of the Challenge.

Nabiki wore her black silk kimono with a gold obi. She was up early this morning.

Skipping breakfast, she went before the shrine to her Mother.

Kneeling, she pressed her forehead to the floor. "Forgive me, Mother, for what I do. It is for Father's own good, as it is for Akane's. But they will see it as a betrayal. With Your passing, Father lost all but the will to live, and we tried to live up to what we remembered of you. Ranma knows the Truth, and tries to help where and when he can. He has done more for me then I can ever thank him, and he is always on hand to help Kasumi, and not because she might be making cookies..."

Sitting back on her heels, "You would have been proud to call him Son, as I will be to call him 'Mine'."

Her mind is Made up. She found the concept warming. She had met with 'Mother' yesterday and began the paperwork. She had found a few old laws that allowed her to move quickly and start the paperwork to head off the blood feuds. Shampoo would serve best as Ranma's Mistress as Ukyo would regain her Honor as his sister and he could not see her as more.

She reaches over to the shrine, and opening a hidden drawer, removed the finial piece of her mother's Legacy. A short bladed sword. It was time to claim her male.

Only Ranma was Absent from the breakfast table.

Kasumi was worried. Not that she allowed it to show. She projected her spacy aura, that allowed her to slide through the Combat filled region without being harmed, threatened, or even noticed. It was a defensive Art her mother showed her before the sickness.

The middle Tendo returned in a somber mood. Nabiki was dressed in black, with Mother's sword in her obi. Something was up, and Nabiki was taking steps to remain above the flood.

Kasumi had thought that the sword had been sold to pay for bills shortly after Mother's passing. It was good to see it.

Akane was dressed in a red Gi compared to her yellow one that she practiced in. She was focused on the Match and 'knew' that she would win. Kasumi smiled, Akane was going to get hurt today, and nothing Kasumi could do would soften the blows to her youngest sister's ego, mind, or even body.

Father was dressed in his Gi, his hair pulled back. He was going to at least look the part. Kasumi had offer heard him talking to one of Nabiki's girls; '500,000 yen on Ranma fighting, and winning the Dojo for Us.'

'Oh Father, To have fallen so far...'

Genma was in panda form. Claiming it allowed him better range of combat skills. 'Fat bastard. If he allows us to keep the Dojo, it will be the only reason to put up with his fat ass...'

'Oh my, where did that come from?'

"Niho, Where Ranma?"

It was the only notice that the Amazons were there. Kasumi set a cup before the Elder and poured her some tea. "One guesses that you have already eaten this morning Elder, but the offer of Soup and rice is before you."

"Thanks Child, but the tea is more then enough. I am wondering where the Boy is though, I had some questions to put to him." The shrunken woman blew on her tea to cool it.

"He was not among the Us when we got this morning. His note spoke of things he needed to take care else where, or that Father and Uncle Saotome would do something stupid."

"Smart boy, but even the river will bend if you beat it hard enough."

The front bell Rang.

Mother Saotome.

She liked that title.

It offered her more power in the Ward of Nermia then that of 'Emperor's Concubine'. It was with this power and a scroll in her sleeve that she walked into the small restaurant owned by one Kounji Ukyo.

"There you are young lady. We need to talk."

The young woman was prepping her grill for the mid-morning rush. "Oh?"

"Yes dear. I am afraid that you are no longer in the running for my son." her hand raised to stave off the coming outburst. "It would be improper for him to woo his sister." Pulling the scroll from her sleeve, "This is the adoption paperwork. You can fill it out, join our family, and even enjoy the gifts of my son, in the proper manner, or you can reclaim your Right of Vengeance against my soon to be former husband."

She looks toward the Dojo, "My Son has decided that he is going to change the way things are going in his life." Looking back at the young woman, "You are his best friend from his childhood, and he would welcome you as his sister, but anything more, would not be allowed in his eyes. Not in public anyhow. He has spoken to me, and we have decided who his wife shall be, who he will take as a mistress, and how we should treat you."

"Treat Me? As in that I am nothing more to him then a... a..."

"Kounji Ukyo, As Mother Saotome, head of the Tokyo House of the Saotome Clan, I offer you Adoption into Clan Saotome." This was spoke in a clear ringing voice.

"This includes the honor that is left to us, the closeness of my son, and if you wish to bring scandal to our door, a chance to carry my son's child." this was a whisper, as Mother Saotome blushed.

Ukyo blushed deeply.

Nodoka cleared her throat and with head held high, intoned, "As my Daughter-intended, I ask you to join me to the Tendo Dojo. I have yet to inform my husband of the Divorce, and finish the Legalities of my son's future."

"To see the Challenge? I am in." She shut down her grill, grabbed her Baker's peel, and locked up the shop, leaving a sign; 'Gone to Tendo Dojo, be back later'.

"Nice sign, Go to the Tendo Dojo often?" the sign was of carved New England Oak.

"Yes, Ranma is there most times." the young chef blushed deeply.

They hurried along the streets. As they neared the Gates of the Dojo, they noticed that the Streets were block off and people were streaming in carrying chairs. Venders with carts were working their way through the crowd.

"Nabiki would not let anyone in, but for a match of this size, odds are Ranma is going to end up fighting, and with the screwy odds on this match, even the shirt venders are out in force today." Ukyo looked about her. "If only I had not lost my Yauti to that glutenous bastard, I could have made a killing..."

"That debt will be paid in full my dear, give it time." Nodoka stepped past many of the spectators, to reach the gate. With a firm grip, she tugged the rope. Twice.

He stood cloaked and cowled on the roof across the street from the challenge gate.

All the Players were here expected one...

"Where the Hell am I now?"

'Ah, there he is now, 'Piggy' never misses a cue.'

Dropping behind the heavy pack of the Lost Boy, "Great Wanderer," Hibiki spun to face the speaker. "I need a Favor. I have a Challenge Match coming Up, and I need to keep One Saotome Ranma from interfering. Up to the Challenge?"

"That Bastard is going Down." snarled the rage filled traveler.

Higimu lead the Wanderer to the Challenge Gate and Rang the bell.

'Show time'

The front bell rang, twice. Kasumi rose from her spot at the Table, as did Nabiki.

"I told them, no outsiders are allowed." Nabiki growled, as she followed Kasumi.

Kasumi opened the gate. "Oh Auntie, Come in. Ukyo..."

"Is with me. As my Daughter and Ranma's Sister, she is here to watch the male head of the clan, uphold his title of Master."

"Welcome 'Mother', 'Sister'. Ranma is not here, but the games are about to began." Nabiki was cool. "Everyone is here but Higimu, and he should be here soon."

"Sister am I?" Ukyo whispered to Nabiki, "Not cousin or something like that?"

"Only if You go through with the paperwork. Ranma might stand calmly if you attack him, I won't."

As the four entered the main room, the Challenge bell rang.

Kasumi bowed to Shampoo, "Sense you are of the Neutral group, Would you mind answering the gate? Elder, the Show is yours." She bowed to Cologne.

"Child, get the gate. No breaking things." the Elder stood slowly, and led the way to the Dojo. the Fighters followed, and the Watcher's followed them.

A box, standing three feet tall with a cushion, was set for the Judge. She hopped on it and settled down. the fighters stood on one side of the Floor, as the watchers spread out to find the advantage point.

Then Shampoo led in the Challenger and the Lost Boy.

"Where is Ranma?" the fanged fighter demanded.

"Not here, Boy," the Elder spoke from her seat. "As you are of neither Challenger, nor a Champion, I must ask you to move on."

"Elder, I have asked him to stand here in case the 'Father's' here try to use Ranma to interfere in the Challenge." the Hooded male spoke in his deep voice.

"You know a lot about us boy?"

"Nabiki sells some in-depth Info on the big player's."

"Speaking of In-depth." Nabiki spoke from her seat next to Nodoka, "I have placed cameras about the Dojo, to sell the video of the fight."

"It will be the last, if I win, but allowed. I will not deprive you of the means to feed your family." The hooded male looked about. "I must ask who is Standing as Champion of Tendo Dojo."

"Tendo Akane." looking fierce in her red Gi.

"Tendo Soun" Looking majestic.

Saotome Genma

the Panda's sign read with great dignity

"We, ah, have another, but she is running late." Soun spoke clearly.

"If you are talking about Ranko, you can forget it." Nodoka called from her spot, between Nabiki and Ukyo. "She is not of the Tendo Dojo, nor is she listed among those Challenged."

"Ranko is banned from the fight." the Judge declared.

Ryoga moved to the closest wall and dropped his pack.

Higimu dropped his cloak, revealing a masked fighter, who his hair in a top knot. A leather vest hugged his muscled chest. Black Pants, baggy in the upper leg, but held tight from the knee down by leather greaves. Bracers finished the combo.


Nabiki looked about at the damage done to the Dojo. Most off it was done After the match was declared over and Ranma as the winner.

She, Ukyo and Kasumi were still in the Dojo.

"He hit her. He really hit her." Ukyo finally spoke.


Akane charged like the bull headed fighter that she is...

Higimu flipped over her and dropped Soun with a kick to the chest. Soun did not get up.

A spin kick sent the panda flying as Akane realized her target was the other way.

This time he meet her face to face. He block her attacks easily and then opened his hand. "Black Heart Denial!" A black ball Ki exploded in her face, knocking her back and away.

the Panda stood, assumed a weird stance and then faded from sight.

Higimu was soon hit from multiple sides then sent flying himself.

Higimu rolled to his feet. His eyes flashed, and then the air around him began to ripple like it was heating up. Then behind him a ghost of a Panda was shown. Higimu spun and buried his fist in the soft belly of the Panda.

"Black Heart Retribution" The black ball offered to the panda was three times the size of the orb offered to Akane. The Panda was smashed out the Door of the Dojo. He did not move.

"Pervert no Baka!" Akane was back in the fight, and had taken it to the next level.

Higimu sidestepped, dropping a golden chain formed of Ki. The Chain moved like a snake, striking out and entangling itself about the hammer. "Chain of Hebi, poison Ki bite!" a red surge of Ki flashed along the chain, slamming into the Hammer. The Hammer burst and Akane cried out, as She fell to the ground.

"Damn you Bastard, For Hurting Akane, you will die!" Ryoga Charged, his Fists glowing green.

"Higimu Wins, as All Champions are defeated!" the Judge declared

Higimu spun and lashed out the 'Chain of Hebi', striking the enraged Fighter in the chest. "Poison Ki Bite" The green around Ryoga's fists wicked out. The Chain then coiled about the body, arms and legs, growing longer and heavier as it slithered about Ryoga, tripping him, and binding completely.

"As you no doubt can feel, the poison affects just the Ki. Now in Someone like you or Ranma, it can cause damage to the body, where Akane will have little more then a headache when she comes to." Higimu spoke calmly. Turning to Nabiki. "step two."

She nodded. "Elder, The arrangements were for the Dojo." Nabiki spoke in a quite tone. "As of this minute, Higimu here owns the Dojo, house and compound. He has made arrangements for my sister Kasumi and I to live here, while we wait for the Champions to improve their art, and return to reclaim what is theirs. They have three years. Will you be here to witness the match?"

The Elder was squinting at Higimu. "Time permitting, I will be here. Higimu will not sale the Dojo, nor allow it to fall into disrepair until the three years are up."

"Thank you Elder." Higimu bowed to her. He then removed the mask.

"Arein!" Shampoo lunged, and was caught in another 'Chain of Hebi'

"Be smart d-chan, or I will be having roast duck for dinner." Ranma glared at Mouse. Turning to the Cologne, "Speak to my Mother about my link to Shampoo. I will not be going anywhere for at least three years, by your decree." Ranma bowed to the Elder. A wink at Nabiki,"Step three."

then Ranma was gone, and with him so went the chains.

"Where did that pervert go?" Akane was back up, looking for a fight.

Pulling a water balloon from her obi, Nabiki called out, "Hey Ryoga, You are late on your payments!" Ryoga spun to look at Nabiki in horror, in time to see the hydro-bomb strike him in the face.

Then the pig climbed out of his clothing...

"P-Chan? P-Chan no Baka!" A mallet larger then what she was swinging earlier flickered into her hands, a quick back swing, and the pig broke the center beam of the Dojo as he continued into LEO...

"Who are you calling a pervert, you uncute tomboy" Ranma flickered into sight behind Akane. She spun, Swinging her hammer anew. Ranma caught it on his left bracer, "Until you master your Anger, you are no better then Pops or Ryoga. You can join them. You are cast from this Dojo." his other hand flashed in, palm hitting her in the chest, sending her through the wall into the koi pond.

Nodoka had walked to the Cat Café with the Elder and Shampoo. They spoke little. Mouse was trailing along behind them.

As they entered the Café, Mouse pulled a broom from his robes, and began to sweep up. Shampoo stepped into the Kitchen and returned with a tray loaded with three cups and a pot of tea. Sitting at a table, the Elder sat on a booster, they sipped the tea.

"What is this about a Link between Ranma and Shampoo?" The Elder broke the silence.

"Ranma or Higimu as he is calling himself, has said he will only marry Nabiki at this time. Ukyo is to become his sister, and the position of Mistress is open to Shampoo."

"What would that give Shampoo?"

"She is free to come and go, as she wishes. She has the option of baring his child, and will be supported by my son, when she is here in Japan. If Shampoo takes the position of Mistress, Mouse will lose all claim on her." Looking at the Young male, sweeping the same spot, his back to them, " Mouse has options as well, but they are different, and will be spoken of between him and me."

"No, Ranma is mine!' Shampoo ran from the Café. "Nabiki is obstacle, obstacles are to be removed."

Nodoka stopped the Elder, "She is in for a disappointment. Ranma has chosen, but has yet to woo Nabiki. Though I doubt he has to try hard. He will allow Nabiki to handle Shampoo until Shampoo tries to kill Nabiki. Then she will be in for a massive shock. She will see just how strong my son is."

"Now for the reason for Mistress, Ranma will not be returning to China. From what he has seen of the treatment of Mouse here, he would be used for breeding and house keeping. As his Name states, he is a wild horse, and should not /can not be broken. He will become useless to you and the village. As a male in Japan, he is an ally, and will come running when the Village calls. Also his Home will shelter to those of the Village, good standing or bad. "

"And if We try to do other wise?"

"Then the Village will be lost to the sands time as Ranma watches it burn. The Crying of the Children will draw the Musk, and dripping blood will stain the stones of the Valley."

Kasumi was packing for Soun to go on his trip.

Akane was packing as well grumbling under her breath the whole way.

Soun and Genma had been moved out the front gate.

Soun was crying about how he lost the Dojo, how the families will never be joined, and...and...

Genma was disappointed about the loss of his meal ticket.

Then he saw Ranma jump over the wall, to land near a group of girls that wore a small brown armband with a silver 'N' After whispering to them, he turned to face the crowd. "Okay, everyone. Match is over. The Girls will be now taking orders on the Video of the fight. Because of all the Side bets; Nabiki will need a couple days to sort through everything. We ask for time. This way you can watch the fight, and claim your money. Thank you one and all."

"Ranma, You ungrateful son, where did you run off to?"

"Use your brain old man. Do I look like Ranma?" Ranma/Higimu was still wearing the vest, bracers, and greaves from the battle

Genma frown, looked Ranma over, "You're the one who beat us? My son has won the Dojo, My retirement is assured!"

Soun frowned, his tears drying up.

"Think again Mister Saotome, if I shall still call you that, This Dojo is for Students and Masters. I will not accept you as my student, and you are longer a Master in the Eyes of this Dojo." Higimu kicked the older man in the head, knocking him into Soun.

Looking to the formerly crying Man, "Akane will be joining you, shortly. You must make your own way in the world. Relearn what you have forgotten, learn new arts and skills, and with in Three years, you are welcome, to return to try to reclaim the Dojo. The other girls are not artists, so they are being protected by the Artist code. Besides they have skills that I will need."

Cocking his head, "Genma is the only one who risked his title. You are welcome to return in three months with Akane. For up to six months you will teach me the Tendo Ryu, as I teach Akane the Nakushita Aijin School. After the Six months, You and Akane will be asked to seek out other schools. At this time, Do not bring Genma with you. Kasumi is bring your pack, and I will return with Genma's." He then back flipped over the Wall.

Ranma/Higimu stepped into the room, grabbed up the ratty pile of patches, and dumped the old panda's pack onto the floor. He and started to sort the junk, stuffing only Genma's clothes into the pack. Frowning, he picked up the Tanto. 'the Fat Bastard should have an honorable option, even if I would miss him.' he tucked it in also.

"Ranma Mine. Nabiki Die!"

"Ranma Mine. Nabiki Die!"

her only warning, but she was expecting it.

Nabiki ducked as the mace slammed into the floor. The sword flashed into her hand, and blocked the other mace. "So you found out. Did you listen to the whole thing, or did you decide to try to remove me first?"

"Shampoo heard enough. Ukyo is sister, so she never know the Pleasure of Ranma. That pleasure is Shampoo's Alone." She kicked out, but Nabiki ducked low, and came up inside her guard, the sword finding her Neck, a few strands of purple-blue hair drifted to the floor...

"Ranma has chosen, you were offered a most honorable and comfortable position; that of Mine and Ranma's Bed! You had nothing to do but enjoy us and allow us to enjoy you! But No, in your Amazon Pride; you would rather Ranma burn your Village to the ground! Destroying everything that made your people great!"

"How you defeat Shampoo?"

"My Mother taught me from the age of six. When She passed, I dropped the Art. It seems that I remember some of it still. You also seem to be so over confidant and so focused on killing me, that you not only lost your Advantage, but you handed it to me. " She pressed in and Shampoo backed up until Shampoo was backed to the wall.

She leaned in, and kissed Shampoo deeply. "Yummy, Can not wait to taste the rest of you." She Grinned. "Like when Ranma is finished with you, and not yet ready for me."

The purple haired woman's eyes flashed with fear, then greed, She grinned "Only if Shampoo goes first."

"Any night you are in town, but not on our wedding night or anniversary" The blade touched skin, Nabiki could feel the blood pulse.


"Love doing business with you." Nabiki kissed Shampoo again. This time Shampoo returned the kiss.

Ukyo just watched from her spot, and smirked.

"Ranma Mine. Nabiki Die!"

Akane looked up and about...

No Sign of Shampoo...

She shrugged and resumed her packing. Why was she being ordered to pack and leave the Dojo, was unknown, but her Father and Uncle Saotome were joining her.

'Wait... Nabiki?'

She looked out the window, but did not see anything in the Dojo. She heard nothing out there, no sound of combat.

Turning back to her packing, "Stupid Amazon Hussy, The only thing worse than attacking me, is attacking Nabiki. First thing is Ranma will protect her, and then She will make you wish you had died in the Attack."

'Ranma' jump over the wall, to land near a group of girls that wore a small brown armband with a silver 'N'. Soun just barely noticed the Him jumping over the Wall.

"Okay, everyone. Match is over. The Girls will be now taking orders on the Video of the fight. Because of all the Side bets; Nabiki will need a couple days to sort through everything. We ask for time. This way you can watch the fight, and claim your money. Thank you one and all."

'Not likely, Ranma failed to show, we lost the Dojo...'

"Ranma, You ungrateful son, where did you run off to?" Genma bellowed as he jumped the Leather clad young man.

"Use your brain old man. Do I look like Ranma?" Ranma/Higimu was still wearing the vest, bracers, and greaves from the battle

'Leather clad?'

Genma frown, looked Ranma over, "You're the one who beat us? My son has won the Dojo, My retirement is assured!"

Soun frowned, his tears drying up.

"Think again Mister Saotome, if I shall still call you that, This Dojo is for Students and Masters. I will not accept you as my student, and you are longer a Master in the Eyes of this Dojo." Higimu kicked the older man in the head, knocking him into Soun.

Looking to the formerly crying Man, "Akane will be joining you, shortly. You must make your own way in the world. Relearn what you have forgotten, learn new arts and skills, and with in Three years, you are welcome, to return to try to reclaim the Dojo. The Other Girls are not artists, so they are being protected by the Artist code. Besides they have skills that I will need."

Cocking his head, "Genma is the only one who risked his title. You are welcome to return in three months with Akane. For up to six months you will teach me the Tendo Ryu, as I teach Akane the Nakushita Aijin School. After the Six months, You and Akane will be asked to seek out other schools. At this time, Do not bring Genma with you. Kasumi is bring your pack, and I will return with Genma's." He then back flipped over the Wall.

'I think I missed something very important, Will need to talk to Nabiki, before we leave.'

"Ranma Mine. Nabiki Die!"

"My baby Akane!" He jumped to his feet, dumping the Sleeping fool on the ground. 'Wait, she said Nabiki,' He shivered in a whole body spasm, 'If you do not kill her or die, you will wish you had.'

He remembered the last one to threaten Nabiki, it was before Ranma had shown up. She rigged things to read as if he scammed the Yakuza, the Tong, and the Russian mob. When the Police found him, the remains were barely human, barely alive, and almost mindless. Nabiki had pocketed the Cash.

Ranma faded into view, looking about for attackers. Nodding to his sister, he stepped over and kissed Nabiki under the ear. "I see you have made up." the girl shivered under his touch.

Turning to the other girl, "I am most disappointed with you, young lady. For your actions here, You forfeit any game time until after my wedding night, which will only have two players. In the mean time, You lost this; " And he kissed Shampoo deeply and roughly. When he broke the kiss, she slide to the floor, and drooled...

Ranma spotted Ukyo grinning, he shook his head. Turning to Nabiki, "Must finish packing for Panda-baka, Could you see to Akane. Explain to her the rules, and express the need for her to return and reclaim the Dojo. "

Ranma followed Nabiki out and up the stairs, he then ducked back into the Guest room.

Nabiki knocked and Entered, not waiting fir Akane to answer. "Hey Sis, How is the packing going?"

Akane grunted.

"You know, You can leave the big stuff. Take only what you will need; your Gi, spare underwear, Picture of Mother, things like that. Higimu will store everything else until you return, either when you are here to study for six months, or when you come to reclaim the Dojo."

"Study? What are you talking about?" Akane looked up from her pack.

"The Rules set out before the Challenge state; That You, Father, and Uncle Saotome may return within three years to reclaim the Dojo. In three months you and Father may return to Study here from Higimu himself, for six months, before being asked to study abroad again for three months." Nabiki looked Akane in the Eye, "I need you to know how important that it is that You return and reclaim the Dojo. "

"What do you mean?"

"If you return and Reclaim the Dojo, it will be in your name, not Father's, not Ranma's. It will also avoid any of those nasty Tax laws I have been dreading since Mother passed." Nabiki looked away, then looked back. "You are the last hope for the Tendos to hold on to the Dojo and the Tendo Ryu."

"Higimu won the Challenge, but his Honor Code demands that You Have the chance and option to reclaim the Dojo. He will protect me and Kasumi while you and Daddy are away, and will not make a move on either of us that we do not want. He has Honor, and we feel safe with him." Nabiki takes a deep breath, "Take care of Daddy, He will be weak. Genma will teach you skills and arts that will match Ranma's. Be careful, Ranma did not know when to say no, You should." she hugged her sister, adjusted the packing, and walked her Sister to the Gate.

Kasumi was there handing Soun his Pack, where Higimu had thrown Genma's Pack into his Face.

"Good Bye Father, We await your return."

When the Gate boomed shut, Akane knew that she was lost. She looked at her father, and saw him sniffle. Then he squared his shoulders, stood tall, and turned and walk off down the Street.

"Come Akane. This is something I should have done when you were younger. We begin your Training." Soun sounded hollow, but not lost. "First we need to find a Dojo or temple that will take us in for the night, so I can see what you have, where you are failing, and what we need to do about it. I have a friend who has a small Dojo the next ward over, but he might have a class tonight."

Akane hung her head and followed along. 'You are the last hope for the Tendos to hold on to the Dojo and the Tendo Ryu.' Akane shook her head to clear it. 'I will not fail you Nabiki. The Dojo is as good as Mine.'

-The Cat Café after the Challenge-

"And if We try to do other wise?"

"Then the Village will be lost to the sands time as Ranma watches it burn. The Crying of the Children will draw the Musk, and dripping blood will stain the stones of the Valley."

"And what part do I play in this?" Mouse spoke quietly.

Turning her head to look at the one time rival of her son, Nodoka grinned a sour grin. "You have been selected as the male, at this time, best suited to seek the Hand of my born daughter."

The two amazons frowned, then the elder started laughing.

"Elder?" The young male was confused, and starting to worry.

"And who...who thought this one up?" the Elder gasped between laughs.

"My daughter, Ranko." Nodoka sipped her tea. "Other then Ranma there are three males who would be considered an asset to her bloodline. Kuno is ill considered, but on the list. Mental issues. Tofu, while older he is a master in his Arts. Ryoga is not in the running as he has Issues of Honor with Ranma and Ranko, but he is the best fighter. Mouse has the skills to protect Ranko when she needs it, the honor to stand aside in his pursuit of Shampoo, who is no longer an open interest. But with his acceptance of this post, he might be allowed to share in the gifts he seeks."

Nodoka sipped her tea, "There is a fourth, but Ranko thinks her sister would be better suited to his charms."

Genma was pissed. His son, his ungrateful son, had just thrown him out on the street. He had disrespected Genma's friend as well when he did not bow down and marry the girl chosen for him. To do this was beyond low, beyond dishonorable.

Genma started to glow red. Then he did something he did not believe was possible. He mastered a skill that had nothing to with thieving. He embraced the Demon Head attack, only it was over powered by his Rage. Where Soun's Head Swelled like a balloon, eyes glowed, and could roar like a beast with its tail caught in a grinder, Genma shimmered into a full body Demon, great wings spread from his back, a wicked tail twitched in anger, Over all height was increased to 10 feet as the arms ended in massive two fingered hands tipped with unholy talons.

"RANMA!" The demon jumped as to Clear the wall of the Compound of the Former Tendo Dojo...

...Only to be blasted with a black Chi Blast, being knock away from the wall and losing his hold on the demon form attack.'

Ranma landed outside the fence. "Yes, old fool, I am the one who challenged the Dojo, and before You get all high and mighty, Know that you risked your Title, your right to be here, and the Right to order me about. As of today Saotome Ranma is Lost, until Saotome Genma of the Saotome Ryu reclaims his title of Master, in three years. I will answer to Ranma only to those of my family. The Saotome Ryu here will lie dormant until its Master returns. Higimu is my Name, and it is the only name I will answer challenges with. You have two Choices, Take to the Road, relearn your Art, teach your Student if she will learn from you, and Return in three years to reclaim your Title. If I catch you using the title of Master, know you will be schooled. "

Then Ranma's Grin turned cold. "Or I call the Police, and Turn in the great thieving Panda, and your other aliases. Mother and I am tired of covering for a pathetic baka like you. "

Genma stood tall, in his human. "This is not ended. You will learn your place boy."

"You have three years, to find skills that will beat me. I can only learn what is brought to the Dojo, what Soun and Akane teach me when they return to learn and teach here at the Dojo. In three years from today, I truly hope that you will thrash me in ways that only my Master in the Art, a man I would be honored to call Father, could. Good bye Pops." Ranma then faded from view.

Genma huffed...


...blinked...twice, and collected his pack and followed after Soun and Akane.

Ukyo and Shampoo were watching from the corner. Shampoo was still having trouble walking on her own.

Shampoo leaned on the wall. "What you get?"

"I am being adopted by Mother Saotome as Ranma's sister. I have even been offered a few options that I am not certain that I want at this time." Ukyo spoke in a hushed tone. "I do know that this is not over. Mother has plans for us, and you as a 'stupid male warrior' charged off before she could finish telling you what they were. You forfeited knowing what we faced in chances of being under Ranma "

Shampoo perk up, and then ran for the Café.

Ukyo giggled and jogged after.

Ranma phased into sight next to Nabiki, one arm sliding around her waist. He kissed her under the ear. Looking at Kasumi, "Any plans Sis?"

Kasumi stripped out of the House wife dress, revealing a short skirt and vest combo underneath. "I am late for my Date. Talk when I get home. Behave" She slipped out the gate and ran for it.

Ranma turned towards the House, "Now what?"

"Mother is talking to Cologne, Shampoo and Ukyo have left by the back gate to watch you toss your father out, and have most likely run off to see what Mother has left for them." Nabiki snuggled closer to 'Higimu'. "We can workout, look at the books, or look for your brother-in-law."

Swinging the Lithe female into his arms, Higimu cloaked once more, and cleared the Wall.

Shampoo slid through the doors to the Café, and stopped to look at the sight of a pale Moose and a laughing Great Grandmother.

Ukyo stepped in behind her, glanced about, "So What happened? Moose looks like He was just promised to Ranko." Ukyo asked. sending the Elder into another fit of laughter.

"Pretty much hit it on the head, Daughter. Ranko has decided that she wants to be wooed, and Moose here is the best single male for the job. The only other Male, Nabiki and Higimu say would be better courting you."

"Other Male?" Ukyo frowned, "Who!"

Ranma And Nabiki phased in, just outside the shop. Setting Nabiki on her feet, Ranma pounded on the door. Waiting for the little Ninja to open the door, Ranma kissed the back of Nabiki' neck. When the lock clicked, Ranma grabbed the door.

Holding the door, Ranma ushered Nabiki in. Stopping to relock the door. "Hey Kon-Chan, Get us a round of drinks, Yourself included." He followed Nabiki to a small table near the back of the joint.

When the Drinks were passed around, Nabiki took a sip, then asked; "What do you know of the Challenge at the Dojo this morning?"

He swallowed his tea, looked both people before him over, licked his perfectly applied lips; "That The Masters of the Tendo Dojo were challenged for the Dojo, Genma for his Title. Ranma was banned from the fight." His eye looking over Ranma once more, " At least as a Defender. Seeing as Ranma here is dressed as the Challenger was this morning, I would venture that he is the masked man."

Ranma/Higimu grinned. "Thought I sensed someone up there. As they were not aggressive towards me, I could not be sure. How many were there?"

He smirked and dimpled as was proper, "Including myself, three that I could tell. One was Kuno's With a video camera. You might be wanting to triple your prices to them. And one looked to be of the Imperial Clan, probably to oversee that Damage to the Ward was kept to a minimum. "

"Imperial?" Ranma asked

"Yeah, I got a letter last month, All NWC activities would be under review. Like Kon-chan here said, to keep the damage to a minimum."

"What is with the Kon-chan?"

Now Ranma licked his lips. "As you know with the Challenge, Soun and Akane are out of the Dojo. I have Chosen for my wife, Nabiki. We are to have a six month engagement. When The Tendo Masters return, I intend to wed Nabiki. I have claimed for my Mistress, Xain Pu. For my Sister, Ukyo has been taken. As her Brother, and the Local Male Head of the Clan, It falls to me to find her a Husband that is an asset to our bloodlines, one that fulfills my sisters needs."



"You are Choosing me?"

You love her as much as I do, You have served her well as friend, servant, and ninja.

The Blood drained from the Kunoichi's already pale face, "But..."

"Yeah, we know" Nabiki spoke quietly. "When Mother and I were looking through the records and bylaws involved in the whole process we found that you are listed as a female birth. As Ukyo is listed as First male of her line."

"To ease things over," Ranma peered into the perfectly kholed eyes," and to keep Ukyo a Saotome, Mother is adopting a Son, and we are talking to his bride-to-be. If you want, We could do a double wedding."

a few days later

Soun stopped to lean on the stone pillar, and tried to catch his breath. Genma, in panda form, (a wet tee shirt competition at an American thumbed Tike bar... draw your own picture, but Genma was not in the bar.) just squatted on his down as he shook his head.

you really let your self go

"You're one to talk, you fuzzy baka." Akane called back from her spot ten steps up. "the only Reason you are not in the same shape is Ranko kicks your fluffy tail each and every morning."

sign flipped

Ungrateful Child, After all I sacrificed...


ten years without my loving wife, the comforts due to a Master of ...


Before Soun could read the new sign face, Mallet-Sama smashed the sign, and pounded the Panda's head into the stone, before evaporating.

Shaking his head Soun pushed off the wall and resumed the long climb up the steps. Akane, having reached the top, stood staring about.

The place was both a haven ground and a fortress. Some fifty feet above the surrounding landscape, with only the 100 stairs allowing entrance. The walls were twice the height of the Tendo Compound, and the grounds were Larger then the high school's.

There was no Dojo, the whole place was a training ground. Students were everywhere, sparing with one another. Only a third were on the ground, the rest were on railings, posts, walkways and ropes. most were empty handed, but a few were using staves, sais or fans.

Four people, not engaged in any noticeable combat, sat in the center of a stone pavilion, on a marble Island, in the middle of a large pond with no viable bridge. two drinking tea, served by a third, as the fourth played a dreamy tune on a flute.

"What do you think of the place?" Soun whispered to Akane.

"I could spend the next three months here, and still not learn everything they are teaching." pointing to the four in the pavilion. "Something tells me they are the ones to be afraid of. But I have no idea what they are doing."

"That would be Master Chu, and he is training them in Control. Each of the three there can hold their own against the rest of the school, but there, they are learning to control them selves, each other, and the Master."

A quick scan of the ground, "Follow me, step where I step. remain calm." Soun stepped on a seal, and then moved along a path that lead from that seal.

Genma looked about, dropped to all fours and lumbered out into the grounds.

Akane followed

Soun moved like a dancer, following a kata of sorts as he moved down the trail laid into the floor.

Genma moved as panda, striding along as if looking for bamboo.

Akane strode in, hands tucked into the straps of her pack, looking about, almost as if she was a female Ranma...

Two students dropped from the ropes overhead, Attacking Akane.

...The pack came off, knocking one attacker into the pond, as she snapped a kick out, into chest of thug #2 smashing him into the wall.

Four more students turned to face the 'intruder', Akane just shrugged, and tossed her pack to Panda-Genma. "Okay, lets see what you got."

Two by two the Students moved to see what the ruckus was, and two by four; Akane Danced with them. Rarely would a student stay longer then to trade three blows before being sent flying by a blow from Akane, only to bounce back as another of their class mates flew off.

Soun finished his kata, bowed to the Master, and turned to watch his 'baby girl' decimate the students.

She reminds me of Ranma, just before we arrived...

Soun nodded at his friend, "Yes, raw skill, yet no control. She seems to be enjoying herself. Should have done this earlier."

One Minute she was fighting an army of attackers, the next they were gone...

...then she sensed Him. His aura spoke of great skill, control, but was missing the power of the fighters that she had faced for the last two years.

She looked at her father, cocked her head in question.

He nodded, with a small grin.

"Thanks for the warm-up, I have been needing to stretch my limbs." She turned and looked behind her.

He was dressed like Kuno, only in a pale green. While his head was shaved except for the warrior's knot, he had an impressive foo-man-choo mustache. "I am Aoy Lee, Green Defender of this Dojo."

He clashed his bracers together, before taking a stance.

Akane assumed Ranma's stance. "Yo, Tendo Akane of Tendo School Anything Goes."

"Anything Goes? You know Saotome?" Lee asked

"Rival of a Sister School."

Lee attacked using a combination of Mantis and Tiger schools. Akane dodged the first three blows like Ranma did back when she first meet the redhead. Then she blocked the next six blows with one arm.

"Skill; well defined," Akane judged, "Control is beyond even that of Ranma, but lacking in power." Akane then stomped the Ground, causing a small quake, knocking her opponent back, as she gathered her chi for a power strike...

Seeing his challenger, drop her guard, Lee tried to leap in with flying combo...

He rained down punches and kicks, but she just soaked the damage, as her leg swept up to impact with his chest, causing him roll backward as his leap carried him over her head, where she switched feet, kicking him over the pond, island, and pavilion.

He landed on his feet, then feinted.

Ryoga-piggy, awoke to a pounding. At first he thought it was just his head, but the Pounding was nonrhythmic. Then the smells hit him. Mud, Muck, Porcine and Warm milk.


Pulling himself to his feet, he looked around.

"Bwee." He wrinkled his snout, 'Well at least I know where I am, And She serves a good breakfast.' He trotted over to the troth and dug into the warm milk and rice mash. 'There are times when I think Akane is not the girl for me. She would Accept me for who and what I am. I need to talk to Akane one more time. To Explain…'

"Tendo, long time no see. Your student is quiet skilled, but wastes two thirds of her energy."

"Master Chu, My Daughter Akane. Heir to my School. Believe it or not she was in control throughout her display here today, or at least compared to her normal level of control."

"You here to enroll her?" The Master's words were worried, yet warm.

"Something like that. You might have heard, I lost my Dojo. Your Dojo/temple is the first step on our journey to reclaim it. I need to relearn many of my skills, as well as teach Akane a few of my skills. Willing to teach other students in exchange for room and board.