Hey everyone! I've decided to at least try this out from some of the reviews I got for Say the Words- This is a YayaXTsubomi fanfic for the most part. It's not in the same universe as Say the Words, though most pairings are the same. The biggest difference is probably that Tamao and Nagisa will be together in this story. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and remember to review! =)


I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You

"The word's on the streets and it's on the news:
I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you.
He's got two left feet and he bites my moves.
I'm not gonna teach him how to dance! dance! dance! dance!
The second I do, I know we're gonna be through.
I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you.
He don't suspect a thing. I wish he'd get a clue.
I'm not gonna teach him how to dance! dance! dance! dance!"

-Black Kids

One Month Ago…


Nanto Yaya was lying on her stomach, her face relaxed as she doodled aimlessly on what was supposed to be her math homework. She tensed out of habit, bracing herself for the distance that Hikari was sure to put between them- the first time Hikari had flinched away from her touch, it had hit her like a ton of bricks. "Nani?" she asked in a nonchalant tone, flipping her homework over so Hikari wouldn't see the arrow sticking out of that…that what? That what, Yaya? No matter what you call her, Hikari will still choose her. She'll choose Amane-sempai each and every time, even though it was you there to protect her from Kaname- you who's protected her for years.

Hikari, oblivious as ever to Yaya's concealed distress, came to stand directly in front of Yaya, casting an unavoidable shadow over the other girl's notebook. Reluctantly, Yaya raised her gaze to meet that of her best friend. And that's all she'll ever be. Hikari was biting down on her lower lip nervously. "Um…you know how Amane-sempai and I are running for Etoile together," she began, stuttering slightly, knowing the topic was still taboo among the three of them. "Well, each pair has to do a dance as part of the judging, and I was thinking, since you're the best dancer I know…"

"You want me to teach you how to dance?" Yaya asked, frowning in confusion as she sat up slowly. Hikari smiled, knowing that she had Yaya's full attention, but she rung her hands nervously.

"Um…kind of," she hedged. "The thing is, I already know the routine, but Amane-sempai's having some trouble picking it up…"

Yaya's confused look disappeared, but she didn't look angry- if anything, she looked just as crushed as she had that night that Hikari had pushed her away. "I see," she said quietly, sinking back onto the bed.

"Please, Yaya-chan?"



Yaya hissed in pain as Amane stepped on her foot for what must have been the fifteenth time that day. How does she expect me to teach her if I'm maimed for life? "Sorry," Amane said, looking truly apologetic. Yaya sighed- it's not like it was the girl's fault she had two left feet. But it hurt to admit that Amane wasn't actually a bad person- that she would never do anything to hurt Hikari. Because that meant admitting that she had well and truly lost Hikari, and Yaya wasn't sure she could handle that just yet. Or ever.

"Yeah, well, tell that to my right foot," Yaya muttered, wincing when she received a warning look from Hikari. "It's fine," she sighed. "Let's start from the top, but after a little break."

Amane went to check on Starbride, and Yaya limped over to Hikari with her trademark crooked smile. It quickly morphed into a smirk when she spotted the small, pink-haired girl who had joined her best friend, though.

"Aw, did my Tsubomi-chan miss me?" she asked, wrapping her arms around Tsubomi from behind. The smaller girl spluttered and instantly turned bright red, changing her surprised expression into an angry one.

"Get off me!" she stuttered, struggling against Yaya's arms, but the older girl held on tight. Yaya's smirk grew wider when she saw that Tsubomi was blushing down to the tips of her ears. "And I'm not 'your' Tsubomi-chan." The last statement was mumbled as an afterthought.

"Oh, right," Yaya said, as if remembering something, tightening her grip on Tsubomi. "You're here to see your beloved Hikari-sempai, right?"

"Yaya-chan," Hikari mumbled in weak protest.

"Baka!" Tsubomi cried, finally extracting herself from the arms of Yaya, who was grinning like a lion. "I am not!"

"So you are here to see me?"

"Yaya-sempai, you baka!"

A weight lifted itself from Hikari's chest as she watched the two argue- she hadn't seen Yaya smile like that since…well, it had been a long time. Suddenly, she let out a cry of surprise- Yaya had grabbed her from behind, still smirking at Tsubomi.

"Well now you can't have either of us," the dark-haired girl said, "So better get used to disappointment."

A flash of something flickered through Tsubomi's eyes and for just a moment the pink-haired girl really did seem upset, but then the angry expression was back. Hikari felt a pang of panic when she realized it was real this time, and directed at her. Tsubomi was about to retort when the doors to the auditorium swung open and Amane stepped in.

Instantly, Yaya let go of Hikari and stepped away, her eyes lifeless once again as she watched the prince of Spica walk up to the stage and wrap a slightly-possessive arm around Hikari's waist. The blonde didn't miss the steel-melting glare Tsubomi shot at Amane, and suddenly her mind flashed back to her conversation with the pinkette a few days ago, when she had told a confused Tsubomi the entire story.

"I don't like it when Yaya-sempai is upset," Tsubomi admitted with a heavy blush, but her eyes were determined as she raised them to meet Hikari's. "I want to be there for her."

Hikari smiled through her tears. "That's so sweet, Tsubomi-chan."

Tsubomi blushed down to her fingertips. "N-not that I care, or anything, but…no one deserves to be completely alone." Her eyes fell to the ground. "And…gomenesai, but no matter what you think, it sounds to me like what Yaya-sempai did wasn't as horrible as you made it out to be, Hikari-sempai. She's loved you for so long- I can see it in her eyes."

This last sentence was said with a trace of something more, and Hikari furrowed her brow, but said nothing more about it.

For her part, Tsubomi was completely on the offensive- the only thing she had registered was that Amane had taken the smile off of Yaya's face.

Finally, Amane stepped forward, holding out her hand so that they could resume the lesson. Yaya stared at it for a moment, her eyes blank, before something broke, and she squeezed her eyes shut and pushed Amane's hand away.

"Gomenesai, Hikari," Yaya muttered, her eyes cast to the floor as she stepped away from Amane. "I thought I could do it. But I can't do it- I…I won't. You chose her, Hikari, there's nothing I can do about that, but I won't teach her how to dance with you."

With those words, Yaya turned and strode out of the auditorium with every ounce of dignity she had left to lose, her dark hair whipping around behind her.

Hikari just stood there, flabbergasted as the truth slapped her upside the head, while Amane draped an arm over her shoulder, stone-faced. The prince of Spica had never held any real contempt towards Yaya- the girl had done nothing but fall in love with Hikari, and how could Amane possibly blame her for that? Tsubomi, for her part, looked between the two of them, and, after realizing that neither of them intended to go after Yaya, huffed and stormed out herself.

A few minutes of silence passed between Amane and Hikari before the latter crumpled against the former's chest, body heaving with sobs. "It's my fault," she choked into Amane's uniform. "I've hurt her so much…"

Amane ran a hand through the blonde locks comfortingly. "You have," she said gently, "but it was unavoidable. She knows that- she doesn't blame you, Hikari-chan. If she blames anyone, it's herself." She paused for a moment, watching the door Tsubomi exited through thoughtfully. "And if I'm not mistaken, she's not alone, Hikari-chan."

Slowly, Hikari pushed away from Amane's chest and followed her gaze before a slight smile graced her lips. "I think Tsubomi-chan likes Yaya," she said, resting her head against Amane. "They're always arguing, but in the end, it's always Yaya that she chases after. She's so devoted to her…I just hope that it will become as obvious to Yaya as it is to us."