A gun sounded off in the air

A howl of rage pierced the night

A small child is woken by the noise

She slowly gets out of bed rubbing her eyes. Still half asleep, she walks out of the room to the edge of the stairs. She hears voices, footsteps and sirens but she doesn't understand. Slowly, she walks down the steps, nobody notices her. They are all preoccupied. She sees her dad and strange men all in a circle.

"Daddy?" she calls.

He turns around at the sound of her voice, surprised. "What are you doing up? Go back to bed."

"Where's mommy?" she asks.

He blinks back tears. "She left."

"When is she coming back?"

"Never," he says.

He walks over to her limbs, laden with grief, and lifts the girl in his arms, and as they walk away, the strange men move and she looks over her shoulder and sees.

"Mommy!" she calls and he struggles with her as she tries to get down.

"Come on, be a good girl for daddy and let's go upstairs."

"I want to see mommy!"

And she starts to cry so he lets her down and she runs to the figure on the ground, and sees it's covered in red.

"Mommy," she calls softly. Silence. She gets closer.

"No," he calls out trying to shield her from the horrific view and she peers around his body and a gasp leaves her own. She turns and says: "Daddy why is mommy covered in blood?"

Everything fades and the nightmare ends

The lights come on and reality begins

As you struggle to get your bearings

You realize your dream was real