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We are back with the epilouge. It was fun writing these two again.


I have been lied to all my life but one thing I haven't been lied to about is this, love and life. Living your life in love, living for love. Living for something or someone. Living life for yourself and knowing that everything is not perfect. My life was far from perfect; I grew up without a mom thinking that she killed herself. Living with the one person who took her away, the one person who was supposed to be a comfort to me and protect me. Secrets got us nowhere, secrets alienated us but through it all I had a rock. Someone to be there when I needed him and he was there for every minute, he may have lied to me once but one thing he always told the truth about was his love for me.

Through the pile of lies I found truth, found truth in love, in him and the idea of us. My hero, My Best friend and My Lover. He was all those things wrapped in one, he was constant and we were constantly in love.

~The Lies My Father Told~

Unsteady things were

Unfit they seemed

The weather is cold

Seasons change

Leaves turn brown

And through it all

You're still around

Hand in hand we walked to the park, to our park the place we called our own. Damien was nervous about something because every time I looked at him he avoided eye contact. When that happened it meant there was something he wasn't telling me or he was hiding something.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"Nothing "he said and pulled me to sit on the swing.

"Nothing is ever just nothing "I replied pushing my feet on the ground. He grabbed my leg and stilled my movements. He was looking at me with an indescribable expression.

"Damien what's wrong?" I asked again this time firmer.

He smiled "Nothing loves just close your eyes" he replied.

I hesitated but he just waited.

"Trust me" he whispered. I closed my eyes and relied on my other senses around me. I could hear the wind and the leaves rustling. I could hear the creak of the swings as the wind pushed them back and forth. I could hear Damien's heart beating fast and I could hear his movements and he backed slowly away.

"Gaelle" he called to me.

"Yes?" I answered.

"Open your eyes" he commanded.

I opened my eyes to see Damien kneeling in front on my swing on one knee and in his hand was a box with a single gold band. I stopped breathing and the world stopped with me. There was no one but me and he at the moment, the whole world ceased to exist. He picked up the ring and took my left hand in his.

"Gaelle I know it's too early and we may be too young but when the time comes will you give me the honor of calling you my wife and take this ring as a promise to me" Damien recited breathlessly.

I would do anything for this beautiful sweet boy, I would forever owe him for saving my life and for loving me before I even knew what love was.

"Yes" I whispered.

He put the ring on my finger and in that moment I vowed to wear this ring forever.

"I Love you" he told me.

"I Love you more" I replied.


Like a light in the dark

Like hope in doubt

You're still around

Constant in my heart

We're constantly in love

We walked back home and as we got to the door I turned to him



"Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

He took ahold of my face and pressed his lips to mine, filling the kiss with love and promises. And then my phone vibrated in my pocket and I looked at the screen; it was my father my biological father.

"Hey" I answered.

"Gaelle Baby girl is that you?" a woman soft voice answered back.

I was caught off the guard because I remembered this voice, long ago when it used to sing me to sleep and told me stories. The voice of loveā€¦..the voice of my mother.

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