Feb 14: Red and White Roses: Unity

Ambrosia: Love returned

Ziva turns the card over, not seeing anything written on it except for her name and there are no accompanying flowers. She looks up at Tim who is watching her with uncertainty until his eyes light upon her hair. She's pinned a sprig of Angelica over her left ear and she smiles as the uncertainty fades away leaving only love shining brightly in his emerald green eyes. He steps closer to her holding one red rose and one white rose and holds them out to her. As she reaches for them, she sees the ring that he's slipped around the thorn less stems.

The ring itself is stunning. It's everything that she dreamed of and yet more. The ring itself was vibrant and crafted from brushed platinum. It's tendrils sweep upwards and circle around the most amazing cognac diamond she has ever seen and she can't help but be in awe of the deep, rich brown orange color that sparkles under the light of the room. At either side of that beautifully stunning stone, there are two white diamonds inlaid into the end of the tendrils, and they are each mounted in rose gold. There are smaller diamonds encircling the earthy diamond in the middle, making it a feature that has been emphasized perfectly.

It is obvious that Tim has thought about what he wants to give her and the ring seems to suit her perfectly. That in itself is plain to see. The color of the large diamond offsets her deep brown eyes and her olive skin wonderfully and she can't help but feel a sense of awe at the fact that this man, this gentle loving man would put so much effort into finding the perfect ring for her.

As she stares at the ring with tears in her eyes, Tim goes down on one knee and says, "Tony was right about one thing concerning the roses...they do mean love; but these two colors together stand for unity. I see us as a unit one day...you, me and maybe if we're lucky someday we'll have a baby McGee...what do you say Ziva...will you marry me?"

Instead of replying immediately, she hands him a sprig of Ambrosia. Tim inhales as he realizes what she's saying; his love is returned. As he stands up, he gently picks her up around the waist and twirls around the room with her in his arms. She giggles as he gives her his first kiss. The elevator dings and just as Abby, Ducky and Jimmy step into the room, Tony looks up from his desk and quips, "I take it that means she said yes?" and yelps softly as Gibbs smacks him upside the head, smiling at the young couple in approval.


A/N: special thanks to Shelbylou for her description of Ziva's engagement ring.