"Wh-what have you done to us…we trusted you! Protected you! Is this how you repay us?" Teridax laughed coldly as he looked at the six defeated figures before him, his gaze resting on the red haired man before him as he fought against the two Makuta who held him back.

"What did you expect, Norik?" The Master of Shadows mused. "Honor? Glory? Power, even? If you expected nobility and respect, you believed foolishly. Instead, you are doomed to face the rest of your lives, locked away where the secrets you know can never be heard by anyone who might pose a threat to my empire." He looked now to the Makuta who stood around the six fallen Toa, a smirk on his face as Norik was forced to his knees with a punch to his gut.

"Take them away. Make sure they never escape…and send Roodaka my gratitude for what she has done."

As the six figures were taken away, Norik looked his team over, tears rolling down his face. "I'm so sorry…" He said quietly, his voice shaky and full of remorse for what had happened to them. "I swear, if there was any way I could change this, I would go back and correct the errors of my belief." The woman with blue hair that was being forced onwards beside him looked over, and shook her head.

"This is not your fault, Norik…you had no way of seeing the signs that lead to our fate. We were warned already, and yet we all did not believe it. If anything, we should be apologizing to Kualas." She looked to the white-haired man near the front of the procession as she said this. "If only we had not been so blind…" She looked him over, tears rolling down her cheeks now as she looked over her icy Brother's new appearance. His clawed feet, the white feathers of his tail and the feathers on his arms that were long enough to enable flight… it all showed the cruelty of the situation they were faced with. Kualas turned and looked over at them, his icy blue eyes holding…determination? He had a plan, it seemed, despite their dark situation. Sharing various different expressions with them, Norik gave a slight nod, and without warning, lashed out at the Makuta behind him with everything he could muster. The rest of his team attacked as well, providing enough distraction for Kualas to break the chain on his shackles, freeing his hands up and heaving a punch at the nearest Makuta to him, knocking him against the wall and causing him to collapse against the floor.

"Kualas, run!" The brunette man shouted, managing to pin another of the Makuta to the wall with his sheer weight. The mutated Toa looked alarmed, and was about to argue, when Norik outright demanded.

"Just go! We'll catch up!" Nodding once, the feathered man turned and took off down the hall at a run, vanishing from sight. One by one, the Makuta were knocked down and left beaten in the hall as the remaining five beings took off down the hall after Kualas. The Rahaga had escaped…