Of all the ways Kopaka could have spent his afternoon, hiding from oversized wall-crawlers wasn't on his top ten list. Separated from the others and losing Makito somewhere during a tunnel collapse, the fifteen year old Toa of Ice was presently kneeling down on the roof of a low building, watching the Visorak as they scuttled around below, searching for their presently elusive quarry. Kopaka had to admit that the situation was quite in his favor for the present; he'd been able to set up a few traps and potential distractions, and so far the Visorak were moving precisely where he wanted them. Now all he needed was just the right moment to strike.

Down below, the Visorak were starting to spread out, clicking and chattering to each other as they hunted around for the missing Toa. Judging by the stray patches of frost on the ground and walls, he'd definitely been this way, and was likely still in the area. The only issue was actually tracking him down, as there were traces of him absolutely everywhere. Several were already starting to spread out, a few even starting to climb up the walls… triggering the collapse of a few buildings, crushing not only the Visorak on the walls, but also a few that were below them. Panic briefly scattered their ranks, sending the creatures chattering and fleeing in all directions. More buildings collapsed as the Rahi scuttled around, wiping out most of the remaining group.

Back on the roof, Kopaka watched carefully as all the chaos unfolded his eyes glowing faintly as he wielded his Akaku to see where all the Visorak were, as well as where he'd put his traps. He knew where quite a few of them were, but even still, it was easier to know which ice to manipulate when he could deal the most damage. So far, everything was working to his favor. Well, mostly. He'd hoped for a better result than what he'd gotten. As it was, there were still too many Visorak alive for him to try and take out directly, and presently none of the survivors were in range of the remaining traps.

That was when Kopaka saw that what fortune he'd had was running out. Three Visorak were now climbing the building he was presently on, and he had no traps to use that were safe enough to activate while he was there. Deactivating his mask, the fifteen year old quickly and quietly began to move, hoping he could find a better hiding spot than the one he was now being chased out of. This proved to be easier planned than executed, as part of the roof caved in underneath him, dropping the Toa down into the building and leaving him dazed - not to mention in pain – on the floor below. It was this resounding crash that truly betrayed him. Within seconds, the Visorak were crawling down around him, giving him very little time to stand up before he was surrounded. Kopaka held his sword and shield close, icy eyes narrowed and his gaze fixed on his adversaries. The young Toa held no fear in his expression, or concern, or anger. He held very little, in regard to emotion at least, and though he didn't want to admit it, he knew he was defeated. He was outnumbered by their six to his one, and now that he was somewhat dazed, it would be even better odds for the Visorak.

Gritting his teeth at the situation, and pain in his legs, Kopaka hurled a blast of ice from his sword, slashing in a horizontal direction and having the ice spray forth like large arrowheads. The Visorak in front of him quickly scuttled out of the way, the other four moving in and unleashing paralysis spinners. Kopaka narrowly managed to dodge, rolling behind a pillar-like section of the crumbly wall and lightly pressing his back against it. Drawing energy in by pulling coldness out of the air, the Toa of Ice quickly moved from his temporary hiding place, slashing at the nearest Visorak to him and managing to damage one of its legs badly enough to make it stumble, chattering in pain as it moved out of range. Three others moved in, forcing Kopaka to retreat again as they fired off more Rhotuka. The fifteen year old continued to try and take cover or avoid the attacks by other means, only realizing that they were cornering him when it was too late to escape. Pressed against the wall and holding his shield in front of him to try and last a little longer, Kopaka watched as the six Visorak closed in, all with Rhotuka at the ready, and all watching in case he had some other trick up his sleeve.

Without warning, the six Rahi lunged, one getting smashed off by Kopaka's shield when it outright jumped at him, and the other five launching their spinners. Unfortunately, all five hit. Kopaka let out a sharp yell as he was smashed against the wall, his now paralyzed frame falling limply to the cracked floor in an untidy heap. In a matter of mere moments they were upon him, moving to wrap him in webs… only to have something smash them all back. Whatever it was, it grabbed Kopaka before scuttling up the wall, carrying the paralyzed Toa out of the building while the Visorak recovered from the sudden attack. As for Kopaka, he was quite off guard too; from what he could see, he'd been saved from the Visorak, by the Visorak. Deciding this wasn't right, the fifteen year old blamed his confusion on the fact he'd been hit by five Rhotuka at once. As far as he knew, he was unconscious and dreaming that he'd been rescued. Yes, that must've been it. He was only imagining this was happening. The loud screeching of the infuriated Visorak behind them was only a figment of his imagination, and he was actually being taken to the Coliseum. Yes, that was probably how things were going.

At least, it seemed plausible right up until a Rhotuka smashed into the wall above them and showered Kopaka's head with dust and small bits of stone. That hurt too much to be a dream. Coughing faintly as he tried to re-focus himself, the young Toa gave up on making sense of his situation, trying to coat the wall behind his rescuer with ice, hoping it would slow down the other six, much less friendly Rahi. However, his present condition didn't let that plan work. Luckily enough though, the Visorak that was carrying him proved to be fast enough to stay ahead of the others.

Most of what happened next was a blur to Kopaka, as his mind and body were too weak to stay awake for very long, and as far as he could tell while he was conscious, his odd guardian had still been carrying him off to some unknown destination. The young Toa didn't really care much about it either, not until he had enough of his wits together to realize he was somewhere deep inside Ta-Metru, in what appeared to be a massive smelting furnace sort of area, though any machinery that had formerly been in use was long since abandoned. Slowly pushing himself into a sitting position – having been seemingly abandoned by the Visorak – and looking around, Kopaka frowned when he saw that he appeared to be very much on his own. "And I thought things couldn't get any harder to understand…" He muttered, his eyes glowing as he scanned the surroundings with his Akaku. Everything seemed to be sturdy enough that it wouldn't crash down on his head, and there didn't appear to be anyone else around…

Right up until he heard a low growl behind him. Within moments, Kopaka was on his feet, turning as quickly as his aching body would allow. Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough, a powerless Rhotuka slamming into his chest and knocking him flat. Coughing loudly at the impact, as well as when he hit the floor, the Toa of Ice barely had a chance to react before a large, crimson scaled creature had him pinned. "If you know what's good for you," the being snarled lowly. "you won't fight back."

Kopaka's eyes narrowed as he studied his adversary's face. "So you took the forge attack personal, Vakama?" He asked coldly. "I thought you weren't the sort to hold grudges."

The Hordika's acid green eyes narrowed a little as well. "Do you honestly believe I wanted to do that? Your absence from Metru Nui has made you forget so much that it's almost laughable. If I were holding a grudge against you, you would already be dead."

The Toa of Ice snorted quietly, ice crawling up his arms from his fingertips and slowly progressing toward Vakama's hands. "You're doing a good job of proving otherwise. If you didn't want to, why are you doing this?"

Vakama was about to respond, but it was at that point that the ice tendrils had reached the Hordika's hands and stabbed through his scales, drawing out a yelp as he let go of Kopaka and instinctively pulled back, giving the previously pinned teenager a chance to get back on his feet. It wasn't hard to see he was still a bit disoriented, though he did his best to hide it as he commented. "Are we really doing this again?"

Vakama shook his head as his eyes shifted back to their normal color. "No, I'd rather not fight right now. Kopaka, consider your situation for a moment; you are dazed, likely injured, and probably very confused about why a Visorak saved you."

"Wait, how did you know about that?" The Toa of Ice questioned, now seeming bewildered as well as more uneasy. It didn't take him long to put it together. "… You sent it to find me?"

The Hordika smiled faintly as he sat down and loosely curled his long tail around himself, his expression somewhat pleasant despite his appearance. "Quite correct." He replied, his eyes holding mild amusement. "And you'll be wanting to thank Onua for that." On seeing Kopaka's utter confusion, Vakama laughed openly. "Long story short, the Visorak took a liking to your Brother and has been following him, and now you, in secret. He brought you to me, and now he's off playing with my nephew."

"You have a nephew?" Kopaka inquired, slowly sitting down and keeping his gaze fixed on the mutant in front of him. "That's news to me. Since when did this happen?"

"I don't think that it really matters at the moment." Vakama commented, sighing quietly as he shook his head. "What matters is that Roodaka gets stopped and everyone that got mutated gets returned to normal. Our Visorak friend is trying to locate the others so we can group up and take Roodaka and Sidorak out once and for all."

"And where are we meeting up?" He questioned. "Did you figure that out yet?"

"Yes." The mutant responded. "The Great Temple. The Visorak already cleared it out once; they aren't likely to strike again if they don't know we're in there. The trick will be getting everyone there without any trouble."

The fifteen year old frowned. "If the Great Temple was attacked, it's highly unlikely anyone will want to go back here." However, even as he spoke, he realized what the point of the situation was.

Vakama merely smiled. "Exactly."