She gazed about, her eyes scanning all about the village. The equines scurried about their daily lives, this little backwater they called Ponyville. Through her gaze, she could see all the races, earth, pegasus, and unicorn ponies. However the adults were of no concern to her. Only the children held her interest.

They milled about like mice, engaging in all such manners of activity. She saw two little fillies, their air high class and snooty. They held high opinions of each other, the cutie marks depicted upon their flanks illustrated a very well to do air.

Not them.

A new pair garnered her eye's attention, two young colts, one short and squat, the other tall and lanky.

Definitely not them.

Another reached her eye, a young filly delicately preparing peppermint candies. Her hand waved in a dismissal. These children were happy, content with their lives. Something she didn't need. There had to be one miserable child, just one. Her gaze moved out of the boundaries of Ponyville. Then it stopped. There it sat, a farm, apple orchards surrounded it, far as the eye could see. The bright demeanor of its appearance belied another emotion, one that carefully hid.

Unhappiness. It belonged to one. Grinning to herself, she quickly went to work.

The window opened without as much as a creak. From outside the starry void, a doll flew through. It held the image of a baby earth pony, her body a lime green with a brown colored mane, held up in a pretty red ribbon. It gave off an illusion of an apple pie.

Grasping the doll, she undid its stitches, letting the stuffing rain down upon the floor. She undid everything, the buttons, and the mane leaving nothing but a deflated sack. With a thrust, she turned the sack inside out, the under color a pale olive. First came the stuffing, refilling it until it filled out the figure. The needle dove in and out sewing the mouth up into a friendly looking grin. The stringed mane hair she sewed back into the body. This time she went for a brighter design, a brilliant crimson color.

Almost perfect but missing a detail, the eyes. The drawer opened, revealing a selection of buttons, some big, some small, various colors, but he went for a traditional color, black of course.

The buttons were sewn into the doll and at last her creation was complete. The window opened upon her command and casually she tossed it, back into the starry void. The window shut behind it just as quietly as it had opened.

And so she sat, and she waited, but there was still more to be done. A mother's work was never done.

A/N: Well this is my first MLP Friendship is Magic fanfic. Probably don't see a lot of crossovers like this. Hopefully I won't make it too much like Coraline. Well I hope you enjoy and I will start on Chapter 2 when I can. I write a lot.