The house felt very cold inside. Apple Bloom noticed that right away. Even after she had discovered the truth of this other world, the false Sweet Apple Acres still held some warmth to it. Now it felt cold, cold and dead. The death inside reflected the scenery. The walls chipped the wallpaper peeling. An overcast of darkness had overtaken her surroundings. It would seem the web truly was unwinding. As the outside had fallen, so was the inside apparently. In her mind she could feel the fear starting to creep in. Somehow she trotted forward. It had to end, she couldn't dally. Her hooves carried her down the hall and towards the living room. It had grown so dark she had a hard time seeing her own hooves. Though there was no need for Zecora's seeing eye, something inside guided her steps. The creak of a door reached her ears as her hoof pushed it open. A green glow reached lit up her eyes shining in the darkness. The light came from the fireplace illuminating the furniture. As she trotted she noticed the warped condition the chairs, tables, and cabinets were in. Warped could be the only way to properly describe them. Hardly had it seemed normal the way they looked.


The door shut behind her as soon as she got inside making her gasp at the sudden rush of air. Hesitantly she trotted along. "Ah'm a big pony, Ah'm a big pony." she thought to herself. That kept her going through the scary room. She neared the fireplace, her tiny head turning around for any sign if life.

"So you've come back."

The familiar voice made her come to a halt. Although she hadn't noticed it before, a large shadow lay still upon the couch. Somehow the fire had lit up that particular area. The shadow revealed itself rising up into a looming figure...the Beldam. No longer did she show any trace of an equine form. Her skin had smoothed into a pale tone. The pony nose had been replaced with curved pointy protrusion of the skin. Her hair no longer held the held the shape and color of Applejack, it instead held was black as night in a matted down yet messy fashion. Her body still was long; in face she seemed taller than she had been. A black polka dotted dress adorned her body. It fit perfectly against her lithe figure. In the back it spread out like a fan and went up into a large pointed collar. Underneath the dress was the same pale skin. Unlike the face, the skin if it could be called. It appeared to be bone, pure white pone. The boniness applied to the arms and the legs which showed underneath the dress. Both sets of limbs were ling and spiny, like an insect, that or perhaps an arachnid. Going back to the arms, the fingers came next. Though they were not bone, instead they were needles. Even both hands were made of metal. Apple Bloom stared long and hard at the face, or rather the button eyes that bore down upon her. Then she noticed something else about the creatures facial features, several cracks formed as if she were a porcelain doll.

Apple Bloom gulped as a cold seat ran down her face. The Beldam rose in all her horrific glory. Goodness was she always that tall? It seemed as if she had grown taller than last time.

"So? Where's your little friend?" The Beldam suddenly asked. "Did something happen to him?" Apple Bloom immediately remembered the Other Spike. The dragon had sacrificed his very existence to keep her safe. His success had saddened her, but that sadness turned to anger as she noticed the smirk upon her captors face; A smirk at the very death of her own creation and Apple Bloom's friend.

Apple Bloom furrowed her brow. "Ah beat your tests." She spoke with seriousness.

The Beldam clasped her metallic hands together remembering the goals she had set for the little filly. "Ah yes ,that's right; the ghost eyes." The green flames reflected upon the black buttons, the eyes that would be Apple Blooms lest she finished one last thing. "So where are they?"

Holding out her side pack, Apple Bloom held it out to the Beldam. "Hold on a minute!" Apple Bloom took the pack away just as the Beldam snatched at it, narrowly missing. "We still have one loose end, don't we?"

The Beldam narrowed her eyes. This certainly was a clever little filly, much smarter than the other three whom she had drawn here. "I suppose we do, you still have to find your real family." Crossing into a defiant smirk, she quipped. "So? Where are they?"

Apple Bloom flashed her own smirk. "Easy." She remarked. Reaching into her bag, she reached in and pulled out the emerald Seeing Eye. However, right before Apple Bloom could put it on, it vanished from her hoof.

"We can't make things too easy for you can we?" The Beldam asked. Twirling along one of her needle fingers was the Seeing Eye.

"No!" Apple Bloom cried in fear as the witch flung it into the fire. The Beldam turned around chuckling as the embers sparked from the mystic object. Apple Bloom felt at a loss. Without the Seeing Eye, she wouldn't be able to find her family. They would have been anywhere within this place. In the midst of her fear, a small hum reached her ears. It was coming from her bag. While the Beldam was still entranced by the fire, Apple Bloom peeked inside to see the three faces of the ghost ponies appearing within the eyes.

The image of the earth filly spoke. "Be careful, even if y'all win she ain't gonna let ya go."

Apple Bloom believed that. The Beldam for all intents and purposes still held the upper hand. Frankly when they first started this game, Apple Bloom never trusted the Beldam. This Other Sister had taken her family away and willfully killed off her own creations just to get what she wanted. She had no trust, no friendship, nothing that Equestria stood for. Then there was the matter of her family, she had to get them out but she had no idea where they were. She was trapped and the only way out was the door. It remained locked behind her. The only key lay within...she had an idea.

"Ah know where mah family is." Apple Bloom blurted almost without thinking.

The Beldam turned her head curiously. "Hmm? You do. So where are they?"

Apple Bloom had never felt so nervous in her entire life. "T-t-there right over there, behind that door."

The Beldam glanced over towards where the pony pointed her hoof. "Oh are they now?" The witch strode over to the door flashing an evil grin as she did so. Apple Bloom almost breathed a sigh of relief, but avoided that for fear of alerting the creature. She had distracted her for the moment but she still had no idea where her family was hidden. Without so much of a thought, she trotted over to the fireplace. There had to be something she could use. Briefly glancing at the fire, she found herself momentarily entranced by it.

Wipe Wipe

There it came, the sound.

Wipe Wipe.

She had heard that sound once before, in a dream not so long ago. Searching for the source of the sound, Apple Bloom noticed something just beside the fireplace. It was small end table, and situated upon it was a snow globe. Curious, Apple Bloom trotted over to it.

Wipe Wipe

The sound came again. Apple Bloom could see her tiny face reflected off the glass of the snow globe. Staring inside, Apple Bloom could not make out anything discernible, just fake white snow. Closer she looked however, that changed. Just like she did in the dream, she could see three different colors staring back: Orange, red, and lime green. They all belonged to a trio of shivering ponies.

Apple Bloom's face lit up. It was her family!

Right before the revelation could fully take effect, Apple Bloom was alerted by a cough behind her. Looking back, the witch held out her palm as the key to the door coughed out of her mouth. Looking back at Apple Bloom, she flashed a smirk.

Nevertheless, Apple Bloom still held a new form of confidence. "Look they'll be there, just like I told ya."

Amused, the Beldam chuckled. "You're wrong Apple Bloom." She said in a sing song fashion. Taking the key, she stuck it into the keyhole and twisted. When she opened the door, there was nothing. "See? They're not there."

Apple Bloom knew that, but now her plan was starting to come together. Or rather her plan she had just thought up of in the last minute or so. That would hardly seem reasonable for a filly her age, but hey she was in a desperate situation so going by adrenaline and stress levels... the simpler version would be she thought up a plan quick in this desperate moment. There was still one item Zecora had lent her before she departed on this rescue mission. Taking the jar out, she set it down upon the ground.

"Now, It's your turn to stay here forever." The Beldam rasped as she turned around wit ha sewing needle in hand. Her grin faltered as she noticed the jar at the filly's feet.

Apple Bloom stared defiantly at her. This would be the last stare the Beldam would see. "No...Ah...ain't!" With a mighty thrust of her back leg, Apple Bloom bucked the jar as hard and fast as she could. It soared through the air, the force that several generations of apple buckers sending it on its course. The glass shattered against the wall and its contents spilled out. Apple Bloom hadn't believed her eyes when Zecora showed them to her. She was certain Pinkie Pie had driven them out of Ponyville with her own well...Pinkie Pieness. But here they were, a small group of parasprites. The insects had an insatiable desire to consume, and the Beldam happened to be in their way. The tiny critters swarmed the witch, gnawing and biting at her bony frame. The witch grunted as she clawed at the little pests. She could feel them swarming up her body right to her face. Apple Bloom took the moment to grab the snow globe, place it in her bag, dash right towards the open door, and grab the key in her mouth right from the keyhole.

The Beldam clawed at her face in her attempts to get the parasprites off her body. All she succeeded in doing though was clawing her own eyes out. As the buttons fell, the Beldam seethed with a sightless rage. "YOU HORRIBLE CHEATING FOAL!" Then everything fell apart. As the witch lost her composure, the whole room collapsed. The floor boards, walls, furniture, everything dissolved into a white void.

Apple Bloom felt herself fall. Letting out a scream, she found her descent halted as she fell into something solid yet springy. The void was not entirely empty for some kind of net had been cast. But it wasn't a net, it was a spider web. Now her web had truly unraveled.

"WHERE ARE YOU!" The Beldam screeched.

Apple Bloom turned her head to see the witch moving about her web. Her head darted in all directions as she searched for the little filly. The Beldam was like a wild animal, deranged and turning her head about. She would move about, the web shaking with her own movements. It dawned on Apple Bloom, the Beldam couldn't see her. Wasting no time, Apple Bloom crawled up the web as fast as she could.

"YOU SELFISH BRAT!" The Beldam's rage had not gone unquenched. Without sight, she was lost in her own trap. That is until she sensed the vibrations of the web. Laughing triumphantly to herself, the witch attempted to move about the web, yet without sight she still held a disadvantage. Apple Bloom moved with all of her might as did the Beldam whose haphazard movements made it harder for her to even maneuver properly. Apple Bloom clambered as fast as she could, never looking down for fear of being caught. Below she could feel the Beldam coming steadily closer. The little pony climbed and climbed and climbed right until her hooves felt the hard ground. The moment she saw the open path, she quickly dove inside.

"YOU DARE DISOBEY YOUR ELDER!" The Beldam screeched. Apple Bloom responded to that statement with a feeling that completely emphasized her feelings: A kick to the face.

Turning the key around, Apple Bloom stuck it into the keyhole and pushed hard. "Come on close!" She urgently thought. Behind the wooden frame the Beldam hissed and her metal hand attempted to claw its way in. Mustering whatever hidden strength she had, Apple Bloom pushed harder and harder, giving it all she had. Suddenly, she felt a push give way and followed by two sounds. The first was that of the door closing, the other was a metallic plink. Apple Bloom's eyes trailed down beside her to see something that nearly made her gasp. The Beldam's hand had been completely severed. There was no time to dawdle though; she still had to lock the door. Turning the key, she quickly hid it away in her bag.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! APPPPPLLEEEEE BLOOOOOOOM!" Apple Bloom scampered away at the sound of the shriek. The tiny filly ran up the path as fast as she could, all the while she heard a pounding behind her.

"DON'T LEAVE ME! DON'T LEAVE ME!" The Beldam screamed. The creature had lost all restraint in her voice; it didn't deter Apple Bloom who simply kept crawling ahead, never looking back. All the while, the pounding grew louder. "I'LL DIE WITHOUT YOU!" That was the last voice Apple Bloom heard as she shut the door behind her, the one on the outside. Taking the key, she locked it just as she had done to its twin. A loud pound against the wood knocked the young pony down. For a moment she remained still, awaiting for whatever happened next. A few seconds…nothing, several seconds more…again nothing. Swiftly taking the key, she deposited it in her bag.

Immediately she bolted right out of the room, past the hall, and out of the old dilapidated house. Apple Bloom ran through the dense series of trees to the one place that lay on her mind: home, her true home. But she wondered, what was waiting for her there? Honestly she had an idea, or rather a hope. But what if it was gearing up to be one disappointment? Those thoughts didn't matter, not when she saw the familiar barn house up ahead. With a smile, she bolted into the real Sweet Apple Acres.

"Ah'm home everypony!" Apple Bloom greeted excitedly. The filly perked her ears up for any affirmation she wasn't alone. "Applejack! Big Macintosh! Granny Smith!" She called again. Once more she heard nothing. The hope that had been springing in her heart slowly began to shrink. But how? She had won the game. Looking into her bag she found a distressing sight that made her hope absolutely vanish. The snow globe was gone! But how? Apple Bloom didn't understand, she had won the game, gone through so much and now it all had failed.

"Apple Bloom?" Apple Bloom departed from her despair when she heard the voice followed by several, patters of hooves. In the hallway, two adult ponies entered. One was mare with an orange coat, a cowpony hat atop her blond mane. The other was a sturdy looking stallion; his coat has bright red as an apple.

Apple Bloom's face lit up in happiness as she tackled the mare. "Applejack! Big Macintosh! Y'all are okay!"

Applejack and Big Macintosh stared down at their youngest sibling with confusion etched on their faces. "Okay? Course we are, we've been home all day." Applejack answered.

"Eyup." Big Macintosh added.

Apple Bloom looked up with her own confusion. "But don't y'all remember? You were trapped in that snow globe, you Big Macintosh and Granny Smith."

Applejack put her hoof to her sister's forehead. "Ya feelin alright sugar cube? Like Ah said, we've been here all day and Granny Smith has been napping in her rocker." A loud snore came from the adjacent room along with the creak of a wooden chair.

"Maybe ya should lie down?" Big Macintosh spoke concernedly towards his little sibling.

"Nah, ah'm fine. Ah'm just glad to be home." Apple Bloom hugged both of her siblings which only made them more confused. "Ah'm sorry for being such a pest lately Applejack. Ah haven't been the most grateful little sister."

Applejack was surprised by that statement, but returned it with a smile. "Well it's not like Ah've been treating you nice like little sis, how's about I make it up with an Apple Pie tonight?"

Apple Bloom looked up at her sibling with a small plead in her eyes. "Can we have ice cream with it?"


Desert had been wonderful. An apple Pie with a hint of cinnamon and a side of ice crea"Boy howdy that was good." Apple Bloom praised the good meal. Suddenly a loud burp broke her lethargic position. The filly chuckled, "Applejack."

The mare blushed. "Who? Where that come from?" Her face still had traces of pie crumbs.

Big Macintosh tucked Apple Bloom into the covers as did Applejack fluff her pillow.

"Comfortable?" Big Macintosh asked.

Apple Bloom snuggled into the covers. "Yup, nice and snug!" The Stallion smiled at his sibling, happy to see her happy. "So, Ah guess y'all will be working tomorrow huh?"

"Not so much little sis, we've bucked most of the apples and Ah heard from Rainbow Dash that they cleared up most of the weather, so Ah was thinking we'd have a little get together with our friends tomorrow."

Now that was something Apple Bloom liked to hear. A yawn escaped from the filly. That told the family it was time fore Bed. Making sure their sibling was perfectly comfortable the left. Applejack took one moment to peck her sister on the cheek.

"Goodnight mah little sugar cube."

"Love ya big sis."

The sisters exchanged their love for each other as a family. The door shut and so did the light. Apple Bloom was alone in the darkness of her room, but it was a comforting darkness. This was her home, not a fake imitation. Although it wasn't grand, her toys didn't have the shine and prestige as some others did, but it was hers and no one else's. This was good enough for her. Right before she fell into the comforts of slumber, Apple Bloom took a look under her pillow. Three objects stared back at her, for she had put them there. The ghost eyes had been freed and hopefully along with their owner. Apple Bloom put the pillow down and rested her head. Soon sleep overtook her, as did a dream.


Apple Bloom found herself in a pastel void. A myriad of colors surrounded her on all sides. It was lovely and amazing all at once. The tiny filly looked up to see three golden shapes floating above. The shapes drew closer showing themselves as ponies. Apple Bloom had met them before, but they had been tortured spirits. Now, they were lovely angels with shining halos atop their heads.

"Ya'll did a fine thing for us." The earth pony filly spoke. She looked like a normal filly now, no frown or hint of sadness. The resemblance towards Apple Bloom and her grandmother as a filly was now fully uncanny.

"Thanks to you, our souls are free." The pegasus colt no longer had tattered wings nor a frown. What was before Apple Bloom was a young colt at last free to spread his wings. The unicorn filly was the same. The look of terror that once marred her face before was now gone replaced with a bright and happy glee.

Apple Bloom felt very proud of herself. Although she had yet to earn her cutie mark, she still had accomplished something great. Perhaps helping ghost's was her special talent? "Well, Ah'm just glad it's all over. The dumb ol' witch can't get anypony now."

Just then, frowns of uncertainty appeared on the angel ponies faces. "Well ya did save us..." The earth pony filly trailed off.

"But you're still in danger!" The unicorn filly warned. "The Beldam still wants you and she won't rest until you're hers."

Apple Bloom widened her eyes in fright. "B-b-but how? Ah closed the door, there's no way she can escape."

"The key." Said the earth filly. "So long as it's in Equestria, the Beldam can still escape."

It wasn't over. Even after all she had done, she had not been free from the creature's grasp. The pride that had so recently swelled up in her had come crashing down.

"Don't worry miss, you still have a chance. You're still alive." Reassured the pegasus colt.

The three angels floated down to the filly. Although intangible, their closeness consoled Apple Bloom in a way. Slowly, her smile started to return.

"Please, tell mah sister Smith Ah miss her." The earth filly asked.

And then the dream ended.


Apple Bloom awoke with a start. Steadily she breathed, her body in a cold sweat. Removing her pillow, she was pleased to see the ghost eyes were not there. At least that chapter had been closed, but the danger still was present. The Beldam could still escape and she had the key that she would use. Bolting out of her bed, the filly grabbed her bag, looking inside it to see the key still remained much to her relief. She wouldn't let this happen to anypony else. Not so long as this member of the Apple family had anything to say about it.


Apple Bloom.

The old house had been silent since the filly had escaped. Lifelessness had returned to the abandoned hovel. Until now that is. A green glow illuminated the room coming from the small hidden door. A great raking followed as metal scratched against wood. Something crawled out from underneath and skittered across the floor. The Beldam's hand knew its target guided by the thoughts of its master.

You won't escape from me Apple Bloom. YOU... ARE... MINE!


The night air had never been so creepy before. Apple Bloom watched the shadows of the trail, making certain that nothing jumped out at her. When she left Sweet Apple Acres, she hadn't put a plan together, all she knew was she had to get rid of the key somehow. First, she had thought about maybe dumping it down a well, but she didn't think Ponyville had any deep enough. No, it would seem the Everfree Forest would be the place. Somehow she knew its only denizen would have some way of helping her. But first, she had to pass a grove of trees along the way. Said trees were awfully close to a certain house.


Apple Bloom halted. "Who-who's there?" She fearfully called, but there was no answer. Must have been her imagination playing tricks on her, nothing more. She continued along with her goal set in mind.


There it came again. Apple Bloom hastened her trots.

Clink! CLINK!

The sound had grown louder. Apple Bloom kept her eyes and ears peeled for anything. The moon parted through the claws shedding some light upon the path. More shadows cast from the influence of the celestial body. Then there was a glint. Apple Bloom caught it just out of the corner of her eye. Right above on a tree branch, something waited. It had kept its patience long enough and it sprang. Luckily, Apple Bloom was faster. The filly dodged as another metallic chick signaled the arrival of the predator. The hand of a monster that is.

It couldn't be, but it was. The Beldam's hand scurried across the ground like a hungry pest towards Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom turned tail and ran. Behind her, she heard the metallic scratching. In her head, she heard a voice.

It's like I said my little sugar cube, you can't escape from me.

Apple Bloom would defy that warning. She ran without a clear path ahead of her. With the fear of the chase upon her, Apple Bloom randomly ran through the thicket. Her run went uninterrupted until something hard hit her. Dazed for a moment, the filly immediately saw a purple figure grumbling something unintelligible.


The dragon got up at the sound of his name. Rubbing his sore side he griped "Geez, can't you watch where you're going? Man, you farm ponies really are sturdy." Spike's complaints went unheard as Apple Bloom embraced the dragon in a hug.

"Oh Spike, Ah'm so glad to see you!" Apple Bloom's memories of the Other Spike still remained. Seeing the real thing brought those memories to surface.

Spike felt a blush across his face. "Um, uh sorry...yeah." Spike stammered, uncertain of what to make of it.

Apple Bloom came to a realization. "Wait, what are y'all doing out here?"

Before the dragon could answer, his face fell upon what approached. "What the heck is that!"

Apple Bloom couldn't answer herself as she felt the cold metal touch against her coat. The Beldam's hand pounced upon her, scratching and grasping at her body. Spike stood dumbfounded at the sight. He watched as Apple Bloom fought back with all of her might, but the hand still held the upper...hand. "Spike! Help!" Apple Bloom pleaded finding herself unable to escape.

Spike looked around for anything that could aid him. Strange as this event was, he knew trouble when he saw it. "Hang on Apple Bloom!" Spike looked around. Perhaps a stick? No that wouldn't work, he needed something heavier. Then it hit him. Or rather he nearly broke off one of his foot claws on it. It was a rock, a strong sturdy looking one. Apple Bloom struggled against the detached limb, but still to no avail.

"Apple Bloom, stay down!" Suddenly something hard and hast struck the hand with a great shatter of metal. At her side, Apple Bloom saw the hand break apart against the force of the rock. Still not wanting to take any chances, Apple Bloom scooped up the pieces in her bag.

"Quick tie it up!" Apple Bloom directed to Spike.

Still not understanding, Spike obeyed and tied a tight knot around the bag making sure it remained closed.

"Are you okay?" Spike asked.

Apple Bloom dusted herself off. She had a few scratches but nothing too bad. "Yeah, thanks. Ah was almost a goner, but y'all saved me." The filly fluttered her eyes causing a second blush to redden the dragon's purple face.

"Uh, it was nothing." Spike hide his blush. "But what are you doing out this late?" He asked.

Apple Bloom raised one of her eyes. "Ah could ask you the same thing. Ya are a baby dragon after all."

Spike fell silent when asked about his reason. With the danger passed, Apple Bloom noticed the dragon's eyes; they were red and puffy, as if he had been crying.

"Wy-Wybourne's dead. I was burying him." Spike admitted.

Apple Bloom gave a tiny gasp. "Ya mean your slug?"

Spike nodded. "I brought him inside to get him something to eat; Owlowiscious wasn't inside so I thought it was safe." The dragon sniffled. "I just set him down for a moment, I didn't know the book would fall over." Another sniffle escaped him, as did a tear.

"I-I wanted to bury him here...he really liked this place for some reason." Spike sniffled.

Although how a slug could actually communicate such a feeling as fondness for a certain place, Apple Bloom knew for certain Spike had truly loved that slug. Slimy and disgusting as Wybourne may have been, but Apple Bloom sympathized with the young dragon. Once more, Apple Bloom embraced the dragon in a hug. Spike hadn't been the only one who had lost a friend. The two of them hugged underneath Luna's light. All the while they thought of the two who had been lost this day.


Zecora stirred her special brew carefully. All the while, Apple Bloom and Spike watched with anticipation.

"Is it done Zecora?" Asked Apple Bloom.

Zecora continued her stirring examining the fumes that rose. "The perfect temperature I do presume. Please bring it over Apple Bloom."

Gladly, Apple Bloom handed the zebra the bag. Zecora dunked the bag in which sizzled, the contents dissolved instantly, both the key and the Beldam's hand.

"Thanks Zecora." Apple Bloom breathed a sigh of relief, glad that the ordeal was done at last.

"It was my pleasure, I may make some more for good measure." The zebra spoke in her rhyming speech. The word choice both amazed and confused the pair. Seeing as it was late, Apple Bloom and Spike exited the hut and set along the path back home. For Spike, Ponyville, for Apple Bloom, Sweet Apple Acres.

"So you were telling the truth about all that other world stuff huh?" Asked Spike.

"Yup. It's all true." Apple Bloom confirmed.

The dragon had felt he had missed a lot. "It would take a long time to explain it to me now right?"

Apple Bloom nodded. "Ah could tell ya tomorrow, we're having a get together up on the farm. Ya'll can come if ya want?"

Spike thought about it for a moment. "Count on it! Besides, Rarity is busy taking care of her sister and I don't want to catch anything."

It was here the two bid their farewells and went their separate ways. The only one not content currently stewed in her own little world. The Beldam sat and waited but in time, she soon perished. Either from the lack of nourishment from a child's soul or because she had no one else to love besides herself.

One little filly had triumphed against her, and now she was forever locked from the outside world.

So she died, and no one wept.


Apple Bloom shut the door carefully as she stepped inside. She trotted the same way up the stairs. The wooden steps creaked ever so slightly. For now, all she wanted was the curl up in her bed and dream her cares away.

"Apple Bloom?" A voice startled her just as she reached the last step.

In the darkness of the hallway, a lime green coat walked toward the filly. "Granny Smith?"

"What are you doing out of bed deary?" The old mare asked her granddaughter.

Apple Bloom tried to think up a reasonable excuse. "Uh, the bathroom?"

Granny Smith neither looked suspicious or as if she bought the excuse. What was surprising was the fact she was awake after spending most of the following days sleeping. "Ah'll tuck you in." Granny Smith led her youngest grandchild to her bedroom. Apple Bloom found herself once more tucked in by a loving member of her family. Just as her siblings had done earlier, the filly was given a kiss goodnight. With a creak of her ailing hip, the old mare turned to go back to her own room.


Smith stopped. Another creak of her hip followed as she turned to face her granddaughter. "Hmm?"

"Do you mind if Ah tell you a quick bedtime story?"

For the first time in many years, a small unrest in Smith's heart was no put at rest. The unrest revolved around one who had been dear to her heart, one who had vanished without a trace. Thanks to Apple Bloom, she felt at piece.

The End.

A/N: Well this was the ending. At first I was going to have the ending the same as it was in the movie, the garden party and all, but I wanted to avoid doing it script by script, I kind of felt the bedroom scene would be a perfect way to end this. Well, now that this is done, I think we can burn this immensely unpopular thing from our conscious minds! Yay! This won't be my only MLP fic, as I have several ideas I would like to write, but I also have ideas for other fandoms I enjoy. Oh well look for more in the possible future, thanks for reading.